by Natasha Reid

Kenneth Harding was fatally shot on July 16 by San Francisco police officers, upon failure to pay a $2 train fare. To make matters more grotesque, the gentlemen from the San Francisco Police Department stood with their firearms still pointed towards Kenneth, watching him quiver in desperation, lying in a warm, sticky pool of his own red, red blood.

His mother, Denika Chatman, who is yet to bury her son, agreed to an interview with the San Francisco Bay View.

Natasha: Tell us a little bit about Kenneth. What kind of guy was he; what did he like to do?

Denika: Kenny was a real happy person. He had a beautiful spirit. He loved his mom. He was really into music and underground rap and really liked most of the local Bay Area underground artists – people from Hunters Point and Fillmore.

Natasha: [To Kenneth Roy] What was your relationship with Kenneth?

Kenneth Roy: Well, I’m like his stepdad ‘cause you know his mom is my girl. He came out here [from Seattle] to come to my house.

Denika: He spent his last night with him [Kenneth Roy].

Natasha: What was he doing on his last night?

Kenneth Roy: He was just stressed out and confused about the way life was treatin’ him and about what was happenin’ in his life. He was just trying to do his best and trying to go to school ‘n all that. But then life throw things at you, and when you’re young, you don’t really know what to do. So we talked to him and told him it was in God’s hands.

When he was younger, he really got framed up and got put in prison before he was even 18 years old. So he got sent to a grown man’s jail, and got treated like a grown man, before he was even of age to be a grown man. It’s the same old story where a Black man messes with a white woman, and she loves you until her family got somethin’ to do with it and then she’s about to turn on you with the family. That’s what he was goin’ through, you know, that type of stuff confuses your mind on what reality really is.

Natasha: How did you find out about what happened to Kenneth? What was the first you heard of it?

Denika: Actually, it was Sunday, the day after he was killed. I was watching the six o’clock news and they hadn’t released no names or any information that said that it was a local Seattle man that was killed – fatally shot by the police officers. But I just felt like that was my son. I called my mom and asked her to call down here to find out if it was Kenny, and it was.

Natasha: Do you remember the last thing the two of you spoke about?

Denika: Yes [she smiles for the first time]. He called me Friday morning, the day before he was killed. He had just got here. He said: “Mom, I know you see the area code so you know where I’m at. But don’t worry about nothin’. I’ll be right back; I’m just going to meet Q [his music manager] and we’re going to get everything straight, but I need to know how to get a hold of Ken [Kenneth Roy].” I asked him why and he said, “’cause I need to see him, I just need to talk to him.” So I told him how to get in contact with him and then I didn’t hear from my son again.

Natasha: How have you and the family been coping since Kenneth’s murder?

Denika: Everyone has been in shock. There’s a loss of words. My daughter out here is the one who took him to go meet Kenny [Roy]. They all spent the night together. She’s still in shock. She still can’t believe it. He [K. Roy] still has his [K. Harding’s] clothes laid out on the couch of what he was gonna change into when he got back.

Natasha: Tell us about the communication you have had with the police since your son was killed.

Denika: Well, we are experiencing [police brutality] for ourselves, first hand. The police have actually made us targets, especially in Seattle. They’re doing whatever they can to try to tear us down. I don’t feel safe in my home; I don’t feel safe being in Seattle.

Natasha: Can you be more specific? What’s been going on?

Denika: Well, they falsely raided my house and falsely arrested my other son. They didn’t even take him to the precinct. They kept him overnight, assaulting him, beating him. A few days later they put out a police bulletin for his arrest for something they still have not filed charges on him for. They falsely put in the police computer that he’s armed and dangerous – he doesn’t even own a weapon – so that they have a right to shoot him.

He has went with his attorney and surrendered himself to no avail – they still haven’t filed any charges against him so he’s just sitting in there for nothing! Now that the police out here [in San Francisco] have killed Kenny, we’re going through a lot with the police out there [in Seattle].

