Kabila, Tshisekedi and Congo


by Ann Garrison

Broadcast on WBAI-NYC AfrobeatRadio Dec. 15, 2011

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is in political crisis. The Independent National Electoral Commission, which is headed by an ally of incumbent President Joseph Kabila, announced that Kabila is the winner, with 49 percent of the vote. The commission says that his leading challenger, Étienne Tshisekedi, won only 32 percent, but Tshisekedi rejected the results and declared that he now considers himself the nation’s president.

The other prominent candidate, Vital Kamerhe, agrees. The Carter Center election observer mission stated that the election “lacks credibility” and reported that they were “unable to provide independent verification of the accuracy of the overall results or the degree to which they reflect the will of the Congolese people.”

The announcement of Kabila’s victory led to riots in Kinshasa and calls from opposition leaders for the international community to intervene. There have since been confrontations between demonstrators in the Katanga and North and South Kivu provinces and military police have arrested protestors in Katanga.

On Thursday, Dec. 15, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing about the crisis, where experts from the International Crisis Group told them that the Congolese election is indefensible and that Kabila is now ruling without a shard of legitimacy.

At the urging of the U.N. and the Catholic Church, Vital Kamerhe, on Dec. 15, took the opposition case for annulment of the results and a new election to the Congolese Supreme Court, even though Kabila, anticipating electoral disputes, appointed 18 new Supreme Court judges at the outset of the campaign season, increasing the number of judges on the court from nine to 27. Kamerhe’s lawyers called the proceedings a “travesty of justice” and walked out of the courtroom before the end of the first day.

On Saturday, Dec. 17, the court ruled that Kabila had won the election and was therefore the rightful president of the DRC. The East African presidents of Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya and Sudan have already recognized Kabila, but Obama’s State Department has refused to say whether he will or not.

This discussion of Congo’s political crisis, with Maurice Carney, executive director of Friends of the Congo, and Eric Kamba, Congolese refugee and social worker with the Boston-based Congolese Development Center, AfrobeatRadio hosts Wuyi Jacobs and me, Ann Garrison, was recorded on Saturday, Dec. 10, and was broadcast on WBAI 99.5FM in New York City and streamed online on Thursday, Dec. 15.

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Global Research, Colored Opinions, Black Star News, the Newsline EA (East Africa) and her own website, Ann Garrison, and produces for AfrobeatRadio on WBAI-NYC, Weekend News on KPFA and her own YouTube Channel, AnnieGetYourGang. She can be reached at ann@afrobeatradio.com. This story first appeared on her website.

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  1. 8 million people have been killed in the Congo D.R. because of wars imposed to unarmed Congolese citizens by Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi who receive weapons, military training from countries like U.S.A, U.K, France,Belgium and Canada, to allow business companies from these Western countries to take minerals for free from Congo D.R. Americans should be aware that some of their officials as well as their business companies support the biggest case of genocide in the World.

  2. "All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration. You may succeed in making another feel guilty about something by blaming him, but you won't succeed in changing whatever it is about you that is making you unhappy."
    – Wayne Dyer

  3. Voice of devil aka voice of Rwanda.

    Nobody is making Rwanda and their master feel guilty, because they are more than guilty. You did at least admit about the findinding of fault in you; this means you are aware of your evil deeds in Congo-Zaire.

    Can Rwanda people tells us the origin of the coltan, diamond and uranium are exporting?
    Do you reaaly think Congolese people will never fight back and bring the war back to Rwanda?

    We will keep on exposing you backers until they stop and break their evil sponsorship, then we will bring the war back to Rwanda and destroy all you have built from Congo resources. Time will tell.

    Kagame is nothing than a pupett of Bill Clinton , Tony Blair and the evil Anglo-Saxon Empire.

  4. "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."
    Africa needs u big brother. put ur act together.

  5. @CongoLion and BOKELA: Let's be sure not to confuse Kagame with the Rwandan people, most of whom have suffered hugely under his rule as well. Bernard Ntaganda, one of the two presidential candidates now in prison for daring to challenge him, told KPFA News last year that the extreme tension in Rwanda is not between Hutu and Tutsi but between rich and poor. "A small group of people, a very small group," he said, "control all the wealth and the power, and the majority of Rwandese are very poor."

    Most Rwandese are not benefitting from the plunder of the Congo. They are suffering. Victoire Ingabire, the other presidential candidate in prison, returned home to attempt to run against him because she said she could not stand to see her people continuing to suffer so.

