Political cost of standing with Kagame mounts by the hour


by Ann Garrison

The political cost of standing with Rwandan President Paul Kagame mounts by the hour.

Here’s a partial list, as of Aug. 28, 2010, of world press coverage of the leaked report from the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) mapping atrocities committed in D.R. Congo. The report points to crimes which might be labeled genocide against Rwandan Hutu refugees and Congolese Hutus committed by Kagame’s Rwandan army between 1996 and 2003:

This is a very partial list of the many outlets publishing the Associated Press World Service report:

The final version of the report has become a political contest. The Globe and Mail reports that U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has reportedly argued for revision that eliminates the allegations of genocide against Rwandan and Congolese Hutus by Kagame’s Rwandan army, after Kagame threatened to remove Rwandan “peacekeepers” from Darfur and Haiti.

What will Obama do?

As the political costs of standing with Kagame mount, many wonder, “What will Obama do?” On Jan. 20, 2009, all eyes were on the Washington, D.C., and the inauguration of our first African American president, Barack Obama. But Africa watchers were transfixed by the horrifying news coming out of Eastern Congo, as the Rwandan Defense Force and Congolese armies, the CNDP militia and MONUC, the U.N. peacekeeping force, emerged as a coalition formed to finally hunt down the FDLR.

The Telegraph’s headline was Rwandan troops enter DR Congo to hunt Hutu militias.

Few Americans noticed, not only because it was Obama’s Inauguration Day, but also because few could sort out the acronyms: Rwandan Defense Force (RDF), Forces Armées de la République Démocratique du Congo or Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC), Congrès national pour la défense du peuple or National Congress for Defense of the People (CNDP) and MONUC (Mission de l’Organisation des Nations Unies en République démocratique du Congo or United Nations Organization Mission in Congo).

But, Rwandan troops entering D.R. Congo to hunt Hutu militias? Looking back, that Inauguration Day headline reads very differently now. No one needs to understand all the acronyms to see what’s wrong.

Hutu militias, the FDLR, are always the excuse for U.S.-backed Rwandan troops in Eastern Congo, but how much longer will Obama embrace the excuse, after this leaked report of what appears to be genocide against Rwandan Hutu refugees and Congolese Hutus by the army of Rwandan President Paul Kagame?

What will Obama do, as the term “Congo Genocide” emerges and the political costs of standing with Kagame mount?

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Digital Journal, Examiner.com, OpEdNews, Global Research, Colored Opinions and her blog, Plutocracy Now. She can be reached at anniegarrison@gmail.com. This story originally appeared in Colored Opinions.


  1. Little by little the truth will prevail. The blood of millions of innocent peoples killed by Kagame Paul and his army will haunt those criminals for ever.Shame on them !!!!

  2. Every Single Hutu Survivor is waiting for the decision from UN! This is a good balance to measure UNITED NATIONS.
    I spent 4 months in this forest no water, no food and all my family killed there without burying. My father in-law, his 2 children, my brother and his 2 children, my sister and her youngest daughter and so many uncounted….
    God please help them!
    UN, I'm waiting for your decision again. Please don't be shy!!

  3. At 2010 FIFA world cup, Shakira sang a powerful song.
    You're on the frontline
    Everyone' s watching
    you know it' s serious
    We are getting Closer
    the pressure is on
    You feel it
    But you've got it all
    believe it….

    The blood is crying out . if great leaders do nothing about it ,We have a Justice Loving God who will work it out.

  4. The world is now watching! All along we knew that Kagame and his RPF army killed our people in DRC former Zaire and helplessly thought that the world especially the UN did not mind. Many sanctioned UN reports in 1997 were deliberately frustrated which made all of us extremely hopeless. But now, UN the world body has come up with a very well researched evidence that really Kagame and his cohorts are cold blooded murderers. They targeted the Hutu race,and killed men, women,children and the elderly like they were killing grasshoppers both in Rwanda and Congo, and thought that they would get away with it.

