by Apollonia Jordan

MyMy-funeral-program-cover-0814-225x300, #JusiceForMyMy, Local News & Views Six months ago, a coward took the life of an innocent, precious little girl. Six months ago, this coward hastily sped down Mission Street between Fourth and Fifth streets, and took the life of the beautiful little girl we call MyMy. This monster, who is currently still on the run, hit an innocent little girl, while she walked in a crosswalk alongside her aunt and twin brother.

Never once did he stop and turn around to see if she was hurt or to apologize for taking her life – or to help her aunt pick her frail lifeless body off the cold concrete ground. No, like the coward he is, he kept driving and never even looked back, as if she was nothing more than a speed bump.

On the night of Friday, Aug. 15, 2014, MiYana “MyMy” Gregory was leaving the movie theatre on Fourth and Mission with her aunt Loyresha Gage and her twin brother. As they walked across the street, MyMy was struck and killed by a car described as a white 1990s style Lexus, Honda or Camry type vehicle with a black bumper and black rims. This vehicle’s mismatched bumper is distinct, which is why it shouldn’t take this long or be this difficult to locate it.

This vehicle was going at such a rapid speed that no witnesses were able to get a license plate number. There have been no further leads in the case. What kind of monster hits an innocent baby? How do you see your car on the news and not come in for questioning? Were you in that much of a hurry that you had to take MyMy’s life in the process?

If you have any information on this vehicle and/or the people who own it, you are asked to contact Crimestoppers at 1800-222-8477 (TIPS) or text BAYTIP to CRIMES (274637).

As you continued on your road to life, my baby cousin’s lifeless body that you left in the road, was held by her aunt, crying hysterically, begging her not to die. Her soul was too pure for this wicked world. It is so sad that at the age of 2, MyMy was taken away, leaving the family to mourn her loss and pray we find her killer.

JustceForMyMy-shirt-300x300, #JusiceForMyMy, Local News & Views
#JustceForMyMy shirts were worn by members of her family during her funeral services.

Witnesses claim they saw this fool speeding and driving erratically down Mission Street the entire evening, beginning at about 6 p.m., near 16th and Mission. Why are the police allowing idiots to drive this way during rush hour times, when children are leaving after school programs and parents are coming home from work? MyMy wasn’t murdered until 10 p.m. Why wasn’t he pulled over before he was able to take her life? He probably has no license or insurance.

Six months have passed and this person is still free to operate his vehicle, which he probably has put a fresh new paint job on to hide any incriminating evidence. Free to kill another innocent child as they cross the street.

MyMy’s aunt Loyresha loved and took care of both babies like they were her own. The only reason they were out that night was because Loyresha had made a promise to take them to the movies, prior to her starting school that following Monday. When Loyresha made a promise to them, she kept her word because she is a woman of her word, and she refused to renege on the promise that she made to her babies.

MyMyGÇÖs-mother-weeps-in-her-aunt-EricaGÇÖs-arms-funeral-0814-300x300, #JusiceForMyMy, Local News & Views
MyMy’s mother weeps in her aunt Erica’s arms as she says her final goodbyes to her daughter, who was taken way too soon.

Loyresha has always been the best auntie to her niece and nephew. She has always been nurturing and responsible and taken care of business, and she took her job as being a great supportive aunt seriously.

She took them everywhere and was always taking them on trips out of town on her off days. MyMy loved their weekly trips to the nail spa. MyMy was a girly girl and she loved her dresses, nail polish, sandals and pretty ponytails in her hair. She never wanted to be dirty and always kept her hands nice and clean.

She was too clean for this dirty world and smart beyond her years. She began walking before she turned a year old and loved to wear her earrings, bracelets and cute little purses. She and her aunt were inseparable. Loyresha writes in MyMy’s obituary, “I miss you and every little thing about you, most of all … ALL the girly things we used to do. I’ll never forget you & nobody will ever replace you in my heart. We have a bond that’s unbreakable … Remember that.”

This tragic accident has crushed the hearts of everyone in the family. We will not rest until there is #JusticeForMyMY.

If you have any information on this vehicle and/or the people who own it, you are asked to contact Crimestoppers at 1800-222-8477 (TIPS) or text BAYTIP to CRIMES (274637).

Apollonia Jordan is a writer and as student at San Francisco State University. She can be reached at armanibooth@gmail.com.