  6. Economy in Rwanda
    Rwanda has recently enjoyed strong economic growth rates, creating new business prospects and lifting people out of poverty. The Government of Rwanda is actively working to develop the economy and reform the financial and business sectors.
    Truth will set u free

  7. Really… It's funny how many foreign Tshisekedi-ists I hear sprouting BS rumours of Kabila's forces murdering en masse and then conveniently hiding the bodies. Listen, Kabila Jr isn't perfect by any means but my friends in Kinshasa who live both in the nice and not so nice areas say the foreign stories they hear shock them, since this IN Kin, don't see it happening.

    Do the election again if you have to, but Tshisekedi is not doing what stability calls for even if he is right. Don't let this turn into another cut-down-the-tall-trees moment…..

  8. @voiceofrwanda, what goes around comes around. Kagame is not the only president in the world to have been backed by the US. The likes of Mobutu, Saddam Hussein, Mubarak have enjoyed the same support… then they became liabilities. I won’t tell the rest of their stories coz you know it very well. Kagame has now been in power for more than 15 years… Sweet power. His time is over. Their little operation mounted with the help of Bush and Clinton is about to explode in their own faces. Don’t be fooled, the world will know soon who they really are and they will face justice.

  9. Momerike, Please shut up !!!

    Your friends are nothing different from Kabila, because they are all plundering Congo resources. Can you tell me how much a teacher and how often they get paid? Can you tell me how many times people eat a day? Do you know what we do for our families survival in Kinshasa or the entire Congo-Zaire?

    What your friend can tell you when he is a slave of Kabila? Do you know the behavior of a unpaid soldiers in Congo? The Congolese soldiers can go unpaid for 9months and when they are paid it's meaningless paycheck.

    The truth about Congo is not what your friend is telling, but what our families members are going through daily under the evil leadership of the evil rwanda citizen and former cab driver in Tanzania by the name of Hyppo Kanambe aka Joseph Kabila.

    Did your friend tell you who killed Chebeya, Bazana, Aimée Kabila, Daniel Boteti, Pasteur albert Lukusa and how they were killed?

    Did your friend tell you how Kabila always associats himself with the killers of Congolese such as Jean Bosco Ntaganda and Nkundabatware?

    Did Oprah lie when she aired a show about "Congo being "The World capitol of rape".

  10. Upon reading the "Kabila, Tshisekedi and Congo" article on http://sfbayview.com/2011/kabila-tshisekedi-and-c… I noticed a lot of criticism on Joseph Kabila (son of assassinated and acknowledged liberation fighter Laurent Kabila) and the insinuation as to Tshisekedi and the Congolese population being victim of Kabila. Before making (unfounded) statements and writing articles like that it's better to know some historical background. First of all Tshisekedi isn't another Mandela as some want to portray him. His political career started 50 years ago just before Congo's independence in which he didn't play any part. After the democratically elected Lumumba government was overthrown for the lack of being a Belgo-US puppet government, Tshisekedi as commissioner of Mobutu was co responsible for the execution of many Lumumbists and other Congolese liberation fighters. Read his letter to Kalonji where he says they should be tortured before their death. He was also one of the first to strongly criticize Lumumba when he wasn't incarcerated yet and subsequently killed. Read the book "The assassination of Lumumba" by Ludo De Witte to at least get some background! Tshisekedi who is a longtime member of Mobutu's government has tried to proclaim himself on several occasions as leader of Congo since Congo's liberation (again where he didn't play any part) like in 2005 for example.

    I also don't understand why San Francisco Bay View is referring to reports of so called "human rights" organizations. "Human rights" organizations like Carter Center, Human Rights Watch, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the National Endowment for Democracy and all their sponsored subsidiaries are nothing more then tools of western imperialism to generate written reports that can be used by the western media/propaganda apparatus to attack foreign governments and to replace them by regimes more friendly to western interests thus neocolonialist client states. On many occasions these organizations that are all based in Geneva, London or the US excel at being total absent in the most rigorous dictatorial countries which are coincidentally friendly to western interests and are at the same time overwhelmingly active in free sovereign countries that are designated for regime change or might need some extra "steering" in the near future.

    Concerning Kabila's victory, he did win the elections. It's because he made peace agreements (where he made heavy concessions) with the aggressors that the war in the east ended and the population that voted for him, especially in the east, is fed up with the war (by Rwanda supported by the US) that costed the lives of millions and millions. Tshisekedi already made clear on several occasions that another war with Rwanda wouldn't be ruled out. That's because Tshisekedi is a selfish opportunist who doesn't mind the lives of the people he would send into battle. Read the wikileaks US cables where his personality is described by people close to him!

