1. Genocide by any other name.

    Thanks for a really informative article. I agree with your position 100%. The definition of genocide reads as follows (The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political or ethnic group). The rush to adopt children in Haiti is just another facet of the White Supremacy doctrine. Most informed folks know about the sorted history of Haiti and the destructive actions of the United States France. If you do not know there are plenty of articles on this site to inform you just scroll down and read up.

    Follow this link http://journals.democraticunderground.com/madfloridian/5663 and read this article about how the White Evangelicals are embracing orphan theology to use adoption as a means of acquiring children so they can proselytize them (Oh Yea this sounds Real spiritual)!!!!

    There are several things that are glaringly apparent in this disaster capitalism show. Demonize the victims so you can invade and occupy the country (do you really need to send 2,000 marines to a disaster site)??? With the ultimate goal of taking away the sovereignty of a entire nation. Bottle neck and botch the relief effort (AKA Katrina). The ultimate goal here is depopulation and breaking the will of the people. Steal as many children as you can so as to create a cultural/generational disconnect (without the next generation you have no future) AKA the Indian schools of US and Canada and the stealing of aborigine children in Australia.

    As a Christian I know of no where in scripture where God/Jesus states or implies that you steal children for the purpose of proselytizing. You are supposed to feed the hungry cloth the naked shelter the homeless reunite families and let the light of Christ shine through your actions. As a result you will be given a opportunity to present Christ to those who don’t know him but by stealing children and taking them form everybody and everything that they know so you can re-acculturate/proselytize them that’s genocide. That’s a planned act to exterminate a group of people plain and simple (how much planner do you need it)???

    You can rest assured that some of the people that are trying to adopt children from Haiti are child praetors disguised as concerned Americans/Europeans. Some of the children will unfortunately end up in a worse places than they ever would have experienced in Haiti. They are going to be sucked into the adoption black hole and Lord only knows what will happen to them. But what do you expect the US has a long and well documented History of screwing over Haiti as well as every other nation in Central and South America. After Katrina I don’t know how anyone could expect AmeriKKKa to act any differently.

    Here is a link to a article that compares the US response to the Haiti disaster with that of China and Iceland. Yes I said Iceland the country that went into Default http://www.gregpalast.com/the-right-testicle-of-hell-history-of-a-haitian-holocaust/#more-3272. After reading this article I think you will agree that the US response is Katrina part Deux with child trafficking added just for good measure.


    S Murph

  2. I do not blame them for wanting to stop all child adoption. I am not racist or anything, but to me, it’s a little unsettling when i see a young Haitian child going to a white family in America……. where will they learn their culture..? My theory is they will probably grow up thinking something similar to “white men are our saviors” …. really DISTURBING

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