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Memorandum of Diaspora Congolese women from Belgium, France and United Kingdom ahead of the DR Congo elections results

December 3, 2011

French translation follows

On Nov. 26, just prior to the Nov. 28-29 election, police and army blocked opposition presidential candidate Étienne Tshisekedi at the airport in Kinshasa. When his supporters, opposed to the re-election of incumbent President Joseph Kabila, marched to the airport, there was shooting and some people died. All these photos depict that conflict. The last photo shows Tshisekedi in his car behind Gen. Bisengimana, known as “Rwandese eye,” blocking the road to town.
Dec. 3, 2011 – On these days that mark the 2011 General Elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we call on all Congolese leaders of political parties, members of political parties, members of the armed forces and the police to demonstrate their respect for human rights, freedom of expression and choices as well as respect for the right of Congolese to live in peace and human security.

We express our continued solidarity for Congolese populations, particularly women, who are aspiring for peace, human security and an end to gender-based sexual violence; we call on all actors to respect as well as apply the principles that underlie the universal values of human rights, dignity and democracy.

We demand that all Congolese actors involved in the presidential and national deputation elections to respect the choices of the Congolese populations for the governance of the DR Congo.

We are demanding that the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and the Congolese government demonstrate their commitments to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) that recognizes the right of all peoples to self-determination, including the right to “freely determine their political status,” pursue their economic, social and cultural goals, and manage and dispose of their own resources, and including the rights to political participation, including the right to join a political party and the right to vote.

We call on all nine neighboring countries, the African Union, United Nations Security Council through MONUSCO, the European Union, the countries of the CEAC (Communauté Économique des Etats de l’Afrique Centrale, Economic Community of Central Africa), the Great Lakes of Africa and EAC countries to respect the sovereignty of the DR Congo. We call on the current Congolese government to respect the DRC constitutions and to demonstrate its political will for free and transparent election processes and a peaceful release of results.

It is time for reason, morality and human dignity to prevail over profit and injustice to enable restoration of peace and the require social or economic justice reinforce state institutions that will guarantee a sovereign state with rule of law that will bring social transformation, human rights and human development in the DRCongo

In peace and solidarity,

COMMON CAUSE UK, platform of Congolese women in the UK:


FIREFEC Belgium:

* * * * *

Mémorandum des femmes RD Congolaises en Grande-Bretagne, Belgique et France, pour les résultats des Elections en RDC

En ces jours qui marquent les élections présidentielles et législatifs en République Démocratique du Congo, nous interpellons tous les acteurs politiques, membres des partis politique, des forces armées et de la police en RDCongo à démontrer leur responsabilité devant la nation Congolaise en respectant le droit à la paix et sécurité humaine, le droit à l’expression et au libre choix .

Nous témoignons et exprimons notre solidarité pour les populations congolaises, particulièrement les femmes qui aspirent à la paix et à une sécurité humaine, à une fin des crimes sexuels et sexospécifiques, Et nous interpellons tous les acteurs à respecter les principes même qui fondent les valeurs universelles des droits humains, de dignité de la personne et de démocratie.

Nous demandons à tous les acteurs impliqués de loin ou de près dans les élections présidentielles et législatives de respecter le choix de la populations Congolaise pour la gouvernance de la RDCongo.

Nous demandons aux membres permanent du Conseil de Sécurité de Nations Unies à travers la MONUSCO, ainsi que l’actuel Gouvernement Congolais de demontrer leurs engagements au pacte international relatif aux droits civils et politiques (PIDCP) qui garanti le Droit de voter et d’être élu au suffrage universel et égal et le Droit des peuples à disposer d’eux-mêmes et « à disposer librement de leurs richesses et de leurs ressources naturelles »

Nous interpellons, le 9 pays frontaliers de la RDCongo, l’Union Africaine, les Nations Unies à travers la MONUSCO, L’Union Européenne, les Pays de la CEAC et des Grands Lacs d’Afrique de respecter la souveraignté de a RDCongo. Nous exigeons de l’actuel gouvernment Congolais de respecter la Constitution de la RDCongo et de demontrer une volonté politique pour un processus electoral libre et transparent ainsi que la proclamation des elections dans la paix.

Il est temps que la raison, la morale et la dignité humaine l’emportent sur le profit et l’injustice afin de peremettre la restauration de la paix et l’équité requise pour le renforcement des institutions qui garantissent la souveraineté d’un Etat de Droit et le changement social ainsi que le développement humain et les droits humains en RDCongo.

Paix et solidarité

3 Decembre 2011.

COMMON CAUSE UK, platform of Congolese women in the UK:


FIREFEC Belgium:





4 thoughts on “Memorandum of Diaspora Congolese women from Belgium, France and United Kingdom ahead of the DR Congo elections results

  1. rostand

    There must be a good reason why all these big names including African Union, United Nations Security Council through MONUSCO, the European Union, the countries of the CEAC, the Great Lakes of Africa and EAC are approving a fake bloody election. If not for their own interest, I don't see any other reasons. Kabila is letting them taking away all the minerals in exchange to arms. Congolese people must rather die than seeing a democratic country they always dream of . To all Congolese people, let stand united and fight for the freedoom of our country.

  2. African King

    The USA is well aware of the fact that Congo has been infiltrated by the Rwandese and even the current president in Congo is a Rwandese! But USA is happy with the status quo in Congo as long as the US and other developed countries are able to continue pilfering the mineral wealth from CONGO.


  3. Anonymous

    It is very sad that the Congolese opposition is banking on violence and use homeless to protest again the election result. The opposition should have planned their campaign well in advance and could have stopped the fraud. It is about time that the opposition understands that they cannot win the election by banking on street protesters. The world has evolved and we are in the era of planning and having strategies.
    Mr. Tshisekedi will not pass as president until he satisfies the interest of mega corporations that have invested in that country


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