A long-standing code of silence inside the U.N. is coming to an end regarding what is probably the largest genocide ever since the U.N. founding: the genocide committed by the Rwandan Patriotic Front since 1990

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by Juan Carrero

On Aug. 27, the French daily Le Monde leaked the news that a long report by U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay of South Africa calls the “systematic, methodical and pre-meditated crimes perpetrated against the Hutu” by the RPF (Rwandan Patriotic Front) in Zaire in 1996-1997 “crimes against humanity, war crimes, and even genocide crimes.” The report has not yet been officially released but is already circulating freely.

The victims were “mostly children, women, the elderly and the sick.” The investigation looks at the crimes perpetrated in Zaire/Congo throughout the decade 1993-2003. Rwanda is not the only country incriminated. But, according to Le Monde’s Jean-Philippe Rémy, the RPF’s systematic extermination of Rwandan Hutu refugees and other Congolese Hutu – either by violent force or by systematically blocking food supplies sent especially to them – could be considered “the crux of the report.” At any rate, it is clear this extensive report is “devastating, especially for Rwanda,” as Christophe Châtelot, in turn, points out in the excellent cover article.

Nevertheless, both articles end by reaching the same major erroneous conclusion stated by most of the press articles that have appeared since the report was leaked: the need, they say, to establish a tribunal with jurisdictional authority over these crimes. Not only does such a court already exist but, on Feb. 6, 2008, it already issued arrest warrants against 40 RPF top officials who are allegedly responsible for the crimes in Congo referred to in the new U.N. report.

This court is Spain’s Audiencia Nacional (National Court) which, pursuant to the principle of universal justice, possesses full jurisdiction to prosecute this kind of crime. It is by virtue of this principle, for example, that the arrest of Augusto Pinochet was possible in London and that today the Interpol and the SIRENE network are acting on the 40 arrest warrants cited above. Let us also remember that the four Spanish Marist clergymen who were accompanying the Hutu refugees and who had previously condemned internationally this huge slaughter were murdered by the RPF in the Nyamirangwe refugee camp in eastern Congo on Oct. 31, 1996.

In my opinion, there are various other errors in Jean-Philippe Rémy’s article. Rémy is much too quick to endorse some interpretations of the motives behind the crimes that hardly match the facts and are at this point almost untenable today. The most outrageous interpretation states that “the Rwandan intervention sought to prevent the refugees from coming together and, led by the ‘genocidaires,’ rising in revolt to attack Rwanda from their refugee camps at the other side of the border, in the former Zaire. The approach was to empty the entire region. Part of the refugees will return to Rwanda, another will be killed at the camps, others will flee across Zaire where they will be hunted down.”

Could a huge mass of human beings consisting mostly of malnourished women, elderly people and children come together and rise in revolt? Besides, shouldn’t there be a mention of the other goals the RPF pursued with that slaughter – those that many honest analysts actually rank as the main goals? That is,

• controlling the mineral fields in eastern Zaire, exactly where the “annoying” refugee camps were located; putting an end to the presence and diverting the attention of the international community related to those fields, which could derail the plans these criminals and their powerful allies had in Zaire;

• “correcting” as far as possible the demographic imbalance between Hutu and Tutsi which the RPF viewed as excessive, while at the same time averting a big international scandal under the guise of “hunting down the genocidaires”;

• having a submissive and controlled Hutu population, devoid of intellectuals or leaders, repopulate some of the regions in Rwanda that the RPF “operations” had left so deserted that they could potentially become a permanent black mark for the RPF that the international community would readily decry.

Unfortunately, the U.N.’s 14-year silence has had tragic consequences. Thousands of conniving silences have allowed those criminals basking in the bogus moral halo of having allegedly halted the genocide by Hutu extremists in the spring of 1994 to continue causing, with utter impunity, tremendous suffering in Rwanda and Congo!

But the report, whose recent leak has spurred widespread international coverage, could be the beginning of the end for Paul Kagame, who at the time was already head of the RPF and is now also president of Rwanda. True, up to now, it has only been a leak.

But the facts of the report are now in the public domain, above and beyond the sequel of pressures, blackmails and deals about to take place from now on, hushed and behind the scenes of the high political and economic circles of our times, primarily with the purpose of eliminating the word “genocide” from the text. Indeed, at long last more and more analyses are appearing about this situation which some of us had already been analyzing 14 years ago as the incidents themselves were occurring.

Already as early as October 1996 and more pointedly from February 1997 onwards, we condemned the massive massacres of Rwandan and Congolese Hutu being carried out in true genocidal manner, the cremation of tens of thousands of bodies, the extermination through starvation etc. Our documents were signed by some 20 Nobel laureates, as well as by heads of the political groups of the European Parliament.

How could our world leaders not possibly have known of crimes on such scale? How could Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs not have known either?

We ourselves had those documents handed to Bill Clinton and others truly and ultimately responsible for this genocide. In addition to the diplomatic channels, Elie Wiesel, survivor of the Nazi extermination camps and Nobel Peace laureate, promised our colleague Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, a Nobel Peace laureate as well, to personally hand them to Bill Clinton in the meeting he was to have with the president shortly thereafter.

On the other hand, on Feb. 24, 1997, after my 42-day fast at the European Parliament in Brussels, I personally handed these documents to Abel Matutes ((He is currently one of the 12 Spanish members of the Trilateral Commission.)), native of Ibiza, who was Spain’s minister of foreign affairs at the time. Inocencio Arias, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was with him at that meeting. I, in turn, was accompanied by Mercé Amer, Socialist regional/autonomic secretary of Mallorca.

Spanish state television TVE vetoed the news of this meeting, where documents of such serious nature and signed by such prominent people were being presented to the minister. The Brussels correspondent of TVE came over to me and told me how badly she personally felt: She had been following our fast and admired what we were doing together with Commissioner Emma Bonino, but she added that the news had unfortunately been vetoed and that, much to her regret, she wouldn’t be able to film. ((The media, however, were allowed the photo-op de rigueur of that meeting. See Chapter 2 of www.pangea.org/olivar.))

As it was, heightened tension reigned at the meeting due to the assassination of three Spanish volunteers of Médicos del Mundo merely a few days before. We now know that the RPF perpetrated this crime, even though the strong propaganda machine of the international godfathers of this criminal organization had managed within hours to get the world media to attribute this triple murder to extremist Hutu once again.

Indeed, it’s so true that the U.N. report doesn’t make any major revelations that even now, after its leak, I will hardly be making any changes in the second edition of my book, “África, la madre ultrajada” (“Africa, The Violated Mother”). The news is not the fact that the RPF perpetrated a genocide on such a large scale. ((In the article mentioned above, Jean-Philippe Rémy comments on the statements made by one of the initiators of the report: “[T]here have been too many cases of massacres which have been concealed to the eyes of outside witnesses … These ‘concealed elements’ as well as those ‘things never said should have been brought to light a long time ago,’ the same source said. ‘It was well-known that this was a huge thing,’ the person added.”))

In this genocide, the count of ethnic Hutu, both Rwandan and Congolese, violently eliminated by the RPF since 1990 should be estimated at hundreds of thousands at least. The scale of this genocide is even much larger if we consider the millions of victims, not only Hutu but also from other Bantu ethnic groups in Congo – or simply “not Hima-Tutsi,” as the racist RPF elite calls them.

