Games the gang investigators play


by Comrade T (Terrance E. White)

This is just a quick note to say thank you for the March issue and another April and May issue of the S.F. Bay View you sent. I read the March issue and can see why these fascist captors of mine kept it from me. They already look at us New Afrikkkans as suspected “gang” members and anything political or educational we read they label it gang material. It’s absurd!

They’ve been keeping my mail for at least an extra week after I receive it from my family, and any books or other forms of reading material they hold for a month or so before they issue it to me. I know it’s a game the IGIs (Institutional Gang Investigators) use to keep us New Afrikkkans, Southern and Northern Mexicans, oppressed Whites and Native Amerikkkans buried alive in these concrete tombs under their three-point gang validation, which, since our statewide hunger strike, they continue to do.

I’ve seen four gang validation packages issued out within the last two weeks by these IGI oppressors, who in all actuality are their own gang. I remember reading about IGI Duarte in Calipatria State Prison being under investigation himself for putting together false validation packages on comrades; well, he isn’t the only one to do so. I’m more than certain if the CDC got more IGIs under investigation for false acts to get brothers validated, these tables would really turn and society would see who the real gang members are.

Thank you for continuing to be the driving force in bringing awareness to the free world about our constant struggles to fight our oppressors. I’ve given out the other two Bay Views you sent to some comrades to read and hopefully get subscriptions as well.

In true solidarity struggle,

Comrade T

Send our brother some love and light: Terrance E. White, AG8738, NKSP D6-B-144, P.O. Box 5005, Delano, CA 93216. This story was transcribed by Kendra Castaneda.



  1. I have said it before but i will say it again. The police need to stop investigating black murders and everyone will be happy. The black gang bangers will be happy as they can blast away and murder each other, this newspaper will have less things to bitch about, and everyone else will be happy as their will be less niggers since they are all murdering each other.

    Everyone wins, we save tax money, cut down on crime after a while, and less human scum on the streets. We could even arm the prisoners and let them take care of each other Hunger Games style (I have a feeling the Aryan Brotherhood would come out on top).

    Once one gang dominates the rest its tie for Operation Ghetto Storm. A small team of highly trained SWAT or special forces could come in and easily take out the remaining gang and solve the gang problem.

    Everyone wins!

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