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Community protests OPD murder of Alan Blueford, 18

May 12, 2012

Davey D begins his Morning Mix show, broadcast 8-9 a.m. on May 15, with powerful testimony on the police murder of Alan Blueford by his cousin Tanisha, his mother and Jack Bryson of the Oscar Grant Committee. (Show begins after the news digest, at about five minutes in.)

Video by TomVeeTV

Alan Blueford's Facebook profile picture
A vigil for Alan Blueford drew a passionate crowd, including Hammer, on  Friday, May 11, 5 p.m., at Oakland Police Department headquarters, 455 Seventh St.

On Saturday, May 12, 3 p.m., protesters marched from 9200 Birch St., where OPD left Alan to bleed to death for four hours, to the Eastmont Mall Police Sub-Station, 2652 73rd Ave., Oakland, chanting “Jail killer cops!” and “No justice, no peace, no racist police!” See the videos by Earl Black below of the march and rally.

All who demand justice for Alan Blueford will Occupy the Oakland City Council in City Hall, Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th & Broadway, at 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 15.

Statement by the Blueford family

Alan DeWayne Blueford was an 18-year-old senior at Skyline High School, preparing to graduate in June. He was the youngest son of Adam Blueford Sr. and Jeralynn Brown Blueford.

During the early morning hours of May 6, 2012, Alan was murdered by an officer – whose name has yet to be released – with the Oakland Police Department. His family is now seeking justice for his death.

Here is what we know:

• At or about midnight, May 6, Alan and two friends were standing on the corner of 90th and Birch Street waiting for “some girls in a white Chevy,” Alan told his father during a phone call.

• After the phone call, police officers approached Alan and his friends, with guns drawn. The police officers were called to respond to another incident, but decided to stop Alan and his friends when they saw them because they “believed the young men had a concealed weapon.”

• Alan ran down Birch Street from the police officers.

• Approximately two blocks down Birch Street on the 9200 block the officer chasing Alan murdered him by shooting him three times. The officer also shot himself.

• Although Alan had his brown wallet with his ID, Oakland Police Department never called to tell his parents he was shot and killed.

• Alan’s two friends were detained for over six hours. After their release, one of the young men had the traumatic task of calling Alan’s parents and telling them Alan was shot and killed by an Oakland police officer.

• Initial reports put out by OPD, stated that “a suspect” (Alan) and a police officer exchanged gun fire and the officer was shot in the stomach by the suspect and the suspect was shot by the officer. Both were said to have been rushed to Highland Hospital where Alan died and the police officer was expected to recover. OPD also included in their reports witness statements who said they saw Alan shooting. OPD reported that they retrieved Alan’s firearm at the scene.

• Later OPD changed their story to state that the officer was shot in the leg and an investigation was in process to determine whether the officer was wounded by “friendly fire.” Only one of the officers chased Alan.

• What we now know is that Alan Blueford never shot the police officer, at the police officer, or anyone else. OPD changed their story yet again, admitting and confirming that THE OFFICER SHOT HIMSELF.

• We also know that Alan was never rushed to Highland Hospital. Only the police officer. Alan’s body lay in the streets for approximately 4 hours.

• Alan was shot multiple times by the police officer.

• The family has reason to believe that Alan never had a firearm.

• The family has reason to believe that Alan never caused the officer to be threatened. Alan’s body can be described as a shorter stature – approximately 5 feet 6 ½ inches – and thin build, 140 pounds.

When Alan’s family learned of the claimed circumstances surrounding Alan’s death, we all knew that the facts were not true! Additionally, because they never called to confirm his death, we were sadly left with hope that the unnamed “suspect” was not Alan. He was a joy to many people. We are suffering a great loss.

Now OPD claims that the “victim” – no longer suspect – was a convicted felon on probation. His family will simply respond by saying felony probation does not describe Alan’s character. To describe Alan, you have to share that he 1) was a Christian; 2) worked with the disabled children at Skyline, one of whom described “Al” as his “best friend”; 3) began his mornings at Skyline High School by praying with his godmother and supervisor; 4) passed out candy at his grandmother’s every Halloween; and 5) was well known by his family and friends as a respectful young man.

