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Gang investigators call sacred Mayan numeral a gang symbol

November 2, 2012

by Gustavo Chavez

It is ridiculous and insulting for IGI to call a numeral of the great Mayan civilization that facilitated its advanced mathematics and architecture a gang symbol.
I went up for my six year inactive review, and to no surprise I got suspended again based on some false, unexplainable and insufficient crap fabricated by IGI (Institutional Gang Investigator). In the first source item, a confidential memorandum dated May 18, 2010, two inmate-generated rosters were allegedly discovered amid personal property belonging to a validated Mexican Mafia associate, the date on the roster allegedly identifying me as Flaco from Orange County, Six Street, Santa Ana.

IGI immediately wrote a report claiming that since I was identified on both rosters, it meant that I’m in good standing within the EME (Mexican Mafia) and functioning under their policies, procedures, rules, guidelines, blah, blah, blah.

In the second source time-confidential memorandum, dated July 22, 2009, three handwritten pages paraphrasing the book titled “The 48 Laws of Power” were confiscated from me because of the pages being marked in Mayan numerals from 1 through 100. It is obvious IGI fails to note this, as their intent is to take the number 13 out of context in order to use it as a gang symbol.

Mayan numerals
I’m counterattacking IGI’s ridiculous assumptions by pointing out to them I’m of Mexican descent and my religion is that of my ancestors, Mexicatl/Maya. IGI refuses to acknowledge that the number 13 is the most important number in Mexicalt/Maya religion cosmology. The heavens have 13 layers, the sacred year has 13 months of 20 days, and the week has 13 days. It is evident that I was using this symbolic religious number for important chapters, quotes etc.

The number 13 has great importance in my religion and my indigenous race, Mexical. To punish me for the use of this sacred religious number is in direct violation of my First Amendment rights, which include freedom of religion.

While IGI was escorting me to take pictures of my tattoos, they kept pretending that they were going to jump on me, a tactic all these pigs use to try to intimidate us. Quack! You know, the hunger strikes reaffirmed what many prisoners had forgotten or never knew: that when prisoners come together in solidarity, directed toward justice, we are capable of great sacrifice and unrivaled feeling.

Although CDC hasn’t met the five demands, the sense of solidarity, of hope, of dynamism is slowly growing more among us.

Send our brother some love and light: Gustavo Chavez, E-45117, D8-121, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532.


3 thoughts on “Gang investigators call sacred Mayan numeral a gang symbol

  1. Ogmog

    Past history was a struggle between principle and debauchery. Corruption was followed by reform and so on. Man being inclined to sin but called to fellowship with God, neither could totally vanquish the other. Then liberalism made debauchery itself into a principle and became therefore unstoppable. If you publicly criticize promiscuity, you will be confronted not just or even primarily by those motivated to defend the current laxity by personal lust. You will face the moral outrage of the populace, who will accuse you of violating a sacred principle (tolerance/women can do no wrong).

  2. John Mulligan

    It is common knowledge that Surenos are 13 and Nortenos are 14. You chose your numbers, if they were sacred, you blasphemed. Pretty disingenuous argument, frankly.

  3. Fred

    MS13 is a particularly nasty gang violence-wise. They have nothing to do with the Mayan culture with which they claim connection. Mayan culture is dead. Some of our culturals (agricultural revolution people) are using symbols from extinct Mayan ancient for their gang stuff. So, why not note these gang members like to tattoo particular numbers on their faces?


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