Is Pacifica one foot in the grave?


An interview wit’ former WBAI programmer Don Debar

by The People’s Minister of Information JR

'On the air' signDon Debar is a longtime programmer at WBAI, the Pacifica radio station in New York City. A number of strange things have been going on in the Pacifica Foundation for years that are currently bringing the foundation to the brink of extinction because of mismanagement, lawsuits, and other factors too numerous to list that people associated with the network nationwide, like myself, could tell you about.

The Pacifica radio network, founded along with KPFA in Berkeley in 1949 by Lew Hill, a formerly imprisoned anti-war activist, grew to comprise five stations nationwide, adding KPFK in Los Angeles, WBAI in New York, KPFT in Houston and WPFW in Washington, D.C. Together they reach a potential audience of 45 million people. Pacifica invented public radio; since the beginning, Pacifica stations have been sponsored by listeners, with no corporate sponsorship or underwriting and thus no censorship.

But the network faces many dire issues that its listeners need to know and that WBAI programmer Don Debar can knowledgeably talk about. Check out what Pacifica has not been telling its listener supporters …

M.O.I. JR: What is the history of WBAI? How did you get started with WBAI? When?

KPFA transmitter 59,000 watts, 304' tall, on 1500' Grizzley Peak in Berkeley HillsDon Debar: WBAI was gifted by philanthropist Louis Schweitzer in 1960 to Pacifica, which has operated it ever since. I began listening in the late 1960s, in my late teens. I’ve been a regular listener since the Watergate hearings were aired in 1973.

As I became active in various struggles in my community, I began to have contact with a number of producers at BAI, particularly Errol Maitland, Sharan Harper and Bernard White. This grew into a relationship, beginning in about 2002, where I became a regular contributor to the morning program Wakeup Call, producing a weekly segment covering the communities in the region north of NYC, as well as coverage of various special events, such as the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York.

Ultimately, by 2007, I became the morning news headlines editor for Wakeup Call, traveled the country in 2008 covering the presidential campaign of Cynthia McKinney and the Democratic and Republican national conventions, and began to produce regular special events coverage for Wakeup Call.

M.O.I. JR: What is the history behind WBAI’s financial troubles with Pacifica?

Don Debar: The basis of the financial problems that have faced WBAI was the 15-year lease that Pacifica, under then executive director Pat Scott (who tried to make Pacifica more mainstream – ed.) signed with Larry Silverstein in 1997 that ultimately led to annual rent of more than $375,000 a year for their studio and offices at 120 Wall St.

KPFK towerThis was done against the advice and express wishes of the staff at WBAI, but it was forced down their throat by Pacifica’s management. The cost of this space exceeded the cost of all other real estate for the other four stations combined. The result was that WBAI went from being the largest net funder of Pacifica to its greatest cash-flow liability.

M.O.I. JR: How did Hurricane Sandy affect WBAI? How did it affect the network as a whole?

Don Debar: Although WBAI suffered service and studio access interruption as a result of Sandy, the role of this in the station’s much larger set of problems has been greatly exaggerated by management. For example, WBAI did not have to suddenly move last year as a consequence of Sandy. Rather, the term of the lease ended Dec. 31, 2012, Pacifica was many months in arrears – and this was a chronic problem for the entire time since the current management took over – and the landlord decided to kick them out.

The date of the lease’s end was known since it was first entered into in 1997; it was specified in the lease. The eviction crisis was a result of management failing to make provisions for new space until they were being evicted. Had Nia Bediako not made arrangements with CUNY (City University of New York) for the temporary space currently housing the station, WBAI would have been homeless. Again, this had nothing to do with Sandy and everything to do with gross mismanagement.

WBAI tower on Empire State Building by Doc SearlesThe irony here is the fact that the purge of Tony Riddle and Bernard White from WBAI by the current management in 2009 was based on a false claim that WBAI’s management had failed to pay the rent and brought the station within three days of eviction. In fact, it was Pacifica which had caused the problem when it refused to either fund the solution or attempt to renegotiate the lease.

