Section 8 funding crisis

by Lynda Carson

NOLA-Calliope-protest, Section 8 funding crisis, News & Views An extra $100 million in federal funding for the nation‘s Section 8 Housing Voucher Program may not be enough to save tens of thousands from becoming homeless or cover the extreme funding shortfall beyond Oct. 1.

Some Section 8 renters may soon be homeless because of massive funding shortfalls in the program.

The Berkeley Housing Authority is expected to receive $1 million to properly maintain its public housing and Section 8 housing assistance programs.

In Berkeley, tenant organizer Patrick Kehoe, a former Resident Advisory Board member of the Berkeley Housing Authority, said, “Berkeley‘s housing authority is short $300,000 to fully fund and staff the Section 8 housing and we hope that the city will cover the current funding shortfall.“ He said that a vote is scheduled in the near future for another $700,000 in needed funding to come from the housing trust fund for capital improvements to Berkeley‘s public housing.

“It‘s really hard times for so many families due to state budget cuts and a poor economy and the housing authority needs to be fully funded to remain under local control and to keep Section 8 tenants from becoming homeless,“ Kehoe said. “I‘ve been trying to organize low-income families to appear at City Council meetings, to request additional funding needed to properly maintain the housing authority and its programs.“

Kehoe‘s noble efforts to save Berkeley‘s Section 8 program appear to have helped — many of Berkeley‘s low-income families have been saved from homelessness

During August the Berkeley Housing Authority received $279,464 from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for its project-based Section 8 program, plus an additional $752,436 for its voucher-based program. The Housing Authority of Alameda received $101,432 in set-aside funds from HUD for its project-based Section 8 program and $58,804 to be used for families who are “porting” to other cities – that is, finding housing outside Berkeley and using their vouchers there.

The San Jose Housing Authority will receive $419,030 in set-aside funds from HUD for its Section 8 program, and Los Angeles Housing Authority is receiving $14,262,976 for unforeseen circumstances in its program as well as $7,789,216 for its voucher program.

The Section 8 voucher program assists low-income families with their rent payments. Generally tenants do not have to pay more than 30 or 40 percent of their rent. The rest is paid to landlords from federal subsidies monthly.

Housing activists say there may be hundreds of public housing agencies experiencing funding shortfalls during the 2009 fiscal year because HUD‘s budget was approved later in the year than usual. Due to a bad economy, state budget cuts and job losses experienced by family members in the Section 8 program, the state’s public housing authorities are paying more than expected for rents and rising utilities. Additionally, families are holding on to their vouchers longer, thus slowing down the voucher turnover in major cities. This results in fewer opportunities to reduce program costs through attrition.

Some housing authorities issued more vouchers than their current budgets will support and HUD has asked them to submit an e-mail no later than Aug. 14 if they need further funding to keep them from terminating families from Section 8.

In mid August, 150 low-income families in Jacksonville, Fla., lost vouchers due to funding shortfalls. Their names were placed on the Jacksonville Housing Authority waiting list. They now face homelessness as a result.

Fallout from funding shortfalls is nationwide. In New Hampshire, Section 8 tenants were recently charged a higher percentage in rents due to funding shortfalls. And 76 families in Garfield County, Colo., were also at risk of losing their vouchers. Additionally 1,144 Section 8 families may face homelessness in Madison, Wis.

About 125 Section 8 families in Utah County, Utah, are currently facing homelessness because of shortfalls, joining 285 families who lost vouchers in Northern Oregon in July but have been spared from homelessness temporarily thanks to $795,000 in federal money approved in August

In August HUD advised public housing authorities across the nation that additional funds have been made available to address the massive shortfalls taking place in roughly 15 percent of the nation’s 2,400 PHAs.

On Aug. 3, HUD announced that it would re-issue a Feb. 25, 2005, notice that allows PHAs to deal with funding shortfalls by raising rents on low-income families and lowering the payment standards to all new admissions. This includes relocating from existing sites and issuing the remaining residents new housing assistance payment contracts.

In some cases, PHAs may be allowed to prevent residents from moving from one location to another if the PHA does not have sufficient funds. This action gives HUD permission to deal with funding shortfalls by choosing from a whole host of other draconian options that are harmful to low-income families.

The Oakland Housing Authority recently received a $10.6 million federal stimulus grant for capital improvements to its public housing. On its website, there is no mention of falling short of covering 11,142 voucher holders.

Despite this, on Aug. 18, 2009, the OHA announced a proposal to develop a Local Housing Assistance Plan (LHAP) to provide housing to low-income families who may not qualify for public housing or the Section 8 program, as it exists currently.

As a so-called Moving to Work (MTW) housing authority, the OHA is allowed to grab funds normally used for Section 8 or public housing programs to use for other purposes, including slush funds. This makes it harder to track how the OHA’s money is really spent. Housing activists have spoken out bitterly against MTWs because they abide by fewer rules than other housing authorities and can therefore charge higher rents .

A public hearing will be conducted Sept. 28 at the OHA. Local residents will be able to speak out then about the new proposals involving the Local Housing Assistance Plan.

San Francisco‘s housing authority provides 21,000 Section 8 vouchers to low-income families, and its website does not mention a funding shortfall.

HUD reports it has recently awarded $89 million in additional funding from its $100 million set-aside fund to some PHAs to cover some of the existing shortfalls. In coming weeks another $41 million in funds will be dispersed to eligible housing authorities and agencies on the verge of terminating families from Section 8.

The additional HUD funding came just in time to save 432 housing vouchers from being terminated by the Omaha Housing Authority, saving hundreds of families from homelessness.

According to the National Low-Income Housing Coalition, HUD believes that the $100 million will not be enough for the existing Section 8 voucher crisis. HUD is expected to seek permission from Congress to use an additional $400 million in anticipated carryover funds in the voucher program until Oct. 1 but would need some modification of its authority before then.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program helps over 4.7 million seniors, persons with disabilities and low-income families.

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How HUD allocated $100 million in additional funds

Below is an August 2009 list of public housing authorities across the nation that experienced shortfalls and how much additional funding they received out of a total of $100 million from HUD for their Section 8 Tenant Protection Vouchers, unforeseen voucher expenses and voucher portability programs.


CA008 Kern County $213,570

CA033 Monterey County $480,446

CA058 Berkeley $279,464

CA059 County of Santa Clara $140,693

CA062 City of Alameda $101,432

CA111 Santa Monica $159,558

CO051 Grand $23,462

FL080 Palm Beach County $296,235

FL105 Manatee County $158,400

IA049 Muscatine Municpal $22,459

IN101 Goshen Housing Authority $157,589

KY061 Georgetown $28,886

KY142 Ashland HA $94,491

MN190 Becker County $38,958

NJ002 Newark $123,991

NY041 Rochester $37,883

NY110 City of New York $347,676

NY904 Housing Trust Fund Corp. $1,214,098

RI901 Rhode Island $43,868

RQ007 Caguas Municipality $7,843

SC003 Spartanburg HA $99,486

SC037 Anderson HA $20,448

TN006 Kingsport $39,866

VA001 Portsmouth $82,744

WV004 Huntington $17,733

TOTAL $4,231,279


AL002 Mobile Housing Board $1,403,632

AL006 Montgomery $716,568

AL061 Housing Authority of Opelika $44,715

AL160 Tuskegee $3,132

AR252 Pulaski $969

CA004 City of Los Angeles $14,262,976

CA006 Fresno $170,252

CA008 Kern County $1,525,879

CA026 Stanislaus $1,702,644

CA028 County of Fresno $144,944

CA041 City of Benicia $106,082

CA044 Yolo $144,504

CA048 Sutter County $18,561

CA053 King County $330,348

CA055 Vallejo $643,489

CA056 San Jose $419,030

CA058 Berkeley $752,436

CA059 Santa Clara $656,730

CA070 Plumas County $156,319

CA085 Sonoma County $1,133,695

CA094 Orange County $497,576

CA096 Shasta $411,125

CA104 Anaheim $371,722 $

CA106 City of Redding $851,557

CA111 Santa Monica $598,920

CA117 Pico Rivera $39,564

CA132 Oceanside $498,835

CA151 El Dorado $197,224

CO095 Garfield County Housing Authority $340,294

CT001 Bridgeport $94,612

FL005 Miami Dade $1,719,067

FL016 Sanford $7,247

FL020 Brevard $30,705

FL070 Alachua County HA $225,233

GA009 Brunswick $4,244

IA022 Iowa City HA $121,751

IA024 Cedar Rapids $151,072

IA049 Muscatine $69,096

IA107 Fort Dodge Municipal HA $10,574

IA108 Mason City $13,654

ID013 Boise City $112,785

ID021 Ada County $73,801 $

IN026 Elkhart HA $13,617

IN043 Canelton HA $39,976

IN092 Logansport $151,560

LA192 City of Villa Plate $17,049

MA181 Sandwuch HA $3,394

MD021 St Mary‘s HA $3,942

ME018 Old Town Hous Auth $35,403

MN174 Housing & Redevelopment Authority of Yellow Medicine Cty $9,000

NC012 HA of Winston-Salem $1,465,935

NC022 HA of Greenville $5,407

NC161 Isothermal $159,497

ND022 Barnes County $22,645

NE001 Omaha HA $1,256,398

NH007 Laconia $35,748

NJ067 Bergen County HA $3,395,043

NV002 HA City of Las Vegas $1,034,120

NY012 Troy HA $5,514

NY110 City of New York Housing Preservation Department $5,527,996

NY522 Town of Jay $23,675

NY541 Village of Walton $979

OH003 Cuyahoga Metro HA $80,147

OH006 Lucas Metropolitan HA $46,061

OH016 Mansfield $8,206

OH030 Huron $4,015

OH080 Preble Metro HA $123

OR034 Central Oregon $9,814

RQ062 Municipality of Cidra $193

SC024 South Carolina Regional $3,723

TN001 Memphis HA $2,746,202

TN026 Etowah $229

TN054 Cleveland PHA $172

TN903 Tennessee Housing Dvelopment v85,732

TX009 Dallas $4,152,867

TX017 Galveston $1,791,040

TX034 Port Arthur $4,238,053

TX065 Harlingen HA $1,777

TX173 Port Isabel $1,335

TX445 Hidalgo HA $20,159

VA014 Harrisonburg Redevelopment and HA $801,697

VA023 Staunton Redevelopment and HA $42,181

VA045 Martinsville $39,480

WA007 Longview $70

WA055 Spokane $14,826

WI047 Sheboygan $1,617

WI146 Hartford Community Development $82,742

WI207 Eau Claire $64,028

WV018 Bluefield $742

WV034 Grant County HA $169

