Dominican Republic apartheid


by The People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey

Ezili Danto
Ezili Danto

Haitian activist lawyer Ezili Danto speaks on the current state of Dominican apartheid and the denationalization of Haitians within its borders. “The Dominican Republic is the Israel of the Caribbean,” Danto says, noting that they sided with the Confederacy during the U.S. Civil War. “Haiti is a sanctuary for freedom, a sanctuary in a world where, when the Africans liberated the island, it was the only place on Planet Earth where slavery of Black people did not exist.”

Danto explains that what Europeans mean when they say that the Dominican Republic is better than Haiti is that “the Dominican Republic is owned more by white folks and light-skinned folks, and Haiti is owned by Blacks.”

Haitians have long been drawn or forced to work on the Dominican sugar plantations. When you use sugar, consider that it is at least partially the product of enslaved Haitians. “We’re asking people to boycott Dominican products,” Danto says.

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  1. Here we go again. Another evil article.

    Nobody’s forcing any haitian to work in Dominican Republic. As a matter of fact, it’s the haitians who are fighting to stay in our side – so they are liking something.

    There’s no such thing as detionalization – the constitution does not grant citizenship to children of undocumented parents since 1929.

    Haiti invaded Dominican Republic and took our freedom for 22 years – what goes around comes around.

    Take that fake “racism” propaganda somewhere else – it won’t work in Dominican Republic because we’re aware of the truth.

  2. This activist’s statements are very problematic.

    As a Dominican, I can honestly opine that the DR has a long and ugly history of racism that is still being seen today. Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian decent are kept in slave-like conditions on sugar plantations, they experience hate and discrimination (regardless of their citizenship status), and virtually no opportunity for advancement in a society that sometimes explicitly and sometimes implicitly still places a bigger value on you as a person the lighter the skin you have. There is no question in my mind as to whether racism is involved in the current immigration mess- which is not to say that racism is the only factor.

    However some of what’s said above is plainly asinine and overreaching. “Haiti is a sanctuary for freedom?” Are you kidding me? If you know anything about the history of Haiti you would know that Haitians have never, EVER been free in their own country the way most of us would define freedom today. DR is the Israel of the Caribbean? I’m not going to go into all the ways that analogy doesn’t work. And when people say that the DR is better, no they are not referring to race. They are referring to the relative peace and prosperity on the east side of the island, compared to the complete disaster Haiti has always been, and sadly may remain for the forseable future. I sympathize with the pain and anger of oppressed Haitians everywhere, but this was not constructive at all.

    • Total bullshit. Go to PUCMM or any other university in DR and you will find it full of wealthy Hatians getting a quality education. For the same reason Hatians are increasingly integrating into professional life, usually as doctors, engineers and business men. Yes Dominicans tend to dislike the Hatians that come to our country with zero education, no sense of personal hygiene, and who come to occupy the lowest of the lowest society echelons. We have plenty of below-poberty-line Dominicans to worry about already, we don’t need ilegal immigrants to burden our infrastructure (hospitals, public services, etc.) even more. No one gives a shit your skin color in DR if you’re a decent and educated citizen how contributes to the advancement of society. We’re a heavily racially mixed people, so racism is an oxymoron for us, but that is incredibly hard to understand for people who come from highly segregated societies where whites and blacks don’t mix or it’s still taboo, like the US and Haiti.

  3. I'm Dominican and I acknowledge my African ancestry. You can't generalize a whole people Elizi; I'd also like to bring to your attention that the younger generation of Dominicans has been much more influenced by American Afrocentricity since the age of the Internet has begun. You can't put whole people in one box.

  4. Ok what has she done in Haiti besides talk a lot what has any haitian abroad done to better the crisis in Haiti everyone that has the chance to leave never goes back and never gives back

  5. And people its not a black or white thing no other country in the world has helped Haiti like Dominican Republic after the Quake remember that

  6. Haitians go to Dominican Republic to make something.

    They can’t make anything in Haiti.

    When you go to another nation without papers of course you can’t work like the documented citizens of that nation.

    Any question about this just ask the mexicans in the US. They do the hard work but get paid pennies.

    We need people like the writer of this article to boycott themselves from RD.

