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SFPD can’t stop and frisk, so they turn to ‘hunting’ and ‘wolf packing’

January 27, 2013

Update: The name of the young man brutalized by SFPD at 24th and Mission is now known. He is 18-year-old Kevin Clark, a student at City College. The ANSWER Coalition is sponsoring, in the words of Gloria La Riva, a “protest in support of Kevin and all youth who are brutalized by cops for this Thursday, Feb. 7, 5 p.m., starting at 24th and Mission and marching to the Valencia and 17th Street police station to demand an end to police brutality.”

by Davey D

The city of San Francisco, once a home to counterculture and folks who were free spirited, has changed for the worse over the past five to 10 years. Borrowing a page from New York’s Michael Bloomberg, the city by the Bay has modeled itself after New York by trying to become a playground for the über rich. Poor folks, mostly Black and Brown, have been gentrified out of the city as the average rent has skyrocketed to $3,500 for a one bedroom.

SFPD mashes Black youngsterGÇÖs face in sewer grate 012413 vid by Griz415Over the past 10 years there’s been an explosion of ugly lime green (luxury green) highrises with a starting price of a million dollars. According to Tim Redmond of the Bay Guardian in a recent radio interview on KPFA, the target market for these new buildings are world travelers who seek to have homes in a variety of cities, San Francisco being one of them. His remarks underscored the landmark issue the BG called “Soul of the city” that focused on all those being forced to move out of SF.

As San Francisco has attempted to luxurize itself, one of the other tactics they attempted to borrow from New York City was stop and frisk. Mayor Ed Lee said he thought it would be a good idea, even though SF is not known for being a violent city with an out-of-control crime problem.

Many suspected that Lee would be concentrating stop and frisk efforts on folks living in the Tenderloin, which has a large homeless population and is an area where the mayor would like to see more high-tech companies relocate. Twitter is already located in the Tenderloin, not paying any taxes.

The other areas where many suspected stop and frisk would be used was in Bayview Hunters Point, the City’s last Black neighborhood. Over the past 10 years Blacks have been pushed out of SF – the population, once a healthy 15 percent, now less than 5 percent.

The other place where police repression was likely to be applied is in the historic Mission district, which is home to a very large Latino population. For folks who’ve never been there, the Mission has a similar vibe to The Village in New York, with a lot of foot traffic, international flare, Victorian houses which remind folks of brownstones and tons of eateries. Many rich folks from out of town have been moving there, causing rents to rise and displacing longtime residents.

The Board of Supervisors voted to overrule the mayor and turned down stop and frisk as levelheaded San Francisco residents made a huge stink. However, the mayor, undaunted along with his police, has turned to another tactic: hunting or wolf packing. This is how a former San Francisco resident forced to relocate to Oakland described the tactic when she sent me this video of what she noted is this growing trend.

In the video below, you will see an example of this, as a young Black man, described as 18-19 years old and only 5 feet 2 inches tall, is nearly run over by a cop on the sidewalk. According to witnesses, he got into an argument with another cat his own age when police arrived upon the scene and immediately used their bikes to run him off the sidewalk.

He’s then slammed to the ground and his face mushed into a sewer grate in the gutter for several minutes. The suspect, who is small, is not resisting as more than 15 officers show up to arrest him. The show of force is deliberate and a way of trying to intimidate residents.

The Board of Supervisors voted to overrule the mayor and turned down stop and frisk as levelheaded San Francisco residents made a huge stink. However, the mayor, undaunted along with his police, has turned to another tactic: hunting or wolf packing.

It’s a damn shame to see this sort of abuse of power, especially when you consider Mayor Lee, who was largely applauded for being the City’s first Asian-American mayor, was a long-time civil rights attorney. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, as many traditional civil rights organizations and leaders have turned the concept upside down.

This is a city whose police department in the past year had to toss over 50 cases of trumped up felonies, thanks to corruption. This is also a police department that shot a man, Kenneth Harding, 19, and let him lie dying in the street for all to see when he couldn’t produce proof of a $2 fare.

