Vision of a Black nation’s struggle

by Baby Jamaica

BlackFist, Vision of a Black nation’s struggle, Behind Enemy Lines A Black nation still incarcerated

But patiently awaiting release

it seems that respect we have to kill for

while dying for peace

as my Black mental mindstate grows stronger

us as Black individuals are still represented

by these so called Amerikkkan lawyers

segregated by color politics rule the prison system

masterminding for a Black Movement might just increase

my prison sentence

“So Give Me Life”

Because no matter what they do

I’ll remain to fight for what’s right

Because they still fight for what’s white

the dictionary describes Black as:

Gloomy, Dim, Lightless, Hostile, Angry, Evil and wicked

while white is described as:

snowy, pearl, fair, pure, clean, innocent and harmless

but in reality, they try to downgrade us because

we (Black people) restrain from cowardice, but

represent with our Black powerful fist

vision of this Black nation’s struggle,

we will overpower it.

Baby Jamaica can be reached through Minister of Information JR at or in care of the Bay View, 4917 Third St., San Francisco CA 94124.