They brought out the SWAT team in full riot gear with assault rifles to my home for nothing – to raid my home for nothing!

It’s unreal! I mean, if somebody had told me this kind of thing, I never would have believed them. But because I’m actually experiencing it and seeing it first hand, you know, I’m going through it. And the way that the police have been talking to me, degrading me – I don’t know, I haven’t disrespected them or talked to them trying to demean them, but they feel like they have the right to do it to me.

Natasha: What have they been saying to you?

Denika: They’re talking to me like I’m one of these teenagers out here in the streets and I’m like, are you serious? You’re seriously going to sit here and talk to me like this? They said: “You seen what happened to your other son in California. You know it would be a real tragedy to have something happen to this son [Ondrell Harding, in Seattle], but you know how it is.” They’ll just be making comments like that.

The way that the police have been talking to me, degrading me – they feel like they have the right to do it to me.

Natasha: And how do you retaliate?

Denika: How do I retaliate? Do I just keep quiet? What do I do? I end up with the NAACP, I got the whole Nation of Islam, I have the civil rights activists and protesters: This tragedy is not going to go unsaid.

K. Roy: You got Richmond, California, behind you too [Kenneth Roy is from Richmond].

Denika: So I got support in different areas. It’s not over – they’re coming after us; we’re coming after them with a vengeance.

Natasha: How do you feel about the way this has been handled in the corporate press?

Denika: Actually, I’ve been staying off of the computer; I’ve been staying off of the news, because all that they’re doing is defaming my son, his character and who he was as a person. So I’ve just been speaking to people who want to know the real truth, like you, like the Nation of Islam. When people come to me directly and want to know the truth about my son, I don’t have any problem expressing it. But, I’m not gonna read the lies and allow people to continue to defame my son.

The police said that my son was a piece of trash and that he got what he deserved. I don’t think nobody deserves to be killed in the fashion that my son was. He was clearly running with his hands in the air and they still shot him in the back and they refused to help him.

They refused to let ambulance services in to give him help and be there by his side. If they believe he was a criminal, then they should’ve let him get the medical help that he needed and let the judicial system take over on his case! You don’t have the right to shoot my child down like an animal.

The police said that my son was a piece of trash and that he got what he deserved.

Natasha: All of this attention on Kenneth’s criminal record has been used as a ploy to divert attention from the real issue, that is, police brutality. How do we convince people to address the real issue instead of dismissing the whole case upon hearing about Kenneth’s alleged criminal history?

Denika: People need to see the truth. The issue at hand is not his character – it is what was done to him. It’s sad because, until it happens to somebody close to someone else, some people won’t even pay attention. But as a community, we need to stand up and fight for our rights. They don’t have the right to do this. I don’t know how to reach out to others who are closed-minded.

You don’t have the right to shoot my child down like an animal.

Natasha: How do you feel now towards the police? When you’re walking down the street and you see a couple of police officers, what is the initial thing that you feel?

Denika: Disgust. Distrust.

Natasha: Do you have fear?

Denika: I’m not scared. Just … disgusted.

As a community, we need to stand up and fight for our rights.

Natasha: Do you think that people living in neighborhoods like Hunters Point have fear of the police?

Denika: They don’t. I think they should because they’re [the police are] a vicious gang. That’s what I think of the police: I think they’re a vicious gang. Who’s policing them? Who’s stopping them from going over the limit? The people in Hunters Point have to live with this. This is their reality and we’re only just now seeing what they have to go through in life.

It’s not right and it’s not fair. Somebody needs to stop the police because they are out of control. I mean, my son got gunned down because of a train ticket? So I can imagine what other things the people of this community have been experiencing in life. If they’re like this over train fare, I can imagine what they’re like over loitering or that type of thing.

I think the police are a vicious gang. Who’s policing them?  The people in Hunters Point have to live with this. This is their reality and we’re only just now seeing what they have to go through in life.

