Report from North Kern: Progress and chaos on the road to liberation

by Terrance White

We finally got a breakthrough with the CDCR here at North Kern State Prison: The ICC (Institutional Classification Committee) is starting to release their Ad Seg bodies back to the general population [out of solitary confinement]. They’re only keeping validated members now and not trying to validate a lot of people [as gang members or associates], so the IGI (Institutional Gang Investigators) are going over case files and double cell clearing us, not issuing validation packets and [instead] kicking us out of segregation.

North-Kern-State-Prison-prisoners-walk-along-fence-line, Report from North Kern: Progress and chaos on the road to liberation, Abolition Now! But they have combined two buildings on D yard and B yard. So far D1 is half GPs (general population) and half SNY (Sensitive Needs Yard, including “debriefers”), and so is D2. And B yard has B3 and B4 the same way.

But B1 and B2 has no Northerners in it. The Northerners are all in B6 and B5. And all Whites can only go to B1, 2 and 3.

So we see it as they are trying to stop our peace treaty (the End of Hostilities agreement) that’s happening all across the state and on the streets. We know the comrades in the Short Corridor in PBSP SHU wanted this to work and we are all of like mind and stand in solidarity with them and others in this struggle with a united front in mass organizing and hope that no one allows the pig provocateurs to bring chaos to this liberation that we will all one day get from these oppressive conditions.

Thanks to all you collectives, lawyers, family and true comrades for all your support, love and loyalty. We are still far from reaching our goals, but we’re starting to weaken the Empire’s hold on us.

Dare to struggle, dare to win.

One love,

Brother and Comrade T Zulu

Send our brother some love and light: Terrance E. White, AG8738, NKSP, D2-B-135, P.O. Box 5005, Delano, CA 93216.

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