McKinney leads DIGNITY Delegation of independent journalists to Libya on fact-finding mission

by Don DeBar

Haitian-activist-DaVid-Cynthia-McKinney-panelists-at-Tripoli-conf-0111-by-JR-web, McKinney leads DIGNITY Delegation of independent journalists to Libya on fact-finding mission, World News & Views Today, independent journalists from across the United States departed on a truth-telling, fact-finding mission to Libya. This coincides with what was supposed to have been a debate in Congress on U.S. involvement in the war against Libya, but the debate got sidelined due to the fact that the legislation requiring a pullout by the U.S. could actually have passed. Both Democratic and Republican leadership are responsible for pulling the bill at the last minute.

Al Jazeera film footage (below) shows that Western soldiers have their “boots on the ground” in Libya, overstepping authority granted by the United Nations Security Council for action in Libya. Every day that President Obama contributes to the military action against Libya, he tests the United States Congress and defies the United States Constitution and the War Powers Act which limit presidential acts of war, subject to authorization by the U.S. Congress.

Incredibly, in what yet may prove to be another act beyond the mandate of the United Nations Security Council resolution, NATO extended its operations in Libya for another 90 days.

Because the public has become increasingly unable to rely on embedded media to tell the American people the “whole truth and nothing but the truth,” the DIGNITY Delegation will shed rare light on NATO’s actions inside that country.

According to some estimates, the American people and the global community were lied to 935 times by administration officials and the media in the lead-up to the Iraq War. As Aeschylus said, “In war, truth is the first casualty.” The DIGNITY Delegation is expected to make daily reports while on the ground of the ongoing NATO actions in the country.

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This video shows NATO “boots on the ground” in Libya, which is prohibited by the U.N. resolution that permitted the invasion.

Editor’s note: In a new poll, the public seems to back the Kucinich resolution that was postponed today for fear it would pass. When asked by CNN pollsters who should have final authority for deciding whether the U.S. should continue its use of military force in Libya — Congress or President Obama — 55 percent of respondents answered Congress.