Review: ‘A Day Late in Oakland’


by Minister of Information JR

I recently watched the Zachary Stauffer documentary “A Day Late in Oakland,” which is about the murder of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey in August of 2007. It is truly a look into the mind of white power media spin-doctors and the diabolical plan, which was at one time named MK-Ultra, to define for the Black and Brown communities what is happening to us and around us.

The film focuses on his-story of Oakland, on the violence and drugs, on the reporting of Chauncey Bailey and on Dr. Yusuf Bey of Your Black Muslim Bakery – his good works in the community as well as the allegations against him before he passed away. It admits that Chaucey Bailey and Bey had a relationship when Dr. Bey was working with a group called Black Men First and Bailey was attending meetings and regularly reporting on its activities for the media.

It fails to talk about Cafe Axe in downtown Oakland, a place where Your Black Muslim Bakery did security, being the subject of one of Chauncey Bailey’s last unfinished stories. He went there regularly to do interviews about the extortion of Black clubs in downtown Oakland by the Oakland Police Department.

They fail to talk to Paul Cobb, publisher of the Oakland Post and Chauncey Bailey’s boss at the time he was murdered, saying he told investigating officers immediately after the murder that he thought the police were involved and they refused to write it down.

And, most of all, where were the interviews with Chauncey Bailey’s colleagues in the Black press? If they refused to be interviewed like I did for this documentary, it may have been because even when the documentary was explained on the phone, it sounded like a anti-Black propaganda piece.

Right in line with the Anti-Bakery Project – euphemistically called the Chauncey Bailey Project – and the U.S. government’s objectives for the MK-Ultra Program, the film, in the eyes of a fellow media-maker, is designed to engineer public opinion about what happened and who did what, why. This “unbiased reporting” omits a lot of major facts and people that are important to making this a well-rounded story.

It manipulates the need for Chauncy Bailey’s family to feel closure by interviewing his brother and sister. It features an interview with Oakland Tribune Managing Editor Martin Reynolds, who has Brown skin but that’s about it. He has never been known to speak from a Black perspective or make the metropolitan newspaper represent the interests of the masses in the Black community.

And it also features Chris Thompson of the East Bay Express, commonly called the Nazi Bay Express in the Black community, which is a racist, politically driven free white weekly with a modest circulation in the eastern part of the Bay Area. This publication has been known to regularly bash everybody from the Bakery, to the Black Dot, to Ishmael Reed, to myself, to Oakland City Councilwoman Desley Brooks, to Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, who are all power brokers in the city of Oakland and in surrounding areas.

The East Bay Nazi Express pushes Black performers and entertainers who make a point to appeal to white audiences, as well as providing promotional cover for gentrifiers of the Black community that come in the way of ideas, resident artists, thinkers and non-profits.

Notice I did not say they push thinkers in the Black community; I said performers and entertainers. They have never pushed self-determination for the Black community within their pages or on their website. They have pushed for assimilated dependence and local white domination within Oakland, which was at one time – not long ago – a chocolate city.

In fact, the Nazi Bay Express broke the color line when it hired Eric Arnold to be its first Black reporter near the turn of the millennium.

With all these bad ingredients, it is not hard to see why this movie hasn’t received accolades from respectable people in the Black communities of the Bay Area. This is not to say that history should not be objectively discussed, but it has to be done where all the variables are thrown into the equation, so that we can get a solid answer about what is happening around us and what happened in this case.

I think the filmmaker did a terrible job at presenting the whole story, and I think that KQED, which premiered it on Aug. 6, 2010, did a disservice to the community at large by handling such a delicate matter, the murder of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey, in such a negligent way.

I do think that this documentary should be studied, because it is very strong in the department of psychologically engineering ideas and connections. It is important for us in the Black community to study this, so that the masses can begin to build up a psychological resistance to this form of media terrorism.

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Note: “A Day Late in Oakland” airs again on Sunday, Oct. 17, at 6:30 p.m. on KQED Channel 9.