    Now that the genocide of the Tutsis killed in Rwanda in 1994 has been well addressed by the UN International Criminal Court of Rwanda (ICTR) in Arusha Tanzania to Kagame's satisfaction, we the Hutu people and Hutu descendants also want justice to equally be done by setting up a UN International Criminal Tribunal for Congo (ICTC) to address the genocide committed on the Hutus in the Congo from 1993 – 2003. This is the only way to bring back together the loving people of Rwanda; Tutsi and Hutu knowing that you cannot try to exterminate people and get away with it.

    Francis Muhoozi

  5. I am Congolese speaking on behalf of Rwandan. I never dream to reside in Rwanda. However I fell sorry what is happening in this country there is imbalance. I am not sure if really kagame is real Rwandan. Even the election was manipulated the more is staying on power is more problem is creating. I am sure is not alone someone is supporting him. Please watch this guy he might be descendent of Hitler.

  6. Mustapha, why don't you write to me at my other e-address? I am trying to establish more contacts in Congo. I know mostly Rwandans and Ugandans, unless they're exiles.

  7. You should ask me for witness… I still have a flashback of what I encountered back in Congo in the year 1996, in November to be exact. Ann I will send you an email soon… And I have you on facebook and I'm here in US…

  8. There are many eyewitnesses of those atrocities committed by Kagame`s army in the forests of Congo.I know one of them who lives near Bay Area where Ann-Garrisson lives. He is Congolese from Masisi and worked for IRC to help the survivors of the killings who where in great need of assistance. I shed tears everytime I heard his stories.

  9. On behalf of my beloved ones. My sisters, my dad, my nephew (only 3 months old) and all their friends killed in Masisi that April 20, 1997 (about 20 people in the grave). My mother and father in law, my nephew killed in Ruhengeri, somewhere between these dates,…. Oh God the list is too long. Please God keep them in peace. Please Ba Ki Moon, time has come to prove the world that UN can stand for all Human Rights. We need the thruth, we need justice so that all victims can rest in peace.
    Thanks to you Ann for all good job you've been doing, trying to explain this situation.

  10. Political cost of standing with Kagame? loolll. Dear, ann, revise your facts.. The report “leaked out”, i repeat “leaked out” – meaning the official version is not out yet- and already Ban-Ki-Moon is requesting for some changes. Believe me the official version is likely to be completely different than what you people hoped for. So please don’t get your hopes too high.

    In brief: there was no planned genocide in Congo, simply forced repatriation in which many people were killed (may their souls rest in peace)…

    As fas as the political cost, understand that in today’s Africa, you simply cannot bypass Rwanda. Rwanda doesn’t solely rely on the US like we might like to think. China is increasingly becoming influent in the land of a thousand hills. Simple words from Obama won’t change everything like you are trying to suggest. Realising its strategic position, Rwanda is now turning to the East (China,India) because it has realized that it useful to make donors compete – and sometimes i feel that it is currently paying the costs (relentless negative media coverage etc..) of turning east. Either way, Obama is likely to issue vague, half-statements and in two months everything will be forgotten.

    The UN will polish the report and remove accusations of genocide. The UN would never risk geoperdizing their relationship with Kigali. There are couple of reasons for that:

    1) Rwanda is contributing thousands of troops on peacekeeping missions throughout the world (their troops have been described as some of the most disciplined on the continent). If Rwanda was to remove its troops from Darfur, imagine what would happen. Do you think the UN would risk that over a dubious report?

    2) After decades of war, there is now peace between Rwanda and Congo; the report could plunge the region in a diplomatic row;

    3) Even Congo itself is refuting the findings of the report!

    YOU CAN HATE KAGAME’S METHODS BUT YOU MUST ACKNOWLEDGE HIS RESULTS!!! I’ve been to Rwanda and seen what is going on there with my own eyes.The country is developing at a tremendous rate!! Poverty is being eradicated slowly but surely.. Public services are some of the best in the region.. Corruption is virtually absent in all spheres of public life.

