Confiscation of books as gang material

By Dakari, aka Thurston McAfee

Forty years later, the California Department of Corruption and Recidivism is still using George Jackson as a means of affiliating prisoners. On June 18, 2010, a corruption officer accosted me and confiscated my two books written by George stating that they are gang material. I requested a written reason why he was taking my books and a receipt that he actually took them. The corruption officer refused to do so.

This accosting arose from another issue that is going on with me and other Hebrew-Israelites on this facility. The Muslims filed a lawsuit concerning their Halal meals. They won their lawsuit. Now the officials have sought to create a rift between the Israelites and Muslims by stating that the Israelites’ religious rites are being restricted and burdened because of the Muslims.

When we didn’t bite on this, they began their campaign of oppression. Each day it is getting worse. I am not at all dismayed by these attacks. Anyone who has a mind knows the tactics of the California Department of Corruption and Recidivism.

There are a lot of aspiring brothas here. I endeavor only to teach them patience and perseverance in the face of adversity. I endeavor to teach them how to properly address oppression on its many levels. The aspect I like about these brothas I address is that in their minds. Socialism is alive and well. They look for the opportunity to grow. The attacks on the Israelites and Muslims are becoming a rallying cry “TOO BLACK, TOO STRONG!”

In the future, if it is within the realm of possibility, we would like to see a spread on the Republic of New Afrika. We need nation building tools and we need the lessons and knowledge on building the Marcus Garvey Think Tank, as well as information on the George Jackson University.

Send our brother some love and light: Thurston B. McAfee, B-95737, C3-107L, P.O. Box 2199, Blythe CA 92226-2199.