Pelican Bay: Third day of the hunger strike


by Kijana Tashiri Askari

I-80 University Ave freeway pedestrian overpass 'Hunger Strike' banner 071013 by Mindy StoneABC News reported that 30,000 prisoners in California are on hunger strike. And the local news station, KIEM3-NBC Channel 9 reported that there is also a work stoppage here at Pelican Bay State Prison.

It has become absolutely clear that Amerikkka’s secret domestic torture policies and practices are now deemed reprehensible by the people – the prisoners. This conclusion is based upon these facts:

  1. In July 2011, we had 6,000 participants in the first hunger strike.
  2. In September 2011, we had 12,000 participants in the second hunger strike.
  3. In July 2013, we have over 30,000 participants! All power to the people!

Typical of their response to all displays and demonstrations of collective resistance by the people – the prisoners – our oppressors have been lashing out every step of the way with hostility whenever a prisoner addresses them. It’s as if the prison guards have all pre-scripted their responses to prisoners, saying emphatically:

“The bosses are redirecting us because of y’all’s hunger strike and work stoppage and making us stay extra hours, so you guys have nothing coming!”

Tashiri's complaint nondelivery SFBV 0613 (1)Our collective resolve remains steadfast, as we have anticipated this level of state repression.

Censorship continues

On another note, we prisoners in SHU Unit D3 have not received our June 2013 issue of the SF Bay View newspaper and as of this writing we have yet to receive the July 2013 issue. [The Bay View has heard indirectly that subscribers in unit D8 have also been deprived of their June papers. Readers’ calls to Warden Greg Lewis at (707) 465-1000 may do the trick and would be greatly appreciated.]


Send our brother some love and light: Kijana Tashiri Askari, s/n Marcus Harrison, H-54077, SHU D3-122, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City CA 95532.



  1. May God give them strenght and changes occur….. i wonder if those guards don' t feel guilty about how they treat others. We live in a world were everything is possible and if one of them would ever experience a situarion like such they will be in the shoes of those who lived all this years in torture. I have faith that our God will make justice. I have them and the families in my prayers ……

  2. Your actually serious?…. You want the general public to be sypathetic to the scum of the earth ?

    YOUR, the wors of the worst and your actually whining about your treatment?….that's hillarious, you commit the worst crimes imaginable on the public, and you want us to actually care that your stupid ass starves to deaty….

    Do us a FAVOR, die, and we'll rejoice in the reduced expendituers we have to pay in our taxes to support you pieces of shit !… are you kidding me…?

    Lemme think about this…..Your at Pelican because of your good behavior ?…..

    NOT, your there because your the worst of the worst of the scum of the earth that has robbed, murdered, dealt drugs to kids and adults, done drugs, raped, molested, sodomised others, set fires that killed people, raped others, both women , men and children, kidnapped, tortured, maimed, car jacked and add murder to that…and you want my sympathy for your situation….

    I could care less if you spent the rest of your natural life (which I, Pray, is a long life) in some shit hole of a cell with only bread and water.

    • who made you judge and jury? you better not do one thing in this world, you will be begging!! people like you have done many wrong things and have the nerve to be as you say, AN ASS HOLE!! THIS WORLD WOULD BE A BETTER PLACE WITHOUT YOUR STUPID MIND!! CASTING STONES WITHOUT A RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Well, DJ, nice comment….written like a 3rd grade graduate…nice capitals too…nice touch.

        Actually, they had thier Juidge and a jury and that's why they are in prison. I had nothing to do with that part….And if I should do something as stupid as these morons did, I will deal with it without whining about it..

        You don't get to a state or federal prison for a traffic ticket or a bar fight….you get there for many major crimes…we all know that for every crime that they get punished for there are dozens if not hundreds that they didn't.

        Were not talking about pillars of society or anything close, these people, prey on the public, destroy property, buy/sell drugs to kids and others.. etc. etc…. and you want sympathy for them…get a life.

        As for my "stupid mind" and the world being better off without it….maybe so, in your view, but then who really cares what your view is??? Certainly not me.

  3. You NEVER considered the plight of those that you commited your crimes against until you stupid ass was in the HOLE for 10 years or more (too short a time in my opinion) and you couldn't stand it any more…

    You, reserect, those that you killedl, maimed or commited to a life time of suffering from your drug dealing and murder and brutality…..then, and only then, I'll consider your pathetic whining of bad treatment.

    Your scum of the eath and the hole in my opinion, is a vacation, from the opportunity to maim or intimidate the other prisinors that your incarcerated with, which I have no doubt that you would if given the opportunityy to do so….

