My dear father, Mumia Abu-Jamal, needs to be exonerated NOW!

Goldii-for-Mumia-041908-by-JR, My dear father, Mumia Abu-Jamal, needs to be exonerated NOW!, Abolition Now! Archives 1976-2008
At the big “Free Mumia!” rally in Philly on April 19, Goldii, one of political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal’s children, was very vocal in stressing that we have to intensify the fight to get this freedom fighter back out on the streets now. Mumia’s children bravely champion his freedom regardless of the retaliation.
– Photo: Minister of Info JR

An open letter to those opposing Mumia’s freedom

Jamal-Hart-headshot, My dear father, Mumia Abu-Jamal, needs to be exonerated NOW!, Abolition Now! Archives 1976-2008
Jamal Hart

by Jamal Hart

Before I begin, let me thank everyone here today who came out to take a strong stand against this grotesque insidious judicial court ruling against Mumia Abu-Jamal’s liberation. I greet you all in solidarity with the greetings As-Salaam Alaikum and Hotep to all of you who refused to be deceived by these fallacious lies.

Comrades, this is a crucial time that we must unite with various Black labor forces, union representatives and workers, the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, all chapters of the Partisan Defense Committee and the many other organizations that are continuing the fight against the unjust decision by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals denying Mumia a new trial.

This is an open letter to those liars who must be exposed and brought to justice by the people. Why? This mendacious government constantly continues to cover up its disgusting acts of malfeasance. It reads as follows:

Dear liars and so-called powers that be:

We the people are well aware of your treacherous lies with which you deceivingly threaten an innocent man’s life. You will do anything to protect these schemes from coming to light. That said, you know that if you don’t, you will be destroyed politically. From the start, the Philadelphia Police Department knows that Mumia is innocent.

Everyone will be able to go on their way without these corrupt cops facing a federal case. No cop witnesses took the stand in front of a grand jury against the well-known corruption of the police department for numerous unlawful acts such as extortion, gambling, payoffs, bribery etc.

It was just a normal red light district in the City of Brotherly Love. Oh, I almost forgot: This is where Officer Daniel Faulkner came in and probably would have made a great snitch. Yeah, the plot thickens quickly, huh? How could you look at yourselves after a collusive plot was placed on one of your own?

The year was 1981, going into 1982. Months later, the federal jury returns a decision of guilty. How did you pull it off? Or was there so many involved no one can talk for fear of a publicized investigation? Any Black you picked was good for you?

In your eyes, Mumia was a better catch, huh? A very articulate journalist fearlessly speaking out against oppression of the poor and working class Blacks of Philadelphia. A vigorous researcher who isn’t easily deterred and had Philly’s ear via WDAS FM covering local news and issues such as police brutality, ruthless Black on Black crime in the ghettoes, police corruption and crooked corrupt politics governed and allowed by the renegade Mayor Frank Rizzo. Rizzo himself publicly stated that the police had his permission to “shoot first and ask questions later.”

You didn’t think in a million years that the people would take a stand on Mumia’s behalf and challenge your fallacious lies. Fast Eddie Rendell and Joseph McGill were so impaired on a racist level, they are extremely incompetent and sickening. They knowingly railroaded Mumia from start to finish with deliberately unruly nepotism by Judge Sabo. You dramatically created this vengeance theory straight out of a Charles Bronson tale by standing over the body execution style activating the passion of the rigged jury.

You fallacious liars know that there is no evidence that Mumia shot Daniel Faulkner. You fictitiously generated the whole story. Let the truth be told that Mumia’s trial was rigged from start to finish and your kangaroo courts ignored his claims of innocence that he always made clear. Let’s break this down to refresh your memory:

Mumia stated that he was innocent on July 3. 1982. He gave a sworn declaration on May 3, 2001, truthfully detailing what he saw that night. However, once again, you had no intention to believe him. You disregarded the truth and you had the audacity to cover it up with more lies.

You good ol’ boys know for a fact that Arnold Beverly, NOT MUMIA, killed Officer Faulkner that night. You refuse to free an innocent man and you refuse to admit Beverly’s sworn affidavit detailing how he killed Faulkner into any active courtroom. I find that very menacing. It is obvious to the masses and to myself that you know your nature of creating false statements to cover up the truth and you have a history of this. Here is a living person stating that he, NOT MUMIA, killed a law enforcement official and there is NO HEARING?! UNBELIEVABLE!

These dreary undisputed facts are overlooked evidence by these mendacious court justices who display a blind eyed lack of integrity or justice. We the people are not seeking a new trial. The mountains of clear and convincing evidence that proves Mumia’s innocence clearly shows our position that my dear father needs to be exonerated NOW!

From the gulags of death row inside the belly of the beast, my father still believes in the power of the people. So, your sinister acts of racism are going in one ear and out the other. The people around the world are watching this catastrophe very closely.

In closing, I end this open letter by saying this: Your barbaric, insidious actions are not being taken lightly. They are recorded. Even amongst yourselves, nothing is sacred. You cannot outfox us. We are clear on your conniving, vile nature even if you’ve forgotten that the people can make the structure but they can destroy it too. Your police state is intimidating to some, but many question your illusion of power.

I, Mr. Jamal Hart, continue to keep my eyes on the sparrow and grow from behind the razor wires of FCI Loretto. There will be a time when you are confronted by your demons. Until then, be clear that we will NOT give in. Never have, never will. If that’s what you’re waiting for, don’t hold your breath! This outrageous atrocity will be exposed by the people because they will continue to fight for Mumia’s exoneration.

We will not step aside and let this government terror machine hang over death row waiting to execute an innocent political prisoner. You can hide for a little while but your time is running out! The people should not fear the government; the government should fear the people!

Comrades, these liars must be exposed for their gross negligence and intentional misconduct by continuing to try to execute a man they KNOW is innocent because HE DID NOT DO THIS CRIME. ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY! FREE MUMIA NOW!

Jamal Hart is the oldest son of revolutionary journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal and his namesake. Abu-Jamal means father of Jamal. Send Bro. Hart some encouraging words at Jamal Hart, 50597-066 FCI Loretto, P.O. Box 1000, Loretto PA 15940.