Mumia’s Birthday 2009


by Minister of Information JR

Kulwa, Adimu, Jack Bryson, Angela Davis, Minister of Information JR, Chela Simone, Ambassador Franco, Nakiya and Mistah F.A.B. were all a part of making Mumia’s 55th birthday and book release party in Oakland a success. - Photo: Courtesy POCC On a windy April 24th, hundreds gathered into Humanist Hall on the periphery of downtown Oakland to celebrate the 55th birthday of Mumia Abu Jamal, a former Black Panther who has been a political prisoner for the last 28 years, as well as celebrate the release of his newest book, “Jailhouse Lawyers,” published by City Lights (

Two weeks prior to this birthday party and book reading, Mumia was denied a new trial by the U.S. Supreme Court, which his legal team was petitioning on the grounds that Black jurors were discriminated against in the jury selection process of Jamal’s ‘81 trial, which in the limited minds of people whose vision is dictated by the law, means that Mumia is on the path to spending the rest of his natural life in jail or to be murdered by a state sanctioned legal injection. This ruling is another example of the people in power not following their own laws.

In a previous case known as Batson, a plantiff was granted a new trial based on the fact that one potential juror was discriminated against. In Mumia’s case, 11 were discriminated against. Some describe this behavior by the system as “the Mumia exception,” where the laws change at the drop of a dime, regardless of precedent, to make sure that the system keeps Mumia caged and on deathrow. Mumia himself describes it in “Jailhouse Lawyers” in the section titled “What is Law?” something like this: Law is a repressive instrument used by the oppressors against the oppressed to stay in power.

Although this unjust court decision was in the backdrop of this Prison Radio and Prisoners of Conscience Committee-sponsored event, it did not put out the flame in people’s hearts to continue the fight for justice, to free Mumia and abolish the prison system. A number of spirited speakers graced the stage to read excerpts from “Jailhouse Lawyers” and to talk about why they thought that that particular excerpt was important.
The hosts for the evening were recording artist Chela Simone and Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio. Speakers included Ambassador Franco, who talked about the conditions that Mumia lives and works under, and Kulwa, who talked about the imprisonment of women. Coordinator Jay related the book to his experience being locked up for almost a decade, and I talked about not forgetting the fact that Mumia both writes and was active in the community; he is far from just being a commentator. Those speakers were all member of the Prisoners of Conscience Committee.

Other speakers included Jack Bryson, the father of two of Oscar Grant’s friends who were with him on the night that he was murdered by BART police; Richard Brown of the San Francisco 8; legendary activist Angela Davis; musician Adimu of Hairdoo; legendary lawyer Lynne Stewart, who was accompanied by her husband, Ralph Poynter; jailhouse lawyer Ed Mead, who was mentioned in Mumia’s new book; former Minister Huey P. Newton’s lawyer, Tony Serra; Nina Serrano of KPFA’s La Raza Chronicles, who read a birthday greeting for Mumia from the Zapitistas’ Subcommandante Marcos; and well known Oakland rapper Mistah F.A.B., who also used a section of “Jailhouse Lawyers” to talk about his blood brother recently striking out under the Three Strikes law and getting 432 years. And these were just a few of the presenters. Tiny of Poor News Network and the Molotov Mouths brought a lot of flavor to the event with their political poetry.
The night ended right after Angela Davis, the keynote speaker, spoke on the abolishment of the prison system, Chela sang happy birthday, both the traditional white and the Black way, Ambassador Franco brought up a chocolate cake with candles burning, and Noelle gave out a number of plaque awards to community supporters of Mumia, accompanied with golden wrenches. At the end of the night, looking from the stage, you could see the cornucopia of ethnicities, generations and people from all walks of life paying tribute to one of the baddest freedom fighters and coldest journalistic warriors breathing.
There were tatted up Black youngstas from the flatlands of Oakland, white hippies from Marin, Santa Rosa and Berkeley, disabled people rolling around in wheelchairs, as well as children running through the crowd. According to everyone that I talked to that attended this event, this turned out to be one of the best organized Mumia events done on the West Coast this decade. And a shout goes to Philly and New York, who also organized Mumia birthday parties in their cities last week.

Former Black Panther and revolutionary journalist Kiilu Nyasha was not able to attend the event because of an accident that kept her hospitalized. We love you, Kiilu, for your contribution to the People’s Struggles over all of these years.