    Come on guys, can’t you see it? Don’t you see the West at play??? Look at the timing of the report? The situation between Rwanda and Congo is currently at its best and now boom: a report “leaks out” and lands in whose hands? France, le Monde!! I mean come on… I am truly questioning the need for the UN; it is simply a tool of the West to punish and sanctions smaller economies. Let’s face it, shouldn’t we see similar reports emerge about the behavior of our beloved country (US) in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or again, about Israel in Gaza? Pfffff, never expect that to happen..

    Again, i state it don’t get your hopes too high, you should not expect much from the UN (United Nothing) or the US for that matter.

    And please, Ann, choose a different profession or at the very least, become a little more traveled before you write about the Continent. A computer + pen + rumours that you hear here and there from people living in the US are not sufficient for you to write well informed articles on the Continent and especially Rwanda.

  11. Very funny Ann…you call yourself a journalist? are you the one on Democracy Now TV chanel?its a shame i used to watch you,and like French judge or Spanish idiot this report is nothing and will never put a dent in Kigali,the loser is UN and his minions like you,we know UN and people like you,HRW are just incompetent idiot and nobody with a brain take them serious

  12. ,keep blaming Kigali when FDLR are just busy killing,looting,raping innocent women(the one you re supposed to protect)…remember almost a million tutsi die under your watch,its RPF who stoped the genocide and stop all the killings in Congo and bring back all the refugees back home,Congolese need to thank Kagame for helping them to depose mobutu,smart people in Congo like Koffi Olomide and President kabila respect kagame and knows Congo is peacefully and soon will develop because of Kagame,i think Kagame was too nice to stop Nkunda to take Kinshasa…you Congolese without kagame today you would be under dictator Mobutu succesor or Nkunda and FDLR dominating all of your wealthy in Eastern party and taking whatever they want,to us UN is nothing, is just a political tool for know nothing,weak & lazy,the only thing we are going to do is pull out all of our troops,bring back home helping build our Economy,secure our borders..no more nonsense with idiots

  13. Another garbage from UN,only Ann,Ingabira,kabuga, genocidals,uninformed will believe that…the report will never come out as you people wish,what do you expect when the authors are people from HRW who made their career & money bashing Kigali,HRW is a big joke they need a big change within if need to be taken serious…UN and HRW wants to see Kigali as another Somalia to keep their jobs,that will never happen and soon or later you will come to Kigali like you re going to New York to beg for money and technical know how for peacekeeping,your food or blue helmet is not for us…we can take care of ourselves.

  14. Mr Jon, commenting on your post would be a waste of time because your head is clearly so far up rpf's a** that you don't know right from wrong

  15. @Jon

    Your saying shows that your are out of mind. Something is wrong within you. Perhaps you are among those who killed innocent people and their blood is in your brain that you ended up becoming foolish. Shame on you.!!!Those who love you have to take you to a doctor for treatment. Your words are just ones of the devil.just nonsense and garbage.

  16. Dear ANN.
    We would like to establish contact with you. We are congo coalition. We are based in new york Please send your e-mail or a phone number . The UN report is just a small piece of a huge iceberg. We will love to talk to you. congocoalition@hotmail.com.

  17. @Bob: You say "In brief: there was no planned genocide in Congo, simply forced repatriation in which many people were killed (may their souls rest in peace).."

    The ICTR concluded that there was no government conspiracy to commit genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda either. "Rwanda: No Conspiracy, No Genocide Planning … No Genocide?", Peter Erlinder, Global Research, http://goo.gl/CorR. He doesn't say there was no genocide, only that there was no conspiracy, no planning, and that this raises the question of what genocide is. Is it genocide without conspiracy or planning?

    You seem to think not.