Natasha: What do you think the differences in attitude towards the police are from people in Black communities such as Hunters Point and more affluent communities?

Denika: Well, some people come from communities where the police actually protect and serve. But here they look at us like we don’t matter and treat it as “who cares if they die; it’s just one less person to deal with.”

K. Roy: The good officers can’t even be good officers because they got all the bad ones that they gotta worry about too. It’s not right. What is it going to take? What if somebody was doing the same thing that the police are doing to us, to them? Would things look different?

They’re acting like they’re God or something. They get to judge us and take our lives because they don’t feel like we deserve to live. One day the tables are going to turn. And I pray for all of those people who are looking past this, ‘cause God will make you pay attention to it one way or the other. Whenever God do what he gon’ do to you, I hope it ain’t too bad, because I know how it feels.

Natasha: When something like this happens, it makes me think about how Black America hasn’t gotten so far since times of slavery. Do you think that people are aware of that reality?

They get to judge us and take our lives because they don’t feel like we deserve to live.

Denika: I don’t think too many people are aware of what’s goin’ on in these urban communities because it doesn’t affect them. So they don’t care. That’s when you get the stereotypes of victims who “must have deserved their killing.” People can’t understand because they don’t come from this walk of life.

K. Roy: I saw someone write on the internet that it’s one less welfare check that has to be paid.

Denika: Its ignorance! My son wasn’t even on welfare.

K. Roy: There’s no respect.

Natasha: What do you think we ought to do to give Kenneth the legacy that he deserves? If we fight to try to prevent further police brutality cases, would you see that as at some form of justice for Kenneth?

Denika: Of course. I want to right this wrong. I want something positive to come out of all this negativity. I do want his name to live on because he didn’t deserve this.

Natasha Reid is a writer of Zimbabwean and Scottish heritage. You can contact her at



  1. From SF Gate:
    "Ondrell Harding, whose brother Kenneth Wade Harding died during a July 16 gunfight with officers in the Bayview, is now jailed in Seattle in connection with the beating death of 50-year-old Anthony Matthews early Saturday, police there said.
    Read more:

    I think we have a case of felonious bad parenting here.

    • I thought we were talking about police shooting men for no reason. But yeah why don't you dig up the dirt on the family members and publicly defame them. Bravo.

      • Well, that's why I'm here. To dispel the delusion that Harding was "shot for no reason". Delusions or beliefs cause harm. I see this website as neat for its efforts to improve conditions for incarcerated people. US prison is just hell on inmates and everybody involved. I like the Bayview working toward such stuff. However, the Bayview writers often lie for the cause with regard to lots of stuff. Check out the writings of a fellow called The Minister of Information. That writer probably cannot tell what is real and what is not anymore. He's like a Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

        The truth will set you free. It can be a little embarrassing sometimes though.

      • This article seems biased. I use to read this publication more but it does seem to focus mainly on the negativity. If we shift away from the negative and look at things logically points will be made with out being baised. Instead we should ask Why? Why was he shot? Why haven't you recovered the weapon? Why wasn't the crime scene secured? Why was'nt the paramedics allowed in? Also can we stop refering to Harding as a boy, he was a man. A man was killed not a boy.

        "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." – Dalai Lama

        • Hello Kareem,
          You ask:
          "Why was he shot?"

          Police and some witnesses report Harding fired a weapon while being chased.

          "Why haven't you recovered the weapon?"

          Because the fellows who video taped (and YouTubed) themselves removing a weapon from the scene have not brought the weapon to police.

          "Why wasn't the crime scene secured?"

          Video shows a chaotic scene and belligerent crowd shortly after Harding was shot. The few officers on scene had to cope with the crowd rather than properly secure…

          "Why was'nt the paramedics allowed in?"

          Fire departments stage a short distance away from potentially violent crime scenes until the police can secure the area. That is, a fire department would not arrive on such a scene until it was made relatively safe for medics.

  2. We would like answers too…first of all to Denika's Linkedin page. UCD management school of business? When did you graduate? The business you run? How come I cannot find any listing in the state of Ca or Wa for those companies? Are they real compaines? How is it that both of your sons are tied to murders in not only different cities, but different states…hard to throw out the old conspiracy theroy there…yes Denika…we want answers too.

  3. Terrible that a young man had to die like that however in reading your article I see the stepdad refer to the mom as “his girl” and the mom says her son was down here meeting a music producer from hp or fillmo!! Sounds like a case of typical denial, he shot at the police, if he woulda shot at anybody on them streets they would have shot back!! Stop infuriating the community he didn’t get shot over a $2 fare!! He got shot cause he shot at the police!

  4. Boy oh boy!! When will it ever stop!! Is there really any justice in any of this.. I see all this now about Police.. are you aware because of the nature of the murder of my niece,,, we have not been able to have any closure! We have had to deal with armed Police at her services/wake and burial..and my niece was not GANG member and this was NOT GANG related and WHY because of all of this! Our hearts goes out the the this family but should there be a law suit NO.. attention to the why he was GUNNED down YES… But in the same breathe are you all thinking about the way TANAYA was gunned downed .. what went thru her mind.. She know Kenny from school. and how about the her famly and what we have had to endure! And the sad part about it all is the FAMILIES knows each other… and not one time has KEnny's family tired to reach out to TANAYA… what an example!!

  5. of course seamus & surprised… (what are u guys, a tag team?) to which which police precinct are u tied? or should i ask, to which police buttocks are your collective and individual lips attached? this was a lynching in the streets of SF. there is absolutely no difference between the pigs who lynched kenneth harding and stood over him armed to the teeth to make sure he died, and the norwegian thug who just murdered almost 100 (white) people in norway because he couldn't stomach the idea of a multicultural society emerging in a predominantly white country. no difference at all. both entities are socio-pathic. and by the way, so are u two seamus & surprised… u are both complete fools without an active brain cell between u if u have the temerity to suggest that u find it logical to be gunned down for not having a $2 train ticket. i wonder how many skeletons would be discovered in your collective and individual closets – and those of your families? especially if they are discovered when one of your police friends guns u down in cold blood for not having enough money to pay for say, a loaf of bread, or maybe some gas for your car, or maybe a toll bridge fare, or perhaps a roll of bathroom tissue? maybe they should just walk into whatever venue u find yourself in if say u forget your wallet at home and gun u down for being so irresponsible as to 'leave home without it.'

    How f**king dare u suggest that the lives of AFRIKAN people are worth no more than a $2 train ticket because your negative active, retroviral cellular components cannot see the illogic to allowing thugs with guns into uniform and giving them carte blanche to use them. especially when those same thugs now maintain that Mr. Harding somehow managed to run away from them and shoot himself and fall down dead from a self inflicted bullet wound to the back….with an imaginary gun … which of your butt cheeks do u 2 attempt to think with – more importantly, why do u try?

    obviously u are not capable of thinking yourselves awake.

    therefore, shut up.

    • So long as black people refuse to value their own lives, we cannot expect anyone to (1) give a damn about us or (2) hesitate to take us off the planet rather than expose themselves to the insanity. While you are spewing your bile, please recall that the two "young revolutionaries" are so far implicated in the death of at least one black woman, an unborn child and an active father of young boy. Your rhetoric is just tired and useless. If you are serious about saving black lives, you would dedicate your energy to reducing black on black violence. The truth is that you have so little faith in the ability of black people to stop acting like fools that you won't even bother. You have no faith in your own people spend your time blaming the police. Any word on who killed Oscar Grant's friend or why he died? Any word on how many other blacks have been gunned down in your area since this foolishness?

