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Rwandan President Paul Kagame on the night of Troy Davis’ execution

September 21, 2011

by Ann Garrison

Rwandan and Congolese march in Paris to protest Kagame’s visit. The banners say: “No to the cruelty and brutality of Kagame!” “Rwanda, free all political prisoners!”
As Troy Davis was executed tonight, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, one of the worst war criminals in the world, luxuriated in a $16,000-a-night New York City hotel as chair of the U.N. Millenium Development Goals Committee, the committee in charge of the U.N.’s plan to end poverty, which met yesterday. Tomorrow Kagame will appear as one of Bill Clinton’s featured speakers in a plenary session of the Clinton Global Initiative, an annual gathering of the global elite. At the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton, who was president during the Rwanda Genocide and ensuing Congo Wars, which cost millions of African lives, presented Kagame with a Global Citizenship Award.

Troy Davis, then 22, at his 1991 trial. He maintained his innocence througout the two decades he lived on death row. - Photo: AP
Last Saturday, on WBAI’s Afrobeat Radio, I broadcast this report on demonstrations against Kagame in Paris and Pittsburgh and promised to post news of Thursday’s protest tomorrow morning in New York City. At this point all I know is that Troy Davis is dead and that something has been planned for tomorrow outside the Sheraton Twin Towers in New York City, where Kagame will address the plenary session starting at 9 p.m. The only other thing I have to share right now is the address – 811 Seventh Ave. at 53rd Street – and the news that something is planned.

If I were in New York City, I would make a point of getting there – for Troy Davis and for all my Rwandan and Congolese friends. Being on the West Coast, I signed up to view the webcast instead and resolved to make sure that someone, most likely the San Francisco Bay View and New York based, report the news.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s presence protested in Paris and Pittsburgh

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton shakes hands with his friend Rwandan President Paul Kagame on a visit to Rwanda.
Broadcast on WBAI’s Afrobeat Radio Sept. 17

Wuyi Jacobs: And now Ann Garrison has this report of protests against Rwandan President Paul Kagame, organized by Rwandan and Congolese people, first on Monday in Paris and yesterday in Pittsburgh, outside Carnegie Mellon University:

Paris demonstration chants: Assassin! Assassin! Genocidaire! Genocidaire! Genocidaire!

AfrobeatRadio/Ann Garrison: That’s the sound of over 1,300 protesters, most of them survivors of Rwandan and Congolese wars, chanting first “Assassin!” French for assassin, then “Genocidaire!” French for person who commits or advocates genocide, during Monday’s protest of French President Nicholas Sarkozy’s welcome to Kagame and Kagame’s presence in France. Spanish organizer Susana Sanz Guardo of Basta de Impunidad en Ruanda said that the turnout and the unity of Rwandan and Congolese people victimized by Kagame’s regime was unprecedented and that nothing will stop them now that they have lost their fear.

Five days later, on Friday, after short notice of Kagame’s visit to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, 50 protestors including Rwandan and Congolese survivors, gathered from around the U.S. to meet their supporters in Pittsburgh. This is a clip of Pittsburgh Channel 4 WTAE’s coverage:

WTAE: Well, the protest is underway right now on Forbes Avenue, across from University Center on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University. About 50 people are over directing their efforts across traffic. Nearby the Rwandan president speaks inside the university center. Many of these people say they survived the 1994 genocide. Rwandan President Paul Kagame is offering a keynote address right now on his country’s strategy for growth in the global economy. Now we speak with one man leading this protest against the university:

Claude Gatebuke: The university is entering into an agreement with a war criminal, a mass murderer and someone whose military is accused of genocide.

AfrobeatRadio: Protester, Rwanda Genocide survivor and University of Memphis law student Claude Gatebuke’s statement, that President Kagame has been accused of genocide, refers to the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights’ October 2010 “Mapping Report on Human Rights Abuses in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1993 – 2003,” to the indictments brought by the Spanish court of Fernan Andreu, the French court of Jean-Louis Bruguiere, to the civil lawsuit, Habyarimana v. Kagame brought in a federal district court in this country, and scholarly investigations by Professors Allan Stam and Christian Davenport, Law Professor Peter Erlinder and others.

