Georgia prison strikers fight on

by Abdul-Mujahid-Khalil, aka Lester J. Smith Jr.

Dear Bay View,

Black-hands-on-prison-bars, Georgia prison strikers fight on, Abolition Now! The article that ran in the April 2011 Bay View in Behind Enemy Lines regarding the Georgia prison strike by Bruce Dixon of Marietta, Ga., was well needed. My name is Abdul-Mujahid-Khalil. I’m here with the brother Hamim, aka Shawn Whatley, and the rest of the guys mentioned in the article.

To get progress made on this issue and many more we face, litigation is a must. Reaching out to Commissioner Brian Owens and Gov. Nathan Deal is worthless.

I say that for the following reasons: One, this is nothing new; it’s been occurring. Two, these two individuals are what you call good ol’ boys, as in Jim Crow torch passers. Three, their job and duty to one another is to protect each other and their subordinates.

Do the homework and background check on Deal. You’ll find he was named in the Top 10 of corrupt people in politics. I’m filing two lawsuits myself regarding the neglect and treatment I’ve endured and continue to face.

These Southern dudes are lost mentally. If they would learn their rights as prisoners protected by the United States Constitution, they would be able to attack the Georgia Department of Corrections’ upper echelon and those who violate them.

Don’t get me wrong. Reaching out to Owens and Deal puts them on notice that eyes are on them, which is a temporary fix. The organizations that are here in the South do not stand up like those on the West and East Coasts. They are truly remiss toward our rights as a whole or individually.

Abdul-Mujahid-Khalil, aka Lester J. Smith Jr.

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