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    Ever since the cold blooded, videotaped murder of Oscar Grant at 2 a.m. New Year's Day by BART cop Johannes Mehserle, Oaklanders have covered the city with the message, "I am Oscar Grant!" - Frame from the film "Operation Small Axe"“Operation Small Axe” takes a raw and unflinching look at life under police terrorism in Oakland, drawing parallels with the struggles against oppression in Palestine and South Africa. Through the stories of Oscar Grant and Lovelle Mixon, the film focuses on the occupation of Oakland’s communities of color by militarized and racist police forces.

    Oscar Grant was shot in the back and killed by Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer Johannes Mehserle on Jan. 1 of this year. On March 21, Lovelle Mixon was killed by Oakland police after having allegedly shot five OPD officers, killing four.

    The film, now debuting to rave reviews around the Bay Area, is directed and produced by 393 Films’ Adimu Madyun, edited by Angela N. Carroll, with camera work by Hooker Boy, Angela N. Carroll, Siraj Fowler and Adimu Madyun. Prisoners of Conscience Committee Minister of Information JR is the executive producer.

    Watch this “Operation Small Axe” trailer for a taste of the bitter but little known war waged daily on the streets of Black and Brown Oakland by the police against the people. Now that the judge has ordered the murder trial moved out of Oakland of the cop who killed Oscar Grant in cold blood two hours into the 2009 New Year on a BART platform in front of hundreds of horrified passengers, this film will inform all Californians why justice for Oscar Grant is imperative.

    Arrange for “Operation Small Axe” to be shown in your community by contacting Minister of Information JR at blockreportradio@gmail.com or calling the SF Bay View, where JR is associate editor, at (415) 671-0789.



    2. “Communities of color” and “Brown and Black Oakland” are interesting terms, but then you state the “racist” police. I don’t get it. In those communities there is high percentages of crime committed by 100% black and brown suspects. How can racism be claimed? Those are the people they are looking for.

      Criminals tend to do stupid things like not register their vehicles, don’t mind traffic laws, and have their vehicles set up illegally. These are all ways the police have to make contact with suspects and potentially catch them. Police aren’t stopping people for no reason anymore, thanks to people/sites like this. But logic dictates that they are going to stop black/brown people in those neighborhoods.

      On another note I don’t mind you stating that the BART officer killed Mr. Grant, because he did, we have all seen it. But the cold blooded part doesn’t make sense. They were all struggling and BART police don’t get involved in large group fights a lot, so this was definetly a hot-blooded situation. I still say he would be alive today if he had let them put the cuffs on peacfully.

      As for Mr. Mixon, this site always uses the “alleged” term in association with him killing the officers. Why? All the street witnesses said it was him, the car was his, he was killed at the scene with the officers he killed. The act was consistent with his proven character. Has there been some other suspect in all this?

    3. “. . .racial overtones. . . “bitch ass nigger”. . . that definitely has a racial overtone.”

      That’s an understatement, to say the least, but I guess that’s the way lawyers talk, and I hear John Burris is a great lawyer.

    4. 3 January 2010

      Re: the following comment by Physal:

      ‘….As for Mr. Mixon, this site always uses the “alleged” term in association with him killing the officers. Why? All the street witnesses said it was him, the car was his, he was killed at the scene with the officers he killed. The act was consistent with his proven character. Has there been some other suspect in all this?…’

      I disagree with this statement. It is dangerously uninformed.

      I also recognize why u cannot see the true criminals that infest communities of color.

      Flip the script.

      Note that everything from ecological crimes perpetrated by large corporations to vulture liquor stores run by non community members exist in communities of color.

      Note that substandard schools and a growing epidemic of homeless students exist in communities of color.

      Note the quality of foods (or lacks thereof) exist in communities of color and note that those who do the time are not the ones making major bank off of the drugs in communities of color.

      Note the pigs who raid and often set up so called ‘gang’ members – while simultaneously murdering those like BPP Chairman Fred Hampton who work to and succeed in bringing unity in communities of color…

      And note that the state of California always ‘alleges’ everything: particularly that white, male, killer cop Johannes Mehserle ‘accidentally’ (read: allegedly) committed murder against Oscar Grant III, a young AFRIKAN Man.

      Thus, the people of the world have had to force our voices to be heard…. just as we recently had to force the state of California to put Mehserle on trial for murder one.


      Because if we hadn’t, there would have been a major cover-up of his execution.

      Because Ancestor Oscar Grant III was AFRIKAN, and killer cop Mehserle is white, and white didn’t want the criminal actions of their boys with their toys to see the light of day.

      They tried to take the people’s cell phone and camera recordings and hide their boy in Nevada, while calling Oscar’s death an ‘allegation.’ (read: accident)

      What’s wrong with this picture? White skin privilege and a uniform were used as tools to commit a crime.

      Chief Justice Taney stated in his 1857 Dred Scott Decision that Afrikan people have no rights that white people are bound to respect.

      Well, the people of Oakland said there would be no more days like that. Now, the case of Oscar Grant III is an international issue. Obama needs to wake up, take his nose and his surgically attached lips out of Israel’s ass and pay attention to what is happening right under his face, right in his own yard.

      He blasted the Cambridge, Massachusetts police as having behaved ‘stupidly’ in their arrest of his Henry Louis Gates, but the deafening silence can still be heard world wide on the absence of commentary in the matter of Oscar Grant’s execution.