The notorious “three-day notice” that was waved around by Grace Aaron, Steve Brown and Mitchel Cohen is not notice of a pending eviction but, rather, that the rent is in arrears and unless arrangements are made in the three-day period to correct it, an eviction proceeding – which lasts several months in New York City – might be commenced.

M.O.I. JR: What is going on with Pacifica’s 501(c)(3) status? Is it illegal for Pacifica to be collecting funds for programming?

Don Debar: Pacifica’s corporate charter is based in California. It came to light earlier this year that Pacifica’s management had failed to file the required documents with the California authorities and, as a consequence, its corporate charter was suspended. As of March 19, 2013, the date of the most recent data posted at the California Secretary of State’s website, it remains suspended. Under California law, the corporation is no longer authorized to conduct business, appear in court to prosecute or defend litigation, or perform any other operations other than prepare and file the required documents for reinstatement.

Update: Pacifica is back on active status with the California Secretary of State as of March 22.

According to the IRS, when a 501(c)(3) entity has its charter suspended or revoked, its status as a 501(c)(3) entity is also suspended. In order to reinstate its status with IRS, the corporation has to be revived under the appropriate state process, and evidence of this, along with an official statement from the state authorities detailing the term of the suspension, must be filed with an application for reinstatement of 501(c)(3) status.

KPFT towerAlthough it is unclear how IRS will treat funds collected during the suspension – that is, whether IRS will impose a tax and penalties on donors who contributed during the period of the suspension – it is clear that each representation made during the suspension that donations were tax deductible was false. In other words, each time someone went on the air and said that “your contribution will be tax deductible,” they were making a false statement, since these funds solicited and/or collected during the suspension were only prospectively deductible, dependent upon the filing of corrective documents with the state and IRS and their acceptance for reinstatement.

Again, this has yet to be accomplished as of March 19, 2013, and it is unclear how IRS will treat this.

M.O.I. JR: Why is Pacifica in court in New York?

Don Debar: Aside from being evicted from their offices and studios at 120 Wall St. earlier this year, WBAI is in the process of being evicted from the transmission tower on the Empire State Building. Here, too, there has been a chronic arrearage in rent, and the landlord decided they’d had enough and began eviction proceedings.

Without the tower, WBAI is off the air and at grave danger of losing its license to broadcast. Mimi Rosenberg, a Legal Aid attorney who produced the program Building Bridges, secured legal counsel – at no cost – to attempt to resolve the matter, after management had brought the station within days of eviction. The matter is pending.

M.O.I. JR: With what is happening with Pacifica as a whole, as well as the issues with WBAI, WPFW and KPFA, where do you see Pacifica in 10 years?

WPFW towerDon Debar: As detailed above, Pacifica as a whole is suffering from gross mismanagement. The decimation of progressive programming at WBAI, firing of Black management around the network beginning with the takeover of WBAI in 2009, and operation of the foundation by interim managers with no experience in managing an enterprise of this size, nature has brought it to a state where its once flagship, 50,000 watt station in NYC is homeless and at risk of being off the air in the next month. In addition, Pacifica has lost its corporate charter and 501(c)(3) status and is at risk of perhaps millions in tax liability to donors who believed they were giving to a valid 501(c)(3) entity.

In fact, Pacifica even lost its name. While its charter was suspended, another corporation was formed in California using the name Pacifica Foundation Inc., resulting in Pacifica having to change its name to Pacifica Foundation Radio in order to proceed with its attempt to revive the corporation. Without good management, I do not think Pacifica will exist by the end of the year.

M.O.I. JR: How could people keep up with info dealing with Pacifica?

Don Debar: We are beginning to open a discussion on internet radio station Community Progressive Radio, which airs at, and invite producers and others interested in saving Pacifica to participate. Thus far, there are several former Pacifica producers who have regular programs on CPRmetro, including myself and Bernard White, the purged program director from WBAI, as well as several current Pacifica producers.

Since management has been keeping all of these problems secret until they reach the stage of crisis, we will have to inform ourselves and each other if Pacifica is to survive their mismanagement.