  1. On the day when an idiot, bigoted, minister has dared, and threatened to burn copies of one of the universe's most sacred Holy books, the Qu'ran, (and arrogant enough to think that he'd live after committing such an atrocity) let us not forget the information contained in the following links, which concern the murder of Paul Robeson via the U.S.'s 'chemical COINTELPRO': MK-ULTRA; and information concerning MK-ULTRA's infamous creator.

    Check out the following links:

    From: The Nation, 1999
    Paul Robeson Jr.
    The Paul Robeson Files

    From: Protest Net, 1999
    Did the CIA Poison Paul Robeson

    Paul Robeson & MK-Ultra

    Sidney Gottlieb and MK-ULTRA

    War Without Terms,

  2. Bailey was murdered by members of the Black Muslim Bakery. Yusef Bey was a racist and a rapist as proven by DNA evidence. His sons were murderers and thugs. These people preyed on black people 100%. Folks on this website should be ashamed to have this kind of article posted here. The bakery was a filthy place and generated murder all over the city. Bailey was murdered BECAUSE he was investigating the bakery for God's sake!

    How long are black people actually going to be conned by this militant racist nonsense? Are you seriously going to try to blame white people for the death of Bailey? It's pathetic. Take responsibility for your own failures or your successes will never be recognized. Stop covering up murder with false claims of racism and conspiracy. These are your people getting murdered. I call on the editors of this paper to take a stand on at least this this article.

    Here's something else that needs to end, meaningless titles. I'm a lawyer, I don't go around asking people to call me doctor or attorney before they say my name. You are no minister and Mr. Bey was no doctor. When you use a meaningless title, you expose your own feelings of inadequacy.

  3. Hey – John Mulligan:

    When are white people going to take responsibility for their regime change murders of John F. and Robert Kennedy? When are they going to take responsibility for voting into office mass murderer George W. Bush and every single murdering, racist U.S. president prior to him? When are white people going to take responsibility for the murders of millions of AFRIKAN people via the Middle Passage? How long is it going to take whites to acknowledge that your J.Edgar Hoover was a racist monster who single handedly destroyed any and all AFRIKAN people that he could, under the guise of 'national security?'

    How long is it going to take whites to take responsibility for the evils of the Ku Klux Klan? How long is it going to take whites to comprehend that Euro-Amerikkka is responsible for deliberate genocide amongst all peoples of color on the earth in their rabid attempt to own and control all of the earth's wealth for their own?

    How many more babies do you have to kill with your undepleted uranium bombs before you acknowledge your war mongering genocide, matricide, and fratricide? What about white responsibility for Abu Grahib? And your attempts to blame the Oklahoma bombing done by Timothy McVeigh upon Muslims? And that idiot white preacher in Florida threatening to burn the Qu'ran? And the U.S. government's refusal to comprehend the dangers in global warming – that they've created? What about your responsibility for creating weapons of mass destruction that leave buildings in tact and kill people? And when are you going to recognize that George W. Bush masterminded the entire 9/11 scenario?

    Who among whites of your ilk recognize that Bush-Clinton destabilization plans of the past and the present, especially when Bush wipes his hands on what ever is convenient after shaking hands with anyone AFRIKAN? How much oil and other resources of other peoples have whites stolen? How many prisons have whites built – and filled not with your own corporate murderers – but with people of color, predominantly AFRIKAN? And let us not forget that Hitler greatly admired Napoleon Bonaparte because that particular monster invented the first gas chambers by locking enslaved AFRIKANS in the holds of ships and burning sulphur in the holds until they were dead.

    Thankfully, Haitians defeated Napoleon, and his brother-in-law, and the English, and the Spanish, and threw them out of Haiti.

    How many more idiots are you going to 'select' like Arnold Schwartzenegger, Gray Davis, Hillary and Billy Clinton, Jerry Brown, and others of their ilk into high office? (Is f**king cigars a pre-requisite for responsible presidential leadership? How's the wording on that resume for that particular 'skill?') How many whites acknowledge the very close relationship that the U.S. government had – politically and financially – with Adolf Hitler and the German Nazi party? (Why, Bush's granddaddy was Hitler's personal financier, and Bush was and is stupid as a post, fucking and drinking his way through college to become a U.S. president in 2 rigged elections) Why did whites let Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun (a card carrying member of the SS and the German Nazi Party) work at McClellan and other U.S. Air Force bases and participate in something Franklin D. Roosevelt called 'Operation Paperclip' building rockets for the U.S.?