Eric Kamba
Despite all that, former President Bill Clinton will introduce Kagame as a featured speaker in the plenary session of his Clinton Global Initiative, an annual gathering of the global elite, at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 22, at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers. The title of the Clinton plenary session is “Engaging Boys and Men as Allies for Long-term Change,” billed as an argument for male allies, who are critical to the sustainable empowerment of girls and women worldwide.”

Boston-based Congolese American social worker and activist Eric Kamba says it’s galling to African people that Clinton would include Kagame in such a forum, less than one year after the shocking U.N. documentation of his crimes in Congo:

Eric Kamba: The U.N. “Mapping Report” said that Kagame’s army committed civilian massacres and sexual atrocities, including mass rape and the intentional infection of targeted communities with HIV in the Congo. Bill Clinton has been Kagame’s ally in all this through the Congo Wars of the ‘90s when Clinton was in power, and now he continues to be Kagame’s most powerful supporter, with the help of his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to this day.

Rwanda Genocide survivor Claude Gatebuke tells WTAE TV-Pittsburgh that Carnegie Mellon is signing a deal with a war criminal and mass murderer accused of genocide in a U.N. report.
AfrobeatRadio: President Barack Obama did not closely associate his name and image with Kagame’s, as the Clintons have, until last week, when he requested immunity for Kagame in Habyarimana v. Kagame, the civil lawsuit alleging Kagame’s responsibility for the assassination of the Rwandan and Burundian presidents and millions of war dead in the Rwanda Genocide and Congo Wars.

For further information on Obama’s request for Kagame’s immunity, the French and American protests, and the protest being organized in New York City on Thursday, see and

For Pacifica, KPFA and AfrobeatRadio, I’m Ann Garrison.

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Global Research, Colored Opinions, Black Star News, the Newsline EA (East Africa) and her own blog, Ann Garrison, and produces for AfrobeatRadio on WBAI-NYC, Weekend News on KPFA and her own YouTube Channel, AnnieGetYourGang. She can be reached at


49 thoughts on “Rwandan President Paul Kagame on the night of Troy Davis’ execution

  1. alex

    Didn't Paul Kagame stop the genocide in Rwanda as the rest of the world wasn't moving a finger?
    What kind of article is this?
    Wake up.

    1. seamus415

      Yes, he did stop the Rwandan genocide. His army came out of Uganda & the Ugandans sealed the border behind. This was just after the president's plane was shot down, probably by his wife's power group.

      The issue here is that the majority of Rwandans are Hutu & they have altered their version of the story to fit their needs. They really believe Kagame is the bad guy in all this because the of narrative they've chosen. Also, it's the same kind of thing that informed the 1994 genocide.

      That is, there's a lot of people in Rwanda that don't like the history, so they make their own by cherry-picking information and filling in the missing bits with manure & obfuscations.

    2. Tahilor

      Who planned that genocide in Rwanda? And in Easter Congo? Wasn't Kagame himself? Don't you know? where is the black box ?
      The truth takes time to come out but it will for sure. Lie uses the elevator but the truth uses the stairs.
      Let's wait and see.
      Check this out, in Belgium they want to know who killed Lumumba. 1961 then, and now 2012
      Be patient

  2. rwabugiri

    Ann you always forget to post also about more than 3000 Rwandans from European Diaspora who came to meet him ! By the way Troy Davis is symbol of inequality of justice in this world. Why can't you denounce and solve your own barbarianism and leave our country alone ???