  7. Erzili is right on target..Haiti has always been a beacon of freedom for all black people around the world despite having been boycotted for decades by white European countries furious over the Haitian Revolution of 1791, in which a slave army militarily defeated the most powerful armies in its time: France, Spain and UK…and for the record, it was Haitians that she’d their blood and uprooted slavery from the Dominican side of the island, not the Dominicans themselves. Today, the Dominican Republic is harvesting the fruit of freedom planted with Haitian blood more than 200 years ago.

    • fernando you are haitian why you have spanish name..dominican republic.. is free because of haiti how come that you are starving to death in haiti./ and running up and down to see which country may show mercy on you

    • Fernando: This story is full of inconsistencies.

      -The Spanish rule was overthrown by José Núñez de Cáceres, dominican leader at the time.

      -Does not make sense that we were slaves when we had a leader.

      -de Cáceres wanted to unite Dominican Republic with Gran Colombia but Haiti interfered.

      -Even Máximo Gomez (domincan liberator in Cuba) fought against haitian invasions after we became
      independent from Haiti.

      Independence is in our blood – we even overthrew the most fierce dictator in the western hemisphere in 1961.

  8. And don’t forget that Dominican Republic has gained its freedom by itself.

    We had to face powers like US, Britain, France, Spain and, yes, Haiti to achieve our freedom.

    Dominican Republic celebrates its freedom from Haiti on the 27th of February each year.

  9. There will always be injustice in this world. I do not know this lady, what is her background or academy preparation to make this outrageous assertions. Undeniably she is molding and tweaking history in order to serve her own purpose. She is very irresponsible and "color sugar" the parts of history more convenient to her end game. Dominicans like Duarte, Sanchez y mella pay the ultimate price for the ideal of a dominican republic free and independent of any foreign power. Those heroes lost everything in search of that dream.

  10. Now is is easy to call us all kind of name and make to type of undesirable historical comparison but Haiti have a lot to be grateful of the Dominican Republic, without the US they will be a lot worst off,… Every country has the right to defend it sovereignty and Haiti have never have any respect for the country of the people of the Dominican Republic, take it from the numbers out of 12 millions citizens 2 million possible a lot more are illegal Haitian whom disregard local laws and lack the most basic human decency, not all but a very high percentage.

  11. Ezili Danto is a hateful bigot and racist. If she would say about any other group what she says about Dominicans she will be branded as such. If she would devote as much energy to helping Haiti than to propagate hate her country will be in better shape.

  12. I am a dark skin Dominican. I know that Haitians raped, killed, the mixed, mulato, and white Dominicans. We do not have your African American view on Stockholm syndrome. Read our history with the Haitians. Haitians put many Dominicans including the mulattos through the sword.Dominicans paid the Haitians $8.61 million dollars for the dictator Trujillo’s actions on the Parsley Massacre. After slavery was abolished, mulatto, and white Dominicans paid the Haitian dictator the money the Haitians owed France for killing the French. The Haitian Constitution and State of 1804. That racial bias in favor of Noir and opposed to White or mixed-racial groups was the crucial seed for the evolution of race relations on the island of Hispaniola. This racial bias is thus the foundation on which the racial discourse on the island would take shape. In Haiti it would lead to periodic bloodshed between Blacks and Mulattos. Eventually used by the
    Duvaliers, Papa and his son, during the 20th century to dominate and push out mulattos.

    But even in the 19th century you had Haitians leaders like The Emperor Faustin I using similar racial tactics to hold on to power. In the DR, the evolution of race was fundamentally different than in Haiti, as Professor Pons points out. Largely due to the hacienda or cattle ranch nature of the economic model, Dominicans NEVER developed the highly exploitative system that the French practiced in Haiti. Haiti turned itself inward and made "White" a Non-Citizen in their own State. Look no further for the explanation for this The Roots of the Division question. The Imperial Haitian Constitution of 1804 that denied whites property rights and
    citizenship based on racial preference.

    As Toussaint Louverture had donetwo decades earlier, the Haitians abolished slavery. In order to raise funds for the huge indemnity of 150 million francs that Haiti agreed to pay the former French colonists, and which was subsequently lowered to 60 million francs, the Haitian government imposed heavy taxes on the Dominicans. Since Haiti was unable to adequately provision its army, the occupying forces largely survived by commandeering or confiscating food and supplies at gunpoint.