      We must first acknowledge where we are to determine where we are going. We are wrapped up in inferiority and self hatred to such an extent that we can only mobilize (Really just spout 60's rhetoric) when an outside force acts against a black person. We don't believe in ourselves to demand better of ourselves. Lastly, it is the actions and expressions of dysfunction that show that BLACKS/AFRICANS don't think their lives are worth: a 10 cent condom, a free book, a kind word, a fruit as opposed to a "drank" I could go on but I will let that marinate for a while. Btw, what's the ratio cop related deaths to black on black deaths in the area so far? Is it 30 or 45 to 1. I will "shut up" and wait for your answer.

      • That doesn't excuse the enemies behavior

        Because our enemies NEVER saw us as Humans from the beginning when we first arrived here
        and was forced into slavery.

        Yeah we do have issues of self-hatred but even if we start to look in that "mirror" and check our self-hate, to ending the self-hate we always have an enemy that shows hatred for us. By nature we are not hateful people our enemy who has historically, check his history, always lived with hatred so therefore our enemy, the Caucasoid will perpetuate the hate.

        • Hi, Selina!
          I hope your crackers are salty.

          Selina: "the Caucasoid will perpetuate the hate. "

          Way to dehumanize hundreds of millions of people!! "Caucasoid", good grief.
          And, for the record, we prefer the term "cracker", okay?

          I can't get over that term, Caucasoid. Jeez.

      • Are you really Black?! Did you come throw salt into the wounds of a Mother who is grieving for her murdered son. You sound like a delightfully ignorant UNCLE TOM! The topic of the Article was the Murder of Kenneth Harding and what his family is going through at this difficult time. Then here you come the, House Nigger"bringing Police talking points. You vilify a whole Race and the blame the victim. You are really disgusting.The man who killed the young lady who was pregnant was arrested the day after Kenneth Harding was murdered.

        You can belittle Blacks all you want. Does that make you feel better about your self. I can see from your post your are incapable of critical thinking. Hell, you don't even show common sense. Blacks kill Blacks, Whites kill Whites, Asian kill Asians and so on. But not only are Blacks killing Blacks POLICE are killing Blacks!! You are a very sick person the only self hatred I see is coming from your own comment. So what is the point of your Post. You need to Marinate for a while in a HISTORY BOOK, Real History not just HIS-Story!

    • Heya Mal,
      Thanks for the reply.

      U: "there is absolutely no difference between the pigs who lynched kenneth harding and stood over him armed to the teeth to make sure he died, and the norwegian thug who just murdered almost 100 (white)"

      There are many differences. Note the circumstances of both killings and note the evidence.

      U: "How f**king dare u suggest that the lives of AFRIKAN people are worth no more than a $2 train ticket…"

      I have never remotely suggested such a thing. I suspect you are making making things up because stuff that's actually there won't aid you in vilifying me. Only you really know though.

      How can you not see the words on the screen?

      U: "obviously u are not capable of thinking yourselves awake. "

      That's what Believers with heads in very small boxes say to those not inside the box.

    • Is there any way to block racist & quislings? There are some very disgusting people who come here to Post. They sound like blood lusting beast, something so vile and disturbing there is not even a name for them.

      This article is about the grief and subsequent sufferings being afflicted on the Mother of a MURDERED CHILD, murdered under the color of Law! And because he BLACK he or his family don't deserve compassion. So instead of staying on Topic here come Racist white vultures and their house nigger comrades to claim their cup of blood too!

      The Racist Whites who come here to demean and make derogatory stereotypical statements about Blacks. They are surely a great example of the "Pot Calling The Kettle Black" I've seen pictures of White men, women, & children standing around celebrating while a Black man, woman or child hung from a tree. That is beyond SICK! They made murder, lynching raping & robbery a family affair. I've also read that Whites cut off the breast of the Indigenous women of this country, and used their breast for gun powder pouches. You wont hear them say anything about their murderous past, present or future. They have The Mafia, Hitler, Stalin all White, Mass Murderers! What about Jefferey Dahmer, He was not just a murderer he was also a CANNIBAL! Ted Bundy, The Green River Killer, The Boston Strangler. There are shows on Cable TV that run 24/7 about the murderes that whites commit against each other. Shows like "True Detective" ID Discovery" "48 Hours" So you White people who come here thinking you're so pure. Believe me it is only a figment of your imagination. You are the most violent people on the face of the Earth. History proves it!

