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KPFA paid workers’ union calls for financial boycott of station

April 24, 2012

JR Valrey, who hosts the Block Report for the Morning Mix at 8-9 a.m. Wednesdays, is, like over 80 percent of KPFA workers, not represented by CWA because he works and has worked for over a decade at KPFA without any pay. - Video frame: Labor Video Project
On April 18, a picket was called by the KPFA members of CWA Local 9415 to demand the firing of the anti-labor law firm Jackson Lewis. The firm has been retained to provide legal services to Pacifica, which owns the five stations on its network, including KPFA.

Over 80 percent of the workers at KPFA are unpaid volunteers who are not represented by the union.

Brian Edwards-Tiekert, a paid KPFA News Department reporter and a CWA member, sued the Pacifica network using the attorney who chaired Lawyers for Bush-Cheney. - Video frame: Labor Video Project
CWA District 9 Regional Director Libby Sayer called during the picket for a financial boycott of the station for supporting union busters. The picket was supported as well by the “KPFA Worker” and “Save KPFA” grouping. For more video on these issues, go to

Production of Labor Video Project,


2 thoughts on “KPFA paid workers’ union calls for financial boycott of station

  1. Adrienne Lauby

    After this report was released, Libby Sayre did respond to these charges in the following message, posted to the KPFA Unpaid Staff:

    "I want to be clear about my position on Pacifica's use of Jackson Lewis. Pacifica needs to dump this union-busting law firm immediately. People of conscience like myself will have a difficult time contributing while Pacifica is spending our money on a union- buster like Jackson Lewis.
    "However, neither I nor CWA is calling for a donor boycott of KPFA. I recognize that KPFA needs money in order to survive, and we have to keep this progressive institution viable…

    In Solidarity, Libby Sayre


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