    1. Dunia

      Do not exaggerate (few hundreds of people hired by Rwanda embassies); people were given money, transport and hotel hired by Rwanda government from the Rwanda tax payer. Scandinavia, UK, Belgium ,Rwanda and elsewhere and wherever he visits, he spends more than 5 millions USA dollars just for inviting people to support him Why?? It is very simple he should stop killing, accept democracy, justice and face justice himself instead of wasting money and people will stop protesting against him.
      Other people who were there have been granted fake immunities by Rwanda government, others have been given their properties back (houses and farm,) others were told if they don’t support Kagame their families will be persecuted by Rwanda intelligence services, DMI.
      Rwandan People should be free, not harassed or taken in hostage by Kagame administration by confiscating their properties or using fake justice in order to support the dictator(Kagame

  3. Veritas

    this is simply disgusting. 16.000$ a night?! when the avrg Rwandan income/year is not even 1.200$, when the salary of a primary school teacher is NOT even 50$/month… the yr income of 27 primaly school teachers for 1night!!!

    1. Dunia

      All Rwandan budget or money from donors belong to him and he can waste as much as he can in any way he likes. He doesnt care.

      1. rwandan

        HAHAH, shame on you people, you are out of the country we are in the country, we know better where the country is headed and we are contributing to rebuild the country that was destroyed by those exiled recless and inhuman people. we expected that you will criticise our developement, but we will never stop working hard. and if you think that we are going to forgive you and drop the charges. its not gonna happen you killed rwandans and you must face the justice. its funny how you guys are playing the victims now.


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    Did they get confused about the total cost of the whole stay and the one night stay? Did they get confused about the one night total cost of the whole presidential close staff and the one night cost of the Presidential suite?
    IN any case people should also keep in sight the fact that a presidential suite of a president even of a president of a poor country serves also an office and as lounge in which he keeps entertaining his many VIP hosts.
    We rwandans we are the first to understand as our President is very simple. open this link and you will believe m e

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  5. Ann_Garrison

    Here you go, NDASHIMYE:

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    1. rwanda

      So what are you saying sweetheart, is 16K a problem? He is The president -Hello?!!!
      Besides he deserves it, After all what he has done for us we. we will do any thing for him. Stop wasting your time! I mean our time cause you are making money isn'it?

  6. Dunia

    This guy, Kagame, should be in prison and not on USA tour. He has killed millions of people and he is still torturing innocent people in his country and killing others. It is not a secret even his supporters such as Bill Clinton and Tony Blair know that unless they are blind

    1. Ann_Garrison

      Clinton and Blair are complicit. That's why the coverup is massive, has been for 17 years. The U.S./UK armed and trained the RPF when they invaded Rwanda from Uganda, and then when they joined Uganda's Museveni in invading Congo, overthrowing two presidents, and occupying mineral rich eastern parts of the country.

      1. rwanda

        So what? you seem to be obcessed with Rwanda, what is your relationship with Rwanda? and what do you know about rwanda? if you are a good person stepping up for miserable people where were you in 1994?

  7. John Brothers

    Sometimes, Kagame's support is blind. I went to the hotel's website and found the price tag of $16,000/night.
    Where are they looking? Kagame needs to realize that if he is to survive his opposition, he , at least got to show an once of decency!!!! After cutting stipends to students at the National university, after destroying people modest housing, and obliging them to build houses they can't afford…he is now living large in New York. Shame on you Kagame, shame on your poor advisers.

    1. Ann_Garrison

      Their insistence, even after I provided the website URL, and all the information about the cost of the presidential suite, who to contact, etc., is typical. This is how they respond to all the evidence of the truth about the Rwanda Genocide and Congo Wars as well.

        1. Ann_Garrison

          It's bad if Rwanda pays for obvious reasons. It's equally bad if the UN pays because he's there as Chair of the committee of the UN's global poverty eradication program, the UN Millenium Development Goals.

          Who else would pay? The U.S.? Equally disturbing, for what are I hope obvious reasons, but very unlikely. The U.S. did put Kagame in power but directly paying his hotel bill in this case is most unlikely.

