Ohio hunger strike ends


Youngstown, Ohio, May 9, 2012 – After long negotiations with Warden David Bobby on Monday, May 7, the hunger-striking prisoners at Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) began eating again. Two of the men held out through Tuesday, unsatisfied with the agreement. The warden met with them separately, and they agreed to come off the strike. Warden Bobby reported that “by lunch time today, everyone was eating.” This was confirmed by two prisoner sources.

At this point, details on agreements are unclear, but sources inside say that the hunger strikers are satisfied and feel they achieved results. One source described the demands and the warden’s response as “reasonable.” Without going into detail, the main concerns were in regards to commissary costs, state pay rates, phone costs, length of stay and harsh penalties for petty conduct reports. The warden said that he discussed “many things” at Monday’s meeting with strike representatives, “many things beyond the main demands,” but he would not share any of the details.

The strikers are resting and recovering but have mailed detailed information to outside supporters at RedBird Prison Abolition, which will be released to the public as soon as possible. The warden admitted that one of the hunger strikers was transferred to disciplinary segregation for an unrelated rule infraction but stated that there were no reprisals or punishments for participating. One prisoner source agreed with this statement.

The hunger strike began on April 30 and was timed to align with May Day protests outside. Prisoners have stated an interest in “joining hands in struggle toward common goals” with protest and resistance movements like Occupy Wall Street.

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  1. This passage makes it very clear that the acceptable fast is not merely abstinence from food or water, but a decision to fully obey God’s commands to care for the poor and oppressed. this site

  2. The demands that these inmates had were, in part, based on inaccurate info provided by the inmates themselves. Part of their complaints were that they didn’t receive outside rec and they weren’t permitted to buy certain things at the commissary. The first complaint is an outright lie. I worked at OSP and personally have escorted Lamar and Sanders to outside rec.
    The “Lucasville” inmates were allowed privileges above what is standard due to being long term level 5 inmates. As for purchases, purchases are dictated by security level. If you act like an ass and/or are constantly disruptive then you are penalized accordingly. Act right and you are allowed more privileges.

    What angers me is that these inmates cry and complain about being “mistreated” but they fail to tell their supporters the disruptive things they do and/or have done. As a former employee at OSP I know things that have taken place that are substantial rule violations. Of course they aren’t going to address things that would put them in a bad light so they write and come across as inmates that do nothing and are mistreated.

    Does anyone feel that it is acceptable for an inmate to throw boiling water in an officer’s face, just because the inmate isn’t happy? How about stabbing multiple officers because “I’m in prison and I don’t like it”?

    Funny how these are things that the mistreated inmates will never tell their supporters they did.

  3. That’s great ! the finally the hunger strike is over. But the assignmentman.co.uk point is that did they dig out something from these strikes and get the desired purpose or not? And hope the next strike will achieve that persistence to like occupy wall street.

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