Cynthia McKinney’s truth dispatches from Libya: Days 1-3


by Wayne Madsen

On Libyan-Tunisian border, it’s back to the future with refugees

Djerba, Tunisia, June 3-4, 2011 – During the last air sanctions against Libya, imposed by the United Nations in 1992 over alleged Libyan involvement in the bombings of PanAm 103 and UTA 772, many Libyans traveling to and from Tripoli were forced to fly through Tunisia, traveling overland to and from the Tunisian border to their homes in Libya. With European Union sanctions now imposed on Libya, the old travel regime is back in force.

However, there is a new dimension to the air embargo on Libya. Attracted to the Libyan-Tunisian border by refugees, most African guest workers from sub-Sahara and pan-Sahel African nations, fleeing the fighting in their country, scores of international aid workers now occupy the tourist hotels of Djerba, the once popular Tunisian resort that has fallen on hard times after tour operators canceled excursions following the Tunisian revolution earlier this year.

Today, prior to crossing into Libya, this reporter is witnessing representatives of the “misery industry,” young international aid workers with groups like the International Committee of the Red Cross, EU and International Organization for Migration lounging around the tourist hotels mingling with German and French pensioners eager to take advantage of the special travel packages being offered by a depressed Tunisian tourist industry.

Not only is war good for the weapons industry, but refugee crises brought about by Western-implemented wars fatten the wallets of NGOs anxious to cash in on the human misery created by Pentagon and NATO overt and covert military operations. Meanwhile, here in Djerba, near the Libyan frontier, it’s poolside and cold Heinekens for the NGO community here to “save” the Libyan refugees.

Western Libya portrait is not what is being painted by the Western media

Tripoli, Libya, June 4-5, 2011 – Western media reports continue to indicate that Libyan rebels trying to oust Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi from power, backed by daily NATO air strikes, are gaining ground in western Libya. During a six-hour drive from the Tunisian border to Tripoli, the Libyan capital, this reporter saw no signs of Libyan rebel successes in western Libya. In fact, I witnessed a spontaneous pro-Qaddafi demonstration on the main Tunisia-Tripoli highway in a town about one and a half hours west of Tripoli.

The green flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiryah not only adorns flag poles in towns from Tripoli to the Tunisian border, but a number of private residences are flying the green flag from their rooftops, on flag poles, and even from outside of top floor windows in medium size and small towns alike along the main highway.

There are some telltale signs of previous fighting in the western part of the country – bullet holes in the walls of some buildings and even some more extensive structural damage – but there are no signs that the rebels, backed by the United States, NATO and the European Union, have any substantial support in western Libya.

The one major sign of the Libyan civil war lies not in western Libya but across the Tunisian border where several refugee tent cities have been set up to accommodate thousands of refugees, most of them Black African guest workers from sub-Sahara and Sahel nations who were set upon by rebels who said the workers were “mercenaries” brought to Libya by Qaddafi to fight on his behalf.

In fact, there is a strong anti-Black racialist element within the Libyan rebel movement that used the mercenary meme to justify heinous war crimes by rebel units against Blacks from other African nations, as well as native Libyan Blacks.

While many of the refugee camps on the Tunisian side of the Libyan frontier are sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross, one is funded by the United Arab Emirates, one of the nations participating in President Obama’s “coalition of the willing” that is waging a war on behalf of the Libyan rebels. From our hotel on the Mediterranean coast, we expect to see and hear the attacks conducted against military and some civilian targets a further few miles inland in downtown Tripoli.

The EU and NATO sanctions on Libya are being severely felt by Libya’s civilians. Petrol stations are rationing gasoline and long lines of cars sit waiting for gasoline to be delivered to the pumps.

The NATO, EU and U.S. policy of “collective punishment” of western Libya’s civilian population is being compared to Israel’s collective punishment of the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank. In fact, many Libyans believe that Obama’s crippling sanctions on western Libya were crafted by Israel’s lobby in Washington, which pressured the Obama administration into adopting them.