They died not only through violent force but primarily due to starvation and other reasons related to the aggressions inflicted on Zaire/Congo by Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi in their genocidal attempt to establish in that region an empire controlled by Hima-Tutsi clans.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights has merely investigated the tip of the iceberg of this genocide, since it has looked at merely 600 violent incidents only in Congo and only from 1993 to 2003. It is a genocide in which already as early as 1997 – that is, one year before the second and deadliest invasion – the report of the U.N. team headed by the Chilean Roberto Garretón documented the investigation of around 40 locations in Congo and put the death count at up to 100,000.

A hint of the scale of this genocide can be found in a report by the International Rescue Committee which estimates 5.4 million victims in Congo until 1997 – in excess of the normal mortality figures – due to causes related to the aggressions staged there.

That’s not the news. The real news is something else: namely, that in a move that breaks the code of silence that has reigned within the U.N. for too many years, the High Commissioner for Human Rights reveals that the U.N. Security Council and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Kofi Annan before him – the same parties who less than a year ago accused some of us of financing the genocidaires – have actually spent more than a decade covering up the continuous genocide carried out by the RPF from Oct. 1, 1990, until today, which probably constitutes the largest one since the U.N. was founded!

Jean-Philippe Rémy’s article cited above is entitled, precisely, “A Long Set of Obstacles to Justice and Truth.” As Glen Ford well said in the analysis he wrote shortly after the leak of the report, “Rwandan Crisis Could Expose U.S. Role in Congo Genocide,” ((Black Agenda Report, translated for Rebelión by Mariola and Jesús María García Pedrajas.)) we are facing “a political crisis that threatens to disrupt Washington’s plans to dominate the continent.

“At stake is not only the reputation of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, an alumnus of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, but the larger American strategy for militarization of Africa and exploitation of her riches. …

“Carnage on such a scale could not have occurred were it not for the connivance of the United States, which has nurtured Kagame at every juncture. …

“The leaked U.N. report cannot be put back in the bottle. Kagame, who labels all critics ‘genocidaires’ or apologists for genocide, is exposed as ‘the greatest mass killer on the face of the earth, today,’ as described by Edward S. Herman, co-author of ‘The Politics of Genocide.’ Kagame’s mentors and funders in the U.S. government, who aided and abetted his genocide in Congo, must be held equally accountable – if not more so, since United States corporations derive the greatest benefit from Congo’s blood minerals, and the U.S. military gains the most advantage from Rwandan and Ugandan services as mercenaries at America’s beck and call in Africa.”

The Rwandan government has reacted by making virulent threats, and the High Commissioner has postponed the report’s release until Oct. 1. The following weeks will be marked by a fierce struggle to delete the word “genocide” from the report, since this classification would require the immediate intervention of the international community.

The U.S. government must be held equally accountable if not more so, since United States corporations derive the greatest benefit from Congo’s blood minerals, and the U.S. military gains the most advantage from Rwandan and Ugandan services as mercenaries at America’s beck and call in Africa. – Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report

Nevertheless, something new is happening in this great conflict as a significant movement of pieces appears to be taking place on the board. Another fact also evidences this: The important Gersony report ((It can be found in “C:\Unearthed ‘Gersony Report’ the U.N. said it never existed” at The Proxy Lake. – mht)), up until recently eerily unavailable, suddenly surfaced this past Sept. 7. It is another honest report, done as early as 1994, but in this case by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

The report has remained suppressed since then and high-ranked U.N. officials even denied it had ever existed. It documents the systematic ethnic cleansing of Hutu, genocidal in nature, carried out by the RPF in the Rwandan interior ((The RPF first carried out the ethnic cleansing in the areas they were seizing in the spring of 1994, the same spring when the Hutu extremists were carrying out their own genocide of the Tutsi in the areas under their control. Primarily, however, it was the cleansing carried out by the RPF after its full-fledged victory on July 18.)) during 1994.

The investigative team led by Gersony examined the assassination of some 30,000 Hutu by the RPF, but only looked at crimes perpetrated during a two-month period and in merely three prefectures. However, similar to the recent report by the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, “[T]he massacres condemned in the Gersony report represented only the visible tip of a monumental iceberg consisting of hundreds of thousands of victims butchered by RPF troops since October 1, 1990 in the areas occupied by the military.”

Former Rwandan Foreign Minister Jean-Marie Vianney Ndagijimana makes this statement in his excellent book recently published, “Paul Kagame a sacrifié les tutsi” ((Editorial La Pagaie, pages 134-141.)) (“Paul Kagame has sacrificed the Tutsi”). Upon receiving a photocopy of the Gersony report, I asked him to confirm its authenticity, which he did, although he added that an annex is missing.

Jean-Marie Vianney Ndagijimana, of mixed Hutu-Tutsi descent, had testified in the lawsuit we filed at the Spanish National Court and is now the person responsible in France for the Intra-Rwandan Dialogue we have been sponsoring since 2004. This extraordinary Rwandan witnessed first hand the wheeling and dealing behind the suppression of the compromising report.

The entire horse-trading took place in the U.S. Department of State in early October 1994 between Hutu Rwandan President Pasteur Bizimungu from the RPF – albeit always under the watchful eye of “consultant” Charles Muligande – and Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs George Moose. Pasteur Bizimungu had actually gone to argue that “a ‘post- genocide’ was going on, while at the same time, the RPF military was getting away with massacring entire groups of people without the international community expressing any disapproval.”

Seeing George Moose’s excessively understanding reaction to the Rwandan president’s case, Jean-Marie Vianney Ndagijimana inferred what was going to happen with the Gersony report, as it indeed turned out: That meeting “sealed the fate of the Gersony report once and for all.”

Vianney Ndagijimana resigned from his post as minister a few weeks later “in order not to be an accomplice of the ethnic cleansing practises” and went into exile “to bear witness of this silent genocide, as disgraceful and reprehensible as the Tutsi genocide, and to publicly condemn it worldwide.”

Others didn’t act with such ethics and integrity: Kofi Annan, U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping at the time; Shahryar Khan, U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Representative to Rwanda; Timothy Wirth, Undersecretary for Global Affairs, including matters of human rights; Brian Atwood, director for Africa of USAID, which had financed the investigation aimed at determining whether the interior of Rwanda was equipped for the return of Hutu refugees.

Prior to the meeting of the Rwandan president with the assistant secretary of state, all individuals cited above had met several times with Jean-Marie Vianney Ndagijimana, on one occasion with Robert Gersony present. The former minister described that some of them had spoken very harshly to the Rwandan president. But the fact is that the Gersony report was suppressed and none of the people mentioned above ever condemned the terrible ethnic cleansing that had taken place nor the cover-up of such an important piece of evidence.

Kofi Annan showed the report to Jean-Marie Vianney Ndagijimana and even let him read it but refused to give him a copy. Thus, already back then the future U.N. Secretary-General knew very well that the theory of a double genocide was not wrong. And it is certainly far from being a form of negationism and hence a crime, as Ramón Lobo has dared state in the Spanish daily El País.

Good heavens! – daring to label as criminals Judge Fernando Andreu, who accuses Kagame and 40 top officials from the RPF of committing crimes of genocide, and now High Commissioner Navi Pillay, who signs the recent U.N. report!

Yet this journalist is not alone. Many are the know-it-all analysts, who have no qualms writing about any matter of the moment, even about conflicts as serious and complex as this one – or who, rather, have only listened to the powerful rhetoric of the Manichean official doctrine that resolutely maintains that the story of the genocide is one of genocidaires on the one side and noble liberators on the other.

On the contrary, Kofi Annan and current Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon know that the accusations made by Judge Fernando Andreu Merelles are well-founded: “crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes against individuals and property protected in the event of armed conflict, membership in a terrorist organization, terrorist acts, pillage of natural resources and the assassination of nine Spanish nationals.”

