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The Parkland Arcane

February 24, 2018

Guns and money, — Guns and money. — This isn’t about — Dempsey & Tunney. — It’s about the religion — of the very unfunny — United States and the — 17 dead in Parkland — at the hands of Santa — Cross* with that metallic — white supremacist look, — Saint Nikolas Cruz, who — hates Jews, Blacks, and — announced himself as — a future school shooter —
even before he pulled — the trigger, (go figger, — niggas and kikes), — it’s all about stukas, — lugers and dykes;

‘Black Panther’: The masking of Oakland’s Panthers

February 21, 2018

Coogler’s “Panther” has a terrible counter-revolutionary message. It’s overall politic message tells you that since you cannot be the Black Panther character, king of Wakanda, you can be a CIA agent like T’Challa’s right hand man. But before I get into that, let me tell y’all what I think is great about this box office record breaking Disney-Marvel film. The cinematography is phenomenal. The costumes and the colors are on another level. The sets are beautiful.

Filed Under: California and the U.S.

David Duke campaign contributor Vaughn Miller threatens lawsuit

September 23, 2017

In the face of incontrovertible documentation revealing him to be a campaign contributor to KKK fascist David Duke, wealthy Dallas real estate mogul Vaughn Miller is threatening a lawsuit after being outed as a donor to Duke’s failed 2016 Senate campaign. According to Wikipedia, David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is an American white nationalist, politician, anti-semitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, convicted felon and former imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

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