Oakland: Standing room only at Uber local business outreach event

by The Registry Bay Area

On Aug. 4, 2016, Oakland-based firm 360 Total Concept teamed with Uber Technologies for an outreach event to maximize local business participation as the ride-sharing company prepares to expand its headquarters to Oakland. This was the second event in the series of connector sessions for local firms and Uber, also featuring the project developer, Lane Partners.

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Oakland business owners packed The Oakstop on Aug. 4 – and most of them were Black. They’re hoping to do business with Uber, which will soon be headquartered in Oakland. – Photo: The Registry

Council President Lynette McElhaney’s office provided welcome to the standing-room-only crowd at the Oakstop venue, as Adony Beniares, Uber’s head of global facilities, and general contractor Truebeck provided an overview of the construction project and the firm’s local hire and business commitment. Shonda Scott, 360 Total Concept CEO, said, “We are committed to working with Uber to ensure maximum utilization of local businesses and residents at the new Uptown Station site.”

Kandace Cooks, Uber manager and co-chair of UberHUE, a channel that promotes Black diversity, culture and inclusion for all employees, was at the outreach event to further emphasize Uber’s commitment to partnering with Oakland businesses. There is a waiting list in formation for the next Uber business connector session, which is scheduled for this fall in Oakland. For more information, email info@360tcpr.com.

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