      Malcolm X had a name for the willfully ignorant of our own Race. Those who feel the need to protect "massa" at all cost. The H.N. comes and blames the victim,with their "I'm a credit to my race" mentality and actually think some gives a Damn about what they have to say. Malcolm X called them "HOUSE NIGGERS" they don't even deserve to be acknowledged.

  6. What about Pierre?
    The "community" didn't want any answers about this 16 year olds senseless death.
    Because the Mother of the child who witnessed the shooting, didn't want him to talk to the police.
    Pierre was shot in the abdomen, he bled out laying on the side walk.
    He was shot and died on Rainier and South Morgan St. in Seattle.
    Who's fault was it?
    Evidently not the child who shot him.
    Why hasn't any one been charged?
    Because the Mother of the other child could have cared less. And because it wasn't the police that pulled the trigger.
    Get it?

  7. oh & surprised – what are u doing on Denika's LinkedIn page? Were u invited? i doubt it seriously. trying to do a bit of cyber snooping, eh? which puppeteer set u on that course?

    beware all, a cyber spy is loose!

    regardless as to what her page says or doesn't, or your interpretation of it. I have no idea. but the bottom line is that it is HER page – NOT yours. u are trespassing.

    since u like to wrap your mouth around the concept of heedlessly spreading bullets about, what would u do if you found someone trespassing on your LinkedIn – or whatever pages?

    don't lie now… tell the truth & shame the devil… and stop hiding behind that KKK hood/sheet because it cannot quite cover the venom on your lips escaping from between your teeth…

    obviously somewhere, there is a village that has lost its collective/individual idiots. since u all are a tag team… pucker up and figure out what your next magical trick will be before you're caught and returned to the cage (read: asylum?) with the rest of the terrorists in blue.

  8. In terms of finding out what "really" happened to K. Harding, it would have been helpful if Bayview citizens had not removed evidence from the crime scene, including shell casings and weapon…

    It seems there is an impasse: some people are so stuck viewing everything through the lens of racism that they refuse to believe anything else is possible. If Bayview citizens (and Denika Chatman) refuse to believe anything that comes out of the SFPD's mouths, even if it has to do with technical facts like gunshot residue or bullet trajectory, there is NOTHING the police can do to work with this community. It seems people are willing to close their eyes to facts in order to believe whitey or the Man is out to get them. If so, maybe the police should just forget about the community and let it police itself. See how that goes after a month.

    In addition, it's not just the police saying Harding shot at police: it's eyewitnesses. Same with the other Harding who is alleged to have beaten a man to death in front of his wife and young daughter: (black) eyewitnesses. As well as medical evidence, most likely.

    People are free to believe that the police are all corrupt, that they're all out to get black people, that they always lie and somehow fake very complex scientific tests for evidence, just because they want to see a black person in jail. They can believe it, but it doesn't make it true. And in the long run, it only hurts the believer, not the police. If you want to change the system, learn about it, work with it. Shouting out untruths on the internet or elsewhere is like a dog inside a house barking at a squirrel outside: it makes a lot of noise, but achieves exactly nothing.

  9. Please someone tell me how two of her sons turned out to be criminals. I feel for this women because I am a mother too, but lets be real, for some reason they were not raised right. I am tired of these mothers talking about how these kids are angels and yet they terrorize or own black community. Lets start standing up for kids that overcome obstacles and achieve. These are the real heroes. RAISE YOUR KIDS!!!!

  10. @Saddened

    The only thing more comical than your post is the fact you seem to allude to living in some type of just society where police don't lie or kill people unless their a big bad criminal. I imagine you say all this while sitting on stolen land and Indian corpse while sipping stolen tea in your just world of amnesia and selective truth.