NATO has conducted nightly air strikes against western Libya, including downtown Tripoli, since March 19. The attacks begin around 12 midnight local time and at the time of this report we are expecting another NATO bombing of Tripoli in a little less than an hour.

NATO war crimes in Libya exposed

Tripoli, Libya, June 5-6, 2011 – In the current NATO war on Libya, the citizens of European and North American NATO countries are being treated to the largest propaganda blitz by their governments in cahoots with corporate media outlets since the U.S.-led invasions and occupation of Iraq. The situation on the ground in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, could not more different from what is being portrayed by Western news networks and newspapers.

The NATO missile attack that killed Muammar Qaddafi’s son, Seif al Arab Qaddafi, on April 30, was an attempt to kill Muammar Qaddafi himself. This editor visited the devastated home where Seif was killed, along with his friend and three of Muammar Qaddafi’s grandchildren.

The only reason Muammar Qaddafi survived the blast was that he was away from the main residence tending to some animals, including two gazelles, kept in a small petting zoo maintained for his grandchildren. Muammar Qaddafi escaped the fate of his son and grandchildren by only about 500 feet.

The residence was hit by bunker buster bombs fired from a U.S. warplane. One of the warheads did not detonate and was later removed from what remained of a bedroom in the home. Libyan authorities do not have the technical capabilities to determine if the warhead contained depleted uranium.

NATO and the Pentagon claimed the residence was a military compound, yet there is no evidence that any military assets were located in the residence that was flanked by the homes of a Libyan doctor and businessmen. The Qaddafi residence actually is owned by Qaddafi’s wife.

The neighbors’ homes were also badly damaged in the U.S. air attack and are uninhabitable. Only a few hundred yards away from the Qaddafi compound sits the embassy of Cote d’Ivoire.

The presence of a foosball table and swing set in the yard of the Qaddafi compound belies the charge by the Pentagon that the home was a military target.

However, considering that Qaddafi was present in the compound during the attack, it is clear that President Obama violated international law and three executive orders signed by three past presidents – Ford, Carter, and Reagan – in trying to assassinate the Libyan head of state. In fact, while Obama’s order to kill Qaddafi was being carried out, the President of the United States was preparing to yuck it up with Washington’s illuminati and Hollywood’s glitterati at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington.

Obama’s order to kill Qaddafi is reminiscent of George W. Bush’s order to kill Sadaam Hussein at the outset of the U.S. war against Iraq, an assassination order that was also a violation of international and U.S. law.

Putting into context what occurred at Mrs. Qaddafi’s home and the aftermath, let one say that there is an unprovoked and surprise enemy missile attack on a secondary U.S. presidential residence, say Camp David. The world’s major media then claims that the attack was justified because the U.S. president was committing unsubstantiated war crimes, all reported from sketchy sources. A group of independent journalists and human rights activists drive to Camp David and are welcomed by a plainclothes member of the Secret Service’s Presidential Protective Division.

The Secret Service official then proceeds to show the delegation one of the bombed out bedrooms of the main residence and points out that one of the pulverized bedrooms is where the president’s daughter was killed in the attack. The delegation is then shown the First Lady’s singed handbag thrown several hundred feet away in the explosion.

Although the president was taking a walk away from the main residence, the delegation is shown a windbreaker bearing the presidential seal lying on the couch of the destroyed living room. A room said to contain military command and control systems is then found by the delegation to have a destroyed pool table and a shattered pinball machine.

The attacking nation claims that the Camp David compound was a security threat. But the American people rally to support their president and his family after the attack.

Now, you can begin to understand how the people of Libya feel after the U.S. attack on Mrs. Qaddafi’s house that killed her and her husband’s son and three grandchildren, along with a family friend.

The DIGNITY Delegation of independent journalists from across the United States is on a truth-telling, fact-finding mission to Libya. Headed by former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, the delegation will be joined by former Sen. Mike Gravel and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. For more information, contact Don DeBar at

Cynthia McKinney and her delegation visit victims of U.S.-NATO war at a hospital in Tripoli.