As we suspected and made public at the time, Ban Ki-moon’s efforts to bill genocidaire Paul Kagame as the superhero of the struggle against hunger and other evils plaguing our world have possibly infuriated and mobilized the group of people with integrity still to be found at that big organization which is the U.N. Let’s just hope that Navi Pillay doesn’t end up sacked for the same reasons for which others were ousted in former times: U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros Ghali, ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) prosecutor Carla del Ponte, among many others.

Jean-Marie Vianney Ndagijimana spent years wondering why the secretary-general had decided to embargo the Gersony report. In a meeting at the headquarters of the Tribunal of The Hague in November 2002, Carla del Ponte confirmed to him what he had been suspecting all along. The former minister writes in his book:

“[W]ithout avoiding [the subject], she acknowledged that this report was under the jurisdiction of the ICTR and that it should have ordinarily been included in the dossier of crimes perpetrated in Rwanda in 1994 by one of the warring parties. Unfortunately, she added, all efforts to obtain the Gersony report as well as various other U.N. reports providing evidence of the crimes committed by the RPF had proved to no avail up until then. She continued: ‘I sent an official request to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms Ogata, ((As I pointed out in my book, Sadako Ogata is also a member of the Trilateral Commission.)) asking her for that report, but I ran into a wall. …

“Carla del Ponte admitted that, in despair, she also requested that Robert Gersony be heard by the ICTR prosecutor – again to no avail. Once again the U.S. government expressed its opposition, ruling it inadmissible! As we can see, Paul Kagame enjoys the protection of one or more of the superpowers which have a veto right [in the U.N. Security Council] and are able to dictate its agenda at the heart of the U.N. organizations. You don’t need to be a wizard to know that the Clinton administration, surely embarrassed and ridden with guilt for having opposed the deployment of U.N. troops to stop the genocide, has preferred focusing on the bottom line of the massacres of hundreds of thousands of innocent Hutu civilians.” ((Pages 140-141.))

Let’s hope that the time has come; let us hope that those who pull the strings realize that sustaining this sham, this disgraceful impunity, is untenable at this point. We firmly believe that those of us outside the U.N. should help enable those upright individuals within the organization to keep it from serving the interests of the Trilateral Commission ((Almost everyone who has played a key political role in the Rwandan conflict has been or still is a member of the Trilateral Commission and/or has attended or attends the meetings of the Bilderberg Group: Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Kofi Annan, Madeleine Albright, Bill Richardson, Sadako Ogata, Susan Rice, Raymond Chrétien, Jean Chrétien, Hillary Clinton or Bernard Kouchner. This list does not take into account the higher number of members of the Foreign Relations Council or of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.)) and of other powerful and elitist groups instead of serving the interests of peoples. In this respect, we share the views expressed by Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and Mallorquinian Sen. Pere Sampol, who was vice-president of the government of the Balearic Islands and knows well the mazes of political intrigue.

At any rate, what I stated in the preface of my book might begin to prove true: “When this monumental tragedy gets the coverage it deserves in the big media, it will become one of the most embarrassing chapters in the annals of the United Nations, of the entire Western world, in general, and in particular, of José Luís Rodríguez Zapatero’s Socialist government.”

Spain’s prime minister, however, may still be able to change fate. He just needs to continue on the path he started by not meeting with Paul Kagame in Madrid; he just needs to refuse to co-chair together with this criminal the Advocacy Group of the Millenium Development Goals. He just needs to cooperate with Spain’s Audiencia Nacional on the legal proceedings against the 40 top officials of the RPF. He just needs to meet – at long last – with the families of the nine Spanish victims.

Juan Carrera of the International Forum for the Truth and Justice in the Great Lakes Region, a Nobel Prize nominee, has campaigned for years against impunity there. In 1996, he walked over 600 miles to Brussels and a year later went on a 42-day hunger strike in front of the European Union Council headquarters to persuade the EU to stop the atrocities in the DR Congo. With Spanish Sen. Sampol he successfully pushed for a lawsuit in Spain against members of the Rwandan government on behalf of Spanish victims who died in Rwanda after the genocide. The lawsuit resulted in the indictments of 40 of Rwanda’s current top and former military officials for genocide crimes and other human rights abuses. He can be reached by emailing info@stopimpunityinrwanda.org.

End impunity in Rwanda

Please join us for this late-breaking opportunity to greet three outstanding human rights activists:

• Peter Erlinder,

• Juan Carrero Sarlegui and

• Spanish Sen. Pere Sampol

and for an informal question and answer session on the most recent initiatives toward ending impunity in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

The panel discussion will be held Monday, Sept. 20, 6:30 – 9 p.m., at the Global Information Network, 146 W. 29th St., Suite 7E, New York City. To RSVP, call (212) 244-3123.

Former National Lawyers Guild president Peter Erlinder, International Forum for the Truth and Justice in the Great Lakes Region promoter Juan Carrero Sarlegui and Spanish Sen. Pere Sampol will be looking to meet with U.S. counterparts to discuss the latest developments in the Rwanda-Congo region.

“With the strong conviction that the truth is history’s most powerful force and that its might is independent from the smallness of the messenger, we firmly resolve to investigate and analyze what really happened in Rwanda and in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the last 14 years.” – VeritasRwandaForum

Messrs. Carrero and Sampol successfully pushed for a lawsuit in Spain against members of the Rwandan government on behalf of Spanish victims who died in Rwanda after the genocide. The lawsuit resulted in the indictments of 40 of Rwanda’s current top and former military officials, including James Kabarebe and Kayumba Nyamwasa, for genocide crimes and other human rights abuses.

These activists will provide information on their campaign and will discuss the recently leaked draft U.N. report indicating that Rwanda may have committed genocide and crimes against humanity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Since May 2010 and the arrest of Minnesota-based law professor Peter Erlinder in Rwanda, there has been a surge of international attention to Rwanda’s “genocide ideology” and the limits placed on freedom of speech.

Juan Carrera of the International Forum for the Truth and Justice in the Great Lakes Region – called the soul of the campaign – has been working for years against impunity in the Great Lakes Region, trying to bring Rwandans together to rebuild the country. He was proposed as a candidate for the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize. He has written books, articles, and he went on a hunger strike in Brussels to attract the attention of the European Union and force them to get involved in the DR Congo to stop the atrocities.

Spanish Sen. Pere Sampol i Mas of PSM-Entesa Nacionalita fully supports this campaign and has been very active in demanding official answers from the Spanish government on this issue. He has traveled with Juan to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to see the situation and the people’s condition first hand. To learn more, visit http://www.bastadeimpunidadenruanda.org/.

Please join us in welcoming these distinguished guests.


    • Claudine;
      So then can you explain why Habyarimana who decided to exterminate tutsi as you state, died before these tutsi be killed? Silly…

      • You are such an idiot that you think that one has to be present to execute a plan.He had set a plan and it was exexuted by his followers.Silly too.