    Attempts to redistribute land conflicted with the system of communal land tenure (terrenos comuneros),which had arisen with the ranching economy, and some people resented being forced to grow cash crops under Boyer and Joseph Inginac's CodeRural.‪ In the rural and rugged mountainous areas, the Haitian administration was usually too inefficient to enforce its own laws. It was in the city of Santo Domingo that the effects of the occupation were most acutely felt, and it was there that the movement for independence originated.
    Haiti's constitution forbade white elites from owning land, and the major landowning families were forcibly deprived of their properties.

    All levels of education collapsed; the university was shut down, as it was starved both of resources and students, with young Dominican men from 16 to 25 years old being drafted
    into the Haitian army. Boyer's occupation troops, who were largely Dominicans, were unpaid, and had to "forage and sack" from Dominican civilians.Haiti imposed a "heavy tribute" on the Dominican people.‪As a result of the slaughter, the Dominican Republic paid to Haiti an indemnity of US$ 525,000 equivalent to $8.61 million in 2014. The genocide sought to be justified on the pretext of fearing infiltration, but was actually also retaliation, commented on both in national currencies, as well as having been informed by the Military Intelligence Service the dreaded SIM, that the Haitian government was cooperating with a plan that sought to overthrow Dominican exiles. The end.

  13. You do know that 3 millions Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent live in Dominican Republic. The whole Punta Cana region is full of Dominicans of Haitian descent and Haitians, including boca chica, and other tourist areas. By boycotting like the Haitian government said to do would make more chaos in Dominican Republic by the Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent that occupy 40-50% of the tourist and hotel jobs. Dominican Republic is a multiracial country, but when the Americans brought the Haitians to our side of the island again in the 1930's to work in the Dominican plantations to pay off the U.S. banks and great depression with sugar money, then we just had Haitians coming in and giving birth to 12 children per woman. It was all jus soil before 2010, and all the Haitians would bore their children in Dominican lands and get free healthcare and They show the few planation people so that the world could feel sorry for the black poor Haitians, and then forget that Dominicans have their own poor people. Go to the hospitals in D.R. you will see the real Dominican women waiting in line to give birth, and all the Haitian women and Dominicans of Haitian descent go in first on Dominican land. Since they earn less than an average Dominican, they always will get free healthcare and education, and Dominicans pay. After this law in 2010 that saids , thousands of Haitian women are coming in the Dominican border to give birth for free and give the Dominican nurse a fake Spanish name and thousands of these Haitian women would say that they have a Dominican husband. All with the same story. The nurse does not even investigate them and just do as the Haitian woman is telling them. Then the government is forced to believe that they are telling the truth. Look for the video that shows illegal pregnant Haitians in Dominican Republic. You will see I tell the truth.Written by others and true. Recently we have have the Dominican children's textbooks all against the Dominican history and pride of our founding fathers, and making the Haitians look like They Were the heroes. The book is publish, and you know it was allowed by a Dominican of Haitian descent to do this act. Is terrible. Imagine the U.S. history was changed by the Mexicans and say on U.S. land and educational system that the U.S. was horrible and the Mexicans were the heroes, that is what was published about the Dominicans by other Dominican traitors. The Haitians only helped the Spanish side of the island from slavery because they wanted to make sure That it was not taken over by the French. The Haitians massacred more than the Dominicans Dominicans That Were forced by Trujillo did to the Haitians. The Haitians did 5 massacres against the Dominicans.

    The Haitians would not have That battle won against the French if it were not for the Polish men who they forced to say that they were blacks if they wanted to be Haitians even if they were white. They wanted to go Against the French in winning the battle. When the Haitians took over the Spanish side of the Hispaniola, they treated the mulattos and the white Dominican men like trash, and killed and raped, and killed innocent Dominican women and children. They also made everything backwards, and burned Dominican universities and it was just a jungle of savages. This is why Dominicans had to make it the Dominican Republic. The Haitians are full seed of black supremacist nation. You can see it in The Haitian 1804 constitution. You could look it up and know the proof. They wanted to go Against the French in winning the battle. The Haitians are taking the entire Dominican side again. They are doing it now with no weapons, except reproducing like crazy 12 kids per woman on Haitian Dominican land, and their new found Haitian government propaganda. Now people just look at them for being poor and black, and take pity because the Haitian government who does not take care of 90% their people, and only 10%. We could have some Haitians sure, but now they are abusing the system, and we have 3 million. Millions did not come from the sugar plantation, and they are lying with their Haitian accent and some do not speak Spanish at all, and say they were born in the D.R. when in fact they were not. There are Haitian women coming in the thousands saying that their husband is Domincian now after the law of 2010, and that their child has a spanish name that they make up, and the nurse at the hospital or medical center in teh Domincian Republic does not care to investigates, and gives all their babies the birth certificate. We have seen this in the thousands of Haitian women doing this pattern. Is an abuse.

