John Avalos for Mayor: Everyday giants can turn the city around

by John Avalos

Dear neighbors,

Occupy-SF-John-Avalos-protecting-against-SFPD-raid-all-night-1026-27114, John Avalos for Mayor: Everyday giants can turn the city around, Local News & Views Every day I hear from another San Franciscan who says it’s hard to have hope for our future. The city is unaffordable. Our families and neighbors have been pushed out. Too many families who remain here are struggling for survival in the face of violence, the continuing legacy of San Francisco racism and the broken promises of politicians and corporations alike who claimed they would create so many jobs.

I am running for mayor because I believe in the power of San Francisco’s everyday giants to turn the city around. I believe the future of our children is up to us and should not be determined by big money, big banks or unaccountable city power brokers.

As mayor, creating jobs for everyday San Franciscans – not increasing wealth for the already wealthy – will be my top priority. Despite the brutal police raids on the “Occupy” movement in Oakland, San Francisco, Denver and other cities around the country – and regardless of who, specifically, is participating in the Occupy encampments – the rising up of the 99 percent to hold the 1 percent accountable is long overdue.

Poor and working class communities in San Francisco are suffering from Depression-era unemployment, foreclosures, evictions and school closures, while the wealthiest 1 percent have actually increased their wealth. Because I stand with my neighbors from Bayview to Chinatown who have had enough, I’ve been standing for OccupySF and working hard to pressure Mayor Lee to prevent the brutal police attack that we all witnessed in Oakland.

I began this race as a city supervisor and was considered a long shot by some, because I didn’t have the backing of the city’s corporate elite. Recent polls have me now in second place, and I believe it demonstrates what people power can do.

Recent polls have me now in second place, and I believe it demonstrates what people power can do.

I am not only running for mayor, but with thousands of other San Franciscans we are building a movement to take on the status quo and put the people in charge. You can join us, at

Our future is in our hands

I am honored to have the support of African American San Franciscans who’ve been in the trenches for decades and who continue to have hope for our young people’s future in this great city. Having been both a community organizer and a city supervisor, I know the wisdom of the old saying, “Nothing about us, without us, is for us.” So as mayor, I know my job will be to walk with you, work and fight alongside you, and do everything in my power to support your dreams, your solutions and your agenda for change.

Macio-Lyons-John-Avalos-Utuma-Belfrey-Joshua-Arce-award-winners-State-of-Black-SF-021311-by-c-Grace-Kao, John Avalos for Mayor: Everyday giants can turn the city around, Local News & Views I am running to be the next mayor of San Francisco, but I am not your typical politician. I am a family man, a public servant and a community organizer. In the last 20 years of social work, organizing and public service, I’ve worked hard to honor my family’s roots as Mexican-American, working class people who believed in a good education, a strong union and ending racial divisions. Unlike so many politicians today, I have the courage to stand on my own convictions, to stand up against the greed of big business and to stand up for our children.

Working with you, not for you, to solve our city’s problems

As budget chair of the Board of Supervisors, I closed a combined $1 billion deficit over two years. I saved hundreds of jobs and protected our city’s safety net. I authored the landmark Local Hire legislation that put San Franciscans in the trades back to work. I also led the effort to bring in $45 million in new progressive revenue, which will keep our budget whole through this fiscal year. But I didn’t do it alone. All these achievements were only possible because I worked with neighbors, advocates, and voters across the city.

Occupy-SF-bank-protest-John-Avalos-Make-banks-pay-092911-by-Steve-Rhodes3, John Avalos for Mayor: Everyday giants can turn the city around, Local News & Views I have worked with Bayview residents to stop police brutality against our youth, hired and supported young people from Southeast neighborhoods, saved hundreds of city jobs for working families and invested more than $20 million in truly affordable housing, Bayview youth and family services and violence-prevention programs that our communities need.

As mayor, I will work with all of you to strengthen our economy, our neighborhoods and our movement for change.

Together, we can put local residents to work, invest in our youth, revitalize our economy and keep our families in the city

• Create thousands of living wage jobs for San Franciscans who’ve been laid off or shut out of the SF economy

• Expand my Local Hire legislation beyond the trades and partner with SFUSD and City College to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow

• Create a city-owned bank, invest in small businesses and hold corporate banks accountable

• Close corporate tax loopholes and generate new progressive revenue

• Fully fund our public education system

• Provide free Muni for students

• Make universal health care real

• Restore our parks and create public plazas and promenades

• Develop sustainable, truly affordable housing for all

• Protect our status as a sanctuary city

Join me in creating a San Francisco for all of us, not just the privileged few. Let’s work together to rebuild our communities, revitalize our economy and renew the hope in our youth.

I’d be honored to have your No. 1 vote on Nov. 8!

District 11Supervisor John Avalos is a candidate for mayor of San Francisco. To learn more and get involved, go to