1. To bad Neb did away with the death penalty in 1969 because that is what they deserved. To think you would consider letting the OMAHA TWO COP KILLERS out of prison is just BULLSHIT maybe you should be in there with them (Micheal Richardson), Be cause if that is your take on this then you are no better them. What you got something against COPS. And who gave you the right to put pictures of my dead father all over internet, Because i know the Minard family didn't, You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Charles Minard By-Any-Means-Necessary

  2. Charles it is obvious you are connected to the police officer that was killed in the blast but for you to over look real justice in this matter place you as racist and irrational. If I was you I wouldl be seeking real justice by finding the real murderer of your loved one. Beside I know your love one is gone forever but these men have served forty years in prison for a crime they did not commit. You have to recognize what was going on at the time of this murder and our government involvement with not bringing real justice to the person that killed your loved one.

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