    • Claudine i think you must be a tutsi advocate who does not see the light .The so called Tutsi from being casual labours in the cattle keepers corridor in Uganda for saw many years and cleaning toilets now think they have reached the heaven even Kagame was a useless person in the socieety and a cop in Gulu and Kitgum in Uganda and he should thank his god father Kaguta Museveni who is also from Butare -Rwanda . I lived with the Tutsi and know them in and out they are pretenders ,laugh with you but very dangerous people even where i work for an international media company one tutsi has been planted and has befriended the Senior Managers to the extent of telling us not to use the word Tutsi in our news items .Its true right from their exile stay in Uganda the Tutsi were determined to kill all the Hutu something which was in their mind set and even today a child born to a Tutsi is told that number one enemy is a Hutu

      • Mike
        Go to hell,you think like a very primitive Hutu militia down in the jungles of DRC. Yes, Kagame might have been nothing in a foreign country as a result of the killing ways of Hutus. Had many of them not run away, we would be finished completely. Remember you shape who you want to be, as long as you are focussed, anything is possible. Kagame and his friends focussed, they never lost hope and look where they are today!!

    • Claudine are you seeing those pictures of that woman laid slain on this article.she resembles some of my relatives I wish I could know where this place was I could go for DNA and see if it is not one of my relatives. Kagame planned to establish Tutsiland but Hutus as docile they are they never bothered. look at them now it has been 16 years under the brutal rule of Kagame but they dont move because they have no breaking space I hope th God of Rwandans will save us from this yoke imposed on us by USA-UK as He saved our grand fathers after 400 years of serfdom and SHIKU numujishi oh God of all gods save Hutus are in deep suffering

    • Congolese Hutu are descendent of rwandan Hutu who have immigrated to congo before and after independance.Note also that some of the eastern part of Congo where part of Rwanda long time ago before UN set up countries limits after the Second World World.So before that time there were Hutu and Tutsi in some territory of congo and after that time those people became congolose.

    • Ann, i thought you are an expert on Rwanda or call it Great lakes region's issues.One would not imagine the whole Ann Garrison to ask such a naive question.Where is the expertism then that qualifies you write about Great lakes region especially Rwanda.

      • so Nyiramama Claudina, why did Habyarimana not kill these hate mongoers Tutsis and yet he had all 24 years ruling? Tutsis with USA UNDER cLINTON established a map road to exalt their control over all other tribes in the region by planning to establish a Tutsiland or Hikaland as some cal it whose the capital was supposed to in RWAMAGANA kibungo. this is why Nyerere helped Museveni to rule Uganda, and they helped to kill Habyarimana, Ndadaye, and Ntaryamira, and Kabila senior with the hope to go and Kill De Santos but the God of all gods faulted their plans which feld to meterialize when Kabila senior opposed it and he was killed in the process. I have never met people who are so evil like Tutsis who think they are the best species on earth

  1. Claudine,

    You should be ashamed of yourself to say that Habyarimana wanted to kill all the Tutsis. Do you mean to say that there were no peace loving Tutsis who loved their country in Rwanda before Museveni and Kagame decided in 1990 to install the exiled Tutsi extremists to kill and hence rule Rwanda?

    Claudine, you should understand the Hutu/Tutsi problem in Rwanda, and be sure that this murderer Kagame and his backers are not fighting for Tutsis but for the power to keep and guard their ill gotten wealth in this short period they have been in power.

    Is Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa a Hutu to be targeted by Kagame's assassination squad? Kagame is an extremist criminal who will stop at nothing to hide his blood soaked past and hands. Be sure!

    • No one should insinuate that the Rwanda Hutu/Tutsi problem is too complex for outsiders to understand. This is a convenient excuse to rationalise murder. Like science, criminal culpability and actionable evidence, under international law established since the Nuremberg and Manila trials, is not fiction.
      Does anyone in this world, including his patrons and admirers, still think Paul Kagame is just a victim of propaganda, revisionism and jealously or? Or is there, considerable ground to concede some independent investigation of his record is now necessary and inevitable?
      The ultimate test for the war against impunity is Western nations to demonstrate that they can isolate Kagame and not sacrifice justice on the altar of the realpolitik of strategic interest. What has Spain done on the diplomatic front following the findings of its judiciary? Why do the Spaniards appear cowed and meek in this accumulated matter.
      The West will only demonstrate its claims to high ideals when it begins to shun Kagame the way it has isolated Robert Mugabe and Omar Hassan al Bashir and not by bending to the whims of lobbyists supporting Africa's most gruesome and labourious mass murderer.
      Saad, Nairobi

    • Exactly,Kagame is not into Tutsi/Hutu thing,he is consolidating all people as one thus a contradiction of all of you who go blowing your ill intentioned comments that Rwanda is ruled by Tutsis and that they went into congo to kill Hutus.If you think that Kagame is not against Hutus then where is the justification that he was hunting Hutus in DRC? ?

  2. Ann-Garrison,
    The term "Congolese Hutu" means exactly that.
    In Congo there are indigenous Hutus like there are Hutus in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi. These are the people who have lived together in harmony for hundreds of years until Kagame and Museveni decided to exterminate them by forcing their minority, stinking extremist rule on them.

  3. This article is disgusting!!. I am a Rwandan hutu myself, but all these twisted minds such as Peter Erlinder and all other misguided individuals. What is your interest for a country you don't belong to. If you really care, where were in 1994. The solution will be solved by Rwandan people only. Not by outside negative forces.

    • Pour MEZA

      A true HUTU cannot qualify other people' ideas "disgusting " or use insults like" go and hang,….".
      He (a true Hutu) aslo understands that activists are not interested in our country but in peace of all its citizens and equitable justice.
      A true Hutu does not speak lies for the sake of survial.He speaks the truth even if he sees and faces danger.. for the sake of others.
      Dear Brother /sister, the fact that Rwanda imported "Pastor Warren "for presenting our issues to the throne of grace makes me think twice.and
      The way Bishops , pastors and Priests are not trusted by their own country(Rwanda) for prayers, the same way Rwandans need intervention of foreigners for their solutions.
      May God completly remove the spirit of arrogance in all of us .In Jesus Name

      • Rick Warren is another gospel of prosperty hell I dont know where he will go when God call people for judgement this pastor has all the innocent blood on his hands and he uses his dirty hands to carry the whole bible. he is a warmonger and money monger pastor a lost one

    • Meza we cannot have a hutu who thinks like you if you are one then you have been brainwashed by Ingando of Kagame therefore you are no longer a human being but a puppet who are pushed around like a wheelbarrow. you should be put in jail in Rwanda because you are nothing but a cabbage moving

    • Oh please Meza, you should be greatfull that people like those you cited are still existed! What have you done as so called rwandan to bring a solution to your proble. I am sure you even don't know where and how to rech the UN (I am not insulting though!)
      You can answer me here: bmpapy@yahoo.co.uk

  4. @Meza seems to be one of those cited by Pierre Péan, tought to lie …What kind of hutu are u, when I have many relatives, my gd pa, gd mum of 90yrs old; killed by RPF in Zaïre, my unties who could not run because of their age! Let the report be released and then the accused have to defend themselves upon evidences.

  5. Claudine you appear to be supporting the killers -tutsi .Let me inform you that now time of true has come and Kagame and his godfather Kaguta and their sons Kabila and Burundi president.The great lakes region can be united and people live in harmony once these tutsi are eliminated remember the tutsi were casual labours in Uganda and now they want to be seen as champions and champions everyting has a beginning and an end get prepared and even Nyamwasa shoule be tried because he is also the bird of the same feather when a villager sees light it s big a problem

  6. i am watching with very open mind the turning point of events, the hunted is now the hunter, kagame hunted down innocent and peaceful people of rwanda, causing so much pain in the hearts of many tutsis and hutus and it seems time is up and its catching up with him very nicely, some tutsi chauvinists should be wary of the situation. I am a tusti myself and when i see some perverted minds trying to- hang on a murderer i feel pain, please let him go, he is contaminated by the blood of the innocent that he shed!

