Support and defend the MOVE 9!

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Pixie and Rose Africa, daughters of Pam Africa, kept an eye on other MOVE children at the April 19 “Free Mumia” rally in Philly. In 2004, Debbie, Janet and Janine Africa wrote from prison: “The purpose of MOVE, the example we’re setting is about family, health, love … Y’all see how our children are healthy and balanced … They are very responsible and respectful … Everybody who knows MOVE people knows we’re always helping people, pulling people out of critical situations or just making a person feel better when they’re down. And it’s the same with us in these prisons. Everybody that’s around us, inmates and officers, say how all they see in us is family unity, health and happiness. People are always commenting on how we’re always smiling and pleasant, we’re always helping other inmates. We’ve stopped people from committing suicide, we’ve defused racial conflict and kept people out of trouble so they could go home to their family.” It’s time to reunite the MOVE family! – Photo: Minister of Information JR

by Ramona Africa

Many, many people are outraged about the recent parole board decision on my MOVE sisters. Everybody is asking what they can do now to continue their support of MOVE. What people can do is write articles, op-ed pieces or letters to the editor in your local newspapers. Make this the national and international issue that it truly is. Don’t let it go unnoticed or be swept under the rug.

This is the first step toward exposing this conspiracy against my family. People in other countries should translate all communications into their own languages and circulate the information. That is extremely important. Also send us a copy so that we can circulate it to people we know that speak that particular language.

Below are Philadelphia newspapers that people can write to. Also write to some in your own locality. Thanks for your support.

Philadelphia Daily News, 400 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19130; Philadelphia Tribune (local so-called Black newspaper), 520 S. 16th St., Philadelphia, PA 19146; Philadelphia New Observer, 1520 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA 19102; Philadelphia City Paper, 123 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106; Philadelphia Weekly, 1701 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19103.

May 10 rally

A rally to mark the anniversary of the brutal 1985 bombing of the MOVE Organization will be held Saturday, May 10, 12-3 p.m., at 11th and Market in Philadelphia. The MOVE 9 are innocent, yet they’ve spent 30 years in prison. Demand their release!

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