Malika Calhoun, 15, tells what led up to the vicious attack on her, caught on video, by police Deputy Paul Schene, how it felt and what she would like to see happen. Schene, 31, pled not guilty Thursday, Feb. 25, to fourth-degree assault.

He can be seen on the video slamming Malika’s head against the wall, grabbing her by the hair and throwing her on the concrete floor, sitting astride her and punching her hard on the back of the head, handcuffing her and snatching her up by her hair and dragging her out.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports: “Schene fatally shot a mentally ill man in 2006 after a traffic stop struggle on Interstate 5. It was the second shooting of his career, although both were ruled as justified.

“While on paid leave after the 2006 shooting, Schene was stopped for drunken driving. He registered a .04 percent blood alcohol level during a test, but had been drinking and taking prescription medications. He was suspended for two days and a received a deferred sentence, public records say.”

The record of a police officer’s misconduct is not hidden from the public in Seattle, but it is in California, by the “Police Bill of Rights,” which activists incensed over the police execution of Oscar Grant are working to repeal.

Considering how rarely prosecutors bring charges against police, the influence of the movement for justice for Oscar Grant in Oakland may have helped persuade the Seattle prosecutor to bring charges in Malika’s case.

“We believe this case is beyond just police misconduct; it’s criminal misconduct,” King County Prosecutor Daniel Satterberg was quoted as saying. “This is clearly excessive force.”


  1. This guy can get ONE YEAR in jail? He could have killed the girl, and he can get ONE YEAR for that kind of abuse of a child? I don’t even know what to say about this. ONE YEAR??? People are sitting in prison for longer than a year for shoplifting or writing a bad check.

  2. I’m glad this article was brought to Mary’s attention at SF Bayview. CPS in Washington State considers any physical disipline to be child abuse & will step in & take a child from their parents for way less than what the officer did. I’m wondering where is CPS & advocates for children in that state now?! I contacted the DA’s office after seeing this extremely disturbing video & it is enclosed below.

    Subject: Deputy beating 15 yr old!
    >To Whom It May Concern: Shame on King Co prosecutor’s office, the city and mayor for simply charging Deputy Paul Schene w/ only 4th degree assault! He slammed & socked the female adolecent so hard in the head it looked like she layed there limp & unconscious for a minute. I remember someone yanking me by my long hair the way he yanked hers & my neck was stiff & terribly sore for 2,3 days! In Adolescent & Child Psychology courses I learned that a head wound does not always show right away but it will as the brain develops. The tissues of the brain is very fragile & is not fully developed until we are 30 yrs of age. Everyone knows you never hit a child in the head. She’s going to have a learning disability later in life, mark my words. I have one that wasn’t discovered till 9 yrs later & my head wasn’t nearly hit as hard as her, or as many times. If we caught that single beating on camera, can u imagine all we didnt catch in his past? He needs to do JAIL TIME (prison), & her parents should sue! (D.A’s response below)

    >Dear Ms. Hiona, Thank you for contacting the King County Prosecutor’s Office regardingour recent filing of an Assault 4th Degree charge against a King CountySheriff’s Deputy. We are responsible for the criminal prosecution of all felonies in KingCounty, Washington and all misdemeanor offenses in unincorporated KingCounty. The City of Seattle, including the Mayor have no connection toour office. We file charges based on the evidence we have in a case. UnderWashington State Law Assault in the 4th Degree occurs when anintentional assault occurs, regardless of whether any physical injuryresults. The crime of Assault in the Third Degree, then next degree up fromFourth Degree, requires an assault and “injury that is substantial painsufficient enough to cause considerable suffering for a period of time.” In this case, medical personnel examined the 15 year old victim shortlyafter the assault. She had no physical injuries other than shortness ofbreath, and showed no medical signs of any head injury or neurologicaltrauma. We cannot manufacture evidence of more serious injury in a case. Wecharged Assault in the Fourth Degree because the evidence supported it.I hope this information has been helpful.

    Ian GoodhewKing County Prosecutor’s Office

    • Thats sounds like some polical BS. Did you see the video. You want justify this by some medical exam by presonnel.Come on give me a break. What about going on what you saw. He had no reason what so ever to beat that young lady like that. His life was not in danger, she wasnt a threat to the public what justfication did he have to do that? Im sure if you had a video of a father hitting his daughter you would manufacture evidence of a more serious injury

  3. Ian

    You are full of Shit!!! if this child was white theres no way this racist cracker would have assulted that child. You anglo always tried to justify the beast that live within you. You are more tolerate of your own then with other nationalities. Your (white children is way more lippy and disrespectful then our children).

  4. Ian GoodhewKing County Prosecutor’s Office,

    Why hell didn’t you charge the girl with assault too? So you could get her to testify against the cop, right? Politically motivated! It was a black girl, that is why you charged the officer.

  5. Ian,

    If I were on a jury, I would refuse to convict the officer…regardless of what the law is. I think the teenager provoked and deserved the roughing up (and that is all it was, not a “brutal beating” as you have stated).

    There are lots of “Police lovers” out there like me….you may yet lose the case.

  6. I think that the cop should be put in jail for at least two years. And I also think that all of you are racist for saying the stuff you are saying so all of you need to stop. The girl may have been miss mouth all mighty but that cop didn’t have to hit her the way he did. That was just WRONG.

  7. That girl is disrespectful and verbally abusive. She attacked the cop…doesn’t matter how little it was. She deserved an ass beating and I give Kudos to the cop for doing it.

    She stole a car (took the car of the women, whose home she was staying in, without permission and it was reported stolen), she was charged with a felony for threating to shoot someone.

    That kid is evil incarnate.

  8. A Black women with twelve children goes into a church for the first time and the Pastor says: : well madam, that is a fine brood of children. What are they called”

    The Black woman answers “ Tyrone”
    The pastor, a little puzzled asks “ what are the name of the other 11”
    The Black woman answers “De all bees called Tyrone so when I calls Tyrone de all comes a running”
    The pastor, still puzzled asks “Well, how do you call them if you just want one of them to come?”
    The Black woman answers “When I wants one to come, calls dem by de last name! ”

  9. You know the joke about the Black women with all the children from different fathers is basically true, though the number 12 is exagerated.

  10. The girl had an arrogant attitude. The policeman did what her father should have done. 15 and driving withoiut a licence at 3 AM? The girl has stupid parents!

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