    And, Bob, perhaps you should come over here and visit Northrop Grumman, nuclear sub manufacturer and "Leader in Global Security," which has offices in San Francisco but is moving its headquarters from Los Angeles to Arlington, Virginia, to be close to where the government contracts, and our chief spy agency is, so that you might better understand who is training General James Kabarebe and Rwandan troops to serve in the ACOTA program, as reported in the RNA: "US firm wins contract to continue training Rwandan soldiers," http://goo.gl/K464.

    Perhaps you should also visit the Northrop Grummand facility at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where the Pentagon trained Kagame:

    "Northrop Grumman also stated that work on the ACOTA program will be performed on site in the participating African nations and from its Leavenworth, Kansas, facility, where the company supports several other military training contracts." http://goo.gl/K464

  18. Bob. The question is not if the UN's report will be polished or not. if the official version will be different from the "leak". The question is DID KAGAME and FPR DID IT or NO? the answer ( base on rwanda and UN reactions) is YES.
    Where did you found this:"there was no planned genocide in congo, SIMPLE repatriation in which many people were killed"?Thousand won't get killed by a simple repatriation be honest and human.
    Bob, what africa are talking about?Rwanda is a small country economically meaningless in africa.It rely totally on the USA and UK(45% of rwanda budget depend on USA and UK) and of bloody minerals rooted from congo. Rwanda has nothing to offer to china or india. Either way KAGAME can't no turn his back to the USA and UK because he is made in the USA( trained, formed and support by the USA. without USA and UK support KAGAME is nothing.
    About so call peace between Rwanda and congo. What peace are talking about? congoleses women being gang raped, people being assassinated daily, land being taking away from congoleses, minerals being rooted…That is what you call peace?
    Do you know why HYPPOLITE KANAMBE aka JOSEPH KABILA government are refuting the UN report?because HYPPOLITE KANAMBE aka JOSEPH KABILA was indeed with FPR in congo with JAMES KABAREBE in 1996. He should be in the report also. guilty as KAGAME OR KABEREBE. Just to let you know(maybe you know it already)HYPPOLITE KANAMBE aka JOSEPH KABILA the current president of DR of CONGO is a rwandan in service of KAGAME. That is why you say the situation between congo and rwanda is at its best. Don't forget more than 5.5 million congolese have killed, over 400,000 women and children been gang raped, 3 million displaced, and billion of minerals rooted in congo. We won't forget or forgive that.
    You talked about development,poverty, public service or corruption in rwanda good. can you say the same of democracy,of freedom(speech,thinking),of human right…?
    No matter what happen with the report.KAGAME will be known as a criminal and a genocidaire.

  19. Don't waste your time saying nothing,the time has come.Blood of Tutsi and Hutu killed since 1990 is going to splash on your face.You can stop a man but you cannot stop a revolution.It is just a matter of time and it is inescapable.

  20. @ Pétronille:The time will come when yours will rest in peace and when you will find some peace in your heart

  21. @jon: Don't waste your time saying nothing,the time has come.Blood of Tutsi and Hutu killed since 1990 is going to splash on your face.You can stop a man but you cannot stop a revolution.It is just a matter of time and it is inescapable.

  22. Ann, there is no denying that Rwanda is US ally, I never argued to the contrary. Similarly, i do not deny that the US trains Rwanda so it is not really of interest to me to know which US company wins which bid to train Rwandans.

