Call for Prisoner Day of Solidarity Sept. 9

We are calling on all potential allies for a planned Day of Solidarity action for prisoners across the country. This is timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Attica uprising and is intended to draw attention to our devolving treatment and escalating abuse of prisoners by the state.

United_Front_for_Peace_in_Prisons_Sept._9_2012_Day_of_Solidarity, Call for Prisoner Day of Solidarity Sept. 9, Behind Enemy Lines With growing activism popping up in many states, now is the time to consolidate the United Front for Peace to unite prisoners as a class for their common interests. We see this action proposed by a prisoner organization in Nevada as a step in the right direction for building such a United Front.

For more information, go to And of course, please forward this info to others who might be able to support. Without outside networks, isolated prisoner organizations cannot coordinate this type of countrywide action.

We are requesting all prisoners who are able to embark on a solidarity fast and work stoppage from midnight Sept. 8 to midnight Sept. 9 in a show of solidarity by:

    1. Fasting unless a medical need necessitates eating.
    2. Refrain from working for our captors – or slow work to minimal output.
    3. Engage only in anti-oppressor, networking and solidarity actions.
    4. Cease all prisoner-on-prisoner hostilities regardless of set, race, custody, gender, religion or other division.
    5. Show respect for our mutual bondage and suffering as well as the sacrifices of all revolutionary brothers and sisters.

We welcome all prisoners – confined or not – to show support by participating or speaking out. Just one day, just one voice!

We do not expect our brothers and sisters to incur casualties or harm. We do want to send a message, not to them only, but to each other. This is an us thing – a true united front.

Just one day.

This call comes from MIM and SAMAEL, a Nevada prisoner group. Send statements of solidarity and reports of activities to for posting at or write to MIM Distributors, P.O. Box 40799, San Francisco, CA 94140.