  8. Jean Pierre Papin

    i was an officer in the RPA at the time of armed struggle, i never seen the US or UK military training us. Ann, you have to know this, your lies may be accepted as the correct version of facts now, but truth will always prevail, no matter how long it’ll take. Also, where is the link between Troy Davis “assassination” and Kagamé? Are you suggesting that Kagamé is also responsible for what ails your stupid, ignorant, racist, and most barbaric nation on earth? When i read this article, i immediately scratched my head with a “here we go again, what does Troy Davis “murder” have to do with President Kagme” sigh of disbelief. Anyways, Ann is just being “the usual empty propagandist” Ann. Peace out to all and may Troy Davis rest in eternal peace in the God’s kingdom. ALUTA CONTINUA!!!

  9. Frank LeFever

    It would be refreshing to see some Rwandans who are sincerely confused or uncertain commenting here and asking for documentation, but as usual Kagame's paid agents are rushing in to fill the void. No doubt honest Rwandans have to be cautious about identifying themselves, even if they are living outside of Rwanda, because they may need to protect relatives still in Rwanda; they also have to be wary of hit squads and efforts to deport them to Rwanda becuase Kagame reserves the "right" to put on trial anybody anywhere in the world who has questioned the official story about Kagame's so-called "ending a genocide". (See for example, his arrest of lawyer Peter Erlinder for things he — a US citizen — said OUTSIDE of Rwanda.

    For those who wonder, the mass killing in Rwanda began when Kagame's gang invaded in 1990, continued _past_ the "100 days" in 1994 (called "the" genocide), both within Rwanda and across the border in Congo. Evidence suggests more Hutus that Tutsis were killed _even_ in the 1990-1994 period. Yes, I will be happy to provide refrerences for anybody sincerely interested.


      I'm a Rwandan 1000% Frunk and I know the truth because everything happened in my eyes when I was young I survived in Rwanda and in Congo. I don't take side because my parents were mixed ethnics (my Mum was a Tutsi and my Dad was a Hutu) before the wall in 1990 both Rwandans lived in hormony (Twa, Hutu and Tutsi) but now go to Kigali everything look sweet; when you outside a bit spays will follow you to see if you critisis what you see!! Unbelievable!! Unity we had in rwanda before the War is coming again soon even those who use to roll the Carpet for Kagame started switching sides!! The one's are still supporting him now soon it will be too late for them to be accepted because the doors are going to close!! They will just go to hell and be paid by the Devil!!


    I'm a surviver of two Rwandan Genocides both planned and excuted by Paul Kagame in Rwanda and Congo; so whatever these guys here sent by Kagame or working for him saiy here it doesn't take away the fact that one day very soon you will help him to pay all this you have cause Us Rwandan ppl and in Rwandan proverb we saiy that: " UMANIKA AGATI WICAYE, WAJYA KUKAMANURA UGAHAGURUKA" If you are a really Rwandan like me you know what I mean!! He (Kagame) and his right wings like Fred, Ntwali, Ndashimye and Alex should know that when your paying day come very soon; you will be very sorry man!! I'm only 25 years old, but one word for you who support him if you can do it more than Kayumba Nyamwasa and Karegeya ect…then conyinue but remember before I can meet up with you and punish you myself; Kagame himself he can do it for me before I even get my hands on you. RWISHE MUKASO RUTIBAGIWE NYOKO quoi.

  11. Jean Pierre Papin

    I don't care if you're an interahamwe or not, but you sound like it. Let set the record here: you will never punish us because we will never be as stupid as to the point of being punished by a coward people like you. Truthfully, Kagame did molest you in the past because it was necessary for our survival, however, if you continue to irritate him again, he'll molest you again as in the past. ALUTA CONTINUA!!

  12. Ann_Garrison

    This conversation is descending into a frightening hell again, as these so often do. For a long time, I said I don't understand this Hutu Tutsi conflict . . . not my business . . . you folks work that out. . . what I understand is how absolutely essential the region's resources are to the world's military and industrial powers.

    Evemtually I realized I had to make the effort to understand the Hutu/Tutsi conflict, but still, what I really wish I could hope to see is a moment when Rwandan people, Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa, would finally realize that foreign powers, most of all my own country's military, and the West's multinational resource extraction interests, are manipulating these tensions between Rwandans and other Africans for their own purposes.