This video below from SF Hip Hop artist Dregs One breaks down the gentrification drama in the city by the Bay.

Listen to Davey D on Hard Knock Radio Monday-Friday at 4 p.m. and his Morning Mix show every Tuesday at 8 a.m. on KPFA 94.1 FM or He can be reached at Visit his website,, and his blog, Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner, where this story first appeared.


12 thoughts on “SFPD can’t stop and frisk, so they turn to ‘hunting’ and ‘wolf packing’

  1. Seamus

    I'm more concerned about the growing number of shootings, robberies and other violence by our young inner-city friends. Here in Oakland, we've been given warnings by police and neighborhood watch groups about hiding cell phones and not wearing gold because of the number of robberies around Lake Merritt. Downtown Oakland is getting worse as well.

    I think if more police are hired, they could provide more presence on the streets which would deter violent crime and keep our inner-city friends out of horrible prison as well.

    1. wiseoldsnail

      dream on . more thug opd will mean more racial profiling, more violence against unarmed people, and the courts tied up with more people charged with 'assaulting an officer' which the officers charge every person they assault.

  2. serious2020

    Click on the following link to see police brutality, hunting, wolf packing by the OPD during the Oscar Grant Rebellions. The photos depict the OPD "arresting" a young 17 year old Afrikan youth and a white male who tried to come to the youth's assistance.

    Note closely the terror tactics and physical brutality used by the OPD against unarmed citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

    I have thousands more photos like this, Seamus. Do you think there were enough cops piled on to both of these individuals? Interestingly enough the white male – whose face was planted and then ground into the cement after his head was slammed into the iron pole you see in the photos – had attempted to come to the assistance of the young 17 year old African youth who was being "arrested" by over 20 cops simultaneously for doing nothing more than trash talking the police. Said police were out in force, as everyone could see during the Oscar Grant Rebellions in Oakland. (One person near me remarked during the Rebellions, that the last time he'd seen so many police, he was in Palestine.)

    If you look closely you can see the white male in the same photos as the Afrikan youth. He's standing on the sidewalk loudly objecting to what the pigs are doing. The next time you see this man, his face is being ground into the cement by something in blue that looks to weigh about 300 pounds.

    That kid might have weighed 145 pounds on a good day, but as you can see, he has over 1000 pounds or more of pork (pork plus all of their "riot" gear) piled on him trying to bring him down, and they (the pork) were still having a hard time.

    And neither the Afrikan youth, nor the white male were armed.

    So tell me Seamus, what were this Afrikan youth – and the white male who tried to help him – "stealing"? Who were they "shooting"? And who was being the most "violent"? Them, or the terrorists in blue who are assaulting them in broad daylight for all of the world to see? This wasn't on the 6 o'clock news that day either – or any day – and it should have been for all of the TV cameras that were there.

    Anyone know what the penal code and statutes are for trash talking? Incarceration? Summary execution?
    From looking at these photos, taken in broad daylight, what do you think? Doesn't this look like stage one of the trial in the streets, OPD-Howard Jordan-Mayor Kwan style?

    Photos by Malaika H Kambon, PEOPLE'S EYE PHOTOGRAPHY

  3. Seamus

    Hello, Thank you for the further information. I agree OPD handled the Oscar Grant protests and the occupy protests horribly. The OPD has a history of civil rights violations and brutalities. The department is even now being monitored by federal law enforcement officials for reform purposes.

    The instances you mention don't surprise. I've witnessed similar. Officers will regard any attempt to rescue an arrested person as hostile, especially during a chaos convention. Note you mentioned a too-many-officers arrest party, and note the last part of the sentence. Ethics of the thing aside, there weren't enough cops?

    Anyhow, it's being addressed with few resources and big threats of fed stewardship. There's been shakeups at the top and policy memos distributed. Consultants are being brought in. It's a great big civil service parade. We'll have to watch and see.