    May you rot in HELL for your actions, and disregard for civil, ethical, moral conduct on this earth.

    I wouldn't piss on your pathetic body if you were dying of thirst….

    Yoiu all deserve this and MORE, for what you did to innocent persons, business, and God only knows of your actual crimes…

    ROT IN HELL, ASSHOLES, You deserve every minute of what ever punishment you are involved in.

  4. add to that, You get better treatment than all the elderly, homeless and most of the Warriors that served our country and some that came back with injuries…..some NEVER came home…

    You want us to feel sorry for your stupid ass, because your thrown in solitary because you harmed, threatened, abused another person…?….give me a break….your the shit hole humans on this planet… you deserve NOTHING, not even the basics in my opinion…

    YOUR blessing is that were a civilized society…not run by ME, as you would'nt be here if I were the ruler.

    Your NOT worth the money we spend on you, your NOT worth the effort to keep your worthless lives on this planet, Your NOT worth the effort to write this, except for the chance that a majority will agree to let your worthless asses die from starvation…

    DO all of the country, and die…. your NOT worth the food to keep your sad existence current.

    WE waste too much money and effort on coddling your lying and coniving asses alive as it is….

    Your starvation will be a relief on the budget and our pockets….do your best to continue…

  5. to assume all these men incarcerated at pelican bay are killers and have done harm to innocent people on the streets is an ignorance all your own. i would assume and correct me if i am wrong but, with all the hate an anger you carry behind your four posts i would think maybe harm was done to you or a family member, which would cause you to react so horrifically to the conditions of these men. may god bless you and all the hate you feel in side, its sad to know individuals like you exist and feel so much anger towards people whom you dont know and have no idea why they are in the shu. for me i feel its ironic we dont even treat our child molestors as bad as we do these men, but thats my opinion… we all have them. allow me to share my story with you, my brother is in the shu and in prison for a fight, he recieved 21 years for… because of who they the system judged him to be, now he is alone 24 hours a day 7 days a week, i am grateful he has us to support him mentally because with out that he would be broken. i hope you are able to find compassion for those who made bad choices as we all have but some of us have never suffered the same consiquences. again may god bless you.

    • Reread my posts, I included more than the term "killers" in who and why these men are in the "SHU"

      Next, no one gets to the "SHU" or 21 years for a simple fight. So, your trying to whitewash the full facts of how he got there, to elicit sympathy and you've come to the wrong person. I stand with my commentary.

      Your a good sister, that I give you credit for.

  6. i see you put god into a lot fo your statements, one thing no matter what god it is you believe in his main tihng is to not judge and god himself was great friends with sinners in his time because he guideded them to be better, words such as yours only lead to more anger…. hope one day you are blessed to see from another persons eyes not only your own.

    • Actually, I didn't use God a lot in my statements.

      I refered to God, one time, and that was to say that only God, actually knows all thier crimes.

      Everyone makes choices in life, to get to Pelican Bay or any other prison, you had to make bad ones.

      To get to the SHU, you have to make even more bad decisions.

      We are all responsible for our own actions, No one forced these men to rob/rape/pillage/deal drugs etc. etc…. they opted to do the things that got them there… now they have to deal with what thier actions and attitudes.have done for them.

      Personally I don't care about thier hunger strike….Had they done one miniscule part of what you want me to do, they wouldn't be there in the first place….so lecture them….not me.

      I'm one of the working taxpayers that have to support these idiots for years and years if not thier entire lives…. and with benefits that a lot of our elderly and homeless and vetrans don't receive….. so you want me to reconsider my attitude….NOT !

  7. we can debate back and forth all day, but i will address the fact that i am not a liar or decieving the truth of my brothers sentence. he had a jury trail they even spoke at his trial stating it was not in their eyes a gang crime although the D.A tried to push it. he was then told his charges which should of been the amount of about 4-6 years but the judge had him come back in a week and gave him the max time on all charges leaving him to serve 21 yrs. all because in our home town they had him pre-judged. so there was no fairness and i in no way believe people should not serve time for there choices as we all are accountable but a reasonable time is appreciated.

  8. i myself cant understand how we treat these men worse then serial killers on death row and we only give the child molestors a slap on the wrist with probation or a few years behind bars, to be let out to harm our children again…. i am not seeking sympathy from you as you are intitled to your own opinion as am i, but merley speaking up because to read a post with such anger and hate is sad. i know so many people such as yourself feel that way and i get it but i guess i was brought up to have compassion and faith and i will continue to always see life that way. i agree to disagree as i am sure you do with me as well….

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