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  1. It’s amazing to me how history rewrites itself over a period of years. Wesley Cook is nothing but a cold blooded cop killer and should fry. He is not a political prisoner. He is a black racist who hates whites. Please don’t distort the truth by sidetracking everyone that he is a victim of oppression.

  2. Racism has nothing to do with wanting Wesley to not have the benefit to draw another breath. Racism is actually what drove Wesley to kill Daniel Faulkner. Let’s not forget Wesley is a Black Panther. I just don’t think people and European countries should be praising a cop killer. It sends the wrong message that it’s okay to murder cops. If this was a KKK member that killed a black cop, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  3. To Mark, the Hater

    U know, Mark?

    U so scared of MUMIA ABU-JAMAL, that u refuse to call him by his AFRIKAN name…

    This is typical of the cowardice evidenced by white supremacist bulls**t.

    I know, I know, Mark. U’re just feeling particularly useless so u’ve decided that u’ll just run off at the jibs hating on an AFRIKAN whose thoughts at birth were more potent than anything your 1/2 an active brain cell (if that) can generate today.

    C’est dommage…..

    But tell me – are u a KKK member Mark?

    Or are u a cop?

    What flavor of racist are u, Mark?

    And how many Africans have u and your ancestors killed, lynched, raped, and/or physically, verbally, and/or spiritually assaulted, Mark?

    Can u tell your gun from your taser, Mark?

    Or on a more mundane – and possibly non-existent – level: can u tell your left nut from your right?

    Think really fast to answer that one, Mark…(but then, I’ll fully over stand if u fail to grasp the significance of that statement, Mark – because what passes for your nuts are probably detachable, and if you’ve forgotten to take them out of the jar of water by your bed and re-attach them, why of course, you won’t be able to think, much less think straight.

    forgive me for over taxing you with questions of relevency… run along now, and check to see IF your balls are, not WHERE

    If u get a moment, though when someone else can think for u, remember that the U. Ass of AmeriKKKa has made it very clear that the determination of guilt or innocence has no place in KKKlan law.

    Have someone remind u of the Dred Scott Decision, Mark; where those of your ilk decreed that there were no laws applicable to AFRIKAN people that a white person was bound to respect…


    you don’t remember this, Mark? Not even though, from the way that you write, some of your ancestors could be direct descendents of the twisted, enslaver, Chief Justice Roger B. Chaney (and the rest of the U.S. Supreme Court of 1857 – and today) who wrote that Dred Scott was not to be free, because he had been enslaved, and as such was property,not a U.S. citizen, therefore couldn’t sue the courts – even though he had lived the majority of his life on U.S. soil geographically declared to be ‘free’ at that time, just prior to the Civil War?

    Tsk, Tsk, Mark

    My advice to u is to get your heads out of your a** so as to better lick the venom off your lips, right now in fact, ’cause u know:

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    War Without Terms,

  4. m-
    I see government schools has served you well. Let’s get back on point and stay away from discertations that really doesn’t make sense. You really are an angry and bitter person bordering on self-loathing. Wesley Cook(the name given by his mother)was tried and convicted of a felony cop killing. Right is right and wrong is still wrong in this country. I resent the fact that he is now some hero in the minds of individuals who have an apparent agenda to blame others and not take responsibility for their actions. We each have the power to choose right or wrong each waking day. Wesley chose wrong. Is the KKK still relevant in 2009? Give me a break. Weren’t they around in the 1800’s??? Quit living in the past and try to make a positive difference in society.

  5. 16 June 2009

    Good Grief Mark:

    Is that response the best u can do?

    Get a grip!

    MUMIA ABU JAMAL is the name his mother was proud of, as it reflects history, wisdom, and her and her son’s deep knowledge of their AFRIKAN ANCESTRY.

    (U will have noticed, of course, that English names are not indigenous to AFRIKA; and that AFRIKAN people did not acquire them until we were forcibly removed from our homelands and transported into global enslavement for the profit of such as yourself… u have noticed this, haven’t u, Mark?

    Or was this fact yet another in a long string of facts that u just didn’t quite get?)

    And make up your mind which set of lies you’re going to support…out of the left side of your neck, you proclaim loudly that ‘right is right, and wrong is still wrong in this country.’

