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For Sistar Kiilu Nyasha: Freedom Is a Constant Struggle…

April 30, 2018

Never thought I’d see — the day that I’d pray — for: Fake News; — Never thought I’d see — the day that I’d pray — for: Alternative Facts — from Boss Tweet – pray that — scribblers screwed up tenses — scribbling ‘bout a constant struggler –
3-time loser in capitalist Amerikkka: — Disabled, Black and Woman – Panther to the core, — Ida B-child soldier speaking, writing in real time – Mentoring men and women for battlefront lives — worth living …

Benefits for the Bay View: Performances of ‘Solitary Man’ Feb. 10 & 14

February 9, 2018

Don’t miss the highly acclaimed play, ‘Solitary Man: My Visit to Pelican Bay State Prison,’ performed by Charlie Hinton and Fred Johnson. Fred and Charlie launched the new two-person version in September 2017 and return now, on Feb. 10 and 14, for two performances as benefits for the SF Bay View newspaper: Saturday, Feb. 10, 7:30 p.m., at ANSWER, 2969 Mission St., San Francisco and Wednesday, Feb. 14, 7 p.m., at Freedom Archives, 518 Valencia, San Francisco – Show the Bay View some love on Valentine’s Day!

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