    It's because of ignorance like yours and the lack of historical knowledge that many African countries have made little or no progress and are exploited by the west. If Kabila had not accepted the 100 US "advisor" troops (you should see it in a neocolonial context) 2 months ago, the US and other Anglophone countries would have used their whole willing media/propaganda apparatus to discredit Kabila in this election and put someone in power who would. Biased stories like you presented here partially based on fiction (the soldiers didn't just start shooting for nothing, it were violent confrontations provoked by violent Tshisekedi supporters, even abroad they burn cars and attacked ordinary people which makes one wonder how worse it gets in the home country) are published simply to serve the purpose of weakening the leaders' (Kabila) position so they can be pushed by western countries into accepting further measures in the interest of those western countries or else face a total media attack and possibly military attack afterwards. Like it occurred in Ivory Coast! It's no coincidence that Jonathan Goodluck (another US-Anglo vassal) used his weight to support this neocolonial war on Ivory Coast which occurred short before the national Nigerian elections. If Goodluck wouldn't have used his resources in favor of the French-US attack on Gbagbo, another candidate would have won the elections or be made the winner of the elections!

    Stories like this seriously hamper San Francisco Bay Views credibility. Stop being so ignorant and acquire some knowledge by reading history first instead of being a neocolonialist useful idiot!

  11. George is just another Tutsi/Rwanda citizen who is trying to confuse the readers.
    I'm not afraid to give my full name, because I'm proud to be a Congolese and I don't hide myself behind fake name.
    Can you George give your full Congolese name and show your face as I do on my facebook? I don't think so. You are just another criminal from the tiny Rwanda who is defending the evil deed of Kanambe in my country.

    Can you George tell us why Hyppo Kanambe aka Joseph Kabila has never arrested and send any of the Tutsi criminals to Haye?

    The one raping and killing in Kivu are well known and they are Hyppo Kanambe aka Joseph Kabila allies. Do you know who is Jean Bosco Ntaganda or Nkundabatware? They are both Tutsi?Rwanda mercenaries responsible of rape and killing of Congolese people.

    Tell me how many people have been killed by Tshisekedi supporters in Kinshasa, and I will tell you about the daily crime comitted by your Rwanda brother's guard in my country.

  12. George is a big liar who can only lie to himself without any feeling of shame!!!

    Hyppo Kanambe didn't win the election as you said; what Kanambe aka J Kabila did is "Fraud".
    Why didn't other African presidents come to Kinshasa to support the pretenders and impostor who claimed to win the election.

    You can lie to ignorant people who never knew LD Kabila family, but you will never lie to some of us.
    Where are others LD Kabila children?

  13. George MUNYARWANDA.

    Do you know how Hyppo Kanambe lie about going to school at "Ecole Française de Dar-Es-Salam, and graduating from a fake American university on his made up biography.

    Etienne and Emmanuel Kabila are the true children of late LD Kabila, and they don't recognize Hyppo Kanambe as one of them.

    Do you know who killed Aimée Kabila (LD Kabila's daughter) and how she was killed?

    Do you know who is behind the assassination of the human right activist by the name of Chebeya? It's well known by us Congolese people that Kanambe aka Joseph Kabila is a monster killer, uneducated, drug addicted, former cab driver in Dar-Es-Salam and nephew of James Kabarebe the Rwanda in Rwanda army.

  14. George is lying in talking about "The end of the war in the East".
    Big liar!!! People have been daily killed and raped in the east because of the stupidity of this Rwanda impostor by the name of Kanambe.

    FDLR, CNDP, RWANDA ARMY, UGanda rebels are ruling and plundering Congo mineral resources without any action from this uneducated Rwanda imposed president on Congolese people.

    The people you are attacking are the one who imposed Kanambe on Congo people; without the imperialists Kanambe aka Joseph Kabila will never be president of Congo-Zaire.

    There is no peace in the eastern Congo and Kanambe didn't end the war; that's a "BIG LIE".

  15. "In time we hate that which we often fear. "
    William Shakespeare

    Why are you afraid of Rwanda? We helped you to get rid of Mobutu. We are still waiting for a thank you card.

  16. Paul,

    You are a stupid I have never met on the earth. Do you really think if Congolese soldiers didn't get tired of Mobutu you skinny and bony ass Rwandan can get in Congo-Zaire? I don't think so.

    The people who supported Mobutu and made him powerful are the same just to dump him for the fulfillment of their evil dream are the Anglo-Saxon. I know they are now backing the bony ass Kagame.
    In few days you will seee true Congolese on the street of Kigali and you will beg for mercy.

    Congo and Congolese people are not afraid of Rwanda, because you are nothing without the help of USA; time will come and we will make you pay for your sins.

    I did put my name because I'm not afraid of you Rwanda people; can you do the same with your picture? I don't think so.

    • I have many Rwandese friends who oppose the regime of Paul Kagame, so I'd just like to say again that Kagame and the RPF are not the Rwandese people, who are suffering under his rule as well.