    Oh, and lest we forget – whites in the U.S. hooked Nazi Germany on eugenics, not the other way around…

    I could continue providing names, dates, facts, and figures of things white people are responsible for and refuse to admit to all day – including the fact that accusing AFRIKANS of racism is spurious, and rape is a military tool of war that has been utilized by occupying and invading Euro-Amerikkkan armies (among others) on a genocidal scale as the crime of power that it is, and has been utilized – and taught – as such since the first white terrorist invaders of ALL of the lands of the world belonging to ALL civilizations that were non-white.

    Attorney whatever your name is – do NOT attempt to bleat at AFRIKAN people about responsibility, for the truth of the matter is, if we peoples of color had strangled Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) the moment his diseased, lost, racist, genocidal ass first set foot on the island that is now AYITI (Haiti) on one side and the Dominican Rebpublic on the other, a great many people Indigenous to the island, AFRIKANS, and other peoples of color would still be alive and flourishing today, and capitalism and imperialism wouldn't have had that particular chance to gain a foothold in our world.

    And on the subject of meaningless titles: there are a great many corrupt attorneys in the world. You appear to be one of them.

    War Without Terms,

    • one minor point Malaika…the only reason we know anything about COINTELPRO is because it was exposed by some white people….ie. the Weather Underground, when they broke into the FBI offices in PA in 1971.

      It isn't a race war. Its a class war. Disadvantaged and exploited people of all colors, including white, need to stand together to oppose injustice against self-appointed royalty who have set themselves up to live off the toil of others ever since humans invented agriculture. The worst nighmare of the "ruling" class is that the poor of all ethnicities will stand together and fight.

      No Gods. No Masters.

  4. Dear Mr. Kambon,

    I'm just going to assume that you agree with my comments on the murder of Mr. Bailey since you refused to address a thing I wrote about the issue. You response is flawed, also, because you assume I'm white and that I would care. (Did you know that mixed race people are the fastest growing demographic in the country? Wow. How do you calculate their responsibility?) But here's the funny thing, are you saying that white people refuse to accept responsibility, and therefore, it's ok for murderers like the Beys to do the same? Interesting logic.

    For those of you here who actually care about this issue check out this site: I encourage you to decide for yourselves rather than simply be lead by the nose by another charlatan posing as a "leader".

    Here's an interesting and related question for you conspiracy theorists: Is it possible that this article is a setup for future jurors in the trials for those responsible for murder at Bakery? Think about that when Mr. Bey and his ilk use race to try and get you to acquit them for the murder of a black journalist who was killed for investigating Mr. Bey.

  5. The sinister "minister" of disinformation JR was on the phone with the suspect Yusef Bey the night before the murder. His involvement stinks to high heaven. His defense of a hate group is telling.

  6. "The lawsuit was filed against Bey, the bakery and Alameda County by a trio of women who’d been raised by the cleric and claimed he’d tormented and raped them while they were children.

    Kaufman may have died for stumbling upon one of Yusuf Bey’s dark secrets, according to the deposition.

    Days before he was shot, Kaufman walked into a bakery bathroom and discovered Bey raping a young boy, according to one woman’s testimony.

    Within days, the man she identified in testimony only as Usman was “blasted” as he was “sitting in the passenger’s seat” of a friend’s van.

    “I heard him say out of his own mouth that he walked into the restroom and saw Brother Bey sexually assaulting this young man,” testified the woman, who is identified in transcripts only as Jane Doe 1 because she’s a sexual abuse victim.

    Kaufman tried to intervene, asking the preacher what he was doing, Jane Doe 1 testified."

    I wonder how many of those young boys in the photo at the top of this article were molested or raped by Yusef Bey Sr….

  7. negroes murdedeing negroes and you have the gaul to blame whitey don't you realise that crime and bad behavior are probably genetic defects.

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