The People’s Minister of Information JR is associate editor of the Bay View, author of “Block Reportin’” and filmmaker of “Operation Small Axe” and “Block Reportin’ 101,” available, along with many more interviews, at He also hosts two weekly shows on KPFA 94.1 FM and The Morning Mix every Wednesday, 8-9 a.m., and The Block Report every other Friday night-Saturday morning, midnight-2 a.m. He can be reached at



  1. I'm sure JR, Willie and Mary would like to help drag Pacifica into the ground the same way the've destroyed the credibility of the SF Bay View. Clear for everyone to see. Why not an exposé on how you all use your paper for your own personal interests? You have violated your responsibilities as journalists.

  2. This will probably be a long comment. Sorry but there's a lot to say here. JR, you know I generally respect your work and I really respect Mary and Willie and the work they do with the SF Bayview, but this claptrap should not have been published. Don De Bar is a straight-up Justice and Unity Caucus devotee and those ARE the folks who have worked lockstep with Save KPFA all the way including getting you pitched off of the Morning Mix, JR. They are the East Coast allies of Save KPFA, vote with them every time and were working pretty hard with them in New York City a month ago to make your suspension permanent. You gotta know who you're dealing with.

    On the substance of the article: (and Don De Bar is a creditable source for absolutely nothing) – of course Pat Scott stuck WBAI with an overpriced lease. That is part of the reason there was a listener uprising on both costs in the period from 1999-2001 with lockouts in both Berkeley and New York finally leading to network democratization and elected boards in 2003. With the Save KPFA/Justice and Unity Caucus folks in charge from 2003-2008, the WBAI huge fixed expenses continued unabated with the signing of 2 more leases at Wall Street, a 20 year lease signed at the Empire State Building at ruinous rates (lease runs till 2025) and big losses at WBAI that had to be absorbed at the rest of the network. It wasn't until the Save KPFA/Justice and Unity Alliance (of which Mr. De Bar is a proud member) lost control of the national board in 2009 that there was action to deal with the longstanding problems at WBAI (including the termination of long time program director Bernard White in the face of some 2,000 undelivered premiums), WBAI increased listener support by some 35% and the network which had lost 4 million dollars in 2009-2010 recovered to post more modest losses of approximately 500K in 2011 and 2012 – still not great, but a big improvement.

    The facts on WBAI's lease is that they were preparing to sign a new (and FINAL) lease at Wall Street with escape hatches built in to allow them to move in 2013 at no penalty, when the hurricane hit, the building flooded and the station became homeless for several months, causing not one but two tanked fund drives and receipts at 50% of expectations, a catastrophic scenario when fixed expenses are too high. There isn't any way to plan for a radio station being flooded and its studio to be nonfunctional for 2.5 months afterward, which is what happened. The network raised 200K to help, but the missing income was more than 600K, leaving a 400K gap. While it's questionable if a landlord has to be paid rent for a period of time when a building was unusable, it's not questionable that the transmitter lease at Empire State Building has to be paid, and its a whopping $50,000 a month. No one should be sniping, they should be helping and here's how to do it:

    On the suspension: the unfiled tax returns were Franchise Tax Board filings of form 109's (Unrelated Business Income for stuff like KPFA's craft fair that is unrelated to radio operations) and dated back to 2007. Obviously a few warning letters didn't get proper attention in the past 6 years, but the suspension was fully cleared in January. Unfortunately some people couldn't keep their mouths shut and publicized it, so a name-squatter (from the New York metropolitan area) moved in with one of those 24 hour quickie LLC operations before the CA Secretary of State restored the status. Irresponsible behavior by Mr. De Bar's Justice and Unity Caucus. There is no tax issue whatsoever, everything is now filed, and a little more paperwork to re-establish the corporate status because the unnecessary publicity allowed a con operation to move in. Big waste of time and money and didn't need to happen. The foolish actions of Mr. De Bar and his friends.

    Nobody is being evicted from nothing. 120 Wall Street flooded and locked out the tenants for months. A payment plan has already been negotiated with both the old landlord and the Empire State Building and WBAI just needs to raise the money it didn't raise due to the hurricane. That's no small task, and they need help.

