Four hunger strikers in San Quentin Adjustment Center are refusing water as well as food

by Carlos M. Argueta

Occupy San Quentin 022012-6 by Bill HackwellWe want to be counted amongst the thousands (on hunger strike) and also to let the world know that death row has a SHU, though they refuse to call it so. Everyone knows what the Adjustment Center is – a SHU, a prison within a prison – and we’ve been left in here for decades.

However, 80 percent of us are still on strike. We lost three, but they were older and they did enough by showing their solidarity. Everyone else is pushing forward. Keep in mind there’s only 102 people in this unit.

There are four who are not only doing the hunger strike but are refusing water too! They are on the critical list and may be going to an outside hospital soon. Right now they’ve only mentioned taking them to be put on IV. We’ll find out on Monday because they keep saying they’re out of staff or some BS, but those guys have gone without water for over four days now.

As for the rest, this (July 21) is our 13th day without food, and as of today the warden hasn’t sat down with us nor has a meeting been set. We have been scheduled to go to committee this Wednesday. We’ll know more then about where they stand.

We’ve only been weighed once. We’ve been told they’ll be doing it every seven days because there’s so many (participating in the hunger strike) throughout the prison.

San Quentin Warden Kevin ChappellThe warden still needs to see we’re serious and, believe me, I myself am. I’ve set my mind to 30 days, but with each passing day I become stronger and plan to go the distance like everyone else is. We’re serious, focused and committed.

Thanks for your support, help and for all the work you’ve been putting in. Please send our thanks to everyone else for everything they are doing. Your support and solidarity have given us strength and nourished our starving bodies! Gracias.

P.S. Can you provide us with a list of lawyers or organizations that have lawyers who’ll represent us as negotiators and mediators to settle this strike? Thanks.

Send our brother some love and light: Carlos M. Argueta, F-63367, CSP San Quentin, 3AC-15-N, San Quentin, CA 94974. This letter was written to Geri Silva of FACTS, Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes.