The Oakland femcee Ms. B and her new mixtape, ‘Stix, Stonez, Red Bottoms & Rap’

by Minister of Information JR

Ms.-Be-Stix-Stonez-Red-Bottoms-Rap-mixtape-cover, The Oakland femcee Ms. B and her new mixtape, ‘Stix, Stonez, Red Bottoms & Rap’, Culture Currents I have been rocking wit’ Ms. Be and her Gemstone camp for a couple of years, and I always told them, Ms. Balance from the group Nutritious needs to put out a solo album. She could rap, she’s pretty and she has an elegant, undoubtedly East Oakland swag about herself.

Oakland has never had a leading female rapper in its roughly 25-year-old life in the rap world. We had male lyrical legends like Seagram, V. White, Askari X, Pooh Man, Rappin Ron, Ant Diddley Dogg, Yukmouth Father Dom, Opio and the like, but we have never had a female with staying power who wore the Oakland jersey. That seems like it may be about to change. Check out this exclusive interview wit’ Oakland femcee Ms. B …

M.O.I. JR: How did you start rapping?

Ms. Be: I started rapping when I was about 12, not seriously at that point. I always had an interest in words and the use of vocabulary. My grandfather would always send me newspaper clips and books, inspiring me to build a relationship with words.

Several genres of music were played in my house. My father made sure I knew about artists such as Thelonious Monk, Gil Scott Heron, Doug Carn and John Coltrane. But at the same time he introduced me to Whodini, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam and Public Enemy.

As my love for hip-hop and other genres of music grew, I started playing around with beats and writing raps to songs from popular artists such as Foxy Brown, Mc Lyte, RBL, E40 and many others. It seems that every year my skills got a little stronger, which brought me to the place I am now!

M.O.I. JR: Where did you get the name from?

Ms.-Be1, The Oakland femcee Ms. B and her new mixtape, ‘Stix, Stonez, Red Bottoms & Rap’, Culture Currents Ms. B: My original rap name was Ms. Balance. That name came from my astrological sign which is Libra. I truly identify with the characteristics of the sign. After rocking the name Ms. Balance for a few years, my rap name was shortened to Ms. Be. I’m really digging Ms. Be! It can be received in so many ways. Like “Be” yourself!

M.O.I. JR: Can you tell me about your label and your crew?

Ms. Be: I roll with Gemstone Official Media Group, GOMG for short. We are a family of artists with skills ranging from rappers, singers, photographers, filmmakers and models. We are free thinkers and entrepreneurs looking to build a better future for ourselves and our youth. Roll with us or get rolled over. Stones up! “Like” us at

M.O.I. JR: What’s your mixtape about? When does it drop?

Ms. Be: My mixtape is called “Stix, Stonez, Red Bottoms & Rap” and it dropped on June 14. This mixtape was about me showing my versatility. I opened up a little about my personal life, things I went through as a teen and some of my current struggles.

Again, I’m a true Libra and I had to balance it out. So although there are some more serious tracks, there are also fun tracks that are fit for the club. My mixtape will not be a letdown to anyone who enjoys hip-hop. I’m giving other artists a run for their money.

Watch out femcees (female emcees) and guys, step ya game up! You can download my mixtape at, or visit my Facebook page at

M.O.I. JR: How do people keep up with you?

Ms. Be: People can keep up with me through any of the following links:, or For contact regarding booking, please email

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