  1. In the end, people are defending themselves, their homes, and their families against a vile dictator and his armed thugs. The fact that certain people among them have done bad things does not detract from the intrinsic justice of their struggle anymore than the stupid and wrong things some Palestinians or Iraqis have done detracts from the intrinsic justice of their struggle. How do you feel about Sudan? The crimes of the northern Sudanese state against non-Arab Africans far, far outstrip anything that isolated groups of Libyan rebels have done, but I don't see the critics addressing that. In the end, if you are for the revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and Yemen, you have to be for the revolutions in Libya in Bahrain to be consistent. This does not mean that you endorse every decision that is adopted during the course of these revolutions (i.e. accepting NATO air-strikes or accepting interim Military rule) and it certainly does not mean that you accept the actions of miscreants using the cover of the revolution to pursue their own agenda (such as the racists, rabid Islamists, misogynists and other criminals).

    Is she going to go to Benghazi and Misrata and talk to the people there and get their side too? It's like the professional Left is not satisfied unless a movement fails: then they will memorialize it and make pilgrimages to its tomb. I have news for you, oh professional Left: any Revolution is messy. There are always opportunists looking for an opening to commit crimes, there is always miscommunication and lack of clear thinking even amongst those who are otherwise fighting on the cause of justice. And this lack of communication, of clear-thinking, of self-overcoming, leads to tragedies. It does not follow from the fact that, being human, we cannot make revolution perfectly that we should not make revolution. Can someone give me an example of a revolution when there were not major tragedies? When those otherwise on the side of justice committed wrong to due lack of information, lack of clear judgement, or failure to completely overcome their own inner ignorance and prejudice?

    • How can one be a progressive claiming to support a "revolution" backed by NATO war planes and bombs from former colonial powers? You are the one that lacks consistency. Then you repeat the propaganda myths about the situation in Dafur which if you have done a bit of research will understand that there is not a genocide happening there but rather a battle over natural resources. Hence the reason why Europe and North America is keen to break up Sudan in order to gain a monopoly over the oil in that south of that country.
      The reason why McKinney has not gone to Benghazi is precisely because it's a dangerous area for Black people to be. By your reasoning, it is like asking a Jew to go to Nuremberg after Kristallnacht to talk to the Nazis and get their side as well.
      What exactly do you know about Revolution? "Revolution is messy" is simply an empty statement which does not illuminate, substaniate or provide any analytical insight what so ever into the social and political dynamics of what is actually going on in Libya and the Middle East as a whole.
      As far as Revolutions without major tragedies one only needs to go back to 1989 and the overthrow of the Stalinist states of East Germany and Czechoslovakia which were mostly peaceful and non-violent revolutions. Now whether the results of the restoration of capitalism have been positive since then is another debate. Still, I just provided two famous examples of revoutions which occured without tragedy.
      I am afraid that your comment has left you exposed as "coca-cola intellectual" at best.

  2. I greatly respect Ms. McKinney. She is the only person in congress to speak out against the influence of AIPAC. Of course, because of their total influence on the US government she lost her congressional seat. I join her in decrying the war on Libya. Of course, I do not think Libya had anything to do with bringing down the Pan Am Jet. After all, just before it happened, the USA had opened a dialogue with the PLO , an act condemned by Isreal. Was the downing of the Pan Am jet Iasraeli punishment of the USA for talking to the PLO? I think so. But then, This would not be the first time that Israel KILLED OUR PEOPLE AND NOTHING WAS DONE, Ex. Rachael Corrie, crushed by an Israeli buldozer as she tried to keep it from buldozing a Palestinian home, and the 30+ sailers who died on the US Liberty sunk by the israeli's, and the US citizen killed by the Israeli,s when the Israeli's attacked the humanitarian excursion to Gaza.