But even more important is the fact that when the police officers decided not to respond to the call, but rather to bother Alan and his friends, all they knew is that they were three African-American young men. That’s why Alan was murdered.

Alan’s family is seeking justice for his death. We are determined to have this “incident” thoroughly investigated and all wrongful parties prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We ask that all of you support us by calling District 7 City Councilman Larry Reid, at (510) 238-7007.

As we embark upon this long journey, we rely on the grace and mercy of our Father God, through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. We find peace in scripture, specifically Genesis 50:20 (NIV): “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant if for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”

Hammer demands justice for his friend, Alan Blueford

Video by missmollie33

Hammer was one of the people who spoke yesterday in front of the Oakland Police Department headquarters on Seventh Street. Hammer knew Alan Blueford, who was a close friend of his children. Hammer’s words are beautiful, strong, loving and true.

There is still an ongoing investigation, but one thing is clear: OPD is up to their old corrupt tricks. They claimed Alan Blueford shot at them, yet Alan’s family has now been told that there were four shots fired – three were fired into Alan’s back, and the fourth was the cop shooting himself/herself in the foot.

Alan Blueford was unarmed when he was running away from the cops. The identity of the cop has not been released and the cop is on paid administrative leave at this point pending an Internal Affairs investigation.

Protest march for Alan Blueford, killed by Oakland Police during a pedestrian stop

Protesters marched from 9200 Birch St., where OPD left Alan to bleed to death for four hours, to the Eastmont Mall Police Sub-Station, chanting “Jail killer cops!” and “No justice, no peace, no racist police!”

Videos by Earl Black


Alan Blueford’s cousin speaks on the facts in the Oakland police murder of Alan and the police cover-up. The rally was held Saturday afternoon, May 12, in front of the Eastmont Mall Police Sub-Station. She addresses the lies the police presented to the family and, along with other family members, expresses their anger and outrage, not only over the death of their beloved, but also because of the way the police continued to excuse their own criminal behavior in obvious and blatant disregard for the family’s feelings and rights.


This report was updated May 13.


29 thoughts on “Community protests OPD murder of Alan Blueford, 18

  1. John Mulligan

    The guy was on probation for felony burglary and had a gun. If Mr. Blueford had shot a young black man that night, how would this article be different then? It would still be a young black man dead, just not Mr. Blueford, and you wouldn't care? I'm trying to understand your logic.

    1. Jay

      difference is that this BOY was unarmed..they're trying to dehumanize victims(as you are doing now) that killer cops murder as to cover it up. I wouldn't be surprised if you were indeed a narc or some other form of law give real police officers a bad rep for defending the murderers..

  2. Malaika H Kambon

    Sorry John, but you aren't really trying to understand anything. Your useless argument tries in vain to deny the fact that the OPD murders young AFRIKAN Men with impunity.

    If you were really attempting to discern logic in an illogical situation, you would be questioning the recurring illogic of state sanctioned, extra judicial vigilantism under the cover of – or more accurately – as a substitution for what is alleged to be 'law.'

    You would be questioning the continual erosion of the 1st Amendment rights of AFRIKAN people – youth in particular – by summary execution.

    And you would be questioning the veracity of a 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that alleges to outlaw the enslavement of anyone – but yet legalizes the enslavement of all (and predominantly AFRIKAN people) once they are incarcerated in institutions which purport to 'rehabilitate' those under their care, custody, and control; institutions and corporately owned penal colonies and plantations which provide coerced and enslaved labor to the tune of huge profits in environments which are anything but 'rehabilitative' – and are in fact, more of a microcosm of the outside society they are secretly working to change to be more in their image – instead of the reverse.