    The claim that both you and congo coaltion make that Paul Kagame was manufactured in the US is what i utterly disagree with! Read the book, “A thousand hills, by Stephen Kinzer”. Go to Rwanda and hear the stories from both Hutus and Tutsis. Kagame was a product of refugee camps in Uganda. For nearly four decades Rwandan Tutsis had no home.. He joined Museveni’s movement with plans to return home one day. After supporting Museveni take power, he then turned his eyes on Rwanda to the surprise of Museveni himself. The training trip that everyone talks about where he went to the US Fort Leavenworth only lasted one month!! The reason he was sent was that Museveni was starting to sense that the Rwandan elements within his army were planning to invade Rwanda. At the begining he was tottally against it! When presented with a fait accompli he chose to support his former comrad in arms. Late me state that Kagame, never completed his course, everyone knows it in Rwanda. True, when he took over Rwanda, he naturally chose to ally himself with the US and UK. The fact that the US knew all along that the objective was Congo minerals is ridiculous!! It happened as a result of destiny and more precisely, the blame for invading Congo should be placed on France and Mobutu, not Rwanda!! Rwanda was forced to invade.After the genocide, Mobutu and France facilitated the exit of hundreds of thousands of genocidaires, and were retraining them in Congo with the hopes of invading Rwanda. What was Rwanda to do, watch as they rearm? No, they did what any country would, invade.

    Congo Coalition: stating that Rwanda is economically meaningless is completely missing the point. Rwanda is not as resource poor as people claim it to be. I had the opportunity to work there as a consultant and so it first hand. There enormous methane gas reserves in the Kivu, enough to power the region and people are currently prospecting for oil. Most of all, i wish to tell you that when it comes to development, what matters most is human resources, not mineral ones. Congo has all the resources in the world but its leaders lack vision, collective patriotism and a sincere desire to move ahead, qualities that are abundant in Rwanda’s leaders. Despite the differences in resources, the standard of living of Rwandans is much higher than that of congolese.

    Congo Coalition: Joseph Kabila is a Rwandan in Service of Kagame.. I mean come on, first the argument that he is a Rwandan is highly debatable, simply put it is a rumour. The fact is Kagame placed his father in power.. but you forget to mention what happened next. Kabila (father) turned against Kagame and allied himself with the remnants of hutu genocidaires army (FDLR) this caused Rwanda to invade a second time in 1998. The father was then killed and the son took over. For some time the son dealt with the Hutu, looked for support in Zimbabwe, Angola and even as far as South Africa to fight the Kagame – Nkunda alliance. Realizing that to ensure peace in the region there was no way around Kagame he took a new bold approach which i believe is the best: making peace with Rwanda. Now congo and rwanda are both chasing the FLDR in the congo bushes. The rapes that you are seeing in the news today are by the genocidaires (FDLR) not Kagame. Kagame’s army left long time ago.

    Anyway, throughout my time and work in the region as a development consultant, i picked a lot of interest in the central african region. One thing i can tell you is that Rwanda’s commitment to developing is country is quite formidable. All it takes for the skeptics is one visit.

    Congo coalition you say ” development,poverty, public service or corruption in rwanda good. can you say the same of democracy,of freedom(speech,thinking),of human right…?”

    Please don’t repeat the things that we in the West (US, Europe) want you to repeat, there is no definite model for development and understand that deep inside, we do not want you to develop. Yes democracy, freedom, human rights are great ideals, but they do not happen overnight, it is a process!! It took the West hundreds of years to get where we are today, and yet we require Rwanda on 16. Don’t you see the double standards at play? I repeat and i’ve said it numerous times, democracy is not a prerequisite for development.. Look at the Asian tigers, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China. What Africa need are strong benevolent, i repeat benevolent leaders.

  23. Bob. you are lying or a brainwashed probably both. Kagame took power with the help of clinton and allbright and UK. he did choose the USA and UK.As you know without the USA and UK , Kagame is nothing
    45% of rwanda budget depend of the USA and UK.
    The methane gas RESERVES and a PROSPECTING for oil don't make rwanda a africa economic power. Rwanda economy depend totally on USA, UK and rooted minerals from congo.
    Talking about HYPPOLITE KANAMBE aka JOSEPH KABILA, As you seem to knows everything about africa, can you tell me who killed LD KABILA and why?He is not the son of LD KABILA and SYFA every body knows that in congo and in rwanda.It is not longer a secret. He is a rwandan impostor in congo.A KAGAME agent in congo.He fought in FPR.He was put in power in congo by CLINTON administration to protect KAGAME. That why he is refuting the UN report.
    How can the FDLR rape people in territory under rwanda militia(CNDP) control,close to rwanda border?FDLR or CNDP are all rwandan no congoleses.