    But out of the lower right hand side of your lip, you seek to castigate me by proclaiming that ‘government schools ‘has’ served me well !!!

    MARK!!! MARK!!! MARK!!!

    Note the misspelling of the word ‘discertations’ in your response… The correct spelling is ‘dissertations!’

    Note the grammatically incorrect usages of the words ‘has’ and ‘doesn’t,’ as well, Mark –

    These are adverbs in what is called an adverbial phrase, and should have been written as ‘have,’ and ‘don’t’ or ‘do not’…

    Or are u going to claim that your renditions were typos?

    I don’t think so, Mark since u are online. GOOGLE would have told u these things, had u but asked. But alas, your government ‘education’ didn’t do jack shit for u, did it, Mark?

    But – moving right along… as little to nothing that government schools have done for me, Mark – they’ve (obviously) done nothing at all for you since your (present day) attempts to compose a straight sentence to add veracity to your mouthings has failed.

    Thus, your resort to negativity and Willie Lynch psychology to back up your attack on Mumia Abu-Jamal is comprehended by the entire thinking world and rejected…and your ‘resentment’ manifests itself that much more clearly, etc..etc. ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

    I will repeat: innocence has no relevancy in this KKKountry if u are non-white. Specifically (in keeping with your ‘on point’ reference) I’d say that a judicial system that sets out to ‘fry the n***er,’ is suspiciously and rabidly racist, (meaning: wrong) wouldn’t u, Mark?

    In most thinking minds, that would make this system incapable of fair and balanced adjudication, don’t u think, Mark?

    Ergo – NO ONE should be in jail…Black, white, or indifferent.

    Alas, I digress. A mark doesn’t think. He is a null; something that is politically, emotionally, psychologically, and physically incapable of rational thought processes.

    So – in what passes for your mind, ‘frying the n***er’ for justice to be served is a correct thing to be hardwired into the ‘Constitution’ as an example of some of your ‘right is right,’ and wrong is still wrong’ think amongst the judiciary, huh Mark?


    So – what you’re really saying is ‘WHITE’ is right, and BLACK is wrong…, huh Mark?

    So – you wouldn’t say that that’s racist – because that is such a mirror image of YOUR thoughts, huh Mark!

    This is not a big surprise to the world, all things considered.

    And speaking of mommies and naming – U have definitely been misnamed!!

    Do u know the meaning and origins of the word ‘mark’ Mark?

    I realize that etymology is a bit beyond u, so we’ll just check our GOOGLE which defines ‘mark’ as:

    Mark: A name
    gender: male
    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: warlike, hammer, defender
    Similar Names: Marek, Marc, Marcus, Markus, Marcel, Marceau, Marque, Marco, Marek, Marko, Marus, Markos, Marks, Marx, March, Marius, Marquette, Marquis, Marky, Markie, Marilo, Márk, Markó, Márkus

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    ‘mark’ is also defined as: : an object of attack, ridicule, or abuse ; specifically : a victim or prospective victim of a swindle

    Yep. that’s the one. sounds like u. fits u to a tee…

    The issue here is your ‘resentment’ vs. the strength of an AFRIKAN Man that the entire world recognizes as innocent.

    Your ‘resentment’ makes no sense other than as a definition and manifestation of racism because (perhaps) no one has treated u like a hero lately.

    As I see it, this is the same sort of demented sh*t (ramped up to corruption, greed, murder, and genocide) that caused the birth of capitalism and imperialism on the backs of AFRIKAN enslavement. But that concept, I realize is too difficult for u to grasp with either head, Mark – even in the face of the present imperialist abortion being heralded by its collapsing economy…

    U DO know that the economy is tanking, don’t u mark? Are u still just the teeniest bit connected to reality, Mark?

    No? Need I ask why not?

    Oh – I get it: your great white world is going up in flames so u are following the only biological imperative that u know and are seeking an AFRIKAN Man’s fight for freedom as your whipping post…

    That too is so typical Willie Lynch white supremacist non-think – backwards in its dying gasp attempts to achieve prominence ideologically.

    Hate to hip u, Mark – but u are so dense that I must try, even though my (sledgehammer) attempts may be futile:

    Extremely virulent racism and genocide exists and is alive and well. Using specific historical references to point this out gives frame of reference and credence to present day fact.