  14. Someone else wrote and true. 'Dominican constitution since 1929 is clear.. to be citizen your parents have to be Dominicans or LEGAL RESIDENTS. Beside , most Haitians born in the DR are the children of BRACEROS , the contract between Haiti an DR is clear " in case of birth in the DR, their children must be register in their Haitian consulate and inform immigration " which means that they are not DOMINICANS.. They are Haitians , just like the Haitian constitution say they are. so stop spreading lies , Haitians don't want to be Haitians and want the DR to give them papers.

    ARTICLE 11:
    "Any person born of a Haitian father or Haitian mother who are themselves native-born Haitians and have never renounced their nationality possesses Haitian nationality at the time of birth."

    1. With its ruling, the Constitutional Court, in effect, retroactively
    overturned citizenship norms that had been in effect from 1929 to 2010.
    You want to condemn the country that offer the most help to Haiti??.. In Haiti 80% of the population does not have birth certificate or any ID.. where is the outcry for that violation of human rights??….enough with the blackmail, fix the problem in Haiti.

    The Haitian government is the one that does not document their citizens. At this moment they. Are the one who had not gives Haitians birth certificates, passports or any type of id. It is easier. To put the burden on top of Dominican Republic and wash their hands like Pontius Pilates. Haitian's problems needs to be solve in Haiti not in the Dominican Republic.
    It is outrageous to blame on DR the issues that Haitians are going through at this moment. Haitians are crossing illegally and staying in DR because they have no jobs, food, shelters, security or any basic needs thar each individual needs in order to survive. The Haitian government had not provided none of this needs to their citizens and they prefer that DR fullfill this necessities . By acussing the Dominican government of depriving Haitians of a citizenship that by the Dominican laws they are not entitle too.
    ampaign that Haiti refuse to document millions of its people, push them to the DR and then cry out that they are Dominican, when they do not even speak spanish, also add to it that Haiti have being under the control of the UN or in reality the USA for 10 years now, and they never bother to documents those millions of Haitians and now demand that the DR gave away its rights in other to make a ethnic minority of 4 millions Haitians with no loyalty to the DR, protected by the UN and … all this in other to keep the Haitian misery out of Florida's coast… This is the reason for all this blackmail, no one wants the Haitian misery, and all are putting pressure to condemn the DR if it rightfully deport 4 millions illegals back to Haiti, and we all know Haiti is dead, no agriculture, no forest, no food, no government and institutions, the worst human disaster in the middle of a Tourist area…

    You completely ignore the 100% blame of Haiti´s government for the situation of their citizens (THERE ARE NO STATELESS PERSONS, THEY ARE HAITIAN). The obvious inability of a failed state such as Haiti (OCCUPIED BY THE MINUSTAH – THE UN MILITARY OCUPATION FORCES AND ADMINISTRATION) to adress the plight of its citizens should not be borne or adscribed to the Dominican Republic! Shame on you! What proof do you have to accuse the Dominican Republic of racist policies!? The crux of the matter is that your racket and scheme of living of the donations for Haiti to live the good life in Washington is coming to an end!!! Your international teat-sucking bonanza is ending… When the Dominican Republic starts deporting the millions of undocumented ilegal aliens to their respective countries -YOU- living comfortably in Virginia would have to "get down" and get your "hands dirty" among the same people you claim to defend, but in the end -despise-.

  15. Check the youtube video showing the millions of Illegal Haitians that get free Healthcare in Dominican Republic everyday. In line first than any Dominican. Dominicans have to pay because you have to make $5,000 pesos or less to get free healthcare.

