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At Oakland Book Festival, Boots Riley discusses new film ‘Sorry to Bother You’

July 3, 2018

by Johnnie Burrell

Boot Riley – Photo: JR Valrey

Oakland Coup bandleader and rapper Boots Riley now has a director’s chair. His much talked about and anticipated film titled “Sorry to Bother You” will open in San Francisco Bay Area theaters on Friday, July 6, 2018. He talks with Marcus Lorenzo Penn, M.D., about his music and his hometown Oakland in 2016 at Oakland’s annual Book Festival. It was their book party and the party was heating up. Tune in!

Johnnie Burrell is a renowned San Francisco videographer, who records Black history as it’s made in countless videos. Visit his website,, and his YouTube channel, He can be reached at

3 thoughts on “At Oakland Book Festival, Boots Riley discusses new film ‘Sorry to Bother You’

  1. Harriet Wright

    Boots has written and directed a brilliant movie, speaking truth to and about white capitalists who exploit black and brown people to build their own wealth; the struggle of talented Cassius Green just trying to make an honest dime, until he discovers the depths of the oppressors evil…Funny, thought-provoking, familiar people and scenes straight outta Oaktown! See It! 5 thumbs up!


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