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Stand with the residents of Bayview Hunters Point Thursday, Dec. 17, 6:30-10 p.m., at the SF Planning Commission hearing on Lennar’s EIR in San Francisco City Hall Room 400

by Jaron Browne, POWER

This is one of many warning signs preventing entry to large areas in the Hunters Point Shipyard, a Superfund site and one of the most contaminated places in the U.S. – Photo: KQED QuestLast June, the Lennar Corp. spent $5 million to sell San Francisco voters a dream of jobs, parks and housing in Bayview Hunters Point. But sometimes when you wake up from a dream, you realize you are actually facing a nightmare.

Lennar’s recently released Environmental Impact Report contains several critical issues for environmental justice:

1. Lennar is proposing to cap rather than fully clean the shipyard.

2. Lennar does not include any plans to deal with liquefaction in the event of a major earthquake.

3. Lennar and the mayor have no transportation plan to address the 24,000 new residents plus stadium goers.

4. Lennar and the mayor have no plan to protect and preserve the five known Ohlone Indian burial sites.

5. Lennar does not have an adequate or responsible plan to address sea level rise in future years.


No to bricks on Jello! No building on top of liquefaction!

No nuclear stadiums!

No capping over toxic landfills!

And YES to true complete cleanup of the ENTIRE SHIPYARD.

We now know that Lennar is a dirty developer which is facing lawsuits all across the country for not cleaning land before they build and for doing shoddy work that falls apart. They already KNOWINGLY poisoned children when their earthmoving and grading on Parcel A released asbestos laden dust on the surrounding areas. Now they want to cap instead of clean the radiologically contaminated Hunters Point Shipyard, a Superfund site.

Unfortunately, Lennar and the mayor are using the community of families living in Double Rock/Alice Griffith as pawns for their much larger agenda in Bayview Hunters Point. They are telling these residents that the only way that they will get their new housing is if Lennar is able to fast-track their plans to cap the toxic Superfund site at the Shipyard. In their desperation for quality housing that HUD and the Housing Authority should long have been providing, they are being bussed down to City Hall to do Lennar’s dirty work.

Thankfully, hundreds of long-term Bayview Hunters Point residents are already organized for development that truly benefits Black, Samoan, Latino and working class white families in the neighborhood. We’ve got to speak out and let the City know that the days of rubber stamping plans for environmental racism are over. Bayview has long suffered the impact of City commissions that have approved plan after plan for toxic projects that have been literally killing our community.

Bayview Hunters Point is getting organized and we need your voice and your power right there with us!

Stand with the residents of Bayview Hunters Point Thursday, Dec. 17, 6:30-10 p.m., at the San Francisco Planning Commission hearing on Lennar’s Environmental Impact Report in San Francisco City Hall Room 400.

For more information, call POWER at (415) 864-8372.


  1. Interesting that Bill Bailey, Treasurer of Santa Clara Plays Fair and Robert Smith of Save Santa Clara.Org, have said that the Lennar Proposal should be supported. Donald Buchanan, a member of Santa Clara Plays Fair said at SC City Council Meeting that the 49ers should move to Detroit, “where the players would be comfortable.” This shows the latent racism that Bailey, who has said families in Hunters Point are being moved to a good area for the Candlestick Stadium Project. Stephen Hazel, an organizer for Santa Clara Plays Fair has said that “Obama cannot get elected as no one in this country supports a Black President” Robert Smith, another person of interest in Santa Clara said the Hunters Point project is an example of good planning and “the minorities are getting a lot with this project.”

  2. On the contrary Mr. Rowen, its usually the person who throws the first stone who is RACIST. You made a racist mockery of African-Americans on your website the *Mission City Lantern* (12/22/09) towards a J. Pardell, who is simply just anti-stadium in Santa Clara. I will remind you Mr. Rowen that the majority of the 49ers team is African-American, and so is their Head Coach. And what you did by mocking Mr. Pardell, and Black people in general is disgraceful. Is this how the City of Santa Clara feels about Black people, because if it is, who will want to come to that stadium located in the suburbs.

  3. James Rowen will say or do anything to try and get into the good graces of Santa Clara politicians hoping they will toss him a bone or two. Everyone who opposes a city of Santa Clara project – in particular the NFL football stadium – is called a racist by Rowen at some point in his sad and pathetic attempts to silence people for the sake of the Santa Clara politicians.

  4. Interesting.

    Bill Bailey and Michele Ryan wrote on two separate posts about how the Hunters Point project should go forward.

    Robert Smith,another leader of the anti stadium movement said at a city council meeting,”affordable housing is just a method to give too many opportunities to Chinese, Indians, and other minorities.”

    yes, I do work for people running for office:

    Willie Ervin, first African American school board member in Santa Clara
    as well as several African Americans in the DNC.

  5. James Rowen of Santa Clara has said repeatedly: “Who cares that the stadium will be bad for the people who live right next to it – they are just a bunch of Mexicans and Chinese anyway.”

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