    Written by someone else. 'This is the type of documentary that Haiti, the USA, France and the rest of the world dont want to see. The Dominican Republic is constantly helping Haitians with their needs, but in return we get nothing, but hate and ingratitude back. If the Dominican Republic dont want to let more Haitians in, all they have to do is to close the borders. Letting thousands and thousands of Haitians into DR can easily create a social crisis. This is a Dominican problem and this is what the international community dont get or dont want to get. We already gave 352,000 green cards to the Haitians. Its time that other countries join in and help by giving this people green cards so they can live in USA, France, England, Brazil, Bahamas, Venezuela or else.Trujillo, a product of the U.S. Invasion, committed the genocide referred in all the articles defaming the Dominican Republic, not the Dominican people. After Trujillo, corrupt politicians, and greedy businessmen brought Haitians or looked the other way to allow them to come and forced to lower the salaries of poor workers, to a point where now we have a great part of the population unemployed. The government is under fire, because now, coming to D.R. to stay illegally is not going to be easy as it once was. Please help Haiti not by focusing us Dominicans to take care of them, help Haiti take care of itself.

  16. More information that is known to be true, and I did not write. More than 90% of Haitians and their descendants in the DR arrived in the late 1980s onwards and did so on their own.

    Also, the Supreme Court only has clarification capabilities, not retroactive. The only thing the court did with clear up once again what every Dominican constitution since 1929 has said, that those born to people in transit (term that include illegal immigrants) are not entitled to Dominican citizenship, but rather to the citizenship of their parents. Also, any identity documents acquired fraudulently are void.
    Most of those Haitians that thought had Dominican citizenship in reality they never had it because they didn't qualify.

    What the Constitution Tribunal ordered was to put an end to the confusion by revising the Civil Registry from 1929 to 2007 for all the people registered illegally. Then, once they are identified, the legal status of the generation that migrated illegally or with a temp permit and stayed illegally, will be legalized and their descendants, due to the absorption clause in the law, will automatically receive a legitimate Dominican citizenship.

    Those that qualify for this amounts to some 26,000 people from over 100 nationalities, but of those some 14,000 are Haitian. A grace period will be given for those identified in the Civil Registry to start their regularization process. Those that don't start the process (and those that are not in the Civil Registry) once the grace period is over, will be subject to deportation.

    The court ruling is actually legitimately those Haitians with fraudulent documents and many decades in the DR as Dominicans.

    The anti-Dominican campaign that has been spread internationally and based on misinformation, exaggerated numbers, and and outright lies is just that, an attempt at discrediting the Dominican government.

    The UN and the European Union already looked into the process and due to that, became aware all the lies many NGOs and the Haitian diplomats have been spreading around the world in an attempt to discredit the DR. The UN and the EU now support the Dominican regularization process.

    Such a shame so many people have been dooped in this and are reacting based on half truth and incorrect assumptions.

    In any case, all rulings from the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Tribunal are not reversible, they are fi al and can't be appealed.
    Just… Respect Our Laws… As we respect other countries.

  17. Someone else wrote it and true. ‘Poor Haitian and their smear campaign against the Dominican people that had help them most despite their invasions and occupation of Dominican Republic for 22 years. Haitians massacred Dominicans 5 times in big amounts of over millions. People talk about Trujillo killing 20,000 Haitians and that then makes all Dominicans bad. Please. The Haitians invaded, killed, and fought with weapons Dominican Republic 18 times. We never invaded Haiti. Even recently found, and been used since 2006 for the fusion of the island of both countries was the false information of Haitian point of view of the Dominican Republic in the educational books from the 4th-8th grade has replaced the Dominican Republic history with the Haitian point of view alone, and said that Dominican Republic is just a fantasy, and not a true country, and the Haitians were the heroes on the whole island, when in fact that is not true. The Dominican heroes in true Dominican history were always valued and taught to Dominican children, because is where Dominican Republic rooted from, we are not Haiti.
    We Dominicans value our African, European, Taino, and other people that make the Dominican Republic. Haiti only values one race. They destroyed their side of the island and now want nothing more than to the same with DR. Dominican black along with Spanish colonists were in DR 300 years before the French slaves went into what is known Haiti. Two different countries, TWO DIFFERENT CULTURES, two different people. We have nothing to do with Haiti. They have their own language, religion, music, food, aspiration, way of life, etc. We celebrate our own African heritage not from Haiti, they are not Africa and our people have nothing to do with them in term other than we share the same island. If that were the case Dominican republic wouldn't have the number one ecosystem in the whole Caribbean and central America. This despite having Haiti next to us who live in a dessert. Their people care so much about their land and people that when they leave their country, they never comeback to invest and help. Nobody fault the Haitians as to why their keep exporting miseries in the entire Caribbean despite billions and billions pour in that country. All their problem fall into the hand of the mean bad Dominican Rep who are being bully into taking their problems, Just pull the RACE CARD out of the pocket, PROBLEM SOLVED.
    Dominican Rep. opened the border during the Earthquake and a million Haitian made their way into DR along with thousands who went to receives free medical care. Now the Haitians do not want to leave back to their country after five years and now are resorting to creates a smear campaign against the country that is giving them food, healthcare, education, jobs, etc. At the present moment they are 3 millions Haitians in DR and if nothing is done they will absolve DR. The Bahamas round up the Haitians and put them in camp before deportation. No Haitian born in the Bahamas get resident card let along citizenship. So far this year the Bahamas had deported 5,000 Haitians (Bahamas pop. 300,000). Dominican Rep. had register over 300,000 Haitians into immigration plan of regulation, Haitians want all their people in DR to be given citizenship. You give them your hand in time of need and they want to take your body. How convenient to take out your RACE CARD when it have nothing to do with racism.’