    Mr De Bar and his cronies worked in tandem with the Save KPFA folks like Dan Siegel, Sherry Gendelman, Bonnie Simmons, Sarv Randawa, Brian Edwards-Tiekert and others who have caused so much grief at KPFA, chasing away generations of talented programmers and targeting anyone who didn't go along with their elitist agenda, including Mr. Valrey himself. Their game plan is to blame the consequences of their own grievous mismanagement on those who are killing themselves to try to clean it up years later, and who deserve a lot better than this. Next time, check your sources JR and don't get played for a fool.

    Tracy Rosenberg
    KPFA Listener Representative

  3. From Don DeBar:

    First of all, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of Justice & Unity, although i have supported their effort to restore local control of WBAI to the listeners and activist community in NY.

    Secondly, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a devotee of anything. Ad hominem doesn't substitute for substantive argument, but when that's all you have, it's what you use.

    More to the point, everything attributed to me in the above article was factually correct at the time (this past Wednesday/Thursday). The only thing that has changed is that Pacifica Foundation Radio (the new name, necessitated not by "a con operation' but gross mismanagement) was finally restored as of Friday, March 22, 2013. The corporation was NOT restored in January – had this been true, Pacifica Foundation Inc. would not have been able to use the name when it was formed on February 26, 2013.

    Also true is the fact that, under IRS regs, the suspension or dissolution of a corporation with IRC Section 501 (c) (3) status automatically, by operation of law, results in the suspension of that status, requiring a separate filing with IRS requesting restoration of its tax exempt status. This application must include a.) evidence of the revival of the corporation and b.) a statement of the term of the suspension, both of which must come from the state authorities where the corporation is domiciled.

    There is a pending eviction proceeding against Pacifica for the Empire State Building transmitter – this is a matter of record. This happened entirely during the control of Pacifica of the current majority management.

    And the idea that someone 'blabbed' – that is, exposed the mismanagement of the Foundation by this group to the extent that Pacifica lost its charter for the first time since 1946 (!!!) and jeopardized the tax exempt status of the Foundation, risking huge liability to donors for taxes, penalties and interest – tells more about the secrecy that this group practices than anything else.

    Posted by sfbayview for Don DeBar, who, for some unknown technical reason, has not been able to post this comment all day.

  4. Sometimes it is amazing what people say. Don, I am starting my 4th year on the Pacifica board and on at least half a dozen occasions, when you have trouped to one city or another to attend a national board meeting to make public comments, you have identified yourself as a member of the Justice and Unity Caucus. Do we really have to even discuss this? If you start off with this dissembling, then it’s pretty hard to take anything else you say with anything other than a huge grain of salt.

    The truth is never an ad hominen anything. It’s just the truth. And there’s not much of it in evidence here.

    The corporate status was fully restored in January and the Secretary of State was sitting on the paperwork as they have suffered greatly from the CA budget cuts and only update the records once a month due to being short-staffed after huge layoffs in Sacramento a few years ago. NY folks slipped in a week before the update date, using a quickie 24-hour “create your own LLC in less than 24 hours” website (see XL Corporate Services in New York) to steal the name. Con operation all the way, and simply designed to waste money. The usual hijinks that the Justice and Unity Caucus is fond of. As you admit, it’s been resolved, but the time and trouble you and yours go to waste the foundation’s money and time is extraordinary.

    When WBAI raised $530,000 instead of $1,010,000 due to the hurricane, what did you think would happen? How did you think the $50,000 a month transmitter would be paid? With what? The only option with such a catastrophe and no financial reserves would have been to lay off all the employees and Pacifica chose to try not to do that. Would you have preferred that? Instead they hoped they could pull it out and I’m very happy to report that $245,000 has been raised and they are part of the way there, although there is a long way to go. That is largely due to the work of Summer Reese, who stayed in NYC for over a month, away from her family, to pitch on the radio for 5+ hours a day to try to save the radio station. Be glad she doesn’t subscribe to your local control mantra. It would have been very easy to tell WBAI to drop dead a la Gerald Ford, but she didn’t.