  24. Bob:
    First, you do not know that the nnature of trade offs China has to make in the "power house" may not include holding on to Kagame. If you are a good political science analyst, you need to know that it is only France, in the balance of power system, that can accept to go down the cliff with their man! Kagame is useful to China to the extent they can get Congo minerals and other raw matterials to China through Rwanda. Moreover, Kagame has control over a small part of the mineral. Did you know that China also sponsors FDRL? For your information, China is most likely looking for an alternative for Kagame. US!!!! yOU MAY WANT TO KNOW US foreign policy is premised on "pragamatism". What does not work has no value. Kagame does not work any more. Look at how even his neighbours like South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya are kind of isolating him!!! Do you know how regional politics works in Africa? You do not sound to know!!!

  25. I replied to Bob twice, there are gone. maybe someone flagged my posts. they can not stand the truth ANN.
    what can I do now?

  26. Bob:
    You talk of a leaked report and you conclude it should not be given any attention!!!! One must be a fool to agree with you, let alone thinking that way! Do you know the reasons why it "leaked" now and not a few years ago? Do you have any idea of the forces behind its "leak"

    Peacekeeing!!! lol! Did you know that there are many countries who have already tendered in their application to send peace keeping troops to Durfur!! There is a difference between Durfur and Somalia. Few countries would dare go to Somalia. But Durfur is another story! For your information, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, are all on standby to go to Sudan. You may want to remember that it is a money generating project for a country!!!

    Did you say that Anna should stop reporting because she does not know Africa and Rwanda in particular? What does knowledge mean for you? Do you want for some one to write about God he/she should first go to heaven where God is beleived to be living? Does writing about atoms require someone to become an atom? Fools can really enjoy in their paradise!! Bob, as your name suggests, you are simple uncle Bob

  27. No, you certainly were not censored, Congo Coalition. The only comments I ever delete are way too extreme, such as a death threat toward a writer.

    I don't know what happened to your comments, which I always value. Please repost them if you can. I'm sorry you're having trouble.

    Mary Ratcliff, editor
    SF Bay View

  28. hi bob,

    am following the thread, and your contribution to it, with interest. One caution. Kinzer's book on Kagame is to be read with care. His analysis is based on interviews with Kagame, and those he approved Kinzer to speak with. It does not paint an accurate portrait of the man.

    and see Marina Ottaway's work on benevolent leaders in Africa. She would disagree with you strongly.

    my broader comment is that your opinion as someone who has been in the field (Rwanda), it can hardly be disputed that Kigali is a bright and shiny beacon of development. The real question is whether you have left the comforts of your hotel room and your 4×4 to speak to Rwandan's who disagree with Kagame. I refer you, for example, to Amnesty's recent report on his government's use of ethnic divisionism and genocide ideology laws.

  29. When the hunter becomes the hunted!!! Who does not know of the genocide that was committed by Kagame and his men?It is UN that still needs "research" over that. Every dog has got its day

  30. Mary Ratcliff,

    Now I understand why I don`t see some of my postings. I`m not extremist but I remember taking on the so called JON for his insults towards Ann and everybody who is against Kagame`s system.I hope my comment was removed after JON had read it.He needs somebody to tell him the truth and the whole truth about his extremism and illness.

  31. Hmmm, I don't think I deleted your comment, Jeremie. When did you write it? I think it's been at least a month since I deleted anything, and I certainly wouldn't delete a comment that was supportive of Ann. I too strongly support her and her work and get angry when people attack her.

    Are there others whose comments have been deleted? This is looking like some strange kind of hacking.