WV037 HA of the City of Mingo County $360,166

TOTAL $58,579,027


AL049 HA Greater Gadsden $27,592

AL055 HA Cordova $18,459

AL091 HA Arab $5,496

AL105 Talle Housing Authority $2,829

AL107 HA Elba $2,432

AL116 HA York $6,775

AL129 HA Walker County $6,525

AL165 HA Foley $118,965

AZ037 Douglas HA $44,242

CA004 City of Los Angeles HA $7,789,216

CA070 Plumas County HA $138,792

CA106 Redding HA $348,236

CA144 Lake County Housing Commission $62,033

CA146 Nevada County HA $5,550

CO048 City of Englewood HA $24,930

CT001 Bridgeport HA $822,118

CT058 Plainfield HA $6,941

FL025 City of Titusville HA $217,715

FL032 Ocala HA $162,583

FL062 Pinellas County HA $750,872

FL070 Alachua County HA $345,789

FL075 Clearwater HA 517,184

GA002 Savannah HA $245,089

HI003 City and County Of Honolulu $106,522

IA047 Ft. Madison HA $25,831

IA127 North Iowa Regional HA $65,416

ID901 Idaho Housing and Finance Association $368,851

IL026 Waukegan Housing Authority $251,940

IN003 City of Fort Wayne HA $311,157

IN041 Marion Housing Authority $84,105

KS002 Topeka Housing Authority $67,119

KS073 Newton Housing Authority $3,031

KS161 Sek Cap, Inc $185,826

KY003 Frankfort Housing Authority $93,780

KY026 Housing Authority of Glasgow $192,552

KY137 Paducah Housing Authority $113,604

KY163 Lake Cumberland Housing Authority $51,566

LA172 Calcasieu Parish Police Jury $64,001

LA181 St John the Baptist Parish HA $49,673

LA196 Union Parish Police Jury $17,842

MA005 Holyoke Housing Authority $134,848

MA018 Attleboro HA $12,244

MA123 Webster Housing Authority $13,771

MA170 North Attleborough HA $59,722

MA174 Salisbury HA $21,894

MD001 City of Anna HA $68,576

MD006 Hagerstown Housing Authority $404,091

MD021 St. Mary‘s County Housing Authority $1,202,155

ME005 Lewiston Housing Authority $128,479

ME027 Ellsworth Housing Authority $336,217

MI186 Montcalm County Housing Commission $33,314

MN037 Aitkin County HRA $2,933

MN200 Faribault County HRA $20,934

MO006 St. Charles Housing Authority $6,098

MO014 Fulton Housing Authority $36,104

MO053 Excelsior Springs Housing Authority $12,417

MO208 New Madrid County Housing Authority $4,164

MO209 Cabool Housing Authority $3,267

NC004 Kinston HA $345,215

NC158 Harnett County $53,399

ND030 Benson County Housing Authority $5,934

NH001 Manchester Housing Authority $321,972

NH006 Somersworth Housing Authority $61,002

NJ006 Perth Amboy Housing Authority $4,331

NJ059 Pleasantville Housing Authority $56,986

NJ067 Bergen County Housing Authority $279,998

NJ095 Monmouth County Housing Authority $337,530

NM009 Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority $53,056

NY002 Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority $18,765

NY020 Saratoga Springs HA $34,112

NY022 Cohoes HA $57,948

NY028 Schenectady HA $44,778

NY045 Kingston Housing Authority $120,262

NY057 Greenburgh HA $55,238

NY068 Oneonta HA $36,200

NY079 Glens Falls HA $119,028

NY115 City of White Plains $128,614

NY123 City of Peekskill $201,308

NY148 Village of Spring Valley CDA $293,161

NY165 Tuckahoe Housing Authority $1,574

NY404 City of Niagara Falls $37,394

NY419 Village of Sylvan Beach $8,431

NY427 Town of Bethlehem $3,565

NY430 Town of Niskayuna $9,647

NY524 Village of Waterville $11,054

NY533 Town of Vernon $3,120

NY542 Town of Whitestown $3,707

NY562 Village of Ballston SPA $1,527

OH005 Dayton Metropolitan HA $492,488

OH021 Springfield Metropolitan HA $22,155