    I sat in a board meeting in NYC for 4 straight days from February 22-25 and listened to you and yours announce on the Internet over and over and over again like children that Pacifica’s name could be stolen in the next 2 days. Why are you so surprised someone took you up on it? Normal organizations don’t do that. Troublemakers do that and people too immature to recognize when discretion and prudence is in order. You “blabbed” right in front of my face, Don and that wasn’t done for Pacifica or WBAI’s welfare.

    Stop blaming your own handiwork on others. In 2007, when the returns weren’t filed, you and yours were the majority. And you did a lousy job.

    JR Valrey should know that better than anyone. There would be no Morning Mix if it was left up to your side of the fence. Fought the budget cuts (when KPFA was losing half a million dollars a year) every step of the way.

    Tracy Rosenberg
    KPFA Listener Rep

  5. From Don DeBar:

    I have never identified myself as a member of J&U. And I record all of my presentations on videotape. I don't believe that there is much more to say on this. I will make the video available if this becomes necessary.

    Now should I hang you with your statement "If you start off with this dissembling, then it's pretty hard to take anything else you say with anything other than a huge grain of salt"? Or should I continue presenting the relevant facts?

    The viability of a suspended corporation is not restored upon filing – it is restored upon filing, processing and acceptance. Had anyone on the board, or anyone advising the board, done due dilligence, they would have used a corporate service like XL Corporate Services (one of the firms who do this work that is known around the country to law firms specializing in corporate law) and effected the restoration of the corporation within a few days of submission, thereby protecting the name that was exposed by the negilgence of your board. After all, you have been sitting on that board for almost FOUR YEARS, as you relate above. Was the corporation susended for that entire time? Or did it happen during your tenure? I have yet to get an answer from anyone on the board. Why?

    The question is an essential one: either no one took notice of the suspension in the years since you took over the corporation, or the suspension took place during your tenure (and, it should be noted, corporations are only suspended upon notice) – in either case, an act of gross negligence which, until someone 'blabbed,' the board hid from the membership (and, BTW, was this effective and concealed during the election cycle?) AND also hid from donors during the intervening fund drives.

    I am not in the least bit culpable for your negligence, nor am I in the least bit responsible for what happened during your tenure or during the tenure of any prior board. Again, I am not a member of J&U. I have on occasion supported their candidates, primarily in opposition to your bloc and the purging of its political opponents across the network.

    As for the canard that, but for Hurricane Sandy, you would have raised $1+ Million instead of the $530,000, all one need do is look at the record of fund raising prior and since, which has been in decline a heluva lot longer than that. Not all of this is due to your mismanagement, although much of it is. I don't know about California, but here in New York, people are only so concerned about their colons, and prefer to support organizations that serve their community needs AS PERCEIVED, DEFINED AND ARTICULATED BY THEMSELVES.
    Endless fund drives – RECORD LENGTH fund drives – that push quackery and other themes not related to the needs of New York communities do not draw the support of those communities, formerly the backbone of WBAI's fundraising. The links between WBAI and local communities have been seriously damaged by your bloc in its tenure over the past four years, and, if one is to follow the rhetoric that accompanied the election of your bloc to the boards, this was a deliberate choice, done in the belief that programming to poor people was untenable and instead more emphasis had to be given to more affluent audiences, who would, in turn, support the station. Aside from its obviously racist basis (given the facts of income and wealth distribution in NY and, of course, elsewhere in the US), this 'strategy' was clearly delusional. The reprogramming of the station by a series of people with NO ties to New York's communities – amd, thus, ignorant of their wants and needs – was destined to fail. You are now reaping the results, as are we all.

    Posted by sfbayview for Don DeBar

  6. Don,

    Of course you’re a member of the Justice and Unity caucus. Even Willie and Mary Ratcliff, (the publishers of this paper) confirmed that when I asked why they were wasting precious space on your rantings.

    Corporate status is listed publicly on the website at It’s not a mystery. You just go to business entity search and type in the name and it tells you the status. So you don’t need secret information to ascertain when the status was suspended and when it was not. It was fully restored as Pacifica Foundation Radio on 3-22-2013.