  3. It would seem that "truth" like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or what you don't want to "beleive" you ignore. Ghadaffi has admitted that the men connected with the Pan Am flight were members of his "Security and Intelligence" forces….now maybe, just maybe these men decided on their own to do what they did, but how do you explain the steps taken by the Libyan Government to deflect and defend them. I won't even comment on the rest of the silliness of the former respons

  4. I respect Rep. Cynthia McKinney among women. She is fighting for the voiceless and the defenseless who are being bombed or driven away from their homes by NATO bombs. Poor Africans and Poor Libyans. They don't even want them in the US but Gadhafi was helping them.

    If a deer is traumatized by the air strikes, what about the children of Tripoli who cannot sleep at night because of the thundering bombs from skies? Imagine your own children in that kind of a situation?

    And this is mainly the work of the presidents of the Britain, US, and France who will not stop assaulting the African nation even after Gadhafi has agreed on numerous occasions that he is willing to negotiate.

    These three presidents have lost my respect for encouraging violence, they have no respect for human life. It's as if they are immune to human suffering under the guise of defending civilians. Is this how to defend civilians? This is an unjust war but they don't want to stop. It's scary. Life is almost at a standstill Tripoli.

    The day of judgment is coming. Stop the bombing.
    I guess they don' t believe in the day of judgment, while they think its a proper think to inflict their own judgment on Gadhafi.

    Folks, it is scary because you don't know what they will do next.

    Thanks to Rep. McKinney for standing up for the truth.

  5. How can anyone see that it is the freedom of Libya that is being lost! Libya had her revolution in 1969.
    There ius room for improvement in the country and under the present system too. It ahs been a new experience, a unique form of democracy. Can a govt ever be perfect or please all of te people all of the time? Gaddafi has done WELL and deserves to be saluted and proaised. The people of Libya are meant to govern Libya within a system so let them get on with reforms of their country.
    Shame be upon the UK my country for siding with traitors who commit larceny against their people and invite NATO to attack and bomb innocent civvillians and children, Sociopaths and psychopaths are the category of people our government comes in.

    • Oh my god is all I can say in response to this post. Question for you Ursula: since you seem to ally yourself much more closely to Libya than the UK, why dont you put all your trust in Colonel Gaddafi and move there, instead of living in the UK and enjoying the bounty of the country?

      • what Bounty?welfare,rain ,thugs thieves including pompous politicians,overbearing coppers,
        no jobs ,go back to your beer and skittles nanny lover

    • ursula complete lies libya has been under a corrupt ruler for 42 years stolen all of its wealth killed many innocent people . benghazi is free nato is helping libya . shut the F up . lies lies lies the only sociopath is Geddafi andhis supporters

  6. ok people she is certified, completely bonafied nut job. She espouses the down trodden and hangs with this mafia thug ? Did she realize how the Colonel got his job ? So now she hangs with flush murders for a hand out, how nice.

    • I wouldnt say she is a nut job, but I would say that she and people like her in the Professional Left are "useful idiots". No doubt some of these people would have been hanging around Serbia in 1999, or perhaps in the future they will visit the Dear Leader or whoever leads North Korea when their time comes.

      Luckily….we know this will end…. Gaddafi will lose…. Libya and the wider Middle East will be better in 5-10 years time….

  7. I too visited my home country Libya during the siege of Misratah – a town of just under 600,000 people, the third largest in Libya. I can tell you that Gaddafi forces raped hundreds of females usually in groups of 20 to 30 on one or two girls. They also shot the male members of these girls' families in the legs so they and any children in the family can see but not defend. The torture and abuse was on a huge scale. This also happened in Ejdabiya (East Libya) and Zawaya (West Libya). For some people the idealism is pitiful. How can you expect people in such circumstance not to ask for help. Fellow Arabs and Africans did not help the Libyans who are tired of 42 years of dicatatorship. Perhaps they should have just got all raped and killed to satisfy such naive idealism.

    The Libyan people started in February peaceful demonstrations against Gaddafi's regime asking for more freedom and justice and less corruption. The response by what is a very insecure regime was to shoot using antil armour and anti aircraft weapons. Yes, against unarmed civilians. This has insensed Libyans all over from Zawya to Zintan, to Tarhuna to Misratah. Gaddafi managed to suppress Zawya in a vile fashion, again using rape as a weapon of war. Tarhuna calmed down without a fight but Misrata's civilians in two months learnt how o defend themeselves and in an epic battle defeated Gaddafi forces estimated at around 9000 with 200 tanks. Zintan also stood strong and Gaddafi failed to take it despite continuing effort.