    • It would help to understand you if you were more articulate. We are in year 2011. The world is passing you by. If you are any type of influence over a young person it's no wonder so many of these kids are screwed up.

  11. @Truthsayer

    Cause if I cut my foot off today it will not affect the future. O and the police just started killing people in 2011. As far as articulation not sure what you mean because it's baseless. I imagine if you had influence over any young people they'd probably believe every lie SFPD spouts.

  12. Just it case it was lost in my last post:
    1. What is the current ratio of officer involved shootings resulting in death to black on black shootings resulting in death in your area?
    2. If your primary concern is saving black lives, doesn't it make more sense to focus energy on something that will save more lives?
    3. Bonus question! If black folks are shooting up vigils for a dead pregnant girl, how can we trust folks to unify against the police? "You can't unite bananas with scattered leaves."
    (Let's see how long it takes for someone to actually answer these questions without trying to avoid the obvious.)

  13. Whether you think her kids are good or bad, it is beside the point. The main point here is that the police, without having any idea who he was or what he might have done in the past, shot him over a train token! Is this the precedent that we want to set? What if it was your son? If they kill someone over a train token, then might they kill someone who just looks suspicious? Someone who looked at them the wrong way? Someone who jaywalked or went 2 miles over the speed limit? They don't CARE if you raised your kids right or not. They indiscriminately shot him dead over nothing, and THAT is the issue here, not whether or not this mother lives up to your expectations.

  14. @Truthsayer

    Amazing you can say this with no proof, where are the pictures of the bullet holes or the mystery gun that always appears after the pigs shoot someone.

  15. wow. what a pathetic article. that woman has some nerve getting all self-righteous. i want to know about her parenting skills, or lack thereof. how do you end up with two kids with criminal records for multiple felony offenses if you are a good parent? and how is it police brutality if you shoot at them first and then shoot yourself?

  16. Am dumbfounded when I read about the idiotic keystone cop nonsense surrounding this case"Kenneth Harding " . I've not seen such foolishness in a long time and find it almot impossible to find an analogy. We're not going to sit idle and allow this crime to go unpunished. We should picket the police station daily as a reminder,that this barbaric behavior is going to stop ,Now ! They have no respect for you that's the only conclusion I could come too. This type of foolishness and incompetence would have never happen in a white hood. You're viewed as a subhuman being and are treated accordingly,not even poor whites gets this. People should show up by the thousands and demand thye tell the truth!

  17. Seamus?? what kind o bloody daft round the bend name is that? Bollocks! Anyway why don’t you and your toothless bleedin Al Lee Bammer K.K.K self go and play on the train tracks and get run over repeatedly by several freight trains?? Trust me you will not be missed. Chained by the neck in mums dark dank dungeon yah phookin three clawed drooling inbred sloth bangin away at a computer, whose mum is his sister….. well that’s how y’all do it up in the hills…. Billy! You and racist killer cops withe a license to kill can sod off!

  18. Whoa is me! Poor, Denika, imagine the difficulties of having not one but two mis-understood, innocent little lambs. Kenneth and Ondrell wandering through a life of love and service to their fellow man only to be distracted from their righteous paths by frame-ups , trumped up charges and elaborate police conspiracies against her sweet boys.

    It couldn't possibly be anything they might of done. It's always the fault of the police, the government, 400 years of oppression. Anything of course that avoids self-examination or accountability .

    Will we ever learn that our destiny is in our own hands? We have the power to change our own lives but not until we accept responsibility for our own actions. Want to avoid interaction with the police? Simply stop breaking the law, don't give them a reason to even look at you . Stop carrying guns, stop dealing drugs and killing each other. Finally, when you're on the run, do everything right and BUY A FUCKING MUNI TICKET!

    It would be nice if just one of these articles reported a few actual facts. Kenneth Harding fled to San Francisco to avoid the Seattle police, to avoid questioning and likely a parole violation.