    WBAI raised $1,012,000 in the period October to December 2011. Their budget for October to December 2012 was $1,010.00, same as before. If they had raised the same amount of money as they did a year ago, they’d be fine. They didn’t, because they were flooded out of their building and homeless for 2.5 months.

    The call for “local control” (as echoed by our friends here at Save KPFA who are after JR’s head) has absolutely nothing to do with community needs. As we can see. It’s a call for power by programmers who feel the radio station belongs to them and only them and the community be damned. That’s what unites the Justice and Unity Caucus and Save KPFA, that’s why they vote together and have for a decade. It has done Pacifica Radio a whole bunch of harm.

    Tracy Rosenberg
    KPFA Listener Rep

  7. Tracy – you begin again with the absurd: “Of course you’re a member of the Justice and Unity

    caucus. Even Willie and Mary Ratcliff, (the publishers of this paper) confirmed that when I

    asked why they were wasting precious space on your rantings.”

    Just to keep the record clear, although it is irrelevant and a distraction from addressing

    the facts I presented above – I again deny that I am a member of J&U or any other caucus

    inlved in Pacifica. What is the source of the claim of these folks (according to you)

    confirming my alleged membership in an organization to which I do not belong?

    As for my ‘rantings’ – thus far, I havebeen dealing in facts and law, and rather tham respond

    in kind, you have been attacking me personally, attempting to paint me as partisan, rather

    than addressing the statements of fact I made with counter facts and evidence to support your

    position. That is textbook ad hominem attack. Why will you nor address the factual arguments?

    As for your claim that I “don’t need secret information to ascertain when the status was

    suspended and when it was not. It was fully restored as Pacifica Foundation Radio on 3-22-

    2013” – I did not ask that which is already public, viz., when was Pacifica restored? I asked

    when was Pacifica first suspended? This information is NOT available at the DOS website, and

    none of my requests (or those of others) for this information were answered at the last PNB.

    Will you or any member of the board disclose this to the membership (which includes me), or

    are you afraid to ‘blab’ as you put it, and, if so, why are you afraid to disclose it?

    As for the importance of local community involvement in programming the Foundation;s stations

    (as opposed to your caricature of this concept as some partisan idea of ‘local control’) –

    WBAI used to have organized members of various communities actually involved in helping to

    program the station. This resulted in programming that served these communities and which, in

    turn, resulted in these – and other – various community organizations working to help keep

    the station afloat. Those ties – literally, the backbone of the station – were severed when

    your group brought in people with ZERO prior programming experience (yes, I have Tony Bates

    on tape admitting on WBAI’s airthat he’d never before programmed a radio station, and

    LaVarne’s resume is a matter of record) to reprogram the station on the magical belief that

    the financial problems WBAI faced due to its oppressive, Pacifica-imposed lease were instead

    due to poor programming decisions which favored poor audiences over those with discretionary

    income. The consequent need to substantially increase the time doing on-air fundraising, and

    the declining returns from those efforts, were, and remain, a direct consequence of your bloc

    essentially firing those communities who were the backbone of the station.

    BTW, I have reviewed the 990s for Pacifica through FY 2011. The Foundation’s assets are

    rapidly evaporating, almost to the point of air. Why don’t you post these – or links to these

    – here, so we can have a deep discussion based upon facts in front of the readers here?

  8. Tracy, not to make a big thing of it, but I know nothing about Don DeBar’s affiliations at WBAI except what he mentioned in the interview here. I don’t know what I said that gave you the impression I was confirming his alignment with J&U or anyone else, but I apologize for the misunderstanding.
    — Mary Ratcliff, SF Bay View

  9. Don,

    WBAI has been losing $500,000 to a million dollars a year every single year since at least 2004. When you and yours were running the station and running it thoroughly into the ground. All I do here at KPFA is stick up for community-based programming and for it, am vilified constantly. And your Justice and Unity Caucus vilifies community programming at KPFA, calls for JR’s head, vilifies me and votes lockstep with the Save KPFA folks every day for more than a decade. I can’t have a reasonable conversation with you, sorry. Your actions and the actions of those you support have to make sense before that is possible. They don’t.