      • "Rwanda has achieved impressive development progress since the 1994 genocide and civil war. It is now consolidating gains in social development and accelerating growth while ensuring that they are broadly shared to mitigate risks to eroding the country’s hard-won political and social stability. Central to Rwanda’s goal is to ensure inclusive development and to provide equitable, efficient and effective pro-poor service delivery, while promoting local development in an environment of good governance. It seeks to foster citizens’ participation and empowerment as well as transparency and (upward/downward) accountability. Rwanda’s approach to promoting inclusive and stable politics and governance appears to be working. The country is at peace and among the most stable on the continent."
        The world Bank

  17. Bokela is incapable of playing the ball so he attacks the player. Give Bokela a stone and he would be throwing it at everyone he dislikes. Give Bokela a lighter and he would be torching cars, buses and shops of everyone he dislikes. Give Bokela a gun and he would start shooting everyone he dislikes. Bokela is a crisp, clear example of how erratic, ethnocentric and racist some Tshisekedists are.

    However, the bigger picture is that western imperialist intervention on the African continent the past 400 years under false pretexts like christianization, civilizing, abolishing slavery, institutionalizing human rights and more recently bringing democracy has in fact led to nothing but seas of blood and unimaginable cruelties.

    The best way to keep the status quo amongst the "wretched of the earth" [confer Frantz Fanon] is by divide and conquer, mobilizing people devoid of historical knowledge and guaranteeing a tribune to imperialist useful idiots in the right place at the right time.

  18. George is nothing else than a hypocrite and a confused man. What game are you playing without the ball Mr Tutsi George?

    Yes, Clinton gave you gun, license to kill, rape Congolese and plunder our ressources, and that's what Rwanda/Tutsi are doing in Congo-Zaire.
    Are Rwanda playing with weapons like kids plays with toys, or are they using those weapons to rape and kill Congolese people?

    George is Rwanda/Tutsi criminal and he is involved in "The untold genocide" of my people.

    Bokela is a my real name and I'm not like you a coward hiding behind a fake name. I'm on Facebook wit my Bokela Bonyoma name and exposing liar, criminal , devil and killer like you, and I'm fearless.

  19. Devil George,

    Did you read the UN Mapping report and do you know who is "Commander Hyppo the one who killed thousand of Hutu innocent people in Tingi-Tingi and Makabola?

    Kanambe aka Joseph Kabila killed and still killing Congolese people, but you their masters (USA, UK and France) are keeping quiet because he is ful;filling their dream which has become Congolese nightmare.

    Let George and the Anglo-Saxon take over Africa so they can keep on making nuclear weapon to keep us under the Neo-Colonization and Slavery.

    The abuser of the human right is the first to talk loudly about "Human right. What a joke!!!

    What do you know about the battle of Rwanda and Uganda armies in Kisangani?

    Nkundabatware, Jean Bosco Ntaganda and Mutebusi killed and are killing Congolese people up to now; did you take time to write anything about it.

    Is the democracy usefull to Africa when it is imposed through war, invasion of sovereign country and the killing of the innocent people just for the fulfillment of the "Imperialists dream" .

  20. Kabila or Tshisekedi. A mass murder versus a betrayer of Lumumba. Voting has become a theology for bad situations in Africa and unfortunately it has nothing to do with stopping the overall rape of Congo. Voting and placating the victimizers institutions isn't going to solve anything and will keep you religiously walking toward a brick wall. Congo isn't a political problem it's a military issue. To stop the looting and ironically the violence your going to have to kill the proxy forces as well as the colonizer. Mass mobilization is good but if it's political orientation is begging the beneficiaries of African misery to save you, you're wasting your time. Political education is imperative. If you fight this battle as Congolese alone your going to lose. A free Africa isn't going to happen if it's fought on the terms of false Identities or borders. There will never be a free Congo and a neocolonial Rwanda or any of it's bordering fiefdoms.

  21. it’s a one moe insult to us congolese to compare our president Etienne Tshisekedi to the criminal Kanambe aka J Kabila because in CNS where more than 2000 intellectuals and leaders congolese meet no one was able to prove that Tshisekedi was involved in Lumumba assassinat the truth is USA ,Belgium they were involved today those people who executed our hero are testifiing about it without being arrest for their crime those who are accusing our president they claimed to America and Belgium for those criminals and thier masters minder to betrail inn justice. Today we are living like in a western movie where europeans come to’invade land and killing the red skin people but that movie showing us that europeans are good red skin are devil.Kabila killing Kongolese media are talking about the terrible republicain garde of kabila but when Tshisekedi asked is people to free the innoncents from prisons then you the international criminal court taking position agains him .

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