To kill or not to kill, be killed or not be killed: That is not our question!

Lovelle Mixon – Oakland’s Incredible Black Hulk? – and the OPD blue wall of silence and corruption

mesha-idriss-pic, To kill or not to kill, be killed or not be killed: That is not our question!, Local News & Views by mesha Monge-Irizarry

The delirious police melodrama version of what supposedly happened on March 21, 2009, when Lovelle Mixon ALLEGEDLY killed four cops in two separate incidents before being blasted away by OPD is fuller of holes than Swiss cheese and seriously reeks. Something is badly stinking in the kingdom of Oaktown.

1) Have you ever been subjected to a “traffic stop” in Oakland, California, of all places and at an alleged “crime ridden street corner”?

One cop approaches your car; while other(s) stay at a safe distance so as to eventually call for backup or cover their partner.

“Step out of the car, license and registration.” All the while, the cop’s hand is firmly holding the gun at his side, just to cover all bases.

You panic and try to speed off, the cop grabs your steering wheel through the car window, and the cop shoots you dead.

Or you reach for the glove compartment or under your car seat to grab your license and registration; you are assumed to “reach for a gun,” and the cop shoots you dead.

Or you comply too fast and make a “furtive move,” and the cop shoots you. The cop feared for his life; you dead.

RIP Brother Jody Mac Woodfox, 28, Oakland, 2008. RIP Brother Oliver “Big O” Lefiti, 35, San Francisco.

Or you just run for your life. Wrong move on the plantation of the “slave catchers,” the very origin of police departments in the US of A.

Long live surviving warriors Tyrelle Taylor, 18, shot four times by San Francisco PD, 2005, and Laronte Studesville, 15, Oakland, 2007, who committed the violent crime of pulling up his sagging pants while running from OPD, who “feared for their lives.”

2) A “desperate man afraid of going back to jail” does not CALMLY blast away two cops, execution style. A desperate man afraid to go back to jail jumps out, cusses and hollers, and starts shooting in a sweeping motion.

RIP Iraq veteran Hermano Michael Philip Dorado, 21, Salinas, 2008.

Or begs for his life: “Please don’t kill me! I live here!”

RIP Brother Asa Sullivan, 26, shot as many times as his age, six times in the face, by SFPD.

3) A “cleaner” does not take off on foot, without cover, for an ENTIRE BLOCK. If the cleaner is struck by a moment of … unprofessionalism or temporary insanity and sets off running, the surviving cop(s), enraged at their partner’s death, take a clean shot.

RIP Brother Marlon Ruff, 32, San Francisco, 2007.

4) A “cop killer” uses TWO DIFFERENT WEAPONS? in TWO SEPARATE SPREES? less than an hour apart? Someone slap me upside the head anytime now, please; my brain is misfiring.

Monster Black dude, on an incremental rampage, blindly shoots through a closet door, and cleans two more cops with precision shots to the head, and as the monster, true to his rap sheet., takes a heroic risk of blasting away his own sister, Enjoli Mixon, in the process for good measure.

5) “We are all Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnston, Oscar Grant.” But the cops make sure we think twice … about wanting to feel that we are ALL “Incredible Black Hulk Lovelle Mixon”!

A meticulously crafted monster profile, punctuated with three mug shots, taken much earlier than at the current age of Lovelle at the time of his execution, is quickly drafted by OPD public relations and the corporate press, hardly hours after the killings:

• “long criminal history”;
• ALLEGED rape of a 12-year-old kid;
• an estranged wife;
• parole violations.

lovelle-mixon-march-lovells-mother-wife-032509-by-dave-id-indybay, To kill or not to kill, be killed or not be killed: That is not our question!, Local News & Views Nothing is missing in terms of speedy, convenient demonization, so that only a handful of faithful to the struggle would dare claim, “We are all Lovelle Mixon!”

6) Then, almost instantly, the pressure applied on Lovelle’s grieving family gets too intense for words.

His parents publicly apologize to the families of the dead cops, and Caroline Mixon, Lovelle’s first cousin, makes am astounding statement at the “Oracle” – notice the allegory, almost evoking a canonization – stage of the cops’ funeral, contending that she LOVES the police, on whom the Oakland domestic violence shelter, where she is employed, heavily depends.

Lovelle’s family timidly and periodically cries out, “You know, he was no monster” – too little, too late.

7) A new “hero,” besides the four dead ones, is born: Officer Patrick Gonzalez, the racist, deranged assassin of young Brother Gary King Jr., 21, Oakland, Sept. 20, 2007, the very sinister character who previously murdered a Black teenager and permanently disabled another Black youngster, paraplegic for life.

Tragically, ALL stolen lives at the hands of Gonzalez were interracial Black youth with dreadlocks. What’s up with that? Gonzalez survives the “second shooting” and, instead of nursing his very superficial wounds, “courageously” attends to his agonizing colleagues.

It’s kill two birds with one stone time: Overcast the people’s awareness of Gonzalez as serial killer and waste another of them “brothers,” yet another negligible casualty of the War at Home.

8) Although many Justice for Oscar Grant Campaign activists and supporting organizations vehemently refuse to draw a parallel between Lovelle’s and Oscar’s shooting deaths, not to mix apples and oranges and potentially offset the legitimacy of Oscar Grant III Campaign, the people’s critical thinking is rapidly connecting the dots:

• The bar of Oscar’s wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Oscar Grant III family’s attorney, John Burris, has been raised to $50 million;

• 80,000 petitions are about to be gathered by a Bay Area interfaith coalition towards the recall of Oakland DA Tom Orloff, and activists are calling for the dismantling of Bay Area Rapid Transit Police, who are, incidentally, Homeland Security personnel to fend off the remote possibility of “terrorism” on BART, while a bill is moving through the legislature to establish civilian oversight of the BART police;

• and the movement to drop the charges against the Oakland 100, the protesters arrested during the “Oakland is burning” rebellions, is gaining formidable momentum.

Ouch, goes the “top brass.” My department, my White Fraternal Order, my mayor, my DA, my corporate constituencies are in deep trouble. Next “they” will demand INDEPENDENT police oversight. We’d better think of a way to crush that movement, pronto.

From “racist murderers” to “street warriors and heroes,” there is just one simple demagogic step for us to take. Lose some, win much.

Four sacrificial pigs vs. thousands of newly mesmerized lambs, through one day of madness and alleged sequel shooting rampage, and we are the “savior platoon” all over again, “protecting” and “serving” their dumb asses, so they’ll think.

Let’s pick one of them foul N*****s from our prison industrial complex. Let’s see … who’s the least likely to muster public empathy? Let’s see … surely there’s gotta be one of them born losers waiting to exhale his last breath with a bang or two without raising suspicion.

Yeah, Mixon! Brilliant!

Patrick Gonzalez and Tony Pirone, we promise you a rapid promotion! Johannes Mehserle, not to worry, Buddy! We’ll cover all your legal fees. We’ll get you out of that slump with flying colors and added stripes on your bloody sleeve!

To kill or not to kill? be killed or not be killed? That is NOT our question.

Lovelle Mixon, the Oaktown Incredible Black Hulk? Think again, “Blue Code of Silence” Monsters.

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