Ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans

Editorial by Black Star News

Anti-Qaddafi-forces-threaten-young-Black-African-Libya-0311-by-Goran-Tomasevic-Reuters, Ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans, World News & Views The “rebels” in Misrata in Libya have driven out the entire Black population of the city, according to a chilling story in the Wall Street Journal: “Libya City Torn by Tribal Feud.”

The “rebels” now eye the city of Tawergha, 25 miles away, and vow to cleanse it of all Black people once they seize the city. Isn’t this the perfect definition of the term “genocide”?

According to the Journal’s article, the “rebels” refer to themselves as “the brigade for purging slaves, black skin.” The Journal quotes rebel Cmdr. Ibrahim al-Halbous saying, of Black Libyans, “They should pack up” and that “Tawergha no longer exists, only Misrata.”

You won’t read this kind of article in the New York Times, which has become as journalistically corrupt and as compromised as the old Pravda during the Soviet era. This editorial has been insisting since the beginning of the Libya conflict that the “rebels” embraced racism and used the allegation that Muammar al-Qaddafi had employed mercenaries from other African countries as a pretext to massacre Black Libyans.

The evidence of public lynching of Black people is readily available online through simple Google or YouTube searches even though the New York Times has completely ignored this major story. Does anyone believe that such a huge and damning story would be ignored if people of African descent controlled the editorials or even the news pages in the New York Times?

If the case was reversed and Black Libyans were committing ethnic cleansing against non-Black Libyans, does anyone believe that the people who now control the editorials or the news pages at the New York Times would ignore such a story? Evidently, it doesn’t bother the sages at the Times that Black Libyans are specifically being targeted for liquidation because of their skin color.

Instead, the New York Times is busy boasting of its support for NATO’s bombing campaign – as in a recent editorial – which this week alone is reported to have killed 20 civilians. The Times has also ignored Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s call to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate NATO commanders on possible war crimes in connection to Libyan civilians killed.

The Times can’t write about the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans and migrants from other African countries because it would diminish the reputation of the “rebels,” who the Times have fully embraced, even after the ICC also reported that they too have committed war crimes. Instead, the Times is comfortable with the simplistic narrative, “al-Qaddafi bad,” “rebels good,” regardless of the fact that the Wall Street Journal also reported that the rebels are being trained by former al-Qaeda leaders who were released from U.S. custody in Guantanamo Bay.

Anti-Qaddafi-militia-stop-3-Black-Africans-at-checkpoint-Libya-0311-by-Kevin-Frayer-AP, Ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans, World News & Views The Times also has totally ignored the African Union (AU) peace plan, which actually calls for a ceasefire, negotiations for a constitution and democratic elections, all to be monitored by the International community.

So what can one say about the Times for ignoring the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans by the “rebels” in Misrata with the help of NATO? Does this make the New York Times culpable of the ethnic cleansing, since the newspaper not only deliberately ignores the story but also falsely depicts the “rebels” as Libya’s saviors?

Call the New York Times at (212) 556-1234 and ask for the foreign desk editor. Ask him why his newspaper is not reporting on the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans.

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Please save us from the Libyan criminal rebels

This story is presented unedited, exactly as it was received in an email from the writer.

by Akram Elafi

I am an African man from Gambia lives in Libya, since Oct 14, 1999, i lived their in peace and harmony with the Libyan people when and after Gaddafi had invited all the African people to live there with all respect and kindness, so I toke my family and decided to go there .

My life started to become better and better everyday until those rebels has come and killed all the black people in Misrata where I live now, and to be honest with you, I cant believe that the rebels are all Libyans in fact the are from different nationalities and most of them belong to “Al- Qaeda.” They are accusing us of being Mercenaries for Gaddafi while we are just a poor black African people who have no relationship with what is happening in Libya now.

Please safe us anyhow anyway from the rebels who killed my family and destroyed my life forever in the name of freedom and Liberty.

Hereby some videos to show you the Crimes committed by the rebels in the right of black Africans in the city of Misrata and every city it came under their control:

Akram Elafi can be reached at

Here is another video of a “rebel” lynch mob.