  7. Paul Kagame is a war criminal and should be hanged from the nearest butcher's hook. He is no different from the Hutu extremists he fought against. He is a cold and deranged despot and dangerous. He seems to love the smell of blood but it is astounding how and why the West has appeased him for almost two decades. He ought to be stopped before he kills himself.
    There is a treasure trove of evidence all over the world waiting for the right time and opportunity to be unveiled when Kagame's day in court will arrive.
    In 2001 a Kenyan judge Mbogholi Msagha ruled after three years of investigation that Paul Kagame ordered the killing of former Interior minister Seth Sendashonga, murdered in Nairobi on March 16 1998. The Kenyan criminal investigation authorities possess mountains of information about the killing of Theoneste Lizinde, David Akiki Kiwanuka and about ten others, mostly Rwanda defectors, exiles and former spies, kidnepped or killed in Nairobi and other towns.
    Kagame's end must be hastened. After him the World should pursue his patron Yoweri Museveni- the Real Butcher of the African Great Lakes.
    Saad, Nairobi

  8. Ann Garrison and your Hutu propaganda backed by your blood thirsty Hutu henchmen

    I support Kagame 100%…some Americans like Ann Garrison with the support of the UN and staunch genocidaires crammed up in America and Europe have a plan to reverse the history of the genocide but this will not work. Its documented that Hutus slaughtered Tutsis like chicken and now they want to shift the guilt. This is something you guys are determined to do but to a person like me who lost almost all my family at the hands of once good hutu neighbors will not fall for this cheap crap traded by the likes of ANN GARRISON. I instead hold you in contempt and I can assure you that your efforts will not pay off.

    Kagame is a hero who saved us the minority Tutsis from extinction. Had most of the Tutsis not fled to Uganda, Zaire, Tanzania and other countries, by now the hutu plan to tactically exterminate Hutus would have been accomplished. Habyarimana had almost wipe out those that stayed and the few(read close to a million) who were still alive were slaughtered by panga-wielding interahamwe, worse still they would have been wiped out even if the genocide had not happened the way it did.

    The Hutu plan was to tactically eliminate Tutsis by denying them services and dumping them in a tse tse fly infected Bugesera district. They would then die out without the world raising a finger. When Kagame and his troops came, to us who remained, was a messiah whose job was to save us. When he conquered Kigali, the guilty blood soaked panga wielding hutu men fled with their families into the jungles of the DRC. Those that were not party to the crimes, stayed and today they have peacefully co-existed with the Tutsi refugees that returned in hoards from different countries.

    Under the leadership of Kagame, Rwandans managed to forge ahead, work for their country's development and leave together in harmony. But still the guilty conscious that fled wanted to return and cause havoc and Kagame did not buy any of their plans. He followed them to the jungles of DRC and engaged them. This is a war we are talking about mind you not just hunting people. We are talking about machine gun panga wielding experienced killers. As it is in all wars, some people have to be sacrificed, those that RPF killed were killed on the frontline, just like RDF soldiers were equally killed by these maniacs.

    Since, thousands of civilian innocent people that had been dragged into the jungles by these Ex-FAR and interahamwe have managed to return back to Rwanda, knowing how their country is thriving. They have been resettled and oh….a number of former Generals who commanded killer gangs during the genocide have also voluntarily returned and they have been reintegrated in the army.

    As a survivor, I was not comfortable when Kagame started showing mercy to all these killers but later i noticed how important it is to forge ahead as Rwandans and put the past behind us. I welcomed the idea.

    However there are still many Hutu's out their with a bad heart, like all these friends of ANN GARRISON. Their plan remains one-eliminate the Tutsi. There are also still many out in the jungles of DRC. I am of the view that for 17 years now, and there are such people still with such intentions, who have turned down a chance of returning peaceful (it is still open), its now that Kagame should enter the jungles of DRC, hunt them down and kill them because for 17 years, they are already stone hearted and will not change.

    Hunt them down, kill the blood thirsty bastards before they return to cause havoc and let the UN losers add a fresh chapter into its nonsensical report.

    Hutus did not have any good plan for Tutsis apart from killing us

    • Earl. When you write you purport to belong to an articial category of those, supposedly, benefitting from Kagame's liberation credentials. I suppose that beyond your tribal tag you are struggling like other Rwandese. Do you believe there are natural killers and natural victims in Rwanda's complex logic of murder? I do not think so for I believe there is a Tutsi or two at the ICTR who served the Habyarimana regime. And there were countless Hutu who perished at the hands of the interahamwe.

      Your line of logic is impossible to sustain especially if the intention is portray Kagame as the paragon of all virtue and liberator par excellence which would mean that all these reports stating otherwise are just the revisionism of people who hate the Tutsi or are jealous of Kagame or perhaps this is another international conspiracy against the Tutsi who in this case are being deliberately held hostage to a phantom ideology that Kagame is their saviour and that anyone else is their murderer waiting in the shadows to finish the genocide.
      You ought to be objective and address the issues being raised instead of hiding behind a false argument because this tactic is no longer working even for Israel.

    • Munyana , may you receive Christ ,who I believe died for you,as your savior and not any mortal human being because the day the man flies away you' ll become saviorless lady and helplessly helpless in the hands of the wicked one.
      I think you are not a Tutsi because I stay in the midst tutsi who do not share your opinions . I also know tsutsi hidden by Hutu and who are actually against extremism. I also heard Hutu who lost their lives because of their fellow Tutsi.

    • Munyana whether you support Kagame because you drank our relatives blood together or not you are all criminals you should go hang people. you like killing and it thrills you when you see the neck of a hutu child is hanging God is with us even you enslaved our grandfathers 400 years but later we freed ourselves it will not take that long before we are back to our freedom.

    • @Munyanaa, hahaha I have just to laugh at you.Hutus have always been good people to their neighbors but Tutsis are snakes you cannot accommodate them when you feed them milk they always spit blood because their heart and stomachs are full of hatred and arrogance. I know all Hutus who think like Kagame who believe that Hutus were born to serve Tutsis like Munyana support Kagame but those Tutsis who know how to analyze the situation are together with Hutus who want to see a free Rwanda where a Tutsis is respected as a human being and likewise for Hutus. I remember the way when a Hutu marries a Tutsi woman she can never accept to be impregnated by their Hutu husbands, when they are in their ovulation they always go back to sleep with their cousins so that they conceive a tutsi child not a hybrid of Hutu and Tutsi. If they dont get their cousins they don't mind sleeping with their brothers they cannot afford allowing themselves having a hutu children. and they always marry rich Hutus because they are after money.that is how evil this people are until they change their perception about Hutus that is when we shall have peace otherwise they are hard to tame.

      • RwandaWatch

        You suck,you are sick…you are a piece of shit!!You are a murderer,your hatred for Tutsi supersedes that of Bagosora. You are still backward but thank God we have left people like you behind. You will rot in whichever country you are in because in Rwanda no one thinks primitively like you do. Tutsi women are adorable beautiful and elegant, thats why Hutu men run after them—-Who is hard to tame?Tutsis or Hutus?Most like you Hutus are animals…their craving for killing is just mega but
        their killing ways will not work. The same people that liberated this country are still very much around and will stay for quite long,until people who think like you die out!!

  9. @Earl Munyana: Hmmm. I just read that you seem to believe this article is:

    "Ann Garrison and your Hutu propaganda backed by your blood thirsty Hutu henchmen."

    I didn't write this. Spanish human rights activist Juan Carrero did. I've just been studying it carefully, trying to make sure I understand Carrero's arguments and asking a few questions.