    As you can see, the readers don’t know what to make of this article and I can see why. Give them a little credit. They know Save KPFA, and you, are no friend to anything they care about.

    Mary, please don’t dissemble. Here is what you said: “Willie and JR and I have talked about this. We know all about Justice and Unity (which formed when Willie was a very active member of the board) and their strange alliance with Edwards-Tiekert & Co”


    “One of our objectives in running this interview was to get Don et al to reconsider now that JR is the issue. If nothing else, … we hope Save KPFA will begin to doubt their clout and maybe they’ll wonder whether continuing to single out JR will cause Save KPFA to lose their Justice & Unity ally”.

    Won’t work and JR will be the latest in a long line of people thrown under the bus. He’s not the first and he won’t be the last. Expecting the Justice and Unity caucus to save you is the worst kind of delusion. All they do and have done is destroy.

    Tracy Rosenberg
    KPFA Listener Representative

  10. Again, I am not a member of J&U, nor have I ever been. Repeat the claim all you like. It doesn’t change the facts. And you still haven’t addressed the substance, nor have you answered the question: WHEN DID PACIFICA GET ITS CHARTER SUSPENDED?

  11. Don,

    Stop screaming in capital letters. The corporate status is recorded on the website at Every day for anyone on the planet to go and look at it. If Pacifica’s status was suspended before, the website would have said suspended on it. It didn’t. So your paranoid ravings are documentedly untrue. The corporate status was suspended in late January 2013, rectified by mid-February 2013 (the 109 forms were filed), delayed by the name hijinks by a quickie LLC start-up service and the mysterious doctor from NY who stole the name, and re-established with full privileges on Friday March 22, 2013.

    Tracy Rosenberg
    KPFA Listener Representative

  12. The date of the suspension is not posted on the CA Department of State website. I have been asking this question since the day after I first heard about the suspension, at the PNB in NY, and this iis the closest that anyone has come to giving me an answer.

    Why is it that you earlier wrote that the corrective filing was done in January (see above, “…the suspension was fully cleared in January…”) and now you say the corporate status was suspended in late January and the corrective filing was done in February?

    I am going to forward your repeated descriptions of Blumberg/XL as a “quickie LLC startup service” to them. It’s not up to me to protect their reputation from public attack. But you should know that that is not what they are. And it should be pointed out that Pacifica Foundation Inc., the corporation formed when your board made the name available through its negligence, is not a Limited Liability Compant (an “LLC”); if it were, the name would be “Pacifica Foundation LLC.” It should also be pointed out that there is no such thing as a “quickie LLC” since the publication requirements to form an LLC make it impossible to do as a ‘quickie.’

    Finally, I suggest you stop trying to condescend to me. It is not an appropriate way for a Foundation board member to speak to a member, nor is it an appropriate way for a Foundation board member to communicate in public. Both your tone and obvious lack of substance and command of the facts reflect badly on Pacifica. IMHO, actionably so.

  13. Don,

    The status of a California corporation is always posted on the website at Your ridiculous comments about how you don’t know whether the suspension happened 4 years ago are mind-boggling. You don’t think someone would have noticed if the corporate status had said suspended in 2008 and for five years after that? The date of the suspension was Jan 15th or so and the filings were sent by the end of January, with the foundation in receipt of a letter stating that everything necessary to clear the suspension had been filed in February with the restoration date affirmed as 3-4-2013. Which would have been that except for our friends at the doctor’s office and their quickie LLSC operation on Feb 26th – one day after the NYC PNB meeting ended.

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    Take care Don,

    Tracy Rosenberg
    KPFA Listener Representative

  14. ??? How does this show they are a ‘quickie llc’ operation? They do a full set of corporate services around the country – in fact, they are one of the leading firms nationally. They do this work primarily for law firms that specialize in corporate work.

    As for the rest, I feel like I’m mud wrstling and not communicating. I’m done with that for now. I will say if your ‘support’ for J.R. rests on his other political support, it is opportunistic, and ultimately useless. I support him despite the factionalism that exists at Pacifica, on principle.

  15. Sad to see the SF Bayview cease to be a real news media source.
    You dishonor the original “Minister of Information”

  16. Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.

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