Refuse to work, boycott canteen!

by Gustavo Chavez

prison-commissary, Refuse to work, boycott canteen!, Abolition Now! In response to the article printed in the Bay View, I wish to express a few ideas of my own that will have a devastating impact on the prison economy. I confess I’m not for a peaceful solution being that we’re facing an enemy who will go to the fullest extreme to protect its interests.

If we’re going to continue with our struggle, everyone must participate, including the general population. Our first step should be refusing our medication; that will force their hand to take us to the outside hospital.

The general population statewide should refuse to work! Even boycotting canteen statewide will hurt the prison economy. Refusing TB testing is another great idea.

I recognize we must take action soon because I assure you the enemy is not taking a break on plotting against us. The COs (correctional officers) are hurting and not one day goes by without them harassing us. That alone speaks many volumes of what they’re trying to do to us.

Us convicts must always outsmart the system. With unity, we could accomplish anything, including shutting down the SHU!

In struggle.

Send our brother some love and light: Gustavo Chavez, E-45117, PBSP-SHU D-8-121, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95532. This story was transcribed by Kendra Castaneda.