  18. These selection procedures did not conform to international standards because they lacked essential guarantees such as access to legal counsel and to an effective appeal against the refusal. However, a few were allowed to reach the US, but the vast majority of them were returned to Haiti. The May 24, 1992, President George Bush (father) issued a Presidential Order that all Haitians intercepted at sea would be returned directly to Haiti, without paying any regard to his application for asylum in the US.
    President Bill Clinton, who took office in January 1993, continued this policy despite promises of change made in the election campaign; thus violated EU recognized principle (non-refoulement), which is opposed to forced repatriation, and reneged on its obligations under Article 33 of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees of 1951 internationally non-refoulement.
    From the office of the special charge of the Department of State, Lawrence Pezzullo, it was stated that "the repatriation of Haitians is a policy of national priority and neither the UN nor any other national or international organization has to interfere in this decision because the EU, as a sovereign country it is, he is exercising the rights that correspond to these repatriations ".
    In May 1994, partly as a result of ongoing national and international to the US policy of forced repatriation criticism, President Bill Clinton announced that Haitian asylum-seekers intercepted at sea by the US Coast Guard would no longer be returned and summary directly to Haiti, but they would be allowed to apply for asylum aboard US vessels, and later try to establish them in some other countries in the region, "but not on US territory".
    In early July 1994, the US government announced that Haitians intercepted at sea the option of being taken to "another country" in the region or be returned to Haiti would be offered. And they are not offer the opportunity for a hearing to present his request to be granted asylum in the EU. NGO defenders of human rights rooted in the US and the European Union, as well as black congressmen "Black Caucus", artists and leaders of the Black movement in the United States described as racist as the new policy of President Clinton.
    However, the US Supreme Court ruled that President Clinton had every right to repatriate all undocumented aliens and that "Haitians could be and continue to be repatriated if so decided by the President." The US government then proceeded to negotiate with the governments of Latin American and Caribbean countries to agree to grant asylum to Haitians, but the rulers of these countries indignantly rejected that possibility. Either he accessed US desires, even in principle.
    Reactions of some countries and governments of the Caribbean to the proposed government officials from the United States to grant temporary asylum to Haitians in boats left their country to the United States.