    Mary Ratcliff, editor
    SF Bay View

  32. Mary. I think something weird is happening here. I talked about HYPPOLITE KANAMBE aka JOSEPH KABILA(the current president in congo) the rwandan impostor in DR OF CONGO.less than an hour my post was gone

  33. I hear you all, how ever i speak for those who cannot speak because there are no longer with us.i do support the work Ann is doing let the justice be. those who is ignorant and try to deny the reality of the situation. since the war started, innocent people were killed, those in Ruhengeli and Byumba who were slotted like goats. we heard the displaced people crying out telling us the horror story of the FPL back then and those victims were not accounted for what they did when they in-vended the country back then hutus were killed but in a clever way that no bodies were found only the loved ones knew the pain but no way to speak out.lot of people don’t speak out on the Kagame government deeds or killings, they fear for the loved ones who still live in country who could be persecuted for the family member who speaks out.those who still live there disappear day by day, being accused of crimes that they never committed or that they have genocide ideology what @##***is that?or who can escape that when you try to make your voice heard in what is supposed to be democracy and come oh yee you are spreading the racism!!?? all i want is peace, there is stories to be told out there but people are afraid to come out for the fear for they loved ones back home. peace to all may justice come to all. i cant wait for this report. keep the love yoo.

  34. Here's a quote from a cable that Shaharyar Khan, of UNAMIR, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda, sent to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on the 14th of October, 1994, regarding the famous Gersoni Report, which, if it was ever fully written, was never made public:

    "In a two hour briefing, Gersoni put forward evidence of what he described as calculated, preplanned, systematic atrocities and genocide against Hutus by the RPA whose methodology and scale, he concluded (30,000 massacred) could only have been part of a plan implemented as a policy from the highest echelons of government. In his view these were not individual case of revenge and summary trials but a pre-planned, systematic genocide against the Hutus. Gersoni staked his 25 year reputation on his conclusions which he recognized were diametrically opposite to the assumptions made, so far, by UN and the international community. Mrs. Ogata had accordingly advised that UNHCR should not encourage a return of refugees to Rwanda."

    I am disturbed not only by this history but by evidence that the same government and army guilty of genocide against Rwandan and Congolese Hutus in 1994 is continuing its genocidal project today. No one knows what happened to the 1500 or more refugees force repatriated across the Ugandan border, back into Rwanda several months ago. And this report on Colored Opinions, speaks of 26 Rwandan Hutu refugees who disappeared after repatriation and describes an ongoing genocide undertaken in "incremental massacres." http://coloredopinions.blogspot.com/2010/09/fdlr-

    I cannot prove that this is still going on, but it is very suspicious and unsettling and it does seem to me that no more Rwandan Hutu refugees should be repatriated, least of all force repatriated, into the hands of a government and army that stands accused of genocidal massacres of Rwandan Hutu refugees and Congolese Hutus.

    @Mary and congo coalition: Now let's see if that stays up. Strangely, the very same post just disappeared off colored opinions, so I'm about to repost it.

  35. Who made this comment about the Rwandan "peacekeepers"? Wasn't this you, congo coalition?

    "For your information, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, are all on standby to go to Sudan. You may want to remember that it is a money generating project for a country!!!"

    If that's true, why is Ban-Ki-Moon so very concerned to keep the Rwandan "peacekeepers" in Darfur? Could it be their special kills, as documented in the UNHCHR report?

    I am VERY VERY interested in this, but it must have been tucked into one of the reply comments because I copied it but now I can't find it again. Can whoever wrote that get in touch with me please?

