Prisoner advocate in love with tortured man has compassion for thousands more

Indefinite imprisonment, torture, terror inside California prisons through eyes of woman of courage

by Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner

When Kendra Castaneda’s beloved faced torture in solitary confinement, his beloved, a regular California suburban young woman, would never have guessed that only nine months later, she would be an “Inspiring Americans Award” nominee for courageously sparking human rights hope for 100,000 secretly tortured people in the United States prison industrial complex, up to 6,000 in California alone, all horribly abused in solitary confinement, indefinitely, as the National Defense Authorization Act 2012 codifies.

In July, when over 12,000 Ghandi-inspired California inmates of all creeds and colors united for the first time for the historic peaceful Pelican Bay Prison Hunger Strike, protesting inhumane prison conditions, an “ordinary” woman, Kendra Castaneda, 29, began her transformation into the key national human rights defender she is today, unflinchingly overcoming one adversity after another in advocating for tortured prisoners.

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