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Pelican Bay hunger strikers donate to Crescent City soup kitchen

July 26, 2013

by advocates for loved ones in prison

Dinner time at Our Daily Bread Ministries in Crescent City, Calif.
Dinner time at Our Daily Bread Ministries in Crescent City, Calif.
Families of loved ones on hunger strike in Pelican Bay SHU have successfully regrouped and found a new recipient for a campaign to donate their loved ones’ food symbolically: a local soup kitchen in Crescent City. For many years, SHU inmates have asked Pelican Bay State Prison administration to be allowed to participate in local food charity sales, but they’ve always been denied, though general population can participate. (This is also No. 13 of their 40 supplemental demands.)

So this is a way to help the inmates be able to contribute to and feel connected to an outside community, helping those less fortunate. The symbolic donation says a lot to counter the perception they’re all “the worst of the worst.” It shows they’re human beings at their best, thinking of others and being generous even despite their own circumstances.

Our Daily Bread Ministries serves meals three nights a week. It also operates a thrift store and does other outreach activities, serving anyone in need of a meal. Many community members, including the homeless or almost homeless, receive healthy meals, served with compassion and dignity. And we know that the step from homelessness to incarceration is a short one.

Our Daily Bread is immensely grateful to prisoners and their families. They used to get donated food from PBSP but that stopped, reasons unknown. They don’t care about politics: They need the food.

Our Daily Bread Ministries web banner Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City CA
This banner at the top of Our Daily Bread’s website features a lighthouse built in 1856, when Crescent City, located near the Oregon border on the wind-swept seacoast in a redwood forest, was a gold rush town. The logging that replaced mining was in turn replaced by the prison as the dominant industry when it opened in 1989, fishing having been devastated by the 1964 and 2011 tsunamis. The nearly 2,000 prisoners in the Pelican Bay SHU can see none of the wild beauty that surrounds them, as they have no windows and their outdoor “dog run” has 20-foot-high concrete walls. But they have compassion for the residents of Crescent City, who have few employment options beside the prison.


When you send your donations, please include a note letting ODB know this offering is from your loved one in the SHU, on hunger strike; or you can donate in honor of a prisoner or a unit, or the cause.

Send your donation to Our Daily Bread Ministries, 1135 Harrold St. (cq), Crescent City, CA 95531, (707) 464-7771, or donate online at


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