Hunger strike set to begin May 25 in Old Folsom ASU/Ad-Seg


by Anthony Estrada via a family member

East Gate of Folsom Prison, opened in 1880 – Photo: Stephen Worrell, Flickr

The men at Old Folsom State Prison in the ASU and Ad-Seg will begin a hunger strike on May 25 due to ongoing issues with the conditions of confinement that violate the Eighth Amendment. All the prisoners held in Folsom’s ASU and Ad-Seg are without food bowls, therefore having to eat out of ziplock bags. They have no cups, needing to drink water from an old milk carton. They have no TVs, no property at all. The mail is sometimes withheld for no reason – up to a month for some prisoners, for others even longer.

The prison is refusing to provide them with education, rehabilitative programs, cleaning supplies for toilets and cells. They’re being housed there long term and feel the administration is just depriving them to force them to plead guilty on 115s to go to SHUs, but if they do that it will affect them in court.

They’ve exhausted the 602 process, reached out to the ombudsman, who has yet to interview a prisoner regarding these ongoing problems that seem to get worse. They’ve reached out to the PIO (public information officer) at the prison and have gotten nowhere.

All they’re asking for is to be given day to day necessities. So in order to have their voices heard, they feel they have no choice but to hunger strike.

Send our brother some love and light: Anthony Estrada, T-80277, P.O. Box 715071, Represa CA 95671.


  1. My cousin Oba Frelimo is there and the last letter he wrote he said he was in the SHU! That concerns me because he was in the SHU at Pelican Bay! Is there anyone on the outside assisting in the Hunger Strike?

  2. I was in that same unit, all I got was loaf (look it up ) for my one hot meal but I deserved it , I know why they put me in the hole , after a few months I realized the only way I would get out was to play by the rules , I guess the rest of the guys have yet to figure that out, I got out of prison 6 months ago and work with people like my former assiocates. Please do not pity them , they know what they are doing, except for the few mental guys that I heard remember you don't see anyone except the co while your in the hole

    • your full of shit , they don't call it the hole and they no longer are allowed to make you eat loaf, they are abusing in my son

  3. Margret , Paco is not full of it, the truth is hard to take and your snowflake dug the hole he is in and he can dig himself out if he wants to

    Disclaimer: I am work for the state and monitor this website , and yes we had to stop serving loaf to inmates who throw food at the CO's , the bag is the same thing except its not cooked

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