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Georgia retaliates against prison striker, now on hunger strike

October 8, 2011

by Hamim Abdullah Asadallah, aka Shawn Whatley

It’s been a while since I have written you due to retaliation by the staff here in the Special Management Unit (SMU) at Jackson State Prison in Jackson, Georgia. When the administration was served notice of the court date for the first lawsuit, a CERT (Certified Emergency Response Team) team was sent into my cell and began rambling through my legal documents and miscellaneous paperwork. Since they didn’t find what they were looking for, they were instructed to harass in other ways.

When this still didn’t provoke me, the administration decided to tamper with my incoming and outgoing mail and withholding legal mail for weeks. I notified my attorney, who emailed the warden and the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC). Then my mail was brought in a brown paper bag, at least 15 letters. Then the administration blocked all my phone numbers – again trying to provoke me with another form of retaliation and harassment. Still, I’m remaining steadfast, trusting in Allah (God).

What I’m writing at this time is that GDC officers are quitting. Here at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison (GDCP) on weekends, sometimes there’s only five officers at the entire unit – with no officer in the dorm for hours, which violates their own policy, SOP IIB09-0001 segregation rights, which states that 30-minute security checks are supposed to be made, but they aren’t. This jeopardizes each inmate in lock-down.

However, if you attempt to utilize the grievance procedure, the grievance is intentionally discarded and the griever is moved to a disciplinary wing, all property taken, placed on strip-cell – no clothes, no blankets, no sheets, no mattress, nothing – and often times physically beaten, as just happened recently and then covered up with lies.

Inmates are suffering because of staff shortages. Showers are being denied, as are recreation yard call, cell sanitation etc. It’s not our fault staff are quitting because they too are tired of the injustices.

Recently two officers got into a fist fight against each other – in the dormitory – about a woman that both were indulging in. No disciplinary action was taken against them.

With all of the foolishness that’s going on, many of us are tired. Therefore there’s six of us here that started an indefinite hunger strike on Aug. 1, 2011, in solidarity with our brothers in California and to stop the inhumane treatment. A letter was sent to the Governor’s Office and Commissioner’s Office with a list of demands, such as provide adequate food, health care, access to families and out-of-cell recreation, stop police and staff brutality and many other requests.

In closing, we need your support and love just as we are sending ours.

Hamim Abdullah Asadallah, aka Shawn Whatley, participated in the historic Georgia prison strike, the largest prison strike in U.S. history, primarily protesting the Georgia practice of forcing prisoners to work for no wages whatsoever. He describes the conditions that gave rise to that strike in an interview that can be both heard and read at Send our brother some love and light: Shawn Whatley, 556484, GDCP-SMU LF-101, P.O. Box 3877, Jackson, GA 30233.


2 thoughts on “Georgia retaliates against prison striker, now on hunger strike

  1. Ex_GA._Guard

    This here is a scared whitey in prison till the day he dies..He decided long ago to ass-kiss the nigga's because he's a weak whitey and try to act and be like one of them because that is his best chance for survival inside the big house.

  2. The Truth

    fuckin cry baby, you should have never got locked up in the first place. I am a former CERT member at the SMU and all of you are scared bitches that talk shit behind a door. I was on shift when a mechanical error opend all the doors in E-WING. (where all the hard motherfuckers are supposed to be) myself and 3 other CERT members enterd the dorm and what went down. Absolutley nothing, because the doors were no longer an obsticle and every one stood in t here cells like the bitches they were. Your probally in the SMU for PC any way cause none of you bitches would survive in population. I personally enjoyed it when the few actually tried to buck and stood up for them selves. atleast they were man enough to take there ass whoopin they asked for and not come on some web site and cry about rights. how much drugs weapons, and other illegal shit goes on in t he SMU. tell that story, tell how weed and shanks are hide in legal mail because you think it cant be searched. Fuckin idiot enjoy your death behind bars.


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