  19. Please…
    Conder how elaborate a setup would be required.

    Police would have to…
    Shoot an unarmed man running away from them.
    Initiate a previously-planned placement of a weapon on the ground, out of reach of police. & Video same at the scene moments after the shooting. (The YouTube guys)
    Then, influence the county coroner to substitute the lethal bullet with a smaller caliber bullet, make the wound appear from a .380, not .40.
    CSI would also have to be induced to make a false report regarding powder burns on Harding's hand.
    All police at the scene (at the time of the shooting) would have to lie about seeing Harding fire a weapon.
    And, the police would have to get some witnesses at the scene to say they saw and heard Harding fire a weapon even though he didn't.
    "Find" a handgun for framing Harding — Either use one seen in YouTube vid or similar (Appears YouTube video tapers would have to be police or something like that.)

    I think the Hardings' lawyers won't actually try to make this case in court. Unless some evidence turns up damning police, I don't think there should be any settlement money involved.

    Who knows, maybe something new will turn up aiding a Harding-side case. It's just that nothing has done yet.

  20. Not feeling very compassionate towards Momma right now. It sounds like she's like many of the mommas in my neighborhood, who don't instill a sense of personal responsibility in their sons. Instead, when they are caught doing stupid self-endangering things (at the least damaging end of the spectrum) things– or straight up endangering the lives, safety, and peace of mind of others (worst case scenarios), mommas like this claim their sons are victims or that they are misunderstood good boys who love their mommas.
    I live in a 'hood where there are roving mini-mobs of 8 year old boys who terrorize elders, engage in strong-arm robbery, and practice demeaning comments & behaviors out on females. Where, last Friday, an 11 year old black girl was playing outside her home & a young man tried to drag her into his car.

    Living in the midst of this madness, I wonder what it means when a Momma of a 9 year old black male threatens a cop when her son is caught shooting an air soft gun into a passing car (after shooting at & hitting a passerby only minutes before), and tells said cop that "We take care of our own."
    My response is: So, how's that working for you?
    "Danika", your boys are thugs. They are violent predators. Your son was shot by his own gun, after running from cops for doing something stupid, and shot at them while running through a playground.
    More fool you.

  21. I can't even fathom the pain Kenneth Harding's mother is feeling,seeing her son take his last breath on film . There are no words to discribe this ,only a hurt so deep it must have shattered bones in her body as she cried in agony .No one should have to witness such inhumanity especially a mother viewing her son's final moment on earth. peace on to the Harding family.Much love ♥

  22. I feel I am so connected with this family. My heart goes out to you. I have insisted that we all care for each other and take care of each other, but to those who are pompous and perhaps ridiculous, this falls on deaf ears. I am very affluent myself and able to do what I can when I can, but I spend so much of my time and money now trying to reach out to the youth. Trying to educate them in their lives and to see that how we are living is not working. But, other pompous jerks can not see clearly how we are all connected. They just pass blame so they do not have to accept responsibility. It it now my intentions to meet this family.

    I do wish that others would find either some courage or some brains. For, if you had brains, you would see a need for courage to make change happen. It is so necessary.

  23. i feel very sad for for Denika Chapman and the tremendous loss she must she must be enduring. However, my worst fear for her is that this end was all too predictable and that she was powerless to alter the the trajectory of her sons lives.

  24. this isn't even a race issue. The man ran away from a ticket for not paying a two dollar bus fare, felt it was needed to whip out a gun and start firing at police. The police fired back and the man ultimately killed himself by accident. There was .38 bullet recovered on his body, a slug in his head, gun shot residue on his hand, and multiple witnesses claiming he fired first. How do people dismiss that, and say "police gunned down an unarmed BOY that didn't pay bus fare?" This isn't really a big deal.

    Oh btw, why did he have a gun on him?

    And to the bayview staff, your newspaper/website is biased and terrible.


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