OH027 Medina MHA $38,658

OH034 Perry MHA $37,868

OH053 Clinton MHA $24,717

OH062 Miami MHA $58,773

OH077 City of Marietta $153,536

OH080 Preble MHA $15,181

OR016 Yamhill County HA $44,710

OR019 Linn-Benton Housing Authority $15,916

OR031 Josephine Housing Community Development $289,409

PA006 Allegheny County Housing Authority $620,470

PA008 Harrisburg Housing Authority $24,909

PA012 Montgomery County HA $593,880

PA024 Easton Housing Authority $76,713

PA030 Carbondale Housing Authority $5,400

PA051 Bucks County Housing Authority $138,774

PA061 Jefferson County Housing Authority $16,219

RI004 Central Falls HA $158,332

RI006 Cranston HA $82,782

RI009 Johnston Housing Authority $43,272

RI015 West Warwick Housing Authority $44,293

RI016 Coventry Housing Authority $403,243

RI901 Rhode Island Housing Mortgage Finance Corp. $1,754,729

RQ012 Municipality of Aguadilla $88

RQ032 Municipality of Vega Baja $87,847

RQ039 Municipality of Hatillo $4,765

RQ059 Municipality of Aibonito $17,041

RQ074 Municipality of Vieques $9,770

SC001 Charleston HA $58,712

SC023 Sumter HA $13,429

SD016 Sioux Falls Housing & Redevelopment Corp. $477,662

SD055 Vermillion Housing & Redevelopment Corp. $15,121

TN003 Knoxville Community Development Corp. $128,646

TN007 Jackson HA $288,721

TN054 Cleveland HA $25,901

TN065 Maryville HA $18,234

TN903 Tennessee Housing Development Agency $582,664

TX003 Housing Authority of El Paso $1,422,730

TX010 Housing Authority of Waco $297,930

TX017 Galveston Housing Authority $334,856

TX046 Mission HA $69,969

TX065 Harlingen Housing Authority $4,734

TX072 Gainesville Housing Authority $122,226

TX202 Edcouch Housing Authority $55,786

TX330 City of Brenham HA $260,398

TX367 Kyle Housing Authority $5,07

TX444 Boerne Housing Authority $7,135

TX458 Grayson County Housing Authority $40,330

TX472 Amarillo Housing Authority $125,305

TX533 Balch Springs Housing Authority $12,209

TX564 Alamo Area Council of Government $23,477

VA001 Portsmouth Redevelopment & HA $228,616

VA005 Hopewell Redevelopment & HA $25,323

VA017 Hampton Redevelopment & HA $915,505

VA022 Waynesboro Redevelopment & HA 43,978

VA030 Marion Redevelopment & HA $4,898

VA038 Big Stone Gap Redevelopment & HA $23,264

WA007 City of Longview HA $20,604

WA057 City Of Walla HA $263,718

WA068 Jefferson County HA $42,928

WI002 City Of Milwaukee HA $279,123

WI146 Hartford CDA $14,687

WI195 Kenosha Housing Authority $134,196

WI201 West Allis CDA $17,184

WI213 Oshkosh/Winnebago County HA $253,565

WV018 City Of Bluefield HA $23,636

WV037 Mingo County HA $244,961

TOTAL $31,136,636


AL002 Mobile Housing Board $128,030

AL047 HA Huntsville $14,610

AL086 HA Jefferson County $12,679

AR194 Crawford County Public Facilities Board $8,792

AR197 White River Regional Housing Authority $8,781

AR215 Johnson County Section 8 Housing Agency $3,186

AR223 Phillips County Public Housing Agency $7,859

AZ001 City of Phoenix $107,845

AZ005 City of Mesa $41,469

CA008 Kern County HA $105,172

CA019 San Bernardino COUNTY HA $228,901

CA026 Stanislaus COUNTY HA $31,183

CA044 Yolo County HA $16,218

CA053 Kings County HA $13,591

CA061 Crescent City HA $37,744

CA062 City of Alameda HA $58,804

CA070 Plumas County Housing Authority $31,539

CA106 City of Redding HA $75,696

CA125 City of Vacaville $34,920

CA128 City Of Roseville $35,184

CA131 Solano County HA $300