  36. Ann: you say “For your information, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, are all on standby to go to Sudan. You may want to remember that it is a money generating project for a country!!!” loolll A money generating project? Where did you get that from?? There is no money in sending troops abroad only the possibility to increase your influence in the international community. FYI the US and AU mainly cater for logistics and the subsistence costs of the peacekeepers. However the two are often late in making their payments, this has forced Rwanda to utilize its own money on numerous occasion!!! This is not the first time Rwanda threatened to pull out!!! It made the same threats two years ago over the US and AU’s failure to meet their financial commitments. Money project, yeah right!!! The only thing that a country gains by sending troops abroad as peacekeepers is positive points with the international community; that’s it!!! Check this Ban Ki Moon is Rwanda as i am writing this note, litterally begging Kagame to keep his troops in Sudan!! If he had so many other options, do you think he would have made that move? Again, please check your facts…

    lusokewilly: Ouuh i don’t where to start. Let’s talk regional politics since that seems to be the area where you claim expertise. You say: “Look at how even his neighbours like South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya are kind of isolating him!!! Do you know how regional politics works in Africa? You do not sound to know!!!” Looll, how funny.. Where did you get the info that Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya were isolating Rwanda?? loolll. Please note the following, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi are part of regional bloc called the East African Community http://www.eac.int . It is at the moment one the fastest developing regional blocs on the continent. The five countries have a common trade regime (customs union) have just recently entered into a common market (free movement of people, capital, services) and are in the final stages of establishing a common foreign and defense policy. This means that if you mess with Rwanda you will mess with the five (think EU)!!! looolll Africans isolating Kagame?? That is pure BS.. Check the number of presidents that attended his inauguration; 16 in total you understand 16 (Boni of Benin, Goodluck Johnatan of Nigeria, Sassou Nguesso of Congo Brazza, Kabila of Congo, Kikwete of Tanzania, Kibaki of Kenya, Sirleaf of Liberia, pfff i am tired of writing!! Understand: His African peers love him!!!! They respect him because he has the audacity to stand up to the west! They respect him because he is developing his country against all odds using homegrown policies!!

    The fact that Rwanda-SA relations are not at their best doesn’t really matter much. South Africa is not a big player in Central and East African politics.

    susant: i did leave the confort of my hotel and specifically looked for dissenting voices. I proposed a thousand hills because it is the most accurate account to date of Kagame’s life. You tell me to read Marina Ottaway’s work on benevolent leaders in Africa i propose you read Dambisa Moyo’s book Dead Aid.. Either way i am still a strong believer that western style democracy is not what Africa needs today… Africa must mold our ideals of democracy to fit their specific local circumstances. It shouldn’t be copy and paste as we so often propose. As far Amnesty, i think that those organizations are a waste of time. They (human rights NGOs) always pounce on Africa because it is the only region in the world where they have some sort of influence. When Amnesty writes about Asian countries it gets no air time in the news, absolutely none, zero, nada… When it writes about Africa, it is equated to the word of the god by the likes of BBC, CNN, etc.. Always remember that the human rights NGO’s strive on conflict!! No conflicts no Human Rights NGOs..

    Kagame will one day go down as one of Africa’s greatest leaders right up there with the likes of Nkuruma, Lumumba, Sekou Toure, Nyerere…

  37. Bob. You don't have to tell us(african )what are good or bad for us. We know. We know that democracy is good for any society including africa, dictatorship is bad, genocide is bad. Africa does not need benevolent leaders ( what's idea…lol) We need democracy, strong institutions and good education.
    I know you are a kagame's fanatic. but you have to know that .it is a difficult time for Kagame regime. probably the beginning of the end. His god father Museveni did not show. Jacob Zuma and Eduardo santos were not there. Zero european or american or asian leaders ,that can be called isolated.
    Kagame can not stand up to west Bob. for he totally depends to USA, UK and some EU members(france).
    Kagame is the africa hitler, worse than mobutu and idi amin.

  38. @Bob Ladner

    You dare compare Kagame to those late african heros ? Come on man !! A criminal won`t become a heros except for those who are evildoers like him !!! Never, never ,never , Kagame won`t be recognized as a heros considering millions of people he killed in Rwanda and RDC.!!!

  39. it has been longtime waiting and watching!
    Time has finally come, genocide against Hutu in Congo. Extrimist tutsis are now counting their days bze the blood of rwandans is haunting them!

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