    I neither edited it nor arranged its publication.

  10. @Saad Koshan

    I dont know who you are,of course that name shows you are masquerading as Saad Koshan but the real person behind the name is most like one of the extremists I am talking about. Please desist from giving me your cheap arguments of some Hutus who hid Tutsis and some Hutus were also killed. You killed them yourselves because you thought they had betrayed you. I was there, I saw this, I was 16, I saw a gang of men tell a man to kill his wife and children because they were Tutsi, and so you want me to believe the so called sanity you want to portray.

    I will not blame you if you are a foreigner because most probably you dont know what you are talking about but if you are a Rwandan, you are one of those who want to rewrite history. Save me from your trash. Of course above I said some Hutus died too but most of them died at the hands of their own.

    ..and you say that I am struggling? Oh yes, I am, I work, I strive like anyone else and I live a decent life, tell me if Habyarimana used to put food on everyones table and they would only sit back and eat?You must be crazy–or you dont understand the meaning of struggle.

    Well, if I am to go by your meaning, oh yes I am doing so and the most important thing, Kagame has given us the atmosphere to struggle (read work), he has opened us doors to the world, he has given us necessary requirements to enable us work, education, technology, infrastructure, affordable housing, water, electricity et cetera.

    @Nzeyimana, so you know Christ? No, you dont. At the hands of wicked ones—-who do you mean?Hutus? Or please, save me from that nosense. Kagame and RPF are here to stay.It will never happen again. RPF is not Kagame, he will go and RPF will stay—thats a fact Sir!!

    @ANN Garrison…..Yes I saw it is Juan Carrero, the Spanish racist whose plan to humiliate Kagame in Spain almost worked out. He is nothing but a racist, black hating Spanish rogue who masquerades as a Human Rights Activist.

    My Point is, you are always quick to subscribe to such kind of documents, and I doubt your claim that you had no hand in its publication!!You might just be a racist too who loves seeing Africans in turmoil under the claim of activism.

    • Thanks for your reply, notwithstanding your grammar troubles. I am not masquerading as anything. it is you who is purporting to know everything on this matter which sounds suspect. you are trying to behave as if you are Kagame's spokesman. I do not need to be a rwandan to understand rwanda or its genocide. please respond to issues raised without insulting those who question you.
      Besides you appear to have been too young to understand what really happened during the civil war and genocide.
      apparently you have been fed on years of one sided version of events. There is no difference between Hutu and Tutsi extremists. they are, normally, all ill schooled and half travelled.
      By the way do you think Kayumba nyamwasa should be extradited to Spain? And do you also consider Carla Del Ponte a racist also? What about Blair and Clinton? What will the latter two become when they abandon Kagame in the high seas?

      • Saad "Sad" Koshan

        I bet my grammar is better than yours…and to say that at 16 I was young, how about 15 year old Hutu boys who were hacking people to death??If you want my view on Kayumba, NO….he should not be extradited to Spain and he will not be,thats the patronizing attitude of foreigners that we want to do away with. If he has anything to answer,it has to be in an international court/tribunal or in Rwanda and not in a Spanish court. Kagame is an astute leader and he was not made by Blair or Clinton, they were drawn to him by his character!!

  11. I lost all my relatives, my friends, my teachers, in Congo, I hope one day the justice will be done; I just keep praying so that Kagame can at least from now stop killing inside and outside Rwanda. so that he can stop sending security services wherever hutu populatons live such as in refugees camp, Congo,Uganda, Malawi,Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

    • I also lost all my family at the hands of the Hutu extrimists in 1994.My hope is that all those hutus who are still on the ran can be brought to justice.
      Ofcourse if you are still on the run with those who killed , you always imagine that they have caught up with me and you run even further.Thats whhat has happened to you Dunia.You ought to come home and witness justice, unity and reconcilliation.

    • Dunia I lost everything and everyone in Tingi tingi and these animals they still think that they are the ones who lost most.I hope one day justice will come but hutus should not sleep, wake up eat, drink, and have sex they should stand for their right there is no other people who will say our problems except ourselves. it is a high time to call upon the young people and their sisters to come and help us liberate Rwanda. we havek to talk Kagame is not going to call us young people who are less than 30 to be genocidaires as he has been using it against our brothers and fathers. this is the time to stand up me as a woman I have decided to mobilize other hutu women and tutsis who are not like claudine to stand up and liberate Rwanda but organizing conferences on the issue of Rwanda and DRC, public talks so that the world knows what is going on in Rwanda. people dont know how evil Kagame is until we tell them Ann is not enough we should not continue waiting for one person to tell our story. go people and right on Wikipedia what is going on in Rwanda about the History of Rwanda the history of Kagame use the UN LEAKED REPPORT as references and other good writerslike Ann Garson's articles lets have an information movement about Rwanda which will shake the world of academicians

  12. What are sides? where are the kangura's , RTLMs of the sides you claim to be existing.The fact that the Hutus for so long preached the hate and killing of Tutsi and indeed ,they did it live on camera.Now the sin of killing innocents has caught up with them , so they are trying to invent another genocide? where??

  13. Hatred among Rwanda people will never end because USA-UK supported to promote it so having imposed Kagame and Kangaroo laws on us Rwandans by calling us names as extremists, genocidaires, negationists will not resolve what underlies Rwanda problems now Rwandans are no longer under opression of intimidation from Kagame we can write at night from the top roof of our houses and tell the whole world how these people are evils. Ttuss wanted to establish a Tutsiland where all hutus were destined to work in their farms they wanted to enslave us again as they did to our granfathers. now its a different time. USA will not always support Tutsis people will know the turth

    • You are a racist too, RwandaWatch. Your words are the perfect example of why people should reflect on their own hatred and start correcting themselves.

      Your hatred towards Tutsis is appalling.

      Just stop your hatred, will you? So what "if the US will not always support Tutsi". What will happen after they are not supported anymore? Another genocide? Are you still stuck in the feudal 19th century? Enaugh! Nobody will enslave you, stupid. Get over your useless paranoia. The goal is that everyone will be free, and this will definitely not be achieved by hatred. Think about it.

  14. Earl Munyana, I am sorry to hear that you lost your family during the 1994 genocide. Me too I lost some of my family members and friends during the 1994 genocide. But what I may tell you is that 1996 – 1997 Kagame Paul killed a big number comparatively to ones died in 1994. God will not tolerate every hand with blood in it. People who killed in 1994 have to be punished , also people who killed 1990,1992,1994,1996,1997 until now have to be punished. I was in Rwanda 1990, 1992,1993,1994, I saw with my own eyes also what happened in Congo. I was very young in December 1996 the Army of Kagame came , they were speking Kinyarwanda and Swahili, what they did is a planned genocide. Do know what they said " We gonna kill u, u hutus bad people" They killed Kids, woman, Old people young people. I was there They tried to kill me but they thought I was died but God was there to protect me. It was a planned genocide by professional. Before this report comes I was always asking God ," If you exist why do you forget those innocent people killed in Congolese Equatorial jungle? But God is there. It was in a hidden place. But now every thing is known by the whole World.
    My opinion is this every person who has blood in his hands has to be punished. I will continue to pray my Almighty God so that those Innocents Killed by the Army of Kagame my find justice. People who continue to say that the army of Kagame didn't commit a genocide I would advisee them to keep silent. I was there, Where I was He killed more than 50000 thousands people. If you meet me I may show you how they tried to kill me in that terrible jungle. Where I was they killed people more than 3 hours. They were using machettes, guns and saying terribles words from their boss (Kagame). Briefly, The author of 1994 genocide have to punished but also the author of 1996 and 1997 genocide has to be punished. This is what I call justice.