    AmeriKKKa hasn't ever ended the enslavement of AFRIKANS… we are its profit margin. Our bodies are not turning enough of a profit in Amerikkka's illegal foreign wars, so it's military and prison industrial complexes are stepping up the kill factor… Perish the thought that this country would allow us to be able to empower ourselves, especially when we organize in recognition that imperialism is killing us and profiting less than 1% of the population…

    So use your head for something other than a hat rack or a balloon, John Mulligan – or shut up when grown folks are talking.


  3. John Mulligan

    In 2008 and 2009, homicide was the leading cause of death among black teens.…. Get your statistics and I'll get mine, c'mon, let's see what the answer is.

    Everything you have to say, Mr. Kambon, is nothing more than empty rhetoric. But blast away all you like, you are, after all, your own worst enemy.

    Oh, and prisons? You're right, they are no longer for rehabilitation. Prisons are for (1) punishment and (2) incapacitation of criminals. When the crime rate spiked, particularly among black males in the 1980's and 1990's, it became pretty obvious that rehabilitation was impossible. This is because culture supported crime and denigrated personal achievement. You're dreaming if you think prisons generate any profit, they are in fact, quite expensive.

    Bottom line, stop protecting criminals. They kill young black men.

    1. jay

      they also house innocent civilians who are wrongly accused amongst criminals..i would know, half my family works for the state. half of them think like you, the other half are sworn under oath.

  4. oh trite arguments

    Mr. Mulligan,

    First and foremost: since when is murder form of crime prevention?
    Second: homicide is the leading cause of death among black teens—that, Mr. Mulligan, includes murder by the hands of the state.
    Third: poverty is also a leading cause of death–perhaps you could include in your crusade to save Black youth statistics on the institutional causes of poverty?

  5. Be Wun

    the violent crime rate has DECLINED since the 1980's. Check your facts.
    and look into the history of "The Farm", Angola State Penitentiary, Louisiana. A slave plantation until slavery was no longer legal- then it immediately became a work farm. Apply this metaphor system wide.

  6. Omega Payton

    Mulligan, I won't bother to argue with the likes of you, but I will note this: What goes around will certainly come around again. I can assure you that when that time arrives, I will personally take the heads of your kind in retaliation for this rash of murders by whites on young Black males, and be assured that I'll have no mercy. Hopefully, we meet tee-o-tee and I can watch your coward butt die!!!

  7. L Rene Evans

    This is tragic. It is tragic when we kill each other and equally tragic when someone kills us. When we committ crimes against us it's sends a message that we, as a people, don't respect us. Unfortunately, the only reason this is garnering this much attention is that an OPD officer killed him. If this was one of us killing us, OPD couldn't even get a witness to come forward and identify the murderer for fear of retaliation from the murder's family. I am sadden by this tragedy. I know this young man's family. They have lost as son, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin. We have lost another young black man whose future was a wide open field of opportunity.

  8. L Rene Evans

    It doesn't matter that he had made a mistake, how many of us have made a mistake. That is not an excuse to execute. It also should not be a reason to turn this anger and frustration inward against our own community. Let's use this as an opportunity to rally against injustice of any kind, including crimes against us by us. Let's stop giving others permission to disrespect us by disrespecting ourselves. If we are going to stand then stand tall and stop tolerating any crimes against us by anyone!

  9. L Rene Evans

    @John: you paint a poignant picture. Unfortunately you believe the rhetoric of the media. This is your interpretation of events where you do not have all the facts. It is because of you that I will forever show up for jury duty so you and your kind do not falsely incarcerate anyone just because the look like me. I will forever hang a jury, based on fact. I pledged to do my civic duty to ensure that the jury that hears our cases has our face on it and will forever thwart your attempts to subjugate us to the position of being criminal because of the color of my skin.

  10. renaldo ricketts

    Killing Black youth has turned into a national pass time! The vigilantes have formed a pack to murder young Black men, this is a national disgrace and we shouldbe outraged and marching daily against genocide. The youth are the target marker they are perdeived by the police as lesser than human and are killed then handcuffed. We need a moratorium on this type of activity too many youth killed by the death squads in this country ,we need to march on the white house and bring this to a natioanal forum.
    We need to wake up to genocide , this is their national policy . There is no doubt in my mind they want to kill us,it happens daily. White youth are not being blown away on a daily bases we're the target market . i WILL NOT BE SHOCKED IF they handed out prizes for killing a Black youth. Vigilantism is alive and well in the land of the freeze and home of the slave.

