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Georgia prisons on fire

December 6, 2011

by Eugene Thomas

Written Nov. 28, 2011 – On Nov. 25, Hancock State Prison in Sparta, Georgia, erupted into a full scale riot, as prisoners ran off the guards in several of the cell houses (euphemistically called dormitories, as though this was a college campus) in protest over abuses by guards and grievances unresolved by administrators.

Prisoners donned guards’ jackets after the guards fled.
On Nov. 25, at about 9:45 p.m. EST, while I was in a political education class with Sis. Kiilu Nyasha, a report came in that Hancock State Prison’s prisoners were rioting. Not knowing whether this report was true – or at least an accurate representation of the facts – I began doing some investigative work. And to my amazement, Hancock’s prisoner populace was indeed in full riot – or revolt.

I was told by a comrade there that the spark that ignited this fire was a young female guard calling the prisoners there “bitches and hoes.”

These verbal abuses and disrespect caused this female guard to be “run out of the cell house.” It’s reported that she called for emergency backup, which is standard policy. The team of officers that came as backup were likewise “run out the cell house.”

All the guards were told by their supervisor to leave the prison compound, so that no officers would be present when the State Troopers stormed the compound. I’m told that from 6 o’clock in the evening until about 2 o’clock in the morning, no guard was working on the inside compound grounds.

Prisoners thus set several of the module living units on fire and donned guards’ jackets, danced, sang and celebrated. At around 3 or 4 a.m., State Troopers and local police took back the prison while the local fire department put out the blaze. Prisoners have warned, “This is only the beginning.”

As I write this, I’ve learned that five prisons are locked down. They are Ware, Hancock, Telfair, Valdosta and Smith state prisons. Mind you these were five of the major prisons that participated in last year’s Dec. 9 protest.

Dec. 9 is just around the corner. It’s been almost one full year – and no changes to date.

Tupac said it best in his song, “Changes.” He said, “They didn’t listen until my niggas burned it down.”

If rioting gets the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, the state of Georgia General Assembly and the racist, unjust judiciary to listen, then I say, as H. Rap Brown (now Imam Jamil Al-Amin) said back in the day, “Burn, baby, burn!”

Send our brother some love and light: Eugene Thomas, 671488, G-2-148, Autry State Prison, P.O. Box 648, Pelham GA 31779.


5 thoughts on “Georgia prisons on fire

  1. Stephanie

    This is all well and good and people do not deserve to be treated like animals no matter what they’ve done. But, what about the families that have loved ones in prison who get hurt in the process of what these guys are doing?

  2. michael

    These correctional officers that continue to abuse these inmates will always the 1st ones running when s–t hits the fan. They need to fire this incompetent fool who could have gotten several people hurt

  3. Ex_GA._Guard

    What these Hancock Prisonors need is a good ol GDC ass-whipping like back in the day when GDC head honcho Wayne Garner would bring in the CERT team and whip some convict ass..I have to admit that the Georgia prisons are run by the inmates now thanks to former GDC boss James Donald who admitted that he loved inmates..I quit back in 2009 when the warden at my prison (Alexis Chase) Bostick State Prison let the inmates dictate how the prison would be run..We couldn't even cuff em up anymore..Unreal..What can you expext when the Prison System Employees 95% Black.

    1. Joe

      Black has nothing to do with it. It doesn't matter what race an inmate is, but the ones who do the most whining are the ones who don't care why they were incarcerated to begin with. Most of them are preying on each other every day and the ones being prayed on are scared to ask for help. In Georgia, you will be held accountable for your actions whether you like it or not. When we as citizens in the state drop our standards to meet a little complaining from inmates who have raped, killed, robbed and molested, then we might as well just let them all out. If we did the same people who are protesting on the outside will be begging and crying to have them locked right back up. Now we know why the the person above is an ex-guard and why others daily brave the prison population inside the fences. There was also not a full scale riot as Eugene Thomas (aka, a know affiliated gang member) would want you to believe, I am sure he used an illegal cellphone to send his story in to this forum.

    2. Tinam71

      Your a racist idiot. I am white, my son was just transferred from Smith to Hancock. He made a mistake at 17….got 7 years. Never been I trouble in his life. Then they send my child to the worst prison in the state. What did he learn? How to keep a shank on him at all times for protection. To join the Aryan Brotherhood(you have to have other inmates watching for you as we'll as you for them. His stepfather is black…when I visited I saw the tat, it was all he could do to hold back the tears. He said " Mom, I had to, you know I love all people. I pray that my 21 year old son has a shot at life when he gets out, but he has had no rehabilitation. He's had to turn into a cold ruthless person just to survive. BUILD MORE SCHOOLS HIRE MORE TEACHERS! STOP BUILDING JAILS AND PRISONS! OUR COUNTRY SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!


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