by Jamie Sevier

Beijing, China – Whether it’s natural or relaxed, the hair-care industry predominates in the spending habits of Black consumers more than any other consumer group in the U.S. In fact, according to a consumer market analysis from Mintel Reports, 51 percent of Black consumers use styling products compared to 34 percent of U.S. consumers overall.

BOBSA founder San Ennon is greeted by a marquee announcing his visit when he arrives to meet with Chinese interested in trade with Black-owned hair stores. – Photo: BOBSA
BOBSA founder Sam Ennon meets with Chinese government and hair manufacture representatives in Beijing in October. – Photo: BOBSA

Therefore, it is no wonder that the sales by the overall Black hair-care industry in 2015 were an estimated $2.7 billion. According to the Black Owned Beauty Supply Association (BOBSA), the Black hair-care and cosmetics industry nationwide and internationally is a $9 billion industry that serves millions of African Americans, but few of the stores are Black-owned.

BOBSA founder Sam Ennon, who was invited to China this past October by the Chinese government and their hair manufacturers, has found a way to change the odds for Black hair-care store owners. After making the first Black business agreement with the Chinese government and manufacturers of hair, he announced: “We have created an alliance named Enterprise of Black Hair Alliance (EBHA) to change the distribution of hair in the U.S.”

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  1. Hello, I saw the interview back in January about BOBSA signing first black deal with Chinese dealing with black hair. Sad to say you been lied to just like myself and others been used and lied to. I had a contract with them that Sam breach and they still owe me thousands of dollars where now I have to have my attorney sue. Sam was picked by a Korean that works for a Chinese hair company. The hair company is FAHair and they are own by a Korean husband and Chinese wife. Yes weird but true. They have a contract with Sam making him CEO of a company that I named when I thought it was black own. Well at least 40% black own since I know Asians not giving you money and don’t want something in return. Sam own ZERO% company. They are using Sam to get back in hair business and to get the money from blacks that Koreans are getting. Do your research and go to Korean beauty store and ask them have they heard of silhouette hair out of Chicago who changed their name to FAHair? The Koreans shut them out the industry and now this is their revenge by taking over industry by way of using a black face everyone know and who have a data base full of salons. SAM IS SELLING OUT BLACKS for $6000 a month and 10% of profit to BOBSA every year. All the blacks Sam hires are not with company now. After you have great presentation and he was in they stop paying and ignore calls and that’s why I have attorney on the job now. Sam is a fraud. He’s using blacks and doing the same thing Koreans doing by way of his Chinese connection. Below is the manufacture who most likely don’t know what’s going on in states that’s why BOB LIU and ADELE LIU ( the real owners of ENTERPRISE OF BLACK HAIR ALLIANCE) is always in China trying calm things down and keep the money coming in. Without Sam black face China will not send money to back Bob and Adele.

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