    That is NOT living in the past, Mark: U are living proof that racism is not only a present tense ‘clear and present danger,’ but it will be our future as well, were people of intelligence foolish enough to give anything u say any credence.

    Your ilk is typical of those who would frame an innocent AFRIKAN Man even if you had been present to see the illicit actions of the true killer – (whose confession is being ignored, by the way)

    They have done this in the past. They continue to do so today. They will continue to do so in the future, if they are not stopped.

    BASIC WORLD HISTORY 101… mark.

    So: let us review what we’ve learned today of Mark’s problems, boys and girls:

    1. Mark has the emotional maturity of a teaspoon.

    * He resents AFRIKAN Names.
    * He attacks people personally when he doesn’t over stand what they are saying, or they contradict him.
    * He ‘resents’ AFRIKAN Men (and Women) meriting justice; (He defines this as ‘hero worship.'(!)
    * He further resents historical references such as the 1857 Dred Scott Decision and the case of MUMIA ABU JAMAL as giving past and present day credence to the viewpoint that racism is systemic and is indicative of intolerance, mental dis-ease, and of long held white supremacist view points towards non-white people, particularly AFRIKANS.

    2. Ergo, Mark is a racist. (Hans Bennett pointed this out three days ago.

    3. Mark is a mark. His mommy and daddy (or whomever) told him so when they named him. He proves it daily, just by breathing air, as well as in other significant ways.

    4. Mark can neither spell well, nor compose a coherent sentence, which makes it a wonder that Mark is even capable of being online, because web addresses (URL’s) make correct spelling an imperative.

    Possible solutions to Mark’s very real psyhological and physical dilemmas:

    1. Get thee to a library Mark. Use that amoebic organism u probably refer to as a mind to check out something other than the KKK Manifesto to read… (start with a dictionary, ok? They have baby ones, with pictures you can color and/or connect the dots.)

    If that fails, and there is just the slightest chance that u haven’t overstood a word that I’ve said, try this:

    Broaden your mind: have a beer – have two.

    Maybe everything will just go away in a purple haze.

    If even that is too difficult for you, i don’t know what to tell u.

  6. M-
    Me, scared of Wesley? I think not. He is dead. I pass by his grave a few times a week. By your level of syntax, I suppose that you are a professor of english. My bad. I realize you have to overcompensate to impress me but I’m not impressed with your dribble. You are an angry bitter person and I feel the cause of this bitterness is the color of your skin. You hate the fact that you are black. Last time I checked slavery was over unless you are dillusional. Go cry somewhere else. You get no sympathy here. You behave like this is 1864. Were you born in Africa? Have you ever been to Africa? Why don’t you live there now? Is there something wrong with Africa? True historians know that Africans sold their own people to the whites. Or do you re-write history too? You are reading way too much into my comments. If this was a white guy that killed a cop, I would support “frying” him too. This has nothing to do with color but justice. I resent that Cook is now hailed as an awarding winning journalist. He is a hero, etc. I have come to the conclusion that you support Wesley murdering a cop by your comments. Kill whitey, right?

  7. The left wing posters on this site Mark don’t seem to understand Cook was arrested within 30 to 45 SECONDS after he killed Officer Faulkner and was in a few feet of the Officers body. His gun, which he had NO permit to carry, was within a foot of him (Cook) with five spent shells. Witnesses, both black and white, witnessed the execution of Officer Faulkner and so testified. Over the last 27 years NO COURT, State or Federal found ANY impropriety as to Jury selection or factual evidence…NONE and Cook had some of the best defence attorneys money can buy. So the verdict stands…Wesley Cook/Mumia Abu Jamal…guilty of murder…affirmed. He Cook/jamal will die in prison with or without the help of the State.

    Jon Pisano

  8. I hope many new parents read your post before they embark on the DAN baloney. I was lucky I suspected them from the start because I couldn't trust doctors that sell supplements and basically have an agenda before they see your child. But there were a lot of "mentor" parents trying to convince me my child needed GFCF, IVIG, HBOT… My son's pediatrician ran all kinds of tests that I requested, including food intolerance, immunity indicators, yeast… Everything came back totally normal. So I stuck with the proven therapies of ABA, Speech and OT.

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