  15. I seem to agree with earl Munyana. First of all Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda are trying to work out their differences that led to the genocide. murderers now are living side by side with their victim survivors. wounds are still fresh, but what bothers me is that foreigners such as Peter Erlinder, Ann Garrison, Juan Carrero, and others are stirring things up. So amazingly that in 1994 nobody ever heard of these people when the whole nation was soaking in blood. Now that peace beginning to emerge they are now brewing genocide part II in the guise of human right activists.

  16. @Earl, Do waste your time commenting on this journal. The reason is simple: this website is biased and ill informed. Virtually all its editors are hell bent on portraying a bad image of Rwanda. To make matters worse it appears that it now serves as a convergence point for former Hutu Genociders and FDLR sympathizers.I am sorry but comments such @Rwandawatch smell like hutu propaganda to me- similar to the things that were broadcasted by RTLM radio during genocide. Ann, i am very much afraid that without knowing you are making genocider friends, be very careful who you deal with.. I mean you don’t even know what a congolese hutu means, lool. It is a very complex war… Study go on the field, listen to different people before you make inacurate conclusions.

    In conclusion, i would like to state, do not get your hypes up. Rwanda is doing wonderfully. I have the chance to visit on a number of occasion. It is my sincere hope that the country never allows the likes of HRW derail your plans. Human rights organizations strive on conflict. No conflict no Human Rights Organziations. There is almost an obsession in those organizations to always portray Africa in a bad light in order to justify their jobs. In Asia the view of HRW is worthless. They couldn’t give a damn…. The only region in the world where they have some sort of influence is Africa. Understand: Kagame is a visionary leader. His commitment to developing Rwanda is absolutely unquestionable!!! A visit would turn even the biggest skeptic into a believer!! The country is taking strides in eradicating poverty. Corruption is almost non-existent. Buildings are springing up right and left. Public services are some of the best in the region. Primary education is accessible to all. I mean Kagame has achieved in 7 years (2003-2010) what Habyarimana has failed in more than 30!!!
    And don’t tell me; what about democracy?? Democracy is crap… it doesn’t work in Africa and is not a prerequisite for development. Check singapore, thailand, vietnam, china. All are autocratic regimes that developed through strong benevolent leaders. What is of interest to me is the welfare of the people. Are Rwandans faring better today then they did 10 years? And to that, the answer is a BIG YES!!!

    This website should be removed from the internet. By its bias nature, it promotes hatred. I feel that it lacks professionalism and definitely resources both human and financial to carry comphrehensive reports on the region. I mean, none of its editors has ever been to the region!!! Some are even asking what are congolese HUTUS,looll…

  17. What happened in the DR Congo in 1996 and 1997, when the victorious offensive of troops of Kagame and Kabila, who was to seal the collapse of the Mobutu regime, therefore, not similar or even remotely close to a genocide.
    Words have meaning, and there was a genocide of Hutus would have required that the conditions that surrounded the Tutsi are being repeated. Thorough preparation, ideological support, media relay, setting up lists, systematic murder, etc.. Not only is there no such thing occurred, but 70% of the Hutus of Rwanda have never left the country and over 80% of those who fled have returned since 1994.
    If the intention of RPA (Rwandan troops) was to exterminate Refugees Hutu in the then Zaire nobody could escape. Instead they created safe corridors that lead to their home land (Rwanda). More than 2 millions were repatriated in so short time.

  18. Kanambe is protecting his Tutsi brothers who have been killing, raping and plundering our resources in Congo-Zaire, Kunda, Jean Bosco Taganda and Mutebusi those three are Tutsi (Rwanda) they are responsible of the crime taking place up to this day in the Kivu region of Congo-Zaire, but Hypo Kanambe the so called democratic president that was imposed on Congolese people by the western through a fake election, which in reality was a simple selection, Kanambe does not care for the well being and protection of Congolese people.

    We know the name of the game played by the so-called powerful/civilized nations, which is "Blaming the victims and praising the killers".
    There is no diamond, cobalt in Rwanda, but today this tiny country has become a big producer of minerals that it does not possess, can you explain it? Yes, I can, Rwanda with American corporations (Most of those corporations belong to Bill Clinton’s friends) are taking advantage of the chaotic situation in my country to plunder and illegally exploit our resources.

  19. Mr. Clinton, Mrs. Madeleine Albright and Koffi Annan are the number one responsible for the untold genocide committed by their puppets Kagame, Museveni and Kanambe in my beloved Congo-Zaire.
    Clinton is a dangerous "Sneaky and quiet killer”, he has my people blood in his hand. The war in Congo-Zaire was conceived by his government and executed by Rwanda and Uganda.

    Rwanda and Uganda fought in Kisangani (Congo-Zaire), they killed my people, but Clinton was the first to praise both president (Kagame and Museveni) and described them as the "Leaders of Africa renaissance", what a lie!!!!!

    No matter what you do to cover your schemes and scam, the truth will prevail and there is no such thing as secret under the sun!!!!
    Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Koffi Annan, Kagame, Museveni, Kanambe and all who have contributed to the genocide in Congo-Zaire will stand before the King of kings and will be humiliated.
    Shame on you, shame on you!!!!

  20. It must feel bad working against history and the truth!
    Garrison, you should be ashamed for putting so much energy
    and resources backing and “reputation laudering” evil that hutu killers are. I wish you were into Uganda at a time they killed American, British, New Zealanders tourist because they spoke English and left those that spoke french. No amount of white washing can wash the evil that hutu killers are and can do. Those you talk and listen to are smooth and polished because they want to use you; many have killed innocent people and would not hesitate to kill if they had a chance. You can side with evil or find out the truth. When you learn the truth , you will feel sorry that you ever associated with those beasts.

  21. Being Tutsi or being Hutu does not make you neither "good nor bad". It is ideologies/values which make you "good or bad".

    MrBomo12: You are a racist! What if I would start saying that you are evil because you are Hutu?

    Stop hatred and racism NOW!

  22. There never has been Hutu or Tutsi in the Congo. These are all rwandan. Keep in mind that they will go back to their country, Rwanda, with shame.

  23. Clinton is more dangerous than "Hitler and Bush" put together, because he is so "SNEAKY", and knows all kind of tricks to cover his evil schemes and scams.
    It’s time for Congolese (Zaire) to become “Freedom fighter” even if we will wrongly been described by the one terrorizing the world as “terrorists”.
    Kagame, Museveni and Kanambe A.K.A Joseph Kabila are puppets of Criminal International from America (C.I.A= International Criminal from America), which are Clinton, Madeleine Albright and all who contributed to the conception of this imposed war and the plunder of my country (Congo-Zaire).

  24. Black American should know the real devil behind the mask of the so called “Clinton friend of Black”. Do you know how he did send 2.5000 Black Americans marines to train Africans (Uganda, Rwanda: Black) to kill their own black brothers (Congolese, Hutu).
    Clinton has become wealthy from the covered and illegal cobalt, diamond business through his friends of America big corporation. He is using his black friend M. Jordan who did cover his evil deeds with Monica Lewinsky to handle his illegal exploitation of Congo-Zaire’s resources.
    I will keep on writing and expose the evil deeds of this devil by the name of Bill Clinton and his puppets (Kagame, Museveni and Hypo Kanambe).