    I believe in Victoire Ingabire because I know that she is truly, deeply committed to reconciliation and power sharing. So much so that she's about to go to prison for 30 years to life for that commitment.

  13. Jean Pierre Papin

    @ Frank Lefever,

    “For those who wonder, the mass killing in Rwanda began when Kagame’s gang invaded in 1990″.

    I don’t know whether it’s out of ignorance or intention to mislead, your claim is historically unfounded. The mass killings did not begin in 1990. If that was the case, i wouldn’t have been born outside Rwanda in a refugee camp. The pogroms against Tutsis started in 1959 my friend, my parent did have nothing in common with the then monarchy/king Rudahigwa, but as in 1994, the masses were mobilized to kill their neighbours including both my parents’ siblings. Whether you distort history or not, facts are always facts, baby. Today’s war is waged on internet, books, conferences, etc. and we’re ready to fight it for the sake of making sure history is NOT distorted by the so-called experts on Rwanda and that truth prevails. Peace out! ALUTA CONTINUA!!

  14. Jean Pierre Papin

    @ Ann,

    “I believe in Victoire Ingabire because I know that she is truly, deeply committed to reconciliation and power sharing”

    Well, Ann, it doesn’t matter what you believe in, what matters is what you can prove. Please don’t mistaken your gut feeling with the truth. See, Americans believed in George W. Bush in 2000, believed Goerge Bush was going to govern with a “compassionate conservatism” but what happened after that is now common knowledge to all of us (ie: unjustified preemptive war against Iraq, torturing detainees @ guantanamo, etc). Again, do never make a decision based on belief, anecdotes, etc) hoping to convince Rwandans into your way of thinking. You Americans may be rich (money wise) but are definitely not smarter than Rwandans. Peace out! ALUTA CONTINUA!!!

  15. RWanda

    I like you brother, I wish you were close to me I could give you a hug.

    ANN GARRISSON did you get that????,
    stop sticking your nose in Rwandan business. OK

    or simply bark!bark!……

  16. Joe

    The conflict Hutu/Tutsi in Rwanda is that always Tutsis seek to oppress,dominate,keep the Hutus under slavery and this by cheating the whole World the same way Kagame is doing ,if they find undecent people like Bill Clinton they support them in their wicked ambitions, when Hutus are fed-up with oppression,slavery etc… they stand up and take machetes as the last alternative because they can not afford to buy expensive fire arms! look now the way this arrognant so called president Paul Kagame of the poorest country in the World is living luxirury life above the Gentleman Barrack Obama of the richest country in the World I wish to see Kagame in court to respond to all his war crimes in the Great-lakes region,If not punished there will be more and more like him in Hitler model!

    1. lily inga

      Besides, some Tutsi are convinced to be the best, the most intelligent…They say whoever doesn't belong to their ethnic group is naive if not stupid. Wonder which label to put on people like Blair, though!

  17. Chuck Culpepper

    To all strongman dictators, lovers of worldly power and worldly wealth, enemies of those of us who serve our Lord Jesus Christ, you who are like wolves in sheep’s clothing, indeed we recognize by your deeds (not by your lying words) who you really are –

    President Kagame of Rwanda

    President Museveni of Uganda

    President Kabila of DR Congo –

    PLEASE BE AWARE that “the world is watching you” and that you shall eventually be held to account for your hypocrisy and secret negotiations (backroom dealings) with the many other players involved in the exploitation of DR Congo’s resources and the ongoing repression of legitimate political opponents, objective journalists, human rights workers and anyone else who dares to advocate concern for the plight of our innocent brothers and sisters and children in DR Congo, “cursed” by twenty trillion USD ($20,000,000,000,000.00) in identified “strategic” and other mineral resources, which everyone else (foreign governments/multi-national corporations) seeks to exploit, no less tragically than during “King” Leopold’s or more recently “President” Mobutu’s murderous, kleptocratic, evil regimes.

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