  19. Why US, EU and other countries do not want or accept Haitian nationals on its territory? Continued.
    President Rafael Caldera (1994, during his second presidential term) "gives us much pain the deplorable situation of Haitians have always helped and we are ready to offer any kind of aid, but provide access to asylum in our country, it's very different. That preposterous proposal is impossible to accept, the Venezuelans never forgive me, I would be unable to betray the trust for the second time have placed in me. "
    Costa Rica
    President Jose Maria Figueres (November 1994) "… the abject poverty of the Haitian people is part of the causes for these migrations, but we can not accept them as refugees in Costa Rica. We also have our problems with undocumented Nicaraguans, but we are working to solve them … and we are succeeding. I do not think any country in Latin America is able to take over the huge problem posed by Haitian migrants. "
    Fidel Castro R. (1993) "… in fragile and makeshift boats have arrived to our shores 460 Haitians in poor condition, sick, hungry and wearing rags. They are being treated in our hospitals, where they are administering the necessary drugs, good food and new clothes. Once the general conditions return to normal, everyone will be reshipped in their refurbished boats and boats towed by our navy, to the vicinity of the coast of Haiti. "
    President Ernesto Samper (December 1994) "unacceptable … absolutely unacceptable. Colombia categorically rejected the possibility of allowing temporary camps deploy Haitian refugees on our soil. Absolutely absurd proposal unacceptable … "
    Dominican Republic
    President Joaquin Balaguer (February 1994) "US government officials and international organizations have insisted that the Dominican Republic grant refuge to Haitians are leaving their country by boat to the United States and some other destinations; I also those officials reiterated the commitment of the US government to take responsibility, full, of all the expenses that would involve the construction of facilities that serve as camps in the Dominican Republic, the Haitian refugees. Also ensuring that food and medicines would provide all necessary therein.
    In return promise to intercede favorably to foreign banks and other lending to our government, so we can continue our policy of building organisms. Nor was no lack of promises and offering awards and honors me by renowned foreign institutions.

  20. My response was that since they were committed to bear all costs that would lead to the construction and maintenance of the camps in our country, then what was that made them suitable across our border in Haiti itself, but not this side of the border !, not on Dominican soil!
    I appreciated the offer of loans, informing them that our government would continue the policy of building to the extent that our domestic savings would permit; aclarándoles well I do not need foreign honors and awards, let alone at such a high cost to our nation. As Dominican president. "
    "It would be for me a real nonsense accept the settlement of Haitians in Dominican lands !, ignorance … a denial and an offense to the memory of so many Dominicans who sacrificed everything for his country, for this homeland of Duarte, of Sanchez and Mella ".
    President Carlos Roberto Reina (March 1995) "by transigimos the persistent request of various representatives of the American government and the OAS, to the circumstantial and temporary site humanitarianism, for only 6 months in camps in Honduras for Haitian refugees. Five months have elapsed prescription deadline agreed that refugees should be returned to their country of origin or any other location outside of Honduras. We have insisted on our requirements, however it is truly shameful, outrageous and dishonest behavior of the OAS and the US government to achieve compliance. Evade fulfill its commitment.
    My whole life has been dedicated to defending the rights of Hondurans, I want to change the Motherland his embarrassed face and from this moment I am giving the directives for the immediate closure of the camps and the shipment of all its occupants to their country of origin , Haiti. Honduras is poor, but shut up or resign, subordination, reverence or subjection, would be petty and embarrassing. Never permit nor allow the continuation of such abnormal and harmful situation to the detriment of our country and of Hondurans. As your President, I have the obligation and duty of government to improve the conditions of Honduras and of all Hondurans, not to make them worse … "
    In 1993 President Guillermo Endara, secretly agreed to the request of the US government to grant asylum to 10,000 (ten thousand) Haitian refugees in a small adjacent islands belonging to Panama. Some weeks later, when granting the President became public knowledge, the Panamanian people reacted angrily. There were many protest marches, media disapproved and unleashed campaigns against that decision, the intellectuals described as unacceptable, shameful and dishonorable presidential indulgence, student demonstrations became increasingly violent, until the National Assembly finally had to overrule the presidential award. President Endara was obliged to rectify his pleasure, and so informed the EU and the OAS. Haitians in Panama did not accept any of its territories.
    Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
    Belize, Jamaica *, Guyana, St. Kitts and Nevis, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, all strongly rejected the proposal of the US government to receive Haitians in their territories.


    By monopolizing this debate through your incessant, non-stop, repetitive postings, you wrongly assume you’re right. You’re not…it was Haitians who defeated slavery on the Dominican side of Hispaniola, not Dominicans. In fact, there was no Dominican Republic in 1791, when Haitians rose up to rid the entire island of this barbarism in 1791. The war ended in 1804 with the independence of Haiti. Get informed before posting nonsense

    • But there was Santo Domingo.

      Haiti didn’t do anything but get rid of slavery on their side.

      If you haitians (or haitian defenders) want to think otherwise than the truth, then fine. Go ahead and think how you want, but stay on your side.

      We don’t need y’all coming to the east with expectations on what for us to believe.

      Keep your side of your story to yourselves, we go ours.

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