  25. Outre l'emploi aussi controversé que sujet à caution du terme "génocide", le rapport de l'ONU sur les crimes commis dans l'ex-Zaïre, qui doit être publié le 1er octobre, commet une deuxième erreur. Il passe sous silence la responsabilité du HCR dans le noyautage des camps de réfugiés rwandais par les génocidaires. Décryptage.

  26. Dans un contexte aussi sensible que celui-­là, où la vérité des convictions n’a parfois que faire de la vérité des faits, il suffit d’un mot pour faire la une des médias, mais aussi pour porter atteinte à la crédibilité d’un rapport d’enquête, aussi documenté soit-il. Le 1er octobre, le Haut-Commissariat des Nations unies aux droits de l’homme (HCDH) devrait rendre publique la version officielle de sa compilation portant sur les violations des droits humains commis en République démocratique du Congo de 1993 à 2003. Nul ne sait encore si le terme tragiquement connoté de « génocide », qui figure dans la version officieuse de ce document pour qualifier les massacres de réfugiés hutus en RD Congo, sera maintenu. S’il l’était, ce rapport dont l’existence et le contenu provisoire ont été révélés le 8 août par Jeune Afrique, avant d’être plus largement repris trois semaines plus tard dans Le Monde, ne rendrait service à personne : ni à la mémoire des morts, ni aux droits des vivants, encore moins à la décence et à la vérité historique.

  27. Sans doute est-ce tout sauf un hasard si le buzz médiatique suscité par ce prérapport s’est pour l’essentiel articulé autour de l’emploi par ses rédacteurs du mot génocide. Certes, des précautions sémantiques minimales ont été prises : il y est question d’« attaques systématiques et généralisées » des camps de réfugiés hutus par l’armée rwandaise et les rebelles congolais de Laurent-Désiré Kabila en 1996 et 1997, qui « pourraient être qualifiées de crimes de génocide » ou encore de « crimes contre l’humanité, crimes de guerre, voire de génocide ». Mais le mal, si l’on peut dire, est fait. En évoquant la possibilité d’une deuxième tragédie équivalente à la première, qui serait en quelque sorte la réplique de l’extermination planifiée des Tutsis du Rwanda, les auteurs du rapport confortent de facto la thèse négationniste des idéologues du Hutu Power selon lesquels il n’y a pas eu génocide, mais massacres spontanés et contre-massacres. Or cette interprétation est une falsification.

  28. Exode encouragé
    Les mots ont un sens, et pour qu’il y ait eu un génocide des Hutus il eût fallu que les conditions qui entourèrent celui des Tutsis se soient répétées. Préparation minutieuse, support idéologique, relais médiatique, constitution de listes, exécution systématique, etc. Non seulement rien de tel ne s’est produit, mais 70 % des Hutus du Rwanda n’ont jamais quitté le pays et plus de 80 % de ceux qui avaient fui en 1994 sont rentrés depuis, au point que le Haut-Commissariat­ pour les réfugiés (HCR) envisage d’appliquer la clause de cessation du statut de réfugié pour les Rwandais (hors cas individuels) au 31 décembre 2011.

  29. Ce qui s’est passé en RD Congo en 1996 et 1997, lors de l’offensive victorieuse des troupes de Kagamé et de Kabila qui devait sceller l’effondrement du régime Mobutu, ne s’apparente donc ni de près ni de loin à un génocide. Des massacres ? Oui. Des crimes de guerre ? Peut-être. Combien de victimes ? Aucun chiffre avancé jusqu’ici n’a la moindre valeur scientifique. Quelles responsabilités ? Le rapport remis à la haute-commissaire de l’ONU aux droits de l’homme, la Sud-Africaine Navi Pillay, ne fournit pas les noms des commandants rwandais, congolais ou burundais susceptibles d’être traduits devant une juridiction pour l’instant fictive puisque les faits évoqués ont été commis avant la création de la Cour pénale internationale et échappent donc à sa compétence.

  30. Outre l’emploi irresponsable du mot génocide, le rapport du HCDH présente – tout au moins dans sa version non définitive – un défaut majeur. Il passe pratiquement sous silence l’écrasante responsabilité de la communauté internationale, de l’ONU et de ses institutions spécialisées ainsi que de certaines ONG dans l’enchaînement des causes qui ont abouti au « nettoyage » des camps de réfugiés hutus. La fuite de près de deux millions d’hommes, de femmes et d’enfants vers ce qui s’appelait encore le Zaïre, en juillet 1994, ne fut pas en effet un exode désordonné, mais un exode encouragé, encadré (et parfois forcé) par les bourgmestres, préfets, responsables de secteurs et de districts qui avaient exécuté le génocide.

  31. Balayer devant sa porte__Plusieurs dizaines de milliers de miliciens Interahamwes et Impuzamugambis, et environ 50?000 soldats et officiers des Forces armées rwandaises en déroute se joignirent au flot, parfois avec armes et bagages. Ni les militaires français de l’opération Turquoise, ni les agents du HCR, ni la plupart des humanitaires ne voulurent empêcher que les camps de réfugiés installés à quelques kilomètres de la frontière – une aberration criminogène maintes fois dénoncée, à l’époque, par le FPR au pouvoir à Kigali – se transforment en autant de poudrières où les génocidaires faisaient régner la terreur, recréant les médias de la haine, pratiquant l’épuration expéditive des présumés espions et militarisant la population afin de retourner au Rwanda pour y « finir le travail ».__

  32. Go to hell Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Koffi Annan, BAnKi Moon, Kagame, Museveni and Kanambe Hypo!!! Let your souls be tormented forever with Lucifer your master.

  33. Congo is a bnig country with more then 400 tribes, but there is not hutu or tutsi fom congo. They are all fom Rwanda or Burundi.

  34. It is clear that the RPF is implicated in at least one act of genocide that is proven beyond doubt.The date was 22/05/95 the place was Kibeho IDP camp monitored by 37 2rar soldiers and approx 200 Zambian troops in 24 hours over 3000 mainly women and children and elderly persons of Hutu tribe were murdered in front of these troops on UN secondment. this is a documented fact and not one charge has come from it.I wasnt there i was in the north west where 3 spanish aid workers and a catholic priest were killed by “alleged ” interahamwe insurgents but there where over 1500 RPF garrisoned in Ruhengeri that night. the RPF government where pushing all Hutu into Zaire and into the hills of Masisi.I hope one day the peace may prevail in the land of a thousand hills.

  35. We are hearing so much about tutsis and hutus.Why this rwandan savagery became Congolese problem ? If hutus and tutsis want to kill each other or solve their problems , I suggest they leave Congo and go back to their own country (Rwanda) where they can continue their savagery ! What a shame ! Why so much hatred ? In Congo we have hundreds of tribes and we have managed to live in harmony.Why Rwanda,such a minuscule country with two tribes can't learn ? I just hope to God that you guys are not fighting over who has a longer and short nose !!!!

  36. so guyz u are saying that hutus are innocent after what they have done to tutsi they have to pay back for sure and the situation prevailed in Congo until the hutu criminals leave that place………..
    loooonnngggg liivvvvvveeee tooooo tutsi………………………..

  37. Any African leaders who are thinking they are in a good and friendly relation with western big powers are completely wrong.Past experience have never proved the mutual and long standing relationship between big powers and small, weak militarily and economically countries in Africa.The big powers only pretend just because of something they expect to harvest in Africa.In the end after they have harvested what they wanted they turn you back. Where is Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku wa zabaga,where is Jonas Savimbi?.
    Pauli Kagame,Nkurunziza,Joseph Kabila please strike a deal to have a lasting solution towards resolving your ethnic tribal difference and unite your people to build one nation

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