CA913 California Department of Housing & Community Development $16,332

CO051 Grand Junction HA $25,700

CO058 Adams County Housing Authority $110,341

CT006 Waterbury Housing Authority $65,290

CT009 Middletown Housing Authority $7,311

CT041 Farmington HA $13,079

CT047 Naugatuck Housing Authority $441

FL002 St. Petersburg HA $11,518

FL007 Daytona Beach HA $48,053

FL024 Ormond Beach HA $4,000

FL062 Pinellas County HA $50,906

FL106 Lake County Housing Agency $22,085

FL113 Volusia County Section 8 $29,700

FL128 Lee County HA $1,899

GA002 Savannah HA $37,778

GA004 Columbus Gen Fund Acct Consl $87,114

HI002 County of Hawaii $1,006

IA022 City of Iowa City $69,392

IA024 City Of Cedar Rapids $32,904

IA045 City of Davenport, Iowa $3,504

IA049 City of Muscatine HA $11,990

IA050 Waterloo Housing Authority $16,804

IA117 Southern Iowa Regional HA $37,536

IA122 Regional Housing Authority Voucher XII $39,413

ID013 Boise City Housing Authority $948

ID021 Ada County Housing Authority $18,856

ID901 Idaho Housing & Finance Association $76,734

IL014 Lasalle County HA $7,191

IL032 Whiteside County Housing Authority $5,096

IL090 Aurora Housing Authority $78,304

IN019 Michigan City HA $12,086

KS002 Topeka Housing Authority $22,569

LA009 Ascension Parish Section 8 Housing Agency $6,192

LA023 Alexandria Housing Authority $19,740

LA101 Denham Springs Housing Authority $7,733

LA103 Slidell Housing Authority $20,578

LA199 Port Allen $ 14,225

LA202 Donaldsonville Section 8 Housing Agency $1,262

LA204 West Baton Rouge Parish Council, Section 8 $12,353

LA205 New Roads $ 10,274

LA214 Iberville Parish Council $6,407

LA238 Covington Housing Authority $755

MA039 Winchendon Housing Authority $2,785

MA046 Barnstable Housing Authority $25,343

MD006 Hagerstown Housing Authority $30,885

MD021 St Mary‘s County Housing Authority $36,733

MD033 Baltimore County Housing Office $192,688

ME007 Auburn Housing Authority $46,164

MN001 St. Paul PHA $36,693

MN007 Virginia HRA $19,431

MN038 St. Cloud HRA $26,394

MN101 Mora HRA $7,302

MN164 Clay County HRA $13,186

MO002 Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri $160,174

MO004 St. Louis County Housing Authority $59,446

MO007 Columbia Housing Authority $7,986

MO074 Sedalia Housing Authority $19,247

MO193 Weston Housing Authority $10,732

MO199 Lincoln County Public Housing Agency $143,549

MO203 St. Francois County Public Housing Agency $20,881

MO205 Franklin County Public Housing Agency $15,090

MO216 Dallas County PHA $9,345

MO227 Housing Assistant Program of St. Charles $9,924

MT033 Missoula Housing Authority $8,196

MT901 MT Department of Commerce $23,260

NC006 High Point HA $3,75

NC012 Winston-Salem HA $47,343

ND014 Fargo Housing And Redevelopment Authority $30,816

ND030 Benson County Housing Authority $5,433

ND044 Pembina County Housing Authority $26,635

NH901 New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority $30,833

NJ009 Jersey City Housing Authority $118,083

NJ059 Pleasantville Housing Authority $1,904

NJ067 Bergen County Housing Authority $55,170

NJ068 Dover Housing Authority $40,252

NM002 Clovis Housing Authority $7,560

NM009 Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority $8,340

NM067 Region V Housing Authority $39,39

NV002 City of Las Vegas HA $49,016

NY012 Troy HA $20,724

NY027 City of Oswego $2,996

NY028 Schenectady HA $77,080

NY041 Rochester $110,964

NY048 Gloversville HA $9,464

NY091 Town of Amherst $79,950

