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DNC photo gallery by Harrison Chastang

September 6, 2012

Harrison Chastang is news director at Black-owned KPOO Radio in San Francisco, and he’s also an expert photojournalist. Here are a few of his photos from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A multi-issue protest march outside the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 3 - Photo: Harrison Chastang
The Wall Street South that these marchers are protesting refers to Charlotte, N.C., home to the national headquarters of both the Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank. - Photo: Harrison Chastang
Rev. Jesse Jackson is interviewed inside the DNC on Sept. 4. - Photo: Harrison Chastang
San Francisco NAACP President and Third Baptist Church Pastor Rev. Dr. Amos Brown is a DNC delegate. - Photo: Harrison Chastang
First Lady Michelle Obama charmed the delegates with what is called by many commentators the best speech ever by a first lady. - Photo: Harrison Chastang
Gabby Douglas leads the pledge of allegiance. - Photo: Harrison Chastang
Branford Marsalis plays the national anthem. - Photo: Harrison Chastang
Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is a DNC delegate. - Photo: Harrison Chastang
A young broadcast journalist covers the DNC. - Photo: Harrison Chastang
California Attorney General Kamala Harris speaks to the DNC. - Photo: Harrison Chastang
DNC delegates call attention to a decision by President Obama that earns their support. - Photo: Harrison Chastang


President Barack Obama joins former President Bill Clinton on stage after Clinton addressed the DNC. - Photo: Harrison Chastang

10 thoughts on “DNC photo gallery by Harrison Chastang

  1. Ann_Garrison

    What a horror flick, especially the flagrant voter suppression of the voice vote to restore God and Jerusalem-is-the-capital-of-Israel to the platform, and then Obama celebrating a soldier's recovery from an amputation. Never mind the guys who had everything amputated, and the vegetables who will never get out of Walter Reed.

  2. JMint

    Better than the horror flick the week before filled with MEN who want to beat women back to the Stone Age. STOP imposing your religious views on me and the ret if this country. That's what our founding fathers fought and died for


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