      Mehserle was carrying out a mandate that is centuries older than he is, but its imprint is clear …he killed an AFRIKAN Man and expects not only to get away with it, but expects scream foul at the fact that he is even being prosecuted.

      This is the nature of the law: Terrorism is ‘Law’ in the AFRIKAN community.

      Oscar Grant III has been physically dead for a year and two days, from gun shot wounds inflicted by the gun attached to the hand of Johannes Mehserle. The gun, hand, and trigger finger were definitely Mehserle’s, though he claims he ‘accidentally’ pulled the gun out of its holster and then ‘accidentally’ pulled the trigger after doing so.

      Mehserle’s cop friends were present and witnessed this and ‘alleged’ these acts to be ‘accidents.’ The problem is that the gun was indeed fired and Mehserle did indeed have possession of it at the time, and he did indeed pull the trigger while aiming the gun at Oscar Grant from point blank range.

      This, of course, did not stop the police department and the mayor’s office from bailing Mehserle out of jail.

      But had the BART cop been Black and his victim been white, no amount of bail money would have gotten the cop out of jail. In fact, no amount of money would have kept him alive.

      Everyone on the BART platform @ 2:00 am on that 1 January 2009 day recorded the incident in their mind, on their cell phone, and/or via camera and posted it on line.

      The raw footage has been shown on gigantic screen TV at Mehserle’s bail hearing.

      Everyone from Oakland to AFRIKA has seen the film.

      The universe knows that Mehserle executed Oscar Grant III in cold blood, and that he then ran away to avoid penalty for his crimes, and that overwhelming pressure from the hood forced his arrest, even though his police friends promptly posted his bail.

      Despite visual evidence of his guilt, Mehserle has very nearly been acquitted by the press alone.

      He ‘resigned’ from his job as a killer BART cop (on paper, anyway) screaming fear of reprisal as he fled. No one even attempted to bust him at the scene of the crime. Instead, he was allowed to flee, in hopes that his white skin privilege would help him run farther and faster, and protect him from prosecution, while Oakland’s DA Tom Orloff attempted to make the situation ‘all go away.’

      And as his attorney now bleats about a ‘fair trial’ I have a distinct visual recollection of reading that Oscar Grant III had bullet holes in him despite the fact that he was beaten, dying, had a pig’s hoof on the back of his neck, and was ‘cuffed – peacefully.’

      Everyone knows that if this had been a situation in which white youth were involved, they’d all be alive, home, and without even a citation. Any altercation would be a distant memory or food for stories ’round the ole christmas tree.

      Further, no amount of pleading, running, or police/mayoral support would have protected Mehserle from sniffing gas chamber fumes if he’d shot ANY white youth period, much less a white youth who was unarmed, face down with his hands behind his back, cuffed, offering no resistance, with a pig’s foot in his neck, and begging for his life.

      And by the way, Physal, the pigs don’t give a damn about witnesses. Acts of cold blooded execution are consistent with their character. They prove this a lot.

      They proved they didn’t give a damn about witnesses when they shot Oscar Grant III – like they proved they didn’t give a damn 40 years earlier and a thousand or so miles away when their brethren in the FBI and in the police department in Chicago made sure Chairman Fred Hampton of the BBP was ‘good and dead’ by executing him while he slept after being drugged with secobarbitol by FBI informant William O’Neil.

      Oscar Grant’s execution was just as violent – and just as planned as was Fred Hampton’s. Only the type of police agencies used are different. Both Men were young, AFRIKAN, and racially profiled to be slain.

      And the state of California has the audacity to scream about a ‘fair trial’ for Johannes Mehserle?

      Give it a rest, Physal.

      ‘We the people’ do not matter to the police when we are Black and/or Brown. They protect their rights to serve us up dead. Summary executions protect and serve their national security and remind all AFRIKAN-ASIAN-LATIN@-INDIGENOUS folx that imperialism prefers us to be ‘good and dead,’ unless we are of economic value.

      So – whoever you are Physal – put a sock in it.

      Your lack of observation; i.e. your ‘…police are not stopping people for no reason…’ will not wash away 600 years of truth.

      Yes, sites like the BAYVIEW and other independent media: photographic, radio, and print: are putting a dent in the threats to struggling people worldwide.

      And yes, we are winning the fight. But ‘communities of color’ and ‘Brown and Black Oakland’ are more than just ‘interesting terms.’ That sounds like something the state would say. We aren’t just ‘allegations.’ We aren’t Memorex.

      We are the genuine article.

      Wake up Physal. Smell the coffee and the tea; the forest and the trees.

      You need to test your inability to see why the murder of Oscar Grant III was a cold blooded execution.

      It’s easy. Just run your a** over to the nearest BART station. Pick a day when its running @ 2:00 am, and prostrate yourself on the cold hard stone platform.

      Then, encourage a ‘friendly’ BART police person to shoot you in the back at close range, so that the bullet goes through you once directly from the gun and once on the rebound from hitting the concrete.

      Make sure you are left laying face down, dying, strangling on your own blood, cuffed, begging for your life, and ‘alleged’ to be resisting arrest.

      There will be no medical attention.

      No one will hear your screams.

      You won’t even have to see the bullet.

      Do not worry about your cop friend. His unblemished record will be safe.

      He won’t be prosecuted.

      Who knows? Maybe years later, after you are deemed to be ‘good and dead’ someone will remember to mention you for your stupidity the face of truth.

      War Without Terms,

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