    I am really disappointed that Cynthia cannot find sympathy for Libyan women. May be she can find sympathy for the tens of thousands killed in black Africa in wars funded by Gaddafi and carried out by the likes of Uganda's Amin, Liberia's Charles Taylor, and Sierra Lione's Kabbah, and many others. If some Libyans support Gaddafi, and I am sure there are some, then I think fighting them is like fighting Nazi Germany, the ultimate facist regime the world had seen. Long live freedom, long live Libya. Thanks for the Western led coalition that saved Libyans like it saved countless people from other facist regimes.

    • how did you get in and out were you dreaming this ?
      I cannot imagine thirty guys lining up with their dicks out,bullets flying everywhere
      while you were watching. tell me did it turn you on you fibbin pillock

  8. Dear MDerr , please do not write such lies , you never been in libya – In Misurata the whole people call the rebels with only one word . RATS !

  9. "Thanks for the Western led coalition that saved Libyans like it saved countless people from other facist regimes. "

    OH REALLY!!! WHo has Amerikkka saved in IRAG, VIETNAM, GRENDA & PANAMA, AmeriKKKan Back
    Samuel K Doe and Charles Taylor who armed their armies w/AmeriKKKan weapons killing millions of Liberians

    THE WEST Savior more like an Economica destroyer and murder of people of African descent

  10. this article is repeating geddafi propaganda . Nato is saving lives the ONLY RATS ARE GEDDAFI AND HIS ARMED THUGS the african mercanaries were brought by geddafi to kill and rape . go pick up a newspaper or go read .

  11. Mder tells the truth , other ppl why are u defending a maniac who kills ppl he is not for africa he only pretends to be to survive

  12. dear keris , who the f*** do u think u are . benghazi is free u can go there if u want . listen to tributefm they are from benghazi . only rat is geddafi ppl like u make me sick
    ignorant person ! u contribute to the bloodshed by spreading these lies and kinney is a horrible person for visiting gedafi

  13. Who ever have a faith in Islam thoroughly will win. We believed that Qaddafi regime assisted numerous people everywhere in this four corner of the world. We muslims in Mindanao Minsupa, Philippines received assistance from the faithful administration of Qaddafi. Mosques, Madrasah, Hospitals and other assistance were implemented financially shouldered by Qaddafi. NATO now helping the Libyan Protesters and many children, women, men and innocent civilians were killed by the NATO bomb, this is a criminal act as far as I am concern. You see right after NATO bombing to the innocent people Earthquake and Hurricane Irene hitting the places in United States of America because God is not sleeping but the problems is the Innocents people were killed in USA areas like what happened in Libya Bombing of NATO killed Innocent People. Please let NATO returned and face the possible charges from International Criminal Court let them punished because the problems of Libyan people is not there problem, why it need to interrupt. Killing people is not the solutions peace without hindrance will ultimately resolved. Ibrahim B Gulam, Da-Designer907

  14. it is clear that President Obama violated international law and three executive orders signed by three past presidents – Ford, Carter, and Reagan – in trying to assassinate the Libyan head of state.
    The preceding statement were disclose by the author. What is this Three Exec Orders signed by the three past president? Would it be possible that somebody may charge the Obama presidency by means of impeachment?
    Bombing by NATO made worst because as if you are driving a car you may go to the wrong way, like these bombs dropping you CANNOT estimate the radius or circumference that the bombs spreading. On the other end children, innocent men and women were hit and brought to hospitals and after the died. Is these an essential activities of NATO, or a politically interest of Libyan having huge oil. WE PRAY FOR THE SAFE OF QADDAFI AND THE REST OF HIS FAMILIES AND MAY INCLUDE THE FAITHFUL FORCES, AMEN…

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