NY408 Town of Colonie $9,433

NY430 Town of Niskayuna $1,445

NY443 City of Utica $37,243

NY538 Village of Corinth $1,278

NY557 Town of Coeymans $3,746

NY561 Town of Stillwater $4,662

NY562 Village of Ballston SPA $7,063

NY630 Village of Waterford $2,694

OH003 Cuyahoga MHA $116,388

OH004 Cincinnati Metropolitan HA $19,016

OH006 Lucas MHA $49,782

OH007 Akron MHA $57,579

OH008 Trumbull MHA $12,405

OH012 Lorain MHA $34,311

OH015 Butler MHA $13,522

OH016 Mansfield MHA $14,255

OH018 Stark MHA $18,508

OH021 Springfield MHA $34,317

OH022 Greene MHA $3,213

OH024 Chillicothe MHA $6,427

OH028 Erie MHA $7,602

OH030 Huron MHA $2,076

OH033 Cambridge MHA $4,450

OH036 Wayne MHA $7,04

OH041 Athens MHA $1,710

OH043 Licking MHA $3,177

OH045 Darke County MHA $5,796

OH049 Warren MHA $8,127

OH053 Clinton MHA $6,171

OH054 Sandusky MHA $11,400

OH058 Monroe MHA $21,115

OH059 Pickaway MHA $11,968

OH060 Pike MHA $5,070

OH069 Noble MHA $20,513

OH070 Fairfield MHA $9,058

OH076 Marion MHA $8,563

OH079 Delaware MHA $4,585

OR002 Housing Authority of Portland $63,966

OR014 Marion County Housing Authority $23,664

OR017 Klamath Housing Authority $1,161

OR028 Northwest Oregon Housing Agency $18,637

OR034 Central Oregon Regional HA $24,336

PA004 Allentown Housing Authority $9,356

PA009 Reading Housing Authority $3,965

PA022 York City Housing Authority $9,121

PA028 Monroe County Housing Authority $5,710

PA067 Carbon County Housing Authority $6,904

RI001 Providence HA $57,921

RQ008 Municipality of Ponce $6,077

RQ014 Municipality of Carolina $39,354

RQ018 Municipality of Cayey $5,374

RQ020 Municipality of Arecibo $14,264

RQ029 Municipality of Maricao $1,313

RQ073 Municipality of Aguada $9,903

RQ074 Municipality of Vieques $9,129

SC001 Charleston HA $24,248

SC027 Florence HA $24,719

SC031 Cheraw HA $11,925

SC911 South Carolina State Housing Finance & Development $30,999

SD037 Milbank Housing & Redevelopment Commission $8,048

TN003 Knoxville Community Development Corp. $66,370

TQ901 Mariana Islands Housing Corp. $6,648

TX003 El Paso Housing Authority $22,261

TX008 Corpus Christi Housing Authority $9,269

TX009 Housing Authority of Dallas $16,390

TX017 Galveston Housing Authority $104,606

TX072 Gainesville Housing Authority $5,763

TX264 Georgetown Housing Authority $16,571

TX327 Housing Authority of Abilene $42,422

TX349 Weatherford Housing Authority $7,285

TX381 La Grange Housing Authority $5,650

TX431 Tarrant County Housing Assistance Program $20,929

TX433 Arlington Housing Authority $177,934

TX434 Grand Prairie Housing & Community Development $11,349

TX459 Longview Housing & Community DEVELOPMENT $13,464

TX481 Panhandle Community Services $7,184

TX482 Central Texas Council of Governments $182,141

TX559 Dallas County Housing Assistance Program $4,318

UT004 Housing Authority of Salt Lake City $23,089

UT020 Tooele County Housing Authority $1,399

VA003 Newport News Redevelopment & HA $52,097

VA017 Hampton Redevelopment & Housing Authority $8,058

VQ901 Virgin Islands Housing Authority $56,889

WA020 Kelso Housing Authority $47,504

WA042 City Of Yakima Housing Authority $83,969

WA054 Pierce County Housing Authority $199,124

WI002 City of Milwaukee HA $35,976

WI085 Antigo HA $6,916

WI146 Hartford CDA $753

WI248 Chippewa County Housing Authority $23,616

WI901 Wisconsin Housing & Economic $13,852

WY004 City of Casper HA $24,408

TOTAL $6,053,058

GRAND TOTAL $100,000,000