  11. renaldo ricketts

    We need to wake up to genocide , this is their national policy . There is no doubt in my mind they want to kill us,it happens daily. White youth are not being blown away on a daily bases, we're the target market . i WILL NOT BE SHOCKED IF they handed out prizes for killing Black youth. Vigilantism is alive and well in the land of the freeze of people who've frozen you out the job market. We need to wake up to genocide , this is their national policy . There is no doubt in my mind they want to kill us,it happens daily.
    Lets wake up and smell reality -it's looking at you daily !

  12. janice morris

    sick of this it,s so oldednow time to speake up cop just keep killing and killling an getting away with it

  13. John Mulligan

    Here's a website with a slideshow of Oakland homicide victims from 2011 and a list of victims from 2010.

    Take a look at the pictures, mostly black faces right? True, maybe one or two were shot by a cop, but the remainder were shot by people just like Mr. Alan Blueford. How is this possible? According to the 2010 census, Oakland is only 27% black. How then can 90% of the murder victims be black?

    Unfortunately it's people like Mr. Blueford doing the shooting. People with violent priors who are armed and run from police because they know they're going back to prison. Here's that slideshow again:

    I dare you to look through those 107 pictures of dead young black people and tell me that someone just like Mr. Blueford wasn't likely responsible for each death. So who is to blame, Mr. Blueford's mother? His friends? Probably a combination of both.

      1. John Mulligan

        No, I'm saying that Mr. Blueford did have a gun and was involved in violent crime. That is the kind of conduct that justifiably gets you shot by the police. I'm also saying that Mr. Blueford was exactly the type of person who would have killed other young black men, and thus, his death likely saved lives. I'll tell you what is sick though, trying to turn someone like Mr. Blueford into a martyr. His family should be ashamed of themselves, and that people are now trying to equate this shooting to a civil rights litigation is utterly twisted. It is precisely this type of attitude that is causing so much crime and destruction in the black community.

        Make no mistake Ms. Garrison, it is open season in the Bay Area, but it's men like Mr. Blueford doing the hunting. You can call it genocide if you like, I don't think there is a word for suicidal genocide, but that's what it is. Black on black crime.

        By the way Ms. Garrison, I was curious to read your thoughts on this article:

          1. John Mulligan

            I wrote that it was a justified shooting, so no, it was not murder. This article is similar in many ways to the articles written following the shootings of Lovelle Mixon. Mr. Mixon was proven by DNA to be responsible for the rape, at gunpoint, of a 12 year old girl. He had been to CYA and prison since the age of 13, including for assault with a deadly weapon and robbery. Mr. Mixon was also linked to two additional rapes.

            Despite that people hold up signs of Lovelle Mixon as if he were some kind of hero:…. Worse, he was defended by this very website, "Mixon, unsurprisingly, was quickly attacked in the press, false rape accusations were levied at him posthumously and he was immediately demonized – a monster. "

            Mr. Blueford, again, is a similar case. He had a gun, multiple civilian witnesses saw Mr. Blueford point a gun at an officer and still people here defend Mr. Blueford. It's just insane.

          2. Ann_Garrison

            You're saying that he had a gun, and he pointed the gun at the officer on the night the officer shot him? And that's why the officer shot him?

          3. John Mulligan

            What are you saying Ms. Garrison? I'm curious to know. Do have a particular point of view?

  14. Pickles

    Crazy idea…don't run from the Police in the middle of the night (especially if you are a felon).

  15. Questions

    Crazier idea… If you want to live and have a gun shoot first. (You'll get one after death if you do otherwise)

  16. The 56%

    The police should just stop solving black murders, then 2 problems would be solved. The blacks wouldnt be able to blame the police for killing their people and the black population would fall due to them killing each other. Everyone is happy.


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