    Penal codes used for trash-talking might be some 918 code or they could trump it into a verbal threat or they could claim failure to disperse if they told the kid to scram. It doesn't even have to hold up in court. Lots of charges get dropped because they don't want to tie up the court with this stuff. They just want to arrest the most verbally hostile so a crowd doesn't get rum-brave.

    The fellow who attempted to aid an arrested person might be charged with trying to free a prisoner or something, maybe a battery on an officer (reg batt is 242). There is a penal code for false imprisonment, but I am not familiar with the number. Usually it shows up when someone makes a citizens arrest and holds a person when the whole thing isn't up to code (misdemeanors in your presence, felonies outside your presence is the biggie).

    The arrest photos don't look particularly brutal. If they're beating the guy with the sticks I see in the pictures, then I would be concerned. But, grappling on pavement is what happens when a person tries to avoid arrest, even passively. How else do you do it? This isn't like that Berkeley cop jabbing the trapped woman in the stomach repeatedly during the protest.

    Who is being more violent? The cops, or the violent robber people of Oakland? Pardons, your compartmentalizing is appropriate considering the topic of the article. However, you do directly approach a question one could easily draw from my post, minus the crime portion. :) (sneeky you)

    I don't suppose a discussion on violent non-cop related crime is likely, but I'll gladly answer any questions put before me…as long as don't suspect obfuscation.

  4. Sally miramir

    When anyone's rights are violated my spirit rumbles .I think about Dr Martin Luther King,the riots, the dogs the police use to chase young black men, women and children down. I was a young kid in the sixties police brutality is not new to me I have seen it all my life in every form you could imagine. I feel their is a effort on the behalf of the Mayors office with the SF Police to continue and to encourage it's bruit power. In a perfect world we could fool are selves and say this behavior is justified, but we don't live in a perfect world. The police dept. is a racist organization and so is our mayor Mr. Ed Lee and his office. When corps. steel billions and don't serve a day in jail and get to keep the billions of the peoples hard earn money, BUT"a young man can get shot in the back by the sf PD over a two dollar bus pass. Do the math, two dollars from the city or billions from thousands of people? YOU be the judge. Who do you think should get shot in the back. Ask you self why Black and Latino children are told to stay away from the Police because they are not your friend, on the other hand white children at an early age are told somthing totally different.

    1. Seamus

      Kenneth Harding was not killed over a $2.00 bus pass. He shot himself, probably accidentally. One police-fired bullet hit Harding's leg. He probably ran from police because he was carrying a .380 pistol & he was wanted as a person of interest in a murder case in Washington.

      Just an fyi.

      1. wiseoldsnail

        there is no proof at all of the police party line you're repeating here. no weapon. no proof. not to mention the reason they began chasing him in the first place was, indeed, a two dollar fare. you maybe wanna study a bit more before insulting the dead with police crap lies.

        1. Seamus

          There is proof. There is forensic evidence of a .380 bullet (Harding's) in Harding's head, and a .40 cal bullet (cop) wound on Harding's leg. There is also a .380 cal weapon (seen in video of incident), which was removed by the video taper. He returned the weapon to police.

          You are not being objective. You want Harding to be a victim, so you ignore evidence.

  5. John Mulligan

    'Ask you self why Black and Latino children are told to stay away from the Police because they are not your friend, on the other hand white children at an early age are told somthing totally different."

    Not all Black and Latino children are told that. Many white children are told to stay away from cops. It really depends on how their parents raise them, and what their parents expect them to do with their lives.

  6. MartinLutherKing jr

    Cotton on the roadside, cotton in the ditch, pick that cotton you black son' Bitch. Daddy was a clansman a southern democrat, long white robes and funny lookin hats singin, song, song of the south. Whip a niggers ass and burn his